My Sister and I: Love Twice Over

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Author’s note: This story is in fact based partially off my own life. I do have an older sister that I love very much, and did have a bit of a crush on when I was younger. She is at least partially the template for Elizabeth. However, while writing the story, her character, and mine, started to move away from the reality of the situation, and enter new realms that I personally think are better anyway. All that said, some of this story is true, and some is fantasy. I’ll let you decide what is what.

This is my first submission, so please let me know what you think.


I’m Austin. This story takes place when I was 18 years old, and about to begin my senior year of high school. I’m 6 feet tall and relatively muscular and fit from wrestling. My sister Elizabeth was 22, and about to begin her final year at a nearby college, only 20 miles from our hometown. She is 5’9″, has shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and a tight body from years of soccer playing. She is tan, has 34C breasts, and an ass so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it. And so begins our story….

The end of summer. It is the time dreaded by almost all students; you feel like there is little time left to you, and wish to make the most of it. This was especially true in my case. I had had a good summer, full of beach time and outdoor programs, earning my permit, and in general, wasting time. But now it was drawing to a close, and there were still tasks to be accomplished. Filling my entire mind was my sister, Elizabeth, who I was infatuated with.

It began when we were younger, and I was in the midst of the confusing whirl of puberty, discovering what I liked, what I didn’t, etc. One day I turned around at the pool, and it hit me all at once when I saw her wet body glistening in the sunlight: my sister was beautiful! It shattered the ice; it caused my desire to destroy the tenuous hold of the taboo. Since that day, my sister had a special role in my life. She is the template to which I compare all other girls, the greatest–and furthest–desire of my life.

But here we were, years later, and I was no further along the path to my sister than I had been before. She was returning to college in four weeks, and I got the growing feeling that my window of opportunity with her was shrinking rapidly. I knew that now was the time for action, or it would never happen. Unfortunately, my own inhibitions, doubts, and the stranglehold of taboo, seemed determined to prevent me doing anything.

We were spending two weeks at the beach in the last part of summer, and it was driving me insane!

Not only did I have the increasing feeling that I was rapidly running out of time, but beach time with the family is torture! Its not that I don’t like the beach; its one of my favorite places in the world. But spending all that time with my sister, often when she covered only by a thin layer of skimpy material, is enough to make anyone crazy.

One day, out on the beach, I was out in the water, bodysurfing, when I noticed my sister coming out onto the beach. I returned to the beach to get my fill of ogling. We sat together on the water line, digging for periwinkles. I sat next to her, watching her out of the corner of my eye.

She bent over…and slowly slipped off my bathing suit, taking my cock lovingly into her mouth…. I shook my head, and the moment passed: she sat back up again, periwinkle in hand. Nothing had happened: my desire for her had formed a fantasy, manifest in my head. Shaken, I continued digging, still watching her. She reached back…to unclip her top, letting it fall to the ground, revealing her gorgeous breasts. She shook her hair back, and squeezed them lightly…. I jerked my head away, trembling gently with the desire this vision had brought. I had to stop doing that: I didn’t want her to catch me ogling her. But I could not just walk away from such breathtaking beauty. She spread her legs slightly…and I reached into her crotch, slowly stroking her sweet, sweet pussy through the fabric before slipping my hand under her waistband…. I was seriously shaken by now. I couldn’t stay next to her. I sprinted back into the water to cool off. I knew then that she had to be mine. I would never be free of her if I did not have her now.

That night I was plagued by these thoughts about her. I knew that I wanted her so badly that it ached. I knew that she was a great sister. I knew that she was a beautiful, wonderful, lovable woman. I then realized that I loved my sister. Truly loved her. Not only as a sister, but as the woman that she was. I loved her twice over. She was the woman of my dreams, and no man could ever, ever love her as much as I did.

Once I reached that realization, I knew that she must be mine, or I would die. I waited till late at night, and crept to her room, as I had done before. But I sat by her, watching her sleep. I loved her, and lusted for her, so much. I wanted her, not just in a sexual manner, but I loved her, and I wanted more than anything for her to love me back. I couldn’t bring myself escort bayan bursa to touch her; I couldn’t have her if she didn’t want me too.

