My Secret Revealed Ch. 08

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We had one more evening left in the Bahamas. Karen and I were still worked up sexually. I suppose that it was the adventure and the short mini vacation. We woke up late and had brunch. She kept smiling that “I know what you did smile”.

“Why do you keep smiling at me?” I asked.

“Oh, silly, I was just thinking about last night. Girl, have you come a long way. Finding your panties was the best thing that ever happened to our marriage. I think by now we would have become bored. I mean you had your little secret, which by the way was never a big deal, and I had my old life secrets. Once the fetish got on the table, we have taken off. Do you have any regrets?”

“I just don’t want you to tire of our games and then turn anything around on me.”

“Baby, after New York, there are no secrets. I really appreciate that you have indulged me my big cock preferences. As far as you helping out with my partners, that is the sweetest possible thing I could imagine. If I were cheating on you, it would be a different story. I really like that you like to be more submissive. It is so surprising and so, I guess out of character from the man I thought I married. I was thinking more about settling down to a mundane life. Instead, I am on the wild side with a willing husband. I will never ask you to do anything that is demeaning. If you feel bad about something I suggest, please tell me and we will reset our games.”

“Well, I guess my panty fetish seemed kinky to me when I was on my own. Now that seems a lifetime ago. I still wonder about my sexuality some.”

“Yes, I know. You already explained that. The best way that I can see is that if you feel the need to go behind my back and suck a cock, you might begin to worry. So far all you have done is follow my directions. I know that your pleasure comes from pleasing me. I don’t want to get to the point where you start to feel insecure about your sexuality. I don’t think you are gay. It is just an extension of our chosen adventures.”

I told her that I thought that made sense. The thrill I had once experienced in wearing panties and masturbating was now totally unsatisfactory compared to the thrills we had been having. The bi-sexual acts were an extension of my new found feminine identity.

“With that being said, Charlotte, what are you up for tonight? Remember this is our last evening before I have to go back to Miami.”

“Dear Mistress,” I said, “Your wish is my desire.”

“Great,” she said. “I think we are going to get you totally in character, Charlotte, and I am going to dress like a slut also. Then we are going to give Bette a call and arrange for me to get Bahama fucked by a gang of big cock black men. You are going to service some of my lovers beforehand and get your fill of Bahama Baby Batter.”

That sounded like an island concoction. We lounged around the rest of the afternoon until it was time to start getting ready. Karen had me call Bette and explain in plain terms what we would like for the evening. She was all too happy to oblige for we had tipped her quite well the evening before. I told her that Karen wanted a going away blow out meaning many islanders with huge cocks.

Bette arranged everything. Our transportation was to arrive just as before. We took our time getting ready. Both of us enjoyed a trip to the salon where we steamed, cool water quenched and had massages. We followed that up with a trip to the nail spa. By the time we were through, all we needed was makeup and a little clothing. Back in our room, Karen supervised as I applied my foundation, eye liner and lashes. She took over and finished me off better that I could have imagined. My eye makeup was dark and shadowy. The liner went past my eye lids and curled a little. When I looked in the mirror, my cock started getting hard. I stepped into my vagina gaff, stockings, garters and bra. Karen and I had shopped at the resort and I was to wear a short skirt and crop top. I also had a light brunette wig that was styled full and presented as somewhat slutty presence. My earrings dangled down to my shoulders. My lipstick was the reddest shade of red. I looked like a real slut.

Karen wore a super short khaki skirt with a simple white top. No bra or panties, of course. She completed the outfit with five inch nude colored stilettos. Her makeup was similar to my own. With her features, she could get by without wearing any makeup. Imagine how hot she looked with the nighttime slut makeover. We looked like two hot bitches out for cock. This, by the way, was exactly what we were. When our transportation arrived, Daniel whistled approval as we got in. I am sure he got a look at Karen’s bare pussy as he kept glancing in the rear view mirror. I spread my legs also, but I doubt that he could make out the folds of my vagina gaff. To me however, showing my prominent artificial vaginal lips was a real panty wetter.

We arrived at a private residence on the beach. It was a multi-million dollar house. Bette led us to the door where a butler greeted us. Bette kissed him on the lips and said, “I would like you to meet Ms. Karen and Kadıköy escort bayan Ms. Charlotte. They are our guests this evening.

