My Sister is a WebCam Babe Ch. 03

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SARAH NOLAN woke up with a wicked thought. Her cam-to-cam session with SamIAm was incredible. She loved seeing his throbbing cock erupt all over the camera. She replayed that image in her mind all night and even woke up thinking about it. She wanted to wrap her lips around it. She wanted to catch that cum on her tongue. Taste it. Swallow it…

But there was something else she was thinking about. When she mentioned to SamIAm that her brother shared the same name, SamIAm said that her brother probably masturbated to her. At first she thought that idea was ludicrous and disgusting, but the more she thought about it the more she liked it. Did he really jerk off to her? Was he that perverse? She loved the thought of her cam fans jerking off to her, could it be her brother was jerking his cock two doors down the hall?

She wanted to find out.

SamIAm had suggested wearing revealing clothing around her brother and teasing him. If he suddenly went to his room it meant he was definitely jerking off. How should I tease him, she thought.

SAM NOLAN was downstairs watching TV, exhausted. He had just jerked off to his sister in a cam-to-cam private video chat the night before. She didn’t know it was him, of course, but he definitely knew it was her. It didn’t stop there. He jerked off two more times before going to sleep and once this morning. He didn’t even need porn those extra three times. Every time he closed his eyes he could picture his sisters perfect body. Those round, perky tits, firm ass, long toned legs… fuck. He was getting hard again just from thinking about it and he and was running out of lotion.

And that’s when his sister Sarah walked in and plopped herself on a nearby couch. She was wearing the exact same outfit she wore in the cam show, a revealing tank top and booty shorts. Sam put a pillow in his lap to hide his giant hard on.

“What are you watching?” Sarah asked. Her legs were folder underneath her and she wrapped her arms around her knees. Sam could see a large portion of side boob through the tank top.

“College basketball,” Sam said. The game had just come back from commercial and the camera was showing the cheerleaders for the home team. They were jumping and prancing around in their tiny little skirts.

“Do you think cheerleaders are hot?” she asked.


“Those little skirts. Are they hot?” Sarah asked, knowing the answer. Of course they were hot.

“Er… escort bayan yeah. I guess.”

“I wonder if I could be a cheerleader.”

Sam didn’t answer. What was she talking about? She hated cheerleaders. Sarah was a jock and way hotter than one of those miniature cheerleader girls. Not that they weren’t hot, but she was definitely superior in every way.

“Is this all you have to do?” Sarah asked and got up and started high kicking. “Kind of silly.”

Sam nodded and watched her breasts and ass bounce right in front of him. That ass… Sam wanted to tear off those booty shorts and just bury his head right in there. He could just live like that for hours, he thought. That would be heaven.

Sam’s right hand moved under the pillow in his lap and squeezed his cock.

“My boyfriend said volleyball uniforms are just as sexy, if not more so,” Sarah said. “They’re more revealing. You can see a better outline of our asses. See?”

Sam watched as his sister Sarah was posing and sticking her ass out.

“I guess that’s true,” Sam told her, trying not to sound interested. In reality he was trying to stop himself from cumming in his boxers under his pillow.

I wonder if that’s enough, Sarah thought to herself. She looked back at her brother and noticed something strange. He had a pillow in his lap and his right hand was under the pillow. Oh my god. Was he touching himself right here in the room? She thought he would at least do it in private. Holy shit! And she felt herself getting wet. Terrible thoughts raced through her mind. Suddenly she wanted to walk over to him, toss the pillow aside and rip off his shorts. How big was his cock? Could she suck on it? Sit on it? Sit on his face? Christ, Sarah. Get a hold of yourself!

“Everything all right in here?” their dad asked, walking into the room and breaking the tension.

“Just watching TV,” Sarah said, and suddenly felt embarrassed. She was dressed like this for her brother, not her father. She was going to leave but Sam suddenly got up from the couch and walked out.

“I have some homework I need to do,” he said and headed upstairs.

“That’s strange. He normally doesn’t ever do homework,” her father commented.

He’s going to jerk off, Sarah thought. It worked. SamIAm was right. He even used the same excuse. And then it hit her. SamIAm must jerk off to his sister wherever he lives. That’s how he knew altıparmak escort bayan this would work. Wow. People are really perverse, she thought, and included herself in that category.