Despite my lack of physical progress, I had made a very important step. I was determined: I now knew the depths of my desire for her, and because of this, I was capable of making new decisions and had less regard for the consequences. Once I knew the end, I was prepared to use any means to achieve it.

A day later, I was starting to go insane. I needed my sister, but I didn’t know where to begin. I knew that if I made one wrong move, she could be lost to me forever. I spent the day contemplating my plan of action. By the end of the day, all I had achieved was uncertainty, and a huge amount of desire for her. Each second spent without her was a second wasted; a tortuous, empty moment that drove me closer and closer to insanity. I felt an enormous amount of desire, and it needed to be sated.

That night, I snuck into her room again. I eased the covers away from her sleeping body. She is so perfect: such an angel on Earth that nobody could deserve. This drove my lust into frenzy. She looked so sexy, lying beneath me; her legs bare, her body loosely covered by a t-shirt, her crotch barely hidden by thin blue panties. I could barely restrain myself. I was so blinded by my desire, my caution was draining away. I gently placed her arms above her head. I nearly came right then and there; she was so beautiful and innocent lying like that.

Driven deeper into frenzied desire, I slipped my hands under the edge of her shirt. Slowly stroking her stomach, I caressed her in circles, moving slowly up her body. I felt the slope of her chest; I followed it up to the peaks of her breasts. I slowly stroked her boobs, following their perfect, round shape, barely touching her with the tips of my fingers. I traced the nipples, brought to life by my gentle touch. My restraint rapidly fading, I made a bold move, blinded by my desire for her. Withdrawing my hand from her shirt, I slowly rolled it up, lifting her gently to pull it up. Leaving it rolled up above her tits, she was exposed beneath me. I could faintly see her beautiful, bountiful breasts in the soft moonlight from the window. She has the most perfect boobs I have ever seen on anyone! They are perky, with absolutely no sagging, and their shape is flawless. She has pink, quarter-sized nipples, which are the perfect size for me. My knees nearly collapsed beneath me at this sight. She looked like a goddess; sensually displayed in the gentle light. I reached down and cupped one breast with my palm. It was the perfect shape for my hand; the orb filling my hand perfectly, the nipple tickling my palm.

I bent over, and kissed her other breast. I planted many kisses around her precious flesh. Finishing with a single kiss right on top of her nipple; after that kiss, I opened my lips, and licked the very end of her nipple. I took the point into my mouth, and sucked gently. I could have passed out at that moment. It felt so wonderful, having my sister’s breast to myself. While I sucked, I applied light pressure to her other breast, feeling the wonderful texture of her womanly flesh. I squeezed my eyes shut, wishing the moment would never end.

But instead of sating my desire, such indulgence only fueled it. All pretense of caution forgotten, instinct began to kick in. Now I was only guided by primal urges and the intensity of my love for her. I released her breasts, and went for gold. Easing her legs apart, I set my head between them, my face a few inches from her prize. Coming from her was a sweet scent that I identified with her room at home. I stared at her creamy thighs emerging from the thin material in her crotch, and saturated myself with her aroma. I wanted her so badly that I began to physically ache with desire. Kneeling before her, I eased the material away from her body, intentionally averting my eyes from her. I slipped it over her ankles, and just like that, she had no panties on. I placed them momentarily before my face, inhaling her sweet scent once more. Then I dropped them to the floor, and finally looked at my exposed sister.

If I hadn’t already been on my knees, they would have given out beneath me; as it was, my entire body trembled and shook at the sight. I saw pure perfection lying out before me. A strip of moonlight lay right across her crotch, and revealed what lay within. She had the most perfect pussy that I have ever seen. The lips were perfectly proportioned and shaped, and were obviously very tight. She had a small, well tended patch of brown hair just above her lips: she must have started shaving her pussy when she went off to college. The scent of her was at its strongest, and I could feel warmth on my face from it. With one trembling finger, I reached up, and touched one of the outer lips for the tiniest fraction of a second. My breath turned ragged. I couldn’t believe that I had actually touched the focal point of all my desire.

She stirred slightly; I froze, watching her face closely. bursa sinirsiz eskort In retrospect, being frozen with my head between her knees would not have helped my case, had she awoken. But despite my fear, I could not bear to remove my head, not when I was so close. She became still once more, and I slowly released a breath that I hadn’t noticed I was holding.