He beamed as he gave us the once over and smiled knowingly. He told us that he would be happy to help us to anything we desired. We didn’t know whether he meant food and beverage or just “anything”. He did get us the beverages. Karen and I did not need too much else. We were not there for food and drink. He then led us into a huge great room. It was set up with sofas, divans and chairs around the perimeter. There was a massive big screen TV and what looked like the state of the art speakers. We wondered about the setup, but there was nothing that seemed out of place. In a short while, Bette told us to be comfortable and we could watch the screen. We waited to see what took place.

Bette dimmed the lights and gave us some interactive game handles. Our curiosity was running wild. On screen a large black male appeared in a typical bathing suit. He walked runway style and turned. He had a deep chocolate coloring. He turned and walked with his back to the camera until he reached the back of the improvised runway. There he pulled down his shorts and turned walking toward the camera again. This time his darker cock hung down half way to his knees. He was full, but not erect. His cock was circumcised and massive. Bette told us to select six candidates over the course of the presentation. This was a keeper, so we both punched the check mark on our consoles.

This went on for a half hour. Man after man appeared on the screen. They were in all different hues of black but they all had large cocks. Karen selected the absolutely largest cocks for her final roster. I agreed with most of them and I deferred to her. I did not know if all the men were in the mansion but we settled back on the divans and enjoyed another drink. Suddenly the door opened at the back of the room. The lights dimmed very slightly and out came the six men we had selected. Behind them two stunning black women came rolling a very large round bed about two feet off the floor.

The men wore loose baggy lounge pants. They were grey and scarlet striped with flowing legs. Their cocks were quite visible through the very sheer material. We could see the outline of every one. They were in various states of arousal. As the men greeted us, the women came back with three smaller men. We wondered what the small younger guys were there for. One of the women came over to me and helped me out of my skirt and top. I stood there in my garters, stockings, lacy bra and pretty sexy gaff panties which showed the distinct outline of puffy vaginal lips. I kept my sexy pumps on.

The other woman approached Karen and helped her out of her top and skirt. That was it. No panties. No bra. Just nude colored spiked stilettos and her beautiful body. One of the smaller guys took his lounge pants off and revealed a hard black cock about five inches long. It was firm but not big around either. He came over to me and placed a foam knee pad on the floor in front of him. He looked me in the eyes and I knew it was my turn. He held his cock up as I kneeled down on the foam pad. His cock was starting to ooze precum. I licked the head slowly, whirling it around with my tongue. His lubrication was flowing freely as I took the head into my red lips. I moved down until my lips were on his pubic bone and testicles. I had all of his black meat in my mouth. I continued to pump him up and down.

With each trust, he came closer to the back of my throat. My gag reflex was not in danger with this short cock. In a few minutes, he clenched his hips and began shooting his cum into my mouth. I swallowed each spurt easily. When he stopped ejaculating into me, I pulled my mouth away. At this time I noticed that I was on the big screen with a little cum running out of my ruby red lips. All of the men and women, including Karen were looking back and forth from the screen back to me. Something told me that this would all be recorded and a copy given to us as a parting present.

Without any pause, the second young guy came forth and dropped his pants. His cock was about six inches and thicker. I dropped back down to my knees and repeated my oral ministrations to this black cock also. As I moved my red lips down his cock, my mouth was stretched wider than before. The additional girth made it harder to move him in and out of my mouth. As the head reached the back of my throat, I felt the gag reflex kick in. I backed off and moved quickly back down. Repeated bobs of my head kept the cock head firmly on the back of my throat until I relaxed and began breathing out of my nose.

His cock went past my gag reflex and into my throat. Suddenly he erupted and sent a massive load of cum directly into my throat. I somehow swallowed each spurt until he was finished. He withdrew and some of his cum spilled out of my mouth. One of the women came over with tissue and a towel. She dabbed my lips and then dried them off. She puckered her lips indicating for me to do the same. She then applied a full coat of Escort Kadıköy lipstick back onto my lips. I was amazed at Bette’s organizational prowess.

