My Sister Jen Pt. 02

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I arose from the bed and headed towards the shower. I needed a moment to think after what had just happened. After rinsing off, I put a towel around my waist and headed back towards the bedroom. The girls were gone. I went to the living room and it was empty also. I figured it was probably best that they head back to their husbands before we all got caught.

The next morning, I woke up early and had a proper shower and shave. I dressed in my black suit and white shirt and headed towards the main house. The Nanny was in the big living room with the two kids, she turned around when I walked in. She was a thin Latina and looked to be in her late teens. She was dressed in yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt. About 5’4″, maybe 120 pounds, thick ass and wide hips. She had beautiful eyes and a brilliant smile and very dark skin. “Hi, you must be Bob,” she smiled and walked my way. “I’m Gabby.”

She walked over and shook my hand and I properly introduced myself. The kids were watching something on the TV and barely looked my direction. “Ms. Jennifer left you a bowl of fruit,” she said waving me towards the kitchen. I walked in and sat at the big island and started in on my breakfast. She brought me a cup of coffee and asked if I needed sugar, I joked with her the old dad joke “If you put your finger in my cup, it should be just sweet enough for me.”

She laughed and said it was too hot, winked and went back to check on the kids wiggling her hips a bit more than needed, her thick ass filling the yoga pants to perfection. I finished my fruit and coffee, grabbed the keys to the Lexus off the counter and my backpack from the floor. I told Gabby it was nice to meet her and informed her that I didn’t know when I would return. She told me she is usually here until about 6:00pm and wished me good luck at my meetings.

I wished her a good day and hollered at the kids to have fun, I barely got a wave out of them before I headed to the large 5 car garage and entered the Lexus. I opened the garage door and let the engine come to life and cool the AC. I inputed the address into the GPS and headed out in the Atlanta traffic to my presentation.

Eight hours later I was back in the Lexus headed towards my sister’s house. The presentation had gone well and I had a couple of different conversations with local business leaders that wanted me to come give a private presentation to their company’s purchasing staff. I decided that I would extend my stay through the week and see how many meetings I could setup locally. I had told myself if it got awkward at my sister’s place, I’d just let them know I was headed home as scheduled and go get a local hotel.

I hadn’t given much thought about the evening before. My wife and I were wild sexually, and while we didn’t have an “open” marriage, we did in reality. I don’t think even my pretty open-minded wife would approve of me fucking my sister, especially in the manner I did. I knew Jim was headed out of town and hopefully it would give Jen and I some time to talk about what had happened. Did I regret what happened? No, but I didn’t want what happened to come between my sister and myself. Although we weren’t close, she was my sister.

I arrived back at the large house about 6:15pm and let myself in the door from the garage after parking the Lexus. I walked through the large living area finding it empty but noticed some movement by the pool. I walked out the large French doors and headed towards the pool house.

My nieces were in the pool with a couple of their friends while Gabby was laying out in a lounger watching them while reading a magazine. Gabby was in a yellow bikini that hugged her small C sized breasts. It wasn’t a string bikini, but the contrast in color against her dark skin made my dick twitch. She waved at me and I hollered to her I was going to get changed out of my dark suit.

I went in and put on my swim trunks and a t-shirt and grabbed my cigarettes and a beer from the fridge. I walked out and sat in the chair next to Gabby. “Good day today?” she asked.

I told her it was indeed a good day and then remarked that she was here late. She said that Jennifer had called and was running late and asked her to order the kids pizza and stick around until she got home. I told her that I could watch the kids if she needed to get going, and she told me she had orders to stay, and she was enjoying sitting by the pool.

I opened my beer and offered her one. “I’m only 19,” she replied. I laughed and asked her “So you don’t drink beer, or don’t drink when around us old folks?”

She smiled and said, “Jennifer would kill me, and I need this job.” I took a long drink and nodded.

“Yeah, I don’t want you to get in trouble with my sister or your mom.”

“My mom doesn’t care, but Jen does. She is strict on what is allowed in her house.”

