My New Daddy Ch. 03

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The buttplug that Sam had unceremoniously forced inside my tight asscunt had hurt like hell, but I’d enjoyed the feeling of being forced open with no warning. The little, pink butt plug wasn’t very large, but it had felt like a giant donkey dick in my ass. It had flashed by in Sam’s hand so quickly, maybe it was larger than I thought. It felt huge in my butt as I rode my bike home, the plug base against the bicycle seat. I held the large, black dong across the handlebars, blushing at the thought that someone might see it. Funny that I wasn’t at all embarrassed about having a belly full of hot cum.

When I got home, I was happy to see that my mom and sister weren’t home. I went straight to the bathroom and peeled down my jeans to reveal the pink base of the plug sticking out of my hole. I was so proud of it. I was wearing the mark of a true slut. My cock hardened in its cage and my breathing became ragged as I twisted the plug in my cunt. Should I pull it out? I so wanted to see it.

I opened the bathroom door and called out, “Is anyone there?” like in a bad horror movie. No one responded, so I returned to the bathroom. The large mirror made me primp a bit. I wanted to be pretty so my new Daddy and my new Boss would want me. I stripped and turned toward the mirror. I lifted my phone and clicked picture after picture of my caged clitty cock and my plugged ass. I thought my ass was my best feature. It was smooth and round and looked like a girl’s butt. I loved it.

I had an idea, so I put down the phone and ventured out of the bathroom again. I snuck through the house just in case someone was there now. I was so paranoid. I made it to the storage room where my mom kept all our holiday decorations. I found the box of Halloween costumes and smiled. I dug in and eventually found what was looking for – a pouch of cheap Halloween makeup. The colors were garish but there was one item I knew would work for me – the black lipstick. I took the pouch back to the bathroom, my caged cock flopping against my legs.

I looked in the mirror and carefully applied the black lipstick. God, it made me feel so dirty. My clitty cock was leaking precum from its cage as I took a pic of my black-rimmed mouth, my tongue extended and drooling. Then I looked at the other Halloween makeup. I mixed the red and white to make a bright pink that I applied to my nipples. That was hot. It matched my cage and plug. If I’d only aydın escort had some pink fishnet hose and some big pink stripper boots! Oh my god, I wanted to be a stripper porn slut so bad. I wanted men and women to crave my body and use me as their toy. I dreamed of being on display for people to lust over, fondle, and use.

I used a little of the pink on my cheeks in lieu of blush and I nearly came while taking more pics. I imagined an older man with a huge bulge telling me how to pose as he shot porn pics of me for some web site. I imagined other men jerking off to the pics of my drooling clit, imaging me sucking their cocks. What if the web site ran a promotion where men could sign up to do just that? My fantasies were running wild!

The thought of sucking off man after man no matter what they looked like made me so fucking crazy that I grabbed my plug and yanked it out of my hole with a plop. I held it up and licked it tentatively before sucking it clean with my lipstick coated mouth. I watched as it slid in and out of my mouthpussy like a small cock and moaned as my clitty cock pressed against its cage.

The plug was actually quite small so I thought I should try fucking the dildo. It was so thick that it scared me a little bit. I lubed it with my spit and pushed it against my asscunt. It wouldn’t go in, though. My pucker resisted the swell of the fat black cock head and it ached its resistance. I noticed that the dildo had a suction cup on the base, so I licked it, coating it in spit, and attached it to the side of the tub, pointing straight up. I looked around the room and saw my sister’s lotion. I squirted it on the dildo and used my hands to lube the rubber cock, then I squatted over it.

I took a deep breath as I pushed my smooth pucker down onto that phallus. The bulbous head forced its way into my tight little cunt. It was so big – even bigger than the real cocks of Daddy and Boss. It stretched me and soon I had to back off. I didn’t know if I could actually take it. My sissy hole was tight. I’d only ever been fucked once, and this was a giant cock by comparison.

I thought of Daddy’s lust-filled face and the disappointment he would feel if I didn’t succeed, so I decided to try again. I greased up my sissy pussy with lotion and fingered it, slowly forcing it to accept one, two, and then three of my fingers. I loved how it felt. My sissy clit was leaking pre cum down my thighs when I looked up and saw the reflection of my made-up slut face moaning as I finger fucked my asscunt. I looked so good like that. My slutty face drooling as I tried to force my pussy to open wider.