Once my/Charlotte’s makeup was back in order, the third young guy pulled his pants off and approached me. He was very dark and his cock was even darker. It was about seven inches long and thicker still than the previous one. I kneeled again. My precum was drenching the back of my gaff between my ass cheeks. I took the head into my mouth and licked the underside of his cock. He leaned into me and I allowed him to push further and further into my mouth. The head of his cock blocked my back throat and I nearly gagged. I pulled back and tried to relax my throat. I started breathing through my nose and let my throat relax more. I lunged back and forth taking his whole length into my throat. Time after time I bottomed out on his body until I stopped and held the black cock completely in my mouth and throat. He erupted his load into my throat. It slimed its way all the way down my esophagus to my stomach. These cocks were not massive, but the three cum loads were huge. I had sucked all three guys, much to the delight of my audience.

The whole room was focused on my amazing progress. All of the men waited patiently before turning their attention to my hot wife. She was watching in anxious anticipation as I swallowed each cock. During my brief recovery, the big men began to turn their attention to Karen. She was lounging in her all natural and her pussy was glistening. She got up and began licking cocks one after another. She looked my way and gave me a signal that this was to be a shared experience. I followed her glance and as she finished licking and sucking, I did the same. I noticed ahead and she was taking more black cock into her mouth as she progressed down the line.

I did the same. There was no way I was going to get these monsters down my throat. They were just too massive. Each man was producing a vigorous supply of precum. Mixed with our saliva, this formed a shine on each black cock. To me, the prettiest was the blackest ones. These well-endowed African black cocks shone like a big thick ebonite spear. As we made our way through the preliminaries, the men began to drift about. Karen selected what appeared to be the smallest cock, if small was any adjective to be used in this case. They ranged from about ten inches to over twelve. I knew that my wife was about to be impaled on these cocks. Her eyes were attentive and hungry. This would probably be her last taste of big cock for awhile. We both wanted her to have the evening of lust and debauchery.

One of the men took the initiative and led her over to the bed and placed her down. He lay beside her, but not on top. He deftly picked her up and had her straddle his body. Instead of inserting himself into her dripping pussy, he let his cock stick through her upper thighs. This almost looked like she was sporting a big black cock of her own. The man took his precum and fingered her pussy. The lubrication was plentiful. He then raised her hips and deposited the liquid on her rectum. We had never done this and I wondered if Karen ever had. He held her in place as he placed the big purple head to her hole. Slowly he guided his cock into her body. She winced in pain as he went deeper and deeper. Her shrieks turned to moans after he had about six inches up her butt. The pain was replaced with a virginal lust. She began moving up and down his shaft taking him deeper in each thrust. He lay flat on the bed and pulled her flat against himself. His cock was stuck in position. Her asshole must have been stretched beyond belief. I worried that his cock would split her open.

To my amazement, another man came forward and mounted her. He dipped his cock in her flowing pussy and then placed the massive head to her vaginal lips. He moved quickly, but in short strokes. After about four thrusts, he was all the way in her pussy. She was now the center of a black Bahamian sandwich. The position of the three of them made it difficult to move efficiently, but the guys bucked their hips enough to created movement. Karen’s moans were getting higher pitched. She was in frenzy. Her eyes were open wide and wild looking. This continued for a while. Her orgasms were nonstop. I saw the tension in the man on the bottom and realized that her ass was about to be blasted with a massive load of cum. Her pussy was about to be drenched by another man.

Then it did happen. All three went rigid. The men pumped and shot load after load in each of her cavities. I could just imagine what this was going to be like. I waited until they withdrew and then went about my job of cleaning her pussy and ass. I lay on the bed and let her mount me. The jism was coming out of both holes. I tried to open wide and take every gushing torrent. I got most of it to drop directly into my waiting mouth, but some escaped. It would mess up my makeup, but that was going to be the least of my worries I knew.

As Karen rested, she told me to pick a guy. She wanted to see me take as much of his Kadıköy Rus Escort huge cock down my throat as possible.

“I want to see you take him from beginning to end.”