But this slight respite had caused my desire to build up with no release. It had by this time become a roaring inferno, taking hold of my limbs and guiding my actions. At this point, my logic and restraint was overpowered by my need for her. I was going for broke: I had to have her now, or I would waste away wishing for what could not be mine. With renewed determination, I returned my attention to her pussy. Moving with more purpose, I raised my finger once more, this time running it all around the outside of her pussy, tracing her outer lips. I made a second circle, applying slightly more pressure, my finger sliding over her smooth skin. I withdrew my finger and took a deep breath. This was it: no turning back. I was all in, everything or nothing. But I immediately knew what my decision would be. She had to be mine, at any cost.

This time, my finger went between her outer lips. I didn’t enter her, but instead stroked her inner lips. I could feel a little moisture gathering on my finger, as her body began to respond to my touch. She was just a little damp, but I was glad that I was getting her hot. I continued my caressing of her womanhood. After a few moments, I felt more wetness building up in her pussy. As she continued to get wetter, my finger glided easily over her sensitive skin. Her lips began to become swollen as she got more and more turned on. She twitched slightly every so often, but I ignored it, focusing only on her pussy, which was rapidly approaching a soaked state. I stopped my wide strokes and traced smaller circles around her clit, which was becoming swollen and was peeking out from beneath its hood. Every so often I would strum my fingers over her love button, causing her hips to buck slightly, and her pussy started to become sopping. Her breath became fast and heavy, but my ears were deaf to her sound, and my mind was ignorant to the tiny voice of reason that was quietly voicing suggestions of discretion.

Her hips bucked upwards one last time, mashing her clit against my hand in one last effort to reach the climax that her body was so desperately seeking. Her entire body was held tense and rigid in the air for several long seconds, then she descended to the bed with a long “ohhhhhhhh” as the breath escaped from her lungs after her unconscious orgasm.

Breathing raggedly, I looked at the sight displayed before me. My beautiful sister was lying beneath me, her shirt rolled up to her neck, exposing her perfect breasts. Her legs were open, revealing her crotch, which was glistening in the moonlight, soaked in her juices. Her face was angelic: all traces of worry and stress were erased in the simple bliss of carnal pleasure. Feeling the wetness on my hand, I tentatively licked some of her juices from my finger. I marveled at its tart sweetness, and eagerly devoured all that had saturated my hand. But I wanted more. Bending down once more, I placed my face near her crotch. Not daring to place my tongue on her extremely sensitive pussy, I licked the juice that had seeped to her thighs, seeking all that I could, not wanting to waste a drop.

Licking my lips, I sought more from her. Glancing up, I saw her beautiful breasts once more, sticking out proudly from her chest. Moving my face closer, I saw that her sexual arousal had made her nipples rock hard. I reached out and moved the back of my hand over them, feeling them sticking into my hand. Flipping my hand back around, I gently grabbed one of her nipples with my thumb and index finger. Applying light pressure, I pinched and pulled it gently, feeling how it responded. Feeling bolder, I opened my hand and took her entire breast into my hand, surrounding her precious flesh with my palm. I squeezed her tit, none too gently. I loved the way it felt in my hand; it seemed that it belonged there. Keeping that hand on her left tit, I brought my mouth to her other nipple. I kissed it once, licked it, then latched my mouth over it, sucking greedily.

My caution had long ago been thrown to the winds, and all my attention was focused on the two mounds of flesh before me, so I did not notice her head turning slightly, nor when her eyes flitted open briefly, only to close once more as she tilted her head back in pleasure. It was only when she let out a quiet, involuntary moan of pleasure that I realized that she had awoken. Hearing her, I released her tits and leapt back, sputtering nonsense words in an attempt to explain. But what could I say? I knew that it was over: she had caught me. Now she would think I was a disgusting pervert, and would never want to see me again.

