My Perverted Family Ch. 04: Mom’s Story

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No one under 18 years participates in sexual activities in this story.

My Mom’s story is a bit longer than I first anticipated because I found out that she had a much wilder youth than I ever imagined. This story contains bits of incest, oral sex, telephone sex, anal sex and some domination. If you are not interested in any of those topics, then move on to another story.


My named is Todd. I am a forty-five years old divorcee, and I love sex. I have known since puberty that I was addicted to sex. As I have mentioned in my other stories, I come from a very long line of sexually perverted individuals. My family is riddled with tales of incest and debauchery. My parents, my Aunts & Uncles, my nieces & nephews, my Cousins and most of my In-Laws have engaged in Incest and every other form of sexual deviancy. You name it, and someone in my family probably did it.

Most so-called ordinary family’s interactions are governed by what is known as the “Westermarck Effect.” That just means that they are not sexually attracted to one another, but several studies seem to contradict the standard view of the Westermarck effect. People seem to have sexual preferences toward faces that resemble their parents’ or their own. If correct, this would suggest that Freud’s idea of the Oedipus complex had more merit to it.

My whole family has always seemed to be devoid of the Westermarck Effect, but heavy on the Oedipus complex. We have some relatives that just love sex with whoever is available. We also have our share of gay, lesbian, or bisexual individuals. With that said, let me tell you about my Mom.

Mom’s Story

At some point in a teenaged boy’s life, he will probably look at his mother with lustful intentions. My time came when I came home from school one day and heard my Mom and my Aunt Bella arguing about which one of the two gave the best blowjob. They didn’t know I was home so I listened quietly and learned things about my family I would’ve never believed if I hadn’t heard it from them.

Oh my, God, I thought to myself. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My Dad and his older sister, my Aunt Bella, had been fucking each other since high school. My Aunt Bella and her sister, my Aunt Savannah grew up sucking the cocks of just about every man in the county. Not only that, my Mom has had her pussy licked by Aunt Bella; seemingly more than once. And to top it all off, my Mom had licked Aunt Bella’s pussy as well. The women in my family are all apparently bi-sexual and liked licking pussies. My head felt like it was going to explode. I started to sneak away to my room to masturbate to this newly discovered knowledge when I heard my own name mentioned. Aunt Bella suggested to my Mom that she should give me my first blowjob before she took it upon herself to introduce me to the joys of oral sex.

And as it turned out, Aunt Bella did get to me first and introduced me to not only oral sex but to all the lustful grown-up sex. Aunt Bella and I started secretly meeting on a weekly basis, and Aunt Bella cultivated me into a world-class sex toy. I became skilled in all the ways to satisfy a woman with my tongue, my cock, my fingers and a multitude of stimulating sex devices. Aunt Bella learned right away that I became really hard when she told me about the many sexual trysts my Mom had been involved in over the years. When Aunt Bella told me stories about my Mom, my cock got so hard it stuck out like a pot handle. My dick would get so hard you could’ve picked me up by that handle. Every time we had sex Aunt Bella would tell another story, and I would pound away at her pussy until we both had marvelous orgasms. I could fuck several times in a single afternoon as long as Aunt Bella kept the stories about Mom flowing. That’s how I learned about the secrets I am going to tell you regarding my sexy Mom.

Aunt Bella told me she was jealous of my Mom when she and Dad first married. Aunt Bella saw Mom as intruding on Dad’s passionate love-making that rightfully belonged to her. Aunt Bella said her first impression of my Mom was that she was a passive, border-line submissive that needed someone to force her into doing things she really wanted to do but lack the courage to initiate on her own. Aunt Bella was quite the opposite. She was a strong-willed woman and didn’t think twice about imposing her will on others. Men seem to like that Aunt Bella was not only beautiful but was aggressive when it came to fucking. Aunt Bella detested the weakness Mom projected. Aunt Bella said she felt obligated to either drive my Mom away or teach her how to survive in our family of strong-willed individuals.

Aunt Bella’s first story about my Mom made me so hard, I was able to fuck three times that afternoon without much of a rest between each fuck. Aunt Bella told me that just a few months after Mom and Dad were married, Mom walked in on her and my Dad fucking. They were at Grandma’s house during a family holiday get-together. A big fight ensued, and Mom and Aunt Bella didn’t görükle escort bayan talk for weeks. My Mom got the impression she wasn’t sexy enough to keep Dad away from Aunt Bella. Aunt Bella didn’t help matters when she told Mom she dressed like a prude. Mom overreacted and started dressing somewhat slutty to draw Dad’s attention and prove Aunt Bella wrong. All that accomplished was to start the family gossip to flowing. Aunt Bella tried to correct the damage by offering Mom an olive branch. She invited Mom over for lunch to have a heart to heart talk. My Mom came prepared to fight for the exclusive right to my Dad’s cock. Aunt Bella had a scheme to make Mom more assertive or more submissive; either one would work for Aunt Bella.

