My New Sister

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Throughout my whole life my parents told me about my half-sister, Jennifer. She’s from a previous marriage of my dad’s and although I always here about her, I’ve never actually met her because for some reason my dad didn’t want me to. I wanted to find out who my sister was but I didn’t think that I ever would. But with technology nowadays, things change. One night, I was online in my off-campus apartment and I found an email look-up directory. I figured that I would try it out, see if I could get an address. So I put in her name and as state she lived in (as far as I knew she was still in California). I waited a few seconds for the results to come up and when they did I only got one result back. Staring at my screen I was wondering if I should send this person an email. After debating for a half hour I decided to go for it. But now what was I going to say? Think, what can you say to make it look like you’re actually trying to find a long lost sister and not look like a cyber stalker? I decided to just start typing.


I went on to add a little more detail and where we live so she could have a better understanding of the situation. I didn’t even look it over because I knew that if I did it would look horrible so I just pushed send and waited for a reply. A couple of days passed before I got one. I opened the email, expecting a reply saying that it was the wrong person. I was shocked when it said:


Her number was as the bottom of the mail so I jotted it down. Wow, I thought, I found my sister, this is so cool. Okay, so, call after seven, talk about the last twenty years, maybe set a day to meet up. What time is it now? 3:55! Oh shit, I still have one last class!

* * *

After finishing up my last class of the day, which I was late to, I decided to go the library to study for an upcoming test, and also to kill time. When 7:30 rolled around I decided to pack it up and head back to my apartment. I put my backpack away and found my sister’s phone number. Nervously I dialed the number. After ringing three times, someone picked up. I just knew that it was her. We talked for hours, like siblings who haven’t spoken in only one year, but we had twenty years to catch up on. Around eleven I realized that I had to wake up early in the morning. I told her so but she had one last thing.

“What’s you address, John? I want to come see you.” Well that was kind of a surprise. I gave it to her and then what she said next was really surprising. “Okay, I’ll be there this weekend. Bye, Johnny.” Well, I’ll see her this weekend.

* * *

During our conversation I found out that she lives in Berkeley. With me living in Fresno I figured that it wouldn’t be until the afternoon that I saw her. So I got up early (on a Saturday mind you) and fixed up my place as best I could. About a quarter to one I heard a knocking on my door. I opened it up and there stood the vision of beauty. Five-foot-nine, light brown hair, ice blue eyes, and a set of tits to be sucked on forever, a nice 34B if I had to guess. In case you’re wondering, yes I got an instant hard-on, and the first thing she did was wrap her arms around me in a big hug, which I’m sure just pressed my hard-on against her thigh.

“Oh my God, so you’re my little brother? You don’t look so little to me.” She said looking me up and down, noticing my bulge, I’m sure.

“Yup, that’s me, the, little, brother.” I couldn’t focus anymore. I loud voice in my head was saying, “This chick is fucking hot!” And then another one threw in it’s opinion, “Numbnuts, she’s your sister.” We spent the rest of the afternoon continuing on our phone conversation. Before we knew it, night had fallen and it was time to eat. We went out to a decent steakhouse and then went back to my place. We walked in the door and as she went to sit down on the couch, I brought with me a couple of beers out of the refrigerator. We watched television together as we both put away the beers. Around midnight after putting away a 12 pack (and a couple shots of Jack to go along with it) we both decided that it was time for bed, get an early start on the next day. Being the gentleman that I was, I let her sleep in my bed while I slept on the couch. After showing her around, in case she needed something during the night, she asked me if I had an extra blanket in case it got really cold at night. Saying that I did, I went to the hall closet to get one of my spare blankets. I couldn’t have been gone for more than fifteen seconds, but that was enough to give me the surprise of my life when I got back. Standing in the doorway, I saw my “new” sister. In fact, I saw all of her. How the hell did she get undressed bursa eskort bayan so fast?

Upon regaining some control back I asked her, “What are you doing?”

“Well, while we sitting on the couch, drinking away, I just got so fucking horny. Are you saying that you don’t want me little brother? Cause if you do, I know that you’re full of shit. I saw your eyes pop out the first time you saw me, and you haven’t been able to take your eyes off of me yet.”

