My Precious Neighbor Ch. 5

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By my watch, the light actually went off at 8:05. Having lived with that damned 500 watt argon gas light on all night, every night for the last five years, it was sort of shocking how dark it looked outside between our houses. There are no street lights on our street, which we all like, so except for the few houses like Nancy’s, our street was very, very dark.

I had showered and shaved very close, with a blade razor, so that my face was as smooth as possible. Didn’t want to abrade delicate woman tissue, you know. My 5′ 10″ body was as ready for this as it could be. I got hard every time I thought about what was to come. Or should I say to come. My goal was to eat her to one, let her fuck herself on me to one, and then fuck her until we both came. A simple, straight forward plan. And a lot of telling her how beautiful, succulent, sexy and exciting she was, with my words, my eyes and my actions. That would be easy to do.

At exactly 8:10 I opened my back door, went out through the gate, across the planter from my driveway to hers, and walked the ten feet back to her rear porch. She was at the door in a floor-length maroon robe of very shiny and supple material. Her face was radiant and expectant at the same time. Her hair was glistening, picking up some of the red highlights from the robe. She had maroon slippers on her feet. I had never seen her bare feet before, but she had nicely shaped toes, well-manicured nails, and slim, trim ankles. When she was on her back underneath me, I would be able to pull her legs up and nibble in her toes. I’ve never heard of a woman who didn’t find that to be an erotic sensation. That left me to only wonder how she would feel when she was on top of me, bent forward so that I could suck on her nipples, mold her ass with one hand and touch her ass hole with a wet finger. But, I fully intended to find out.

Her fragrance was familiar. Yes. It was that nice, pink liquid soap. Subtle without being overpowering. And her make-up was light and delicate, as was her habit. A totally desirable package of sexuality. I guess I spent longer taking her in than was apparent to me because she finally asked if everything was okay.

“Okay? Nancy, you’re gorgeous. Delectable, even. I’m so excited I’m quivering from adrenaline. This has been the longest two hours of my entire life.”

“I’ll bet you tell that to all of your women,” she chided.

“No. One of the reasons I’m so nervous is that I haven’t had a lot of experience. None before I got married, or at least none before my wife. Since she died ten years ago I have become painfully aware that I don’t fit the mold of the typical male who can prowl and conquer.”

“You didn’t seem to have any trouble conquering me, Tim,” she observed.

“You were very vulnerable and you would be amazed at the amount of planning I went through for today. At how many escape points I allowed for if you rejected me, or came unglued, or became hysterical, or whatever.”

“I came unglued, all right, Tim. I have never in my life had an orgasm that ripped through me like that one did. I’m not sure I could stand another like it. At least not too soon.”

“You could never understand the pleasure it brought me to watch you today. The totally sexual woman loving her magnificent body. And allowing me to watch.”

Turning toward where her bedroom is and walking in that direction while holding my hand she said, “You did a lot more than watch me, Tim. Your words and your looks were something I didn’t know I needed so badly. And you pushed me over the top when I was afraid I couldn’t get there after so long. I’m still wet just remembering it.”

“Good!” What a compliment. “I’ll volunteer to watch you any time you want. I’m a born voyeur.”

We entered her bedroom and she went straight to the bed and sat us both down. Turning to me she said, “You wanted to . . . to . . . taste me. I knew about oral sex. But I’ve always believed that was just something women did for men. And . . .”

“You mean,” I interrupted her, “That you were told that men didn’t do that to women in return, don’t you?”

“Well, yes. But I’ve talked with women who said that they loved being . . . licked. But I was never sure that I believed them. And I was never sure I would like it nor that anyone would like doing it to me,” she finished breathlessly. “Many, many men, who have learned how great the return from their woman is, have learned not only to perform cunnilingus, but to enjoy it. I absolutely do. Partly for the same reason that women can enjoy fellatio; the control it gives over the receiving party. Being able to manipulate and yet observe closely without worrying about your own climb to satisfaction. That can be a real turn-on. Especially when a woman tastes and smells as good as you do.”

Looking sort of sheepish, yet kind of devilish, Nancy asked, “So are you going to taste me again?”

“Definitely, yes!” Then, remembering something I had planned to say at about this time, I added, “But, you have to do your part as well, which is to tell me what you want, when you want it, or don’t want, if that’s the case, and I want you to feel free to make all of the noise you feel like. I’ll like that and you won’t be concentrating diyarbakır escort on trying to conform to some silly notion about remaining passive and quiet.”