When Marilyn, my Mom, arrived at Aunt Bella’s house she found Aunt Bella in the kitchen preparing two salads. When Mom walked into the kitchen, Aunt Bella smiled and offered her a glass of wine. Aunt Bella said Mom looked so slutty in her tight tank top that was so small her nipples were almost pushing through the fabric, and her skirt barely covered her ass. Mom had dressed that way just in case Dad was there for the talk. She wanted Dad concentrating on her; not Bella.

Smiling with smug confidence, Aunt Bella said, “My, you look like such a dirty little slut. Have you no pride Marilyn?”

“Thanks for the compliment, Bella,” Mom responded with sarcasm, “I will dress and do whatever it takes to keep you away from my husband. You use whatever you can to entice him…right? I plan to do the same.”

Aunt Bella walked boldly over to where Mom was sipping her wine and pushed Mom back against the kitchen counter. Aunt Bella’s move startled Mom, and she stood frozen. Mom’s passive personality took over. Aunt Bella reached over picking up a vibrator she had hidden away so Mom wouldn’t see it. She took the wine from Mom and held the vibrator up for Mom to get a closer look. Aunt Bella turned it on watching Mom’s eyes grow large.

Mom looked a little nervous as she asked Aunt Bella faint-heartedly, “What are you going to do with that Bella?”

“Well, you’ll see Marilyn, you’ll see.”

Mom unconsciously shifted further into her submissive nature as Aunt Bella knew she would. Then Aunt Bella lowered the buzzing vibrator and began moving it over Mom’s nipples. Mom couldn’t believe what was happening and was paralyzed to resist. Aunt Bella watched as Mom’s nipples became hard as pebbles, pressing against her thin top. She continued moving the buzzing vibrator over Mom’s now rock-hard nipples looking into her eyes. Aunt Bella leaned forward and lightly kissed Mom on the lips and Mom offered no resistance. It was all too obvious that Aunt Bella was enjoying the fact that the vibrator was pleasuring Mom’s nipples. She also liked the idea Mom had accepted her kiss without fighting to break away.

Aunt Bella smiled asking, “How does that feel Marilyn? Does it make your nipples feel good, does it make your pussy wet Marilyn?”

Mom had become a shrinking violet, and her breathing had become labored. She suddenly became utterly powerless against Aunt Bella’s assault. Aunt Bella had pegged Mom correctly because she appeared to liked Aunt Bella taking control.

“Yes, it feels terrific, I’ve never felt anything like it,” Mom whispered breathlessly.

“What do you like most; the kiss or the vibrator?”

“I liked them both,” Mom sighed as she leaned in for another kiss.

Aunt Bella blocked another kiss and pushed Mom back against the counter and said, “Mmm, well it’s only going to get better Marilyn, I really think you’re going to enjoy what I have next.”

Mom secretly enjoyed the teasing. Her pussy was getting wetter the more Bella teased. Aunt Bella continued pleasuring Mom’s nipples while she reached for another, more massive vibrator. Mom’s eyes grew even wider as Aunt Bella held the second, vibrator up for Mom to see. She lowered the vibrator and kicked Mom’s feet apart causing her to spread her legs. Mom almost lost her balance when her legs were spread wide enough for what Aunt Bella planned next. Bella lowered her hand to Mom’s crotch and started sliding the large vibrator beneath Mom’s short skirt. Instead of turning it on right away, Aunt Bella pressed the vibrator against Mom’s pussy. Mom gasped, and Aunt Bella began slowly moving it over her pussy.

Aunt Bella told Mom, “Pull your skirt up for me, you naughty little slut, let me see that pretty little-wet pussy.”

Mom obeyed Aunt Bella’s demand.

Mom’s prompt obedience pleased Aunt Bella, and she said, “There, that’s it, let me see your pussy and how wet it is. Your panties appear to be soaked.”

Mom slipped her panties off and held them out for Aunt Bella’s inspection. Aunt Bella held the panties to her nose and sniffed them. Then Aunt Bella pushed the vibrator against Mom’s pussy, pressing it against her labia, moving it back and forth as Mom gasped. She looked at Mom asking her again, “Does that feel good on your altıparmak eskort pussy you little slut? Does it make you feel horny?”