But then she looked over at me, and said in her quiet, angelic voice, “Shhhhh…. escort bayan You’ll wake everyone up.” I stared at her incomprehensively, when she said the three words that I have never forgotten: “Please, don’t stop….” I could have died then and there; I lost all power of speech, I could do nothing but stare in disbelief. Sitting up, she took grabbed the t-shirt that had until now been rolled up above her tits. She pulled it calmly over her head, leaving her completely naked. She lay back again, offering herself to me; waiting for me to return to her once more. Finding my voice again, I whispered, “Is this really what you want?” I could hardly believe that she could want me. She tranquilly responded simply with, “Come here.” My legs seemed to be made of jelly; my knees would collapse if I moved them. But I stumbled over to her, and stood next to her bed. Sitting up, she grabbed hold of my head, pulled me close to her, and kissed me fiercely.

My eyes widened in shock, then closed in the sheer pleasure of the moment. She cupped my jaw, and I placed a hand behind her head, holding her tight to me. I could feel her tongue probing at my lips; I was incredibly inexperienced at the time, a novice in the field of romance. I had never even been kissed before, and so I didn’t know what to do, but I allowed the passion of the moment and my love for my sister to take control. I opened my mouth and allowed her tongue into my mouth. It darted in and began probing the walls of my mouth; my own tongue rose to meet hers and pressed against it, darting past it and entering her mouth. Our tongues fenced for a little while longer, then, reluctantly, achingly, we parted.

“Was that your first kiss?” she asked. “Is it that easy to tell?” I asked, ashamed of my unworthiness. “I was kidding,” she said gently, “it was wonderful. Besides, we’ll have plenty of time to practice.” I was in shock: we could have that time? Could we be together always? Only time would tell. Abandoning the thought, I returned my attention to the moment. She had lain back down on the bed. I did a double take; I had been so wrapped up in our kiss of passion that I had almost forgotten that she was naked. Her pure beauty struck me once more; I could feel the desire burning in the pit of my stomach. Somehow managing to sound both innocent and mischievous, she asked, “Weren’t you in the middle of something?”

I was only too happy to oblige her. I returned to her breasts eagerly, practically mauling them with my hands before burying my face within them. My lips found her nipple once more, coaxing it back into its erect state. I suckled at it hungrily, as if she was my mother and I was seeking her precious milk. She let out a quiet sigh of satisfaction, and tilted her head back to enjoy the sensation. I was extremely pleased that I was bringing so much pleasure to her. I switched breasts, my mouth now working the other nipple as my other hand caressed and squeezed the tit that I had just been sucking. “Mmmmmmm….” she moaned as I continued my physical worship of her body.

Soon, however, she pushed me away. I feared that I had done something wrong, but she said calmly, “time to even the odds.” I looked at her questioningly, and she gestured at my clothes. “You want me to…” I began, dazed. “It’s only fair,” she remarked playfully, looking down at her naked body. I quickly began to remove my shirt, but she said, “Wait. Do it slowly.” I only wanted to please her, so I slowly pulled my shirt up, and over my head, exposing my toned torso. After that, I slowly removed my mesh shorts, leaving me only in my boxers. I hooked my thumbs into my waistband, then hesitated. This last piece of fabric separated my manhood from her view. I had had a raging boner from the start, but for some reason, I was hesitant to expose myself to her. I guess that I was afraid that I wouldn’t be enough for her, or that upon seeing my hard on, she would realize how wrong the situation was and banish me from her life.

But I was determined; however, just as I built up the resolve to do it, she said, “Wait.” Here it comes, I thought, now she’ll send me out of her room and never speak to me again. Instead, she said words that excited me to the very core: “Let me do it.” Rising for the first time from the bed, she walked slowly to the spot where I was standing. She knelt in front of me; I could have shot my load right then, seeing her on her knees like that. She reached up and hooked her fingers under my waistband. Slowly, lovingly, she pulled them down, down, down. My cock was caught under the fabric; only when she had pulled my boxers well down my legs did it spring from its cloth prison and fly up to stand at full attention. She finished pulling my boxers down; when I had stepped out of them, she tossed them carelessly aside. She then turned her focus intently on my manhood that stood, waiting for approval, just before her. I waited, hoping that I was good enough for her. She brought her face close up to it; as if she was inspecting it closely, but I saw in her eyes something that betrayed her playful ruse. I saw in her eyes a slight widening, a small gleam of approval; an expression that effectively said, “Wow.” I immediately was much less tense: I was as close to relaxed as it is possible to be with the girl of your dreams kneeling naked in front of you with your cock in front of her face.

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