If she only the young girl knew, I thought.

We talked about her life for a while, seems she lives not too far away and was a barista at the local Starbucks where she met Jen. They got to talking Alanya Grup Escort one day and one thing lead to another and she was hired to be their nanny about six months ago. She was attending a local community college and studying to become a nurse, she said. She asked questions about my business and I explained how it worked, and all the travel that was involved. Gabby told me that she would love to travel, but then I explained the travel I that did mostly consisted of boring meetings, golf and drinks with customers. A noise emanated from her phone and she grabbed it while hollering at the kids that it was time to get out of the pool. The RING doorbell announced on her phone their pizza was here and a message from the other parents said they would be here soon to pick up the kids.

I told Gabby to not save any pizza for me, that I would order something later if I got hungry but right now, I was on a liquid diet. I went to retrieve another beer from the pool house as I watched as she walked towards the house, the back of her swimsuit had inched up to show over half of her light brown ass cheeks. When she got to the French doors of the big house, she turned around catching me watching her, smiled and turned to walk into the house. I grabbed a beer and walked back to sit under the porch of the pool house and drink my beer.

I drank two more beers on the patio while I texted my wife and responded to emails. I needed to get some dress shirts and ties for my meeting and my wife was going to overnight them to me. I was starting to get hungry and feeling a buzz of drinking beer on an empty stomach. I decided to go in and see if there was any pizza left.

I walked into the large living area and the house was quiet. The pizza boxes were still on the large island in the kitchen, so I moseyed over to see what was left. I sat down after grabbing another beer and ate a couple of pieces of pizza. I still had not seen or talked to Jen and I was beginning to think she was purposefully keeping her distance.

After I finished off the pizza, I began to pick up the mess the kids had left behind. While I was wiping down the island, the doorbell rang. Waiting a few seconds and not seeing anybody going to answer it, I walked over to the huge front door and opened it. Before me stood a mid thirties dark skinned Latina woman, dressed in blue jean shorts and a grey halter top with a scooping neckline showing off a nice set of cleavage. She had on some clog sandals with heels and she carried a gym bag. She was attractive, but a little rough looking.

“Who are you?” she said quickly. I explained I was Jennifer’s brother as she pushed her way into the house.

“Gabriella, ¡Vete aquí!” she hollered once inside.

Gabby came running down the big open staircase and the two women were speaking Spanish a hundred miles a minute. I can speak a little Spanish, but their speed and the accent they had left me in the dark on their conversation.

Gabby made her way to where we both stood at the front door and she took the bag from the woman. “Sorry Bob, this is my mother. She didn’t know who you were, so she was a little freaked out.”

I turned to her and put my hand out, “I’m Bob, as I tried to tell you, I’m Jen’s brother.”

“Nice to meet you Bob, I’m Veronica,” she said in her heavily accented higher pitched voice.

“I bring Gabby’s clothes,” she said pointing to the bag.

“Would you like a drink Veronica, a beer maybe?”

“Si, Mr. Bob. I would like that very much,” she responded with a big smile, showing off her bright white teeth.

Gabby interrupted, “Thanks Bob, but my mom needs to head home.” She walked towards her mother and grabbed her arm trying to nudge her towards the front door.

“Nonsense,” retorted Veronica pulling her arm from her daughter’s grasp speaking some more things very fast in Spanish to her daughter.

I turned to Gabby and said “I guess you are staying the night?” nodding towards the gym bag.

“Yeah, Jen called and said she was out with a friend and wouldn’t be home until late, it was just easier for me to spend the night. I do it all the time when Jim is out of town.”

I smiled at the two and walked into the big kitchen and grabbed three bottles of beer from the fridge and returned to the girls and handed them each a cold bottle. Veronica took my beer and then said something to Gabby in Spanish, Gabby laughed and grabbed the beer and went and sat on one of the sofas in the large living area. I followed her and sat in the other sofa that faced the large two-story fireplace with the big screen TV mounted above it, while Veronica followed behind us and sat on the other side of the same sofa as me.