“But we can’t do anything like this. I’m your brother.”

“Half-brother,” like that made it any better. “And besides, in my mind you’ve only been my brother for a day now. Last week I could have met you in a bar, taken you home and fucked you all night long. Would you have been objecting then?”

“I guess not.” I wouldn’t have either, and in my somewhat impaired state I couldn’t help but see her logic.

“Good, now, why don’t come over here and sit next to me.” Mindlessly I did what she told me to. Here I was, sitting next to my naked sister, and all I could think of was that I was going to get some pussy. She took my left hand and placed it on her left breast while moving her lips closer to my own. As our lips moved closer I couldn’t but take a little bit of initiative and start squeezing and fondling my sister’s breast. When our lips met, it was like no kiss I had ever felt. Sure I’ve kissed a lot of girls, but this felt a hundred times better than any of those, probably because of who it was. With our lips still locked, I lay down on my bed and pulled Jennifer on top of me, meanwhile I moved both hands to her breasts and squeezed for all they were worth. We kissed for minutes, never seeming to come up for air, my hands on her tits, her hands undoing my belt and my fly, and reaching in to stroke my enlarging cock, all the while, all my resistance was fading away.

Jennifer broke the kiss so she could ask me, “So, are you horny enough to fuck me now, or do you still want to fight it?”

“I think that I’m ready to fuck,” and to prove my point I rolled our embracing bodies over so that she was the one laying on her back, and I moved my mouth towards her ever inviting breasts. Placing my mouth over the left and my hand on the right I started to thoroughly enjoy her soft mounds of flesh. Not only was I enjoying the moment, but also she moaned her approval and ran her fingers through my hair as I spent my sweet time on the pair of beautiful tits in front of me.

When I had tasted enough of her left breast I did the only logical thing and moved my mouth over to her right one, as well as play with the breast my mouth had just left. I switched back and forth for about thirty minutes. If it’s one thing I love it sucking on a good pair of tits. Since these tits belonged to my sister, that made it all the better. But, everybody has to move on at some point at there life, and this was no exception. Jennifer had to forcefully pull my away from her inviting nipple to tell me, “Johnny, honey, I can see that you love my tits, but don’t you think that you might want to move on to my pussy?” I had to agree with her and nodded my head. “Good, glad you see it my way. The only problem is, I’m already completely naked while you seem to have your clothes on.” Realizing her point I blushed just a little. I was fully clothed, except for when she first unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. Surprisingly, when I stood up to take off my clothes, Jennifer sat up on the bed. When she saw the puzzled look on my face she said, “I thought that I would give you a little motivation. Just take your clothes off and you’ll understand.”

I reached for the bottom of my shirt and when I started to pull it up, I understood what she meant. Jennifer reached for my hardened cock and started stroking it as well as kissing the tip. This made me stop right there and when she saw this, she stopped her motion too. “I thought I told you to take off your clothes. If I don’t see some skin soon mister you’re not going to have the pleasure of watching your big, hard cock sink into my hot pussy.” Well, gotta do what you gotta do. When I started taking off my shirt again, she kept her word and started stroking again. Throwing my shirt aside I moved toward my belt, but Jennifer slapped my hand away. “I’ll worry about that young man.”

“But how,” I replied, “one hand’s stoking my cock, and the other’s on my balls.”

“I guess that I’m going to have to go hands free on your dick.” That could only leave one thing, and I wasn’t disappointed. Reaching my belt, my sister moved her mouth towards my hard-as-a-rock cock and let me tell you that it felt fucking great. I hadn’t had lips wrapped around my dick since my last girlfriend; my current girlfriend won’t do blowjobs. Oh shit, I forget I had a girlfriend. If she finds this out I’m fucking dead. Oh well, I have to enjoy this while I can, back to the situation at hand. Hey, how did she get my pants off? I have to start paying more attention.

“You bursa merkez escort have a very yummy cock, Johnny, does it feel good when I wrap my lips around it?”

“It feels fucking great.”

“I bet you want me to make you cum, don’t you?”

“You bet I do.”

She couldn’t help but giggle at my eagerness. “Don’t worry, I’ll make you cum. But it won’t be my mouth that does it. I’m afraid that you’re just going to have to fuck me and fuck me hard until you’re ready to cum.”