Standing and starting to undo her robe, Nancy turned to me and asked, “Do you follow that same set of rules?”

“Well, sort of. I communicate what I like and want. That’s easy because I like to manipulate, touch, taste, look, and direct. And, I suppose, I feel that many women want to be manipulated, touched, tasted, looked at, and directed. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take over and do all of those things any time you wish, and return control whenever you wish. Like now.” “What do you mean, Tim? ‘Like now.'”

“Well, with you standing there with the robe on the floor, wearing exactly what I asked you to wear, stretching your arms over your head, which raised the shirt to just above your pubic hair, you are now controlling me.” Then pointing to my very visible erection inside my shorts (no underwear), I added, “See?”

Pleased as she could be at such quick confirmation of her power over me, she ran her hands down over her breasts, on down her tummy, up under the shirt to her pussy, and then opened herself again for my viewing. After a moment she asked, “So are you going to do all of those nasty and despicable things to me that you said you were earlier?”

As well as I could I croaked, “Now that I see you again, those won’t be enough. I’ll have to think of more.”

Jumping toward me and pushing me back on the bed she straddled my chest, looked down at me and said, “When are you going to start, big guy?”

“As soon as you lower the lights so that I can see you, but no one in the hall could. That way I’ll have to do a lot of feeling around and sampling in order to know just what is going on.” Off she leapt, turned on a little tiny light on her dresser and turned off the bedside lamp.

“How’s that?”

As I took off my shirt, shoes and socks I told her it was just perfect.

“Tim?” she asked as she came back to the bed, “Would you taste me first, just a little so I can see how it feels? Then we can do whatever you want to do.”

I lay back on the bed. As she looked at me intently I told her to stand up on the bed with her feet on either side of my shoulders. She did that and looked down at me looking up her shirt at her pussy. When she asked me what I could see, I told her it was heaven I was looking at. Reaching up for her hands I told her to lower herself down until she was sitting on my chest. Now her pussy was two inches from my mouth. It was open and wet, with her clit peeking out of its hood. I knew it would come out more eventually, until just before her climax, but I liked looking at it now, too.

Pulling up her shirt so that she could see me under her she said, “Did you forget? I don’t feel anything yet. But when I look behind me I see this strange bulge in your shorts. So something must be happening. And why do you have your shorts on, anyway. I would have thought O-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh, God that’s goooood.”

“And it stopped your jabber, too,” I told her backing away form her love nest for a moment.

“DON’T STOP!” she ordered. “Please don’t stop.”

I was happy to comply, at least for a couple of minutes. But more later. Yes, a lot more.

VI During those couple of extra minutes I explored her breasts, much to her satisfaction and mine, and I played with her ass, a lot. If women didn’t have nice, soft, globular, malleable asses I would have had to invent them. Having touched her ass hole once during that short time I knew of the almost electrical shock it gave her. I’d be back there, too.

After rolling her over to signal that we were going on to other things, I kissed her for the first time. I could hear her smell my face to see how she smelled. The kiss was long, satisfying, and ended with her licking around my lips to clean my face. “After you’ve had another orgasm you can lick my face clean again,” I told her. “Then maybe you can tell the difference in the taste of your cream afterward.”

“Is there a difference?” she asked.

“Yes, there is a difference, and I think it’s because of your orgasm. Whatever the cause, I like it.” With that, I moved down to her nipples. First one and then the other. After a while of me sucking and licking and her moaning and writhing I lifted my head up enough to say, “You know, I like having my nipples sucked and nipped, too.” Taking the hint she started to slither down under me but I stopped her, saying, “You know, if you would get on your hands and knees over me and reverse to me, your breasts would hang in my face for me to suck and you could suck my nipples at the same time.”

“That sounds good to me,” she replied enthusiastically, and moved around so I could lie down under her.

“It’s purely a selfish suggestion on my part, Nancy, because then my hands are free to explore your body. I’ll be able to suck on your delicious nipples and touch you everywhere. Neat, huh?”

Lowering her chest over my face she said, “Boy, you really are selfish! What do I get out of it?”

Starting to run one of my hands over her ass above and behind me while the other moved along her tummy to her bush, I stated, “As long as I’m happy. That’s what counts.” But I’m not sure she heard me over her moans and groans of pleasure at being touched so intimately. So, back to her nipples. I love this.