When I thought I’d gotten it to gape enough, I pulled out my fingers and licked them clean. The taste of the lotion mixed with my asscum was deliciously dirty. I stroked the dildo, imagining that it was Daddy’s dick, and I straddled the edge of the tub. I lowered my body weight onto that rubber cock slowly, steadily, and much to my surprise, it popped inside my slut hole!

It was so fucking big and thick that I saw stars, but I kept pushing. Oh my god! This was what it meant to be filled up. That big, rude, dildo was making my asshole into the sloppy pussy I wanted it to be for Daddy and Boss. I almost fainted as I forced most of that dildo up into my slut belly. I could feel it inside me, so big, my hole pulsing with heat. This was just practice for the real thing. Would I ever have a cock this big inside me? Maybe Daddy and Boss would share me with other men. Even bigger men with even bigger cocks!

Once I was as far down that rubber dick as I thought I could go, I tried to push myself up and off of it again. I so wanted to see my little pussy taking that monster cock, so I turned my ass toward the mirror. I could just make out my sissy hole as I pulled it off of that dick with a plop. My hole gaped for a second and then closed up again like a beautiful flower. I loved my pussy so much. I was determined to make it the best cunt Daddy had ever fucked.

I heard the back door slam and my asscunt tightened in fear. Holy shit. How long had I been in the bathroom? Had I locked the door? I stumbled over and clicked the lock just as my sister, Mazy, tried the knob.

“Hey, get out of there. I need to go!” she screeched. She was a couple of years older than me and about to graduate and move to New York to attend grad school, so she felt superior to me in every way. I kinda liked her condescending attitude toward me, even though I pretended not to.

“Be out in a minute,” I lied. Jesus, I saw my slut self in the mirror and knew I’d have to clean up first.

“What’re you doing in there? Probably jacking off, you little perv.”

If she only knew. I quietly ran some water in the sink and tried to remove my makeup, only it didn’t come off! I panicked, stammering something about not feeling well and scanned the counter. I used some of the hand lotion I’d used on my ass but it didn’t help. I pulled all the drawers out and finally found some old, dried up cold cream. I smeared it on my face and nipples and then used toilet paper to wipe it off. I smelled like a medicated wipe but my slutboi secret was safe. I just had to find somewhere to hide the dildo.

“Hurry up, Loren!” shouted Mazy. She must have really needed to go. I washed the dildo and slid it down the back of my pants, thinking she’d never see it if I was careful. I had just unlocked the door when I realized my new butt plug was still on the counter beside the sink. I grabbed it and slid it up my ass in one quick stroke. Mmmmmm.

The door slammed open and Mazy ran for the toilet. I slipped out before she could even notice I had a fake 12″ cock in my pants. I laughed as she slammed the door behind me and I headed for my room.

I closed my door and locked it, then I pulled out my toy and kissed it. Boss had told me to practice with it and that was exactly what I intended to do! I stuck it to the full-length mirror that hung on my closet door and I pretended it was a man’s cock. I nuzzled it and sucked on it, but I couldn’t get it into my throat. I kept gagging on it.

I fingered my butt plug and felt it move around inside me while I worshiped the big black dildo with my mouth. I wondered what it would be like to have a hot throbbing dick as big as that one shoved in my face. I so wanted to find out. I imagined how it would stink of piss as it slid down my throat, my nose pressed into some stranger’s pubes as I gasped for air. Mmmm. Now that my ass was lubed and loose, I could slowly fuck myself with the plug while I slurped that big dick. That was when it happened.

I was fantasizing about two big, black men using me at the same time and my clitty cock spurted a huge load onto the floor! I hadn’t even touched it! It was my first anal orgasm. I was so proud as fingered my load and smeared it on the dildo. I licked it off that fat cock head and loved how it tasted. When I’d finished, I also licked all the leftover cum off the hardwood floor and made sure I’d swallowed every drop. I was so happy. I couldn’t wait until Daddy and Boss were ready to use me again.

Tomorrow was Saturday, so I’d get up early, do my chores around the house, then shower, dress, and visit my new friends. I so hoped they’d both use me at the same time. Maybe even invite a few friends over! I could hardly wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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