“Does this mean no more blowjob?” the disappointment obvious in my voice.

“I didn’t say that, I said that I wasn’t going to suck the cum out of you. Come here and sit on the edge of the bed.” Doing what I was told I’m sure my dick grew another inch or two. I sat down on the bed and Jennifer knelt between my knees on the ground. “Now just lie back and enjoy this.” I was enjoying this from the start; she didn’t have to tell me to have fun. I did what she wanted and laid back and started to relax. I found out from my last girlfriend that if I didn’t think about it too much I would enjoy it so much more. So I let Jennifer do her thing and that thing was wrapping for full lips over my hard cock and bob up and down while slightly stoking it and fondling my balls with her other hand. As she was blowing me I could see her hair bounce and it turned me on even more. I reached my hand down and started running my fingers through her hair. What a lovely sight this was, me lying flat on my back with a sister that I had never met until today giving me the best head of my life. This made me realize that I hadn’t fucked my girlfriend in quite some time and even though Jennifer had only been sucking my dick for no more than five minutes I was ready to blow.

Oh well, I figure that I’ll just enjoy this while I can and right when I blow my wad I’ll let her know, just so she doesn’t wind up with a mouth of jizz. I could feel it, the cum moving through my body. The best blowjob ever was about to end but I could tell it would be a great orgasm. My body started to tense up, and then, and then, and then, she stopped? “I told you that you weren’t going to cum like that.”

“But how did you…”

“Know you were about to cum?” I just nodded. “I’ve sucked a lot of dick in my time, even licked some pussy but that’s a story for another time. Anyway, I’ve made guys come before and I know when they’re about to. I don’t think your not telling me was accidental, but I applaud your attempt at deception.” With that she held her arms out as if to say, “Help me up” which I did and she subsequently proceeded to sort of jump onto my sprawled body and commence a kiss better than the one before. Rolling off of me on onto her side she looked into my eyes and started stroking me again. The orgasm wasn’t coming soon she figured, she was right. “So, you’re a good looking young man, I know you’ve have sex before.” I nodded in agreement. “What comes next in Johnny Greene’s sex plan?”

“Some pussy licking,” I responded, half asking.

“Ummmmm, that sounds like a good idea. Let me just get in position for you.” With that she gave another kiss and moved the head of bed. “But first, you have to start at the top and work your way day, so come here and kiss me,” she said, motioning with her finger. Who was I to resist and say no. I crawled to her position and lay down on top of her. I gave her a very passionate kiss and slithered down her body.

“So I’m back here,” I said reaching her chest and taking a breast in each hand. This made her giggle again. I liked to hear her giggle like that but I love to hear her moan even more, which she was doing when I started playing with her tits. Like before I started licking one and squeezing the other, then switching. I was switching faster this time but not at a blistering pace.

“You just love a girl’s tits don’t you?”

“I certainly do.” No shit, I only spent about an hour with her tits alone. But the true prize was ahead of me. I had to pull myself away from her breasts, but I cant go cold turkey. So still with two handfuls, I made like I was going to go straight down to her pussy. But when I reached her lovely navel, I kiss my way back up to her left breast. I didn’t stay however, much to her surprise, instead I moved on to the side of breast and of her torso. Kissing and licking my way down to her hips, I moved my way across to her other side and kissed my way up and then other to her right breast. I could see this was having a positive effect since Jennifer was squirming around and moaning more than before.

From her right breast I started moving my way down again, past navel, past her pussy hair (which was trimmed in a triangle pointing to her pussy as if to say “Bring it here”) and there in front of my was the true prize. This had to be the most perfect looking pussy I’ve ever seen. This is where I really have to impress her. Well, no time like the present. I lightly licked at her pussy, bursa sınırsız escort bayan such a light touch that I barely might contact. I must have felt like a feather tickling at her pussy because she moaned loudly, but different from before. This was a true ecstasy moan. Not wanting to move away from results, I kept at what I was doing. Moving up and down, left to right, making shapes, drawing out the alphabet forwards and then backwards. It made Jennifer writhe around on the bed in sheer pleasure, running her fingers through my hair, telling me not to stop. I couldn’t, I didn’t want too. I found it more satisfying to bring my sister to orgasm than any girlfriend I had now or ever. I continued licking her pussy, only with a little more pressure and taking my fingers, spreading her delicious pussy wide open so I could lick her inner pussy walls.