“Yes, yes it feels wonderful,” Mom sighed.

“I see, well wait until you feel this next astonishment; you horny little slut.”

Aunt Bella turned the vibrator on, as Mom’s mouth opened and she started gasping for air and squealing as the vibrator buzzed against her pussy. Aunt Bella turned up the intensity of the vibrator causing Mom to squeal even louder. Aunt Bella set the smaller vibrator down on the counter, concentrating on Mom’s pussy with the larger one. Aunt Bella turned and twisted the vibrator against Mom’s pussy, changing the intensity of the vibrations.

Aunt Bella raised and lowered the vibrator speed at will, watching Mom’s reaction each time. Then she eased the vibrator into Mom’s pussy. Mom couldn’t help gasping and squealing more. A kaleidoscopic range of expressions crossed Mom’s face as Aunt Bella started fucking Mom’s pussy with the vibrator, working in and out as Mom’s face continued to contort as the sex toy buzzed deep inside her pussy. Aunt Bella took her to the edge of orgasm only to turn the vibrations down to keep her from cumming.

Aunt Bella asked Mom, “Does my little slut want to cum, is that what you want?”

“Yes, please let me cum, Bella. I need to cum so badly.” Mom begged.

“Oh no, not yet. I have more fun planned for you my horny little slut. Now we’re going to take that top off and get rid of the skirt. Do it now, get out of those clothes.”

Mom took off her top and skirt and stood there waiting for what was going to happen next. Aunt Bella told her to turn around and lean on the countertop. Mom obeyed doing as she was told. Aunt Bella grabbed something different this time, a beaded butt plug that also vibrated. It was a few inches long and could easily be inserted into Mom’s ass. Aunt Bella spread some lubricant over the end so it would easily slide into Mom’s ass. Then she told Mom,” I have something I know my horny little slut is going to love. Now bend over and get ready for some real fun.”

Mom leaned over, her ass sticking out as Aunt Bella started moving the anal toy over Mom’s ass. Mom begged her to be gentle because no one had ever done anything anal to her. Aunt Bella promised to be gentle and eased it between Mom’s ass cheeks, spreading them apart as she slowly eased the anal toy into Mom’s ass. Mom squealed and moved her ass from side to side as Aunt Bella started working it in and out of her ass. Then, when Mom appeared ready, Aunt Bella turned the butt plug on, sending intense, erotic sensations through Mom’s ass. Mom squealed and pushed back against Aunt Bella’s hand.

Aunt Bella asked, “Does my little slut like having her ass fucked? Does it feel good my little slut?”

Mom was having trouble getting her next breath. The sensation she felt was like nothing she could have imagined. Mom’s submissive side cried out for more, “Yes, oh fuck yes. Fuck my ass, please, fuck it good and hard!” Mom begged.

Aunt Bella grabbed the vibrator she’d had used on Mom’s pussy and slid it back into her pussy. Now she was fucking both Mom’s ass, and her pussy as Mom squealed out loud and thrust her ass back into Aunt Bella. Soon Mom was cumming, her body shaking and shuddering as the orgasms shot through her body. Mom’s knees started to buckle because of her intense orgasms. Finally, Mom stopped cumming after Aunt Bella removed the devices from her ass and pussy. Mom’s legs gave way, and Aunt Bella held Mom in her arms asking, “So, how did you enjoy your orgasm?”

“Oh Bella, that was so fucking intense, I’ve never felt anything like it in my life. I wish I had toys like that at home, I would be masturbating with them all the time.”

“Well, I bought them especially for you, they’re yours, Marilyn, to take home and use them whenever you want. When you need to cum really hard.”

“Thank you so much, Bella, but I can’t take them home as much as I would love to have them at my disposal, if Ben found them, he would freak out and throw them out. Can I leave them here and use them when I’m over here with you?”

“Oh…so you liked it so much you plan to come back for more.”

“I don’t know how you knew it, but you knew damn well I would be coming back for more.”

“Of course, Marilyn, you can come over anytime and use them. They will come in handy when you’re feeling really horny. I’ll give you a key to the house, and you can even use them while we’re gone. I’ll put them in this bag here after we wash them off and then put them in the dresser drawer in my room. Feel free to drop by any time and use them.”

“What if you’re out and Harry is here? How would I explain my reason for dropping in?

“Don’t worry about what Harry thinks. Hell, if you are really horny feel free to fuck Harry. It’s only fair you fuck my husband since I am fucking your husband on a regular basis.”