After a few minutes of me manipulating her ass and pussy lips I felt a warm, timid hand sneaking down past the waist band of my shorts. It didn’t take her long to find my cock since it was right there. Her ministrations on my nipples never slowed as she withdrew her hand and unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my shorts, and ran the zipper down. I could feel the cool air on my overheated and too-long-restricted best friend. But the best part was when her hands found me again and she looked up from her sucking to say, “My God that’s big.” Bless her heart. Tell me a man who would not now do anything for her. Then the icing on the cake. “Tim. It’s beautiful. Ohhhh. Keep doing that, Tim.” What she was referring to was my finger which was making lazy passes up her lips on one side and then down the other, with occasional dips into her well for more nectar. That’s what she had done earlier to herself, and I had watched closely. Soon I would periodically make little passes of my finger tip just under her clit, just like she had done. If I was right in my thinking, and despite what she had told me, there was another orgasm just waiting for an excuse to go coursing through her. As soon as I made the first little cross path under her clit she almost leaped off of me. By the fifth or sixth time I did that she was starting to clamp her passage. I could hear it. She had a death grip on my cock, her mouth was still on my left nipple, but she wasn’t connected. I could feel, rather than hear, her rising moaning on my chest. It was time.

I rolled her over on her back. She started to complain about the interruption but I shushed her and made her move up nearer the head of the bed. Then I spread her legs open and lay down with my face in her sweltering bush. As soon as my tongue made its first tenuous contact with her clit, she started moaning anew. It was music to my ears. Immediately her legs went around my shoulders and her hands flew to my head. Actually, she was closer than I had thought. Her stomach muscles were already taught and her nipples were stiffening. I could have made her wait to build the tension but I wanted her to have another if she could. So to help push her over the edge I said, “Since my hands are busy with your breasts, I need you to hold your pussy open for me so that I can suck your clit into my mouth and make love to it with my tongue. She raised her head to look down at me and as had been true earlier, her eyes were quite glazed. She was looking at me nursing between her legs with such a look of rapt desperation. But she moved her hands from my head to each side of her pussy. Then she spread herself for me. How much more vulnerable can a woman be than Nancy was now? I lifted her ass with my arms to curl her forward so that she could see as well as possible. There was her clit, still sticking well out for me to nurse on. As I moved my pursed lips slowly down to her clit her eyes were locked on the sight. She was making little grunting sounds in her throat as she watched my progress, but nothing intelligible. Just before my lips made contact with her clit I slowly licked my lips for her viewing. If anything, she bent toward me even more and her eyes absolutely drilled into the spot where my mouth and her pussy were about to rejoin. The clasping sounds of her cunt opening and closing on a cock that wasn’t there were spaced so close together now that she’d probably have fired off just from her own contractions. Then my lips slid over her clit and my tongue started rubbing the underside. Her head flew back on the bed and an ‘arrrrrrrrgh’ type sound emitted from her. I hung on as she thrashed about on the bed. I didn’t move my mouth or lick her clit, which was still between my lips. I just hung on. Nancy was gasping and crying out softly, making different sounds, repeating some of them, and slowly winding down. When I finally tried to let go of her clit as gently as I could, the movement still sent a huge jolt through her whole body. Avoiding her clit totally, I softly licked the rest of her pussy, dipped into her passage numerous times with my tongue, and just let her float back down to earth.

After not touching her pussy for about two minutes I got into a kneeling position, still between her legs, held her knees apart, looked at her soaking wet thatch. Smiling up at her dazed eyes I said, “Look at the wonderful job we’ve just done, would you?”

“How can it be wonderful when I’m destroyed?” she asked me weakly.

I bent her legs in front of me so that her knees were almost at her chest, nipped at one of her toes with my teeth and said, “You’re not destroyed, you silly. You are woman. W-o-m-a-n!”

“I am scattered in little pieces all over this room and some in the hallway. And if you don’t leave my toes alone by at least mid-night, I’ll do something . . . well, something.” Now I was sucking on her toes, one at a time. Knowing that I couldn’t wait too long after such a shattering orgasm to start another, if there was another, I moved her feet and calves to my shoulders as I move my cock to within striking distance of my lover. She was watching me again. I don’t know what she may have been thinking. Maybe, “Isn’t this ape ever going to leave me alone?”

