My One (And Only) Squirter

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I met Amy in the winter of 09 on a free dating site. She was local so we planned on a simple, twenty-minute ‘ice cream date’. I was so sure that it was just going to be ice cream that I made plans for an hour after our meeting.

But we really had chemistry. I loved listening to her. The night keep going. Plans changed. And we ended up in bed together.

There was one problem, she warned me.

She was a squirter.

“Oh, how bad can it be?” I said to myself.

As I never had been with a squirter, I was just told to get a couple of towels. Seemed a bit much but I did what I was told. I am very oral and when I went down on her, sure enough she gushed a fair amount of clear liquid out of her pussy.

Now we were at my place and I am kind of a neat freak. I only have two sets of bedsheets.

And she did squirt, folks.

In fact, by the time she mounted me–I lay on my back–I literally could feel the two towels filling with water.

While we had great chemistry, it was also frustrating. I don’t have a washer/dryer so I would have to walk around the corner to the laundromat to wash my sheets after our encounters.

But we had unbelievable chemistry.

The next-to-last time we got together I didn’t want to deal with the squirting in the bed so I took her into the bathroom. I bent her over my sink and entered her from behind. It was so warm and wet. It felt amazing.

“You realize you’re in my ass, right?”

I couldn’t believe it and went to pull out. She insisted, “No, no, it’s good.” I had always read how a woman’s butt wasn’t self-lubricating but I swear her butt was soft and moist.

Maybe it’s all mental but when I cum in a woman’s ass, it always seems to be twice the volume and twice as intense. I came in her ass

Not completely satisfied she made me finger her pussy near the tub. A pool of her ‘wetness’ was my reward as I got her off with my hand.

We agreed that we were better friends than lovers so we decided to stop the sex. I was having a friend come over in a week and Amy commented that my shower and tub would be a turn-off to my guest. They were a mess, she said. I offered her $75 to clean my shower.

She agreed.

The day she came over she earned every cent of the $75. I was in the den on the PC while she worked her ass off. I’d occasionally check on her or bring her water but for the most part, it was strictly business.

After about 45 minutes she came to the den. She was sopping wet and she smelled of bleach. Hardly attractive to the average male.

She said,”I think I’m going to take a shower.”

I got an immediate hard-on.

“Can I come?” I asked/begged.

Now truth be told, I generally need Viagra or Levitra to have sex but this time it wasn’t necessary. We went into the shower and began making out. Amy & I had amazing chemistry and I simply had to have her. She turned around and hugged the wall of the shower.

I bent my knees and entered her doggie-style. It was warm and moist. She informed me that I was in her ass again.

But she was totally cool with it. Amy loved anal sex and I loved having anal sex with Amy. That day, in my shower, I had the most powerful orgasm of my life.

How powerful was it? I even moaned “Baby, baby” –words I NEVER use during sex. I grunted and felt about a quart of cum pump out of me into her ass.

I got light-headed and weak-kneed. I steadied myself and rinsed myself off. I got out of the shower first and grabbed a towel. Amy came out next and I gave her a big, soft cushy towel.

She began to dry herself, laughed and handed the towel back to me.

“I think I need to rinse off some more,” she said.

The towel was COVERED in cum from her ass.

We never had sex again. But it remains the most intense orgasm of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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