“I need to do some homework too,” Sarah told her dad and headed to her room.

“Strange kids I have,” he said, watching his daughter’s ass run upstairs. He squeezed his cock through his pants and sighed.

What he didn’t know was upstairs his kids were furiously masturbating in their rooms… to each other. Sam pictured his sister’s ass as he stroked his cock. He imagined licking her cheeks, her asshole, sticking his cock as far as it could go in every hole she had to offer. Sarah massaged her clit as she imagined straddling her brothers cock and riding him for all he was worth. Sarah didn’t know what it looked like, so she pictured SamIAm’s cock instead.

They both came at the same time.

I can’t believe my brother is in there jerking off, Sarah thought. I have to talk to SamIAm about this.

Later that night…

Sarah logged into her account and went about her usual camming business. Flashing her ass and tits when the appropriate tips came in, but she was waiting for SamIAm to log on, and he finally did. She direct messaged him immediately.

“It worked,” she typed.

“With your brother?” he replied.

“I teased him and he suddenly said he had to do homework and went to his room.”

“See! I told you. That’s how hot you are.”

“I think he was actually stroking his cock under a pillow while I teased him.”

“His hand was under a pillow? And the pillow was in his lap?”


“Then he definitely was. I’m surprised he didn’t finish like that.”

“Our dad came in the room. He messed it up. But my brother was in his room like all day. So he definitely jerked off in there.”

“Probably a couple of times. Maybe more.” SamIAm typed. And SamIAm knew it was more, since SamIAm was actually Sam, her brother. He jerked off three times after that teasing episode.

“Did it turn you on?” he asked her.

Sam could hardly breathe after he sent that message. This was a moment of truth. A turning point. If she said yes he knew this could lead somewhere incredible and if she said no it would probably ruin everything. Sure he’d still jerk off to her, but the possibility of actual sex would vanish. It would ruin it. He saw nilüfer eskort the three dots that meant she was typing back. What was her answer?

“Yes. I think it’s hot,” she said.

Sam squeezed his cock. He wanted to somehow tell her to go fuck her brother right there but he knew he couldn’t go that far. Just because she thought it was hot didn’t mean she wanted to suddenly fuck her brother. He had to be careful planting this seed. Let it grow naturally. Nurture this…

“Have you ever seen your brother’s cock?” he asked her.

“No!” She quickly typed back.

Fuck. Did I go too far? Sam was pissed at himself.

“I’m not sure how I could,” she said.

Perfect. She’s already thinking about it. That was close.

“You could walk in on him jerking off? In the shower? Not sure…” he said.

“Maybe,” she typed back.


Someone had tipped for her to flash tits.

“Hang on,” she told SamIAm and then he watched as she peeled off her shirt and shook her tits for the camera for the next minute. Sam stroked his cock as she did. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He was talking to his sister about his sister walking in on him jerking off so she could see his cock and he was watching her dance and shake her tits.

Both of his heads might explode at any moment.

“I have a better idea,” she said after putting her shirt back on.


“A camera.”

“Wow. Like a hidden camera? You’re devious.”

“His room is so filthy he’ll never know it’s there.”

Sam looked around his filthy room and thought it looked fine to him, but no matter. He was fine with this.

“So next time you tease him and he runs off to his room you can watch,” Sam typed.


“That’s perfect. I’m so hard just thinking about you doing that, lol.” he told her, which was true for so many reasons.

“Want to cam-to-cam again?” she asked. “I liked seeing you cum.”

“Okay,” Sam said and sent her the required amount of tokens. He stood up and made sure the rest of his room was blocked. If she found out now it would be ruined.

“No face again?” She asked.

“I told you I’m shy.”

“One day you have to show me your face.”

“I will. I promise,” he typed and then he dropped his boxers exposing his cock.

So fucking hot, Sarah thought as she rubbed herself to his cock.

Meanwhile, all of her other users saw a “PRIVATE SHOW IN PROGRESS” message on her page. And all were disappointed and anxiously awaiting her return. None more than user DADDY7373, who waited patiently downstairs on his laptop for his daughter to continue the show.

“Come on, honey,” he said. “Daddy’s waiting.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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