Well, if that was it then the answer was a resounding NO! Wetting my right palm I slowly moved my hand up and down and around my cock to get it wet. Again, Nancy was leaning forward, watching me, intently. When I lowered the head of my cock to line up with the entrance to her passage, she almost bent in half to try to see it enter. Even if she couldn’t actually see it, she definitely felt it enter her.

“Oh you’re big. Ohhh that feels so good. Slowly, please. I’m not used to such a big . . .”

“Cock,” I finished for her.

Looking up to my face for a moment she said, “Yes, such a big cock. Oh, I love it. You’re filling me to overflowing.”

“No. The overflowing part comes later.”

“Very funny Mr. Timothy. Ohhhh, itsssssss sooooo goooood.” her head was back on the bed and her pussy was sort of munching on me. With each munch I slid in a little deeper.

Finally I bottomed out, so to speak. Then I started a series of very slow ins and outs. I loved the sight of my cock slipping into her inferno. And each time I pushed back in she was rising to meet me. Letting go of her legs I lay down on her supporting my weight on my elbows. I pushed her arms up over her head and put each of my arms under her upper arms and grasped her wrists. Now I was again moving slowly in her, but just little movements. Side to side sometimes and out a bit and then back in; trying to keep pushing and rubbing her clit. She was moving with me and kissing me all over my face.

“Can you taste your last orgasm on me, you sweet lover?”

“Yes, and I like it. But I don’t taste anything different.”

“Well, as long as I think I do, I’m satisfied.”

“Why do you have my arms stretched out above my head in this death grip, Tim?”

“So you can’t get away from me, of course.”

With a wicked grin, Nancy retorted with, “I could get away from you.” Saying that she started bucking and thrusting her hips up off of the bed. I rode it out with great satisfaction until she said, “I can’t believe it. This can’t be happening!”

Letting go of her arms and raising up in concern I asked, “What’s wrong!”

“I’m going to have another orgasm. I can feel it. Oh. It’s delicious.”

“It’s your own fault,” I said, “For thrashing around like that. Wanna do it again?”

“No. I want you to turn me over so that I can do what you said.” I must have looked quizzical because she looked me dead in the eyes and went on, “I want to straddle you and impale myself on Timothy Junior.” I almost lost it right then and there. But I pulled out of her, both of us moaning at the loss of contact and I flopped down beside her. She got up on her knees and put one precious leg on either side of me, with her cunt poised just above my cock. “Are you watching this, Tim?”

“At this moment there is nothing else in the world to watch, my love.” Now she had reached under herself and was holding my cock aimed at her sweet cunt opening.

“I’m now going to lower my pussy down onto your rampant cock, Tim. And you’re going to watch it disappear up inside of my body.” With that she started to lower her pussy. I watched, amazed as I always am, at the sight of me disappearing into a gorgeous woman’s cunt. When she was all of the way down she said, “Now I’m going to . . . I’m going to fuck myself on your cock until I come again. Oh, Jesus I need this. I need you.” Then she began bouncing up and down on me. Her breasts moved with a life of their own, and I reached for them.

After a couple of minutes of rapture supreme, a feast for the body and a feast for the eyes, she leaned forward and held one nipple for me to suck. And suck I did. She got more frantic in her movements and was moaning. I raised my knees a bit so that I could thrust up to meet her backward lunges. My hands grabbed her ass cheeks of their own accord. Now she was moaning with each breath and was starting to have a patina of perspiration all over her body. I was getting close to coming, myself. I had to hold off until she gushed. Her face was buried in the crook of my neck by then. Her constant moaning was music to my ears.

Remembering something I’d temporarily forgotten I brought one hand back to my face and wet my middle finger completely. Then I moved my hand back to her ass. Using the rest of my fingers to tease my way down the crack of her ass I stopped when I knew my wet finger was right over her ass hole. I touched her lightly. She made a higher sound in my ear. Touching her again I started moving my slick finger around the edges of her anus. I could feel her clenching and pushing back against my finger. Her moans got louder and she had my head in a death grip between her hands. I was moving my mouth back and forth between her nipples again. Reaching further down I picked up some extra moisture from her pussy and my cock on the outward strokes. Then I went back to her ass. This time I concentrated my finger movements exactly at the opening of her anus. It was alternately relaxed and locked with her clenching. Finally she yelled, “I’m coming. Oh, God I’m coming.” Then she demanded, ” Come in me. Come in my hot pussy. Oh, Jesus, I’m exploding.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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