I looked over at Gabby and said “Don’t tell my sister I’m letting you drink,” as I took a large sip of the cold beer.

“I promise I won’t say a word, besides the kids are asleep so it shouldn’t be a problem,” she said with a big smile as she opened the beer. I noticed she had changed out of her swimsuit Alanya İranlı Escort into a purple and yellow flowered sundress. Her feet were bare and the dress was form fitting. The room was cool, and her nipples showed prominently in the tight sundress.

“To new friends,” I hoisted my beer.

“New friends” they replied as they both drank from their beer. I took another look at Veronica as she drank from the bottle. Her plump lips looked great pushed up against the opening of the bottle. She had a similar body as her daughter, but with a few pounds added here and there. Her stomach wasn’t flat, but the tummy bulge was minimal. She had a tattoo on her right arm and you could see another flaring out from her jean shorts on her right thigh. Her hair was shoulder length and tied up in a ponytail. She was attractive but was not pretty. She was the slut you picked up from a bar to fuck but gave her a fake phone number.

She began to ask about me and what I did for a living. When I explained to her that I traveled, she asked a lot of questions. I told her, as I told her daughter, that most of the travel was boring business meetings. She told me that she and Gabby loved to travel, but mostly they would drive down to the beach in Hilton Head or Tybee Beach.

She told me that last year that her and Gabby went to Cancun to celebrate Gabby’s graduation from High School. That they went as “Gringas”, she laughed. They stayed at an all-inclusive resort and had a great time. Gabby laughed and said “Yeah, mom acted like she was the 18-year-old, I had to supervise her to keep her out of jail.”

“Gabriella, that is not true. I just had fun.”

“Yes, lots of fun,” laughed Gabby.

“Here Bob, let me show you some photos of our trip,” Veronica grabbed her phone from her back pocket. “Come here, I’ll show you,” she smiled at me and patted the couch next to her. I glanced at Gabby who rolled her eyes. She stood up to go finish cleaning the kitchen as I moved over closer to her mother.

Veronica scrolled through pictures explaining how big their room was, the view of the beach and then slowly scrolled through pictures of her and then her daughter standing on the beach in their bikini’s. Veronica had a much better body than I thought, and her tits appeared a lot larger than the halter top showed but she had a lot of tattoos which is not my thing.

The pictures of their visit to the Chechen Iza and the caves were next. She continued to scroll through the pictures with the next set of Gabby and her in a discotheque, probably at the resort. Both were dressed in sexy short tight skirts, high heels and matching belly shirts. The next set were of Veronica on stage during a wet t-shirt contest. She slowly scrolled through the ones where her big tits were visible through the thin white t-shirt covered in water. Her nipples were huge and the brown skin showed through the wet shirt. “I didn’t win, they gave the prize to some bimbo blonde with huge tits.”

“MOM!, you aren’t showing him those pictures are you?!?,” yelled her daughter from the kitchen.

“Oh honey, they are just boobs. I’m sure Bob has seen many in his life.”

“I can’t believe you,” said Gabby as she was taking the trash out to the garage.

The next set of pictures were of them continuing to dance in the club. There was one picture of Veronica sandwiched between two young black guys dancing on the crowded dance floor. Veronica looked up towards the garage to make sure her daughter was out of sight and then scrolled through the next three pictures. These were taken from an overhead position, her kneeling on a what looked like a bathroom floor with no shirt on with two black cocks in view. They showed her tits and face covered in spunk and the last one showed her with a big smile while her finger wiped the cum from her face.

She paused on this picture and then looked at me and whispered, “Cancun was very fun,” placing her hand on my leg just shy of the edge of my swimsuit.

This little slut was coming on to me as her daughter walked back into the room. Veronica motioned with her beer that it was empty to Gabby who replied, “No more for you mom, you need to drive home, and I need to go check on the kids,” she said sternly.