“No thanks, Harry nilüfer escort doesn’t interest me in the least.”

“One more thing Marilyn, before we eat our salads, you are going to accompany me to my bedroom where you will eat my pussy until I cum harder than you just did.”

Mom was twenty-four at the time, and Aunt Bella was thirty. Aunt Bella told me Mom had taken a real liking to eating her pussy. Aunt Bella said Mom became really good at eating pussy. So good, it became a regular event each time they met for lunch. They either started their luncheon by eating each other’s pussy or ended the luncheon that way. Sometimes they even started lunch and finished lunch with a vigorous pussy licking. Aunt Bella pointed out to me the reason I became so aroused by her stories of Mom’s sexual endeavors was that I had a sincere desire to fuck my Mom. I agreed she was correct and asked her to assist me in seducing my Mom. She refused my request and told me if I was too timid to seduced my Mom on my own, I didn’t deserve to enjoy the pleasures of her body.

I eventually did fuck my Mom, but you are not going to believe how it came about. It wasn’t as much my doing as it was my sister Amy’s plotting in the background. I’ll give you the details of that later, but for now, I will stick to telling you what I did. I started paying a lot more attention to how my Mom dressed and how sexy she looked when her hair was all messed up. I would get a hard-on practically every time I got around Mom, and she would notice it but not say anything. I occasionally caught her looking at the bulge in my jeans, and I saw she would blush and then her nipples would get hard and poke against her top. My older sister, Amy and I shared a lot of secrets, and I began to tell about her my desire to fuck Mom. Amy supported me and offered advice when I called her. For example; I walked into the kitchen one morning, and Mom was leaning over digging in a kitchen drawer. Her short robe had risen up to where I could see her bare butt and her pussy. It shook me up so badly I ran down the hall to the guest bathroom and blasted my cum all over the mirror. After I cleaned up my mess, I called Amy, and she convinced me Mom was trying to let me know I should approach her about sex. Amy didn’t bother to tell me that Mom had called her first with all the details of what happened. I know now Amy was jerking my chain, but at the time I really believed Mom wanted to seduce me.

Amy answered my call on the first ring, and the conversation went like this.

“Hi, baby brother. Why are you calling me so early on a Saturday morning? I’d think you would still be sleeping off last night’s party.”

“Amy,” I gasped as I found it difficult to take my next breath, “you are not going to believe what happened this morning when I came down for breakfast.”

“Wait a minute, Todd,” Amy interrupted, “why don’t you slow down, relax, take a deep breath and tell me.”

“I saw Mom naked this morning,” I blurted out and took another deep breath.

“What do you mean, you saw Mom naked?”

Amy feigned ignorance of the morning excitement. She wanted to hear my version and compare it with Mom’s account of the incident.

“Well…not really naked, naked, but I did see her naked little rosebud and the puffy lips of her vagina. I didn’t do it on purpose; I swear. I just walked into the kitchen, and there she was bending over, digging in a bottom drawer of the kitchen cabinet. Mom didn’t have any panties on at the time, and her bathrobe was so short it caused her bottom to be exposed when she bent over. And I got so fucking hard I thought my cock was going to break off or rip right through my shorts and…”

“Wait a minute,” she interrupted again, “Todd, slow down. You are rambling on in a way that I can hardly understand what you are so shaken up about. Just take another deep breath and organize your thoughts before continuing. Better yet, just let me ask you some questions.”

I took a deep breath and sighed, “Okay.”

“Now let me get this straight, Todd. You came down for breakfast, and when you walked into the kitchen you came face to face, or should I say face to butt with Mom,” Amy snickered.

“Very funny, Amy,” I groaned. “This is serious, and I want you to take it seriously.”

Amy stifled a laugh and said, “I’m sorry, little brother, I didn’t mean to make light of your predicament. Okay, Mom is bent over, and you see her naked rear-end. Where was Dad during all this time?”

“He was sitting at the breakfast table with his back to the door and his face buried in the morning newspaper. I don’t think he was even aware of my presence.”

“What about Mom? Did she see you standing there?”

I thought for a moment and then said, “I don’t know. I couldn’t see Mom’s face.”

“Of course not,” Amy snickered again, “you were too busy staring at her ass!”

“Ammyyy! I’m serious about this…It’s not a joke to me,” I whined.

“I’m sorry, Todd. I promise not to make light of it again. What did you do next?”

“I panicked and ran down the hallway and locked myself in the guest bathroom.”

“And let me guess. You spanked your monkey until there was cum all over the bathroom.”

I let out a long groan. Amy was determined to turn the whole thing into a joke

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