“Oh, Johnny, don’t stop, this feels so fucking good, uh, oh baby, I’ve never had anyone lick my pussy like this before. Ooooo, I can feel it inside me. You’re going to make me cum baby, you’re going to make me cum.” I couldn’t stop now if I wanted to. My one mission in life was to make my sister cum and spread her juices all over my face. I decided it was time to put her out of her misery and into contentment. I found her clit and started flicking it with my tongue meanwhile using my middle finger to fuck her. This was sending her over, she grabbed my hair and started screaming, “Oh, Johnny, this is it baby, you’re going to make me cum all over your face. You’re going to make me cum, you’re going to make me cum, you’re making me cum, you’re making me cum, I’m cumming baby, oh baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming so hard.” After she was done screaming I lifted my head from her hot, and now very moist pussy and started moving up the bed, toward her head.

Jennifer was lying there with her arms wrapped around her body as if she was giving herself a big hug, gasping for breath, eyes closed, and a big smile plastered on her face. I lay next to her and moved in for a kiss, not only so I could taste her lips again, but so she could also get a taste of her delicious pussy juices. “That, was the best fucking orgasm I’ve ever had in my life,” she said and gave me a quick kiss. “I’m glad that you were the one to give it to me.”

“I’m glad that I could give it to you. I think that you screamed so loud that you woke the people in the apartment next to me.”

“Oh well, fuck ’em, I’m having my fun.” I wish that I could fuck them. My neighbors were a hot lesbian couple. You never know, maybe someday. I mean if I could fuck my sister then why not them? “So,” Jennifer started, having to once again bring me back to reality, “you gave me a great orgasm, I think it’s time I return the favor. Is that beautiful, delicious cock of yours still hard?” That was a stupid question. It’s been hard since I first saw her. When I told her it was she said, “Well why don’t you bring it to my mouth, it’s probably all dried up from when I last had it in my mouth.” I complied and kneeled next to her head, presenting my dick to her. She took it into her mouth and proceeded to suck on it, no stroking with her hand, just some mouth work. Not wanting to sit (or kneel) idly by, I put my right hand to work by placing it on her breast and play with it some more. This got a nice chuckle out of Jennifer (once she pulled my dick out of her mouth so that she could chuckle) and another comment of how I can’t stay away from her tits.

After a few minutes of mutual pleasuring, Jennifer decided it was time to get down to some serious business. She took my dick out of her mouth and pulled it toward pussy, gently so as not to hurt me. Once she lead me to the classic missionary position, my sister proceeded to guide my cock again, this time it was headed right for her glorious pussy. Once my cockhead had penetrated her body she let go of me and placed her hands where I wanted mine to be, her tits. I slid in slowly. I remember what she told me about having sex with quite a few guys so I was sure that my seven inches was nothing that she couldn’t handle but still, I wanted to slide in gently. I got about three inches in then started to pull out. I wanted to fuck with just those three inches to get her warmed up. I a few thrusts I looked into her eyes and I could tell that she knew exactly what I was doing. And she loved it.

“I can see you know how to get a woman started. I knew that you knew what you were doing. But you don’t have to be gentle with me. Go ahead and give me all you got baby.” As a response I bent down to kiss her again. I made sure to kiss her hard because I shoved the rest of my cock into her as fast as I could without warning. Our kissing muffled a yelp, or it could have been a scream if our lips weren’t attached. I let Jennifer up for air and then she let me have it. “You son of a bitch, I knew I said you don’t have to be gentle but I wasn’t expecting that,” she said playfully scolding me. “Now be a man and fuck me, let’s see if you can make me cum again.” I didn’t want to disappoint, but I also didn’t want it to be over too soon. I pulled out then pushed in, slowly. I didn’t want to fuck to hard and be done with it. So I fucked her slowly, pushing in and pulling it out. I could tell that even though Jennifer told me to be rough, she was enjoying this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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