The man I chose was the blackest of all the guys. His cock was magnificent. I had him lay on the bed while Karen watched reclining. I got between his legs and placed my hands under his hamstring muscles. His cock was already streaming lubrication from the tip. I placed the head in my mouth and sucked his precum. It was thrilling to taste the special islander flavor. It was sweet and sticky. It tasted so good as it mixed with my saliva and swirled through my mouth. I knew my mission, but I was uncertain of my ability. I pushed slowly down on his cock, stretching my mouth so wide my jaw joints were hurting. I pushed on until he hit the back of my throat. I gagged and withdrew from his cock. Saliva was dripping from my mouth and his cock. I plunged back again, deeper this time. I gagged and withdrew. The sex juices were making a river down his cock and onto his body.

I covered his cock again and drove my head forward. I tried to avoid the gag this time. I almost got past it, but not quite. I withdrew and deposited a tremendous amount of saliva onto his already glimmering shaft and lap. Down again. Deeper each time. Making progress. And finally.

I pushed so hard. The tip of his black spear moved past the restriction and into my throat. I moved my lips against his body on top and licked my tongue to his testicles on the bottom. He tensed. I pulled back slightly. The massive eruption sealed off my air passages and I inhaled his thick semen. Cum spurted out my nose. Some made its way down my gullet. I moved my head back trying to find air. He blasted another shot and more shot up and out of each nostril. Finally I pulled back and coughed. His cum rolled out of my mouth as I gasped for air.

I backed up and swallowed as much as I could. Cum was running down my chin and back onto his lap area. I looked and the mixture of cum and saliva was absolutely amazing. His cock was still upright and glistening. I licked a dollop off the head of the beautiful cock and still he oozed more. It was amazing. The volume was stunning. As I regained my senses, it dawned on me that this was the most wonderful tasting cum I had experienced in my brief cum eating career.

Karen was smiling from ear to ear. She kissed his cock with me and then gave me the sloppiest French kiss. She was searching to pull his cum out of my mouth. Then she looked at me and said,

“Oh, wow, Charlotte. You really need to be more careful. Look at that mess you have to clean up. Well, get to it. I have some men waiting to fuck me.”

I slurped the swampy mess from my lover’s body. I licked and sucked his cock between mouthfuls of cleanup. As I went about my chore, I noticed that the next two guys began spit roasting my wife. This time she rode one huge cock cowgirl while the next guy fucked her ass doggy style. When I had cleaned up my mess, she was waiting with another double barreled mess for me to clean up. My makeup was beyond repair by now. I had deep throated. Karen had taken four cocks up her openings. After she had been double fucked for the third time she took another guy and had him penetrate her pussy while she lay with her back to him.

“Charlotte,” she said, “Take those panties off and get some of this pussy before these big men totally destroy me. This might be the last time you can ever fuck me. I mounted her face to face after removing my gaff. The men all clapped as my little cock sprang forth. I placed my hard cock against her full stretched vagina and pushed inward as hard as I could. The underside of my little cock slid against the massive shaft already fucking her pussy. The sensation was unbelievable. The thought of me being an afterthought in her pussy as the big black cock was impaled made me cum almost immediately. The black man busted his nut also at that time and all our cum blasted into her stretched hole.

The position was uncomfortable so we both withdrew shortly afterward. I sucked every drop of cum from her pussy. Her pussy looked like it was wrecked. Her asshole was open wide and cum was still flowing from each hole. As I marveled at the sight, I worried that indeed her pussy would never recover. Having that much cock thrust into her for that long a time. I wondered if she should see a doctor once we got back to Miami.

The orgy lasted until the wee hours of the morning. I have no idea how many times each man fucked my wife, but in the end none of them could get another erection. I sucked them back to life time and again, but inevitably the end had come. Karen was a total mess as was I. Cum was everywhere. I don’t think either one of us had a square inch of our bodies that had not had cum drip or shot onto it. We found our clothes and put at least our skirts and tops back on. I never found my gaff panties again. I guess they would be a souvenir for the cleanup crew. I hoped the workers were well compensated out of our considerable donation to Bette. The room reeked of raw sex. The aroma was of a herd of rutting animals. We smelled like cum. I tasted cum in my mouth. My stomach was full of cum. It was so decadent and yet we were still invigorated. We slept all the way back to the resort. When we got back to the room we tumbled into bed together.

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