“Oh, Gabrielle you aren’t any fun,” laughed Veronica. I stood as she stood and we all three walked to the front door together. “It was nice to meet you Bob,” she said as she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek very close to my mouth. “Maybe next time you come to town we can go have a drink together and go dancing?”

“Mom, you are married,” cried out Gabby.

“Oh Gabrielle, it’s just a drink,” she said as she walked out and waved as she walked towards her car parked in the big circular drive.

“Drive home safely mom, and send me a message when you get home. And thanks again for bringing my stuff.”

“Love you honey,” she said in Spanish as she got in the car.

We walked back into the house and Gabby turned to me, “I’m so sorry about Alanya Manken Escort my mom, she can be a flirt at times and doesn’t know when to stop.”

“It’s ok, I kind of enjoyed it,” I laughed, “I really liked that it made you squirm,”

Gabby laughed and winked at me and said “Oh, you like to make me squirm, huh?”

We walked back in to gather the empty beer bottles and take them to the trash. “Did my sister say what friend she was with?”

“Yeah, she’s with Kiko, it sounded like they were at a bar. I’m going to head up and check on the kids to make sure they are sleeping.”

“I’m going to go smoke,” I replied and walked towards the patio as she walked up the grand staircase. I glanced back at her round butt being stretched by her motions of taking two steps at a time up the stairs. God, she had a magnificent ass.

I sent Kiko a text, “Everything OK with Jen?” I inquired. I lit a cigarette and opened another beer. I was feeling the effects of the alcohol.

In a few minutes my phone pinged me, opening the text message from Kiko showed a picture of what I guessed were my sister’s legs in a short skirt sitting on a barstool. Kiko’s small hand was on her leg just at the base of her skirt.

Then another picture came through, Kiko’s hand was now lifting the skirt, showing my sisters shaven pussy. “Your sister is fine Bob, she’s in good hands.”

The next picture was of the skirt flopped up on Jen’s lap and her legs slightly spread, Kiko’s small hand was rubbing on Jen’s pussy lips. “You guys have fun,” I replied and then stood and headed back into the house. It seems my sister is OK for now, so I thought I’d go find a snack and go watch TV. As I headed into the big house Gabby was standing at the counter having just opened another beer. “Oh, is that for me?” I enquired with a smile.

“No, actually it was for me, but I’ll get you whatever you want,” she smiled sexily at me. We sat at the island and talked while we drank her beer. She was very mature for her age, I guess because she had to be the adult in their relationship with her mother. She told me some stories about her mother not coming home for days when she was younger, but then she re-married a few years ago and seemed to settle down. That was until Gabby started to mature into a beautiful woman.

Gabby seemed to think that her mother was now in a competition with her daughter over who could get the most attention when they went out together. She wasn’t angry and just took it in stride and enjoyed the attention they got when they would go out to a club together. Her mother was only 15 when she had Gabby, so they were mistaken for sisters rather than a mother and a daughter.

I laughed and told her, “You can’t fight time Gabby. No matter what your mom does, you have mother nature on our side.”

“Don’t you think she’s pretty?”

“Your mom is attractive, you are pretty,” I casually replied.

Gabby looked down at her beer and then back up at me with a shy look, “As pretty as Jennifer?” she asked shyly.

“You two are completely different, she is tall and thin, you are built in a different way. I bet she would love to have your curves, while you look at her and want her blonde hair and green eyes. But both of you are very beautiful.”

“You should see Jen in her black bikini if you want to see sexy. She made me think I was a lesbian when she wore it,” she said with a smile while sexily licking her lips.

“Oh yeah? I bet you would look even better in that same bikini,” I laughed. “As small as she is and as well proportioned as you are…” I let that thought hang in the air.

“Yes, I was shocked when I saw her in it. She always seems so proper and maybe a little uptight.”

She went on to tell me about the time she was hanging out waiting on Jim to bring the kids home from a gymnastics competition. Jen had suggested they both lay out by the pool while they waited, and when she came back from changing, Gabby said her eyes nearly popped out of her head. She was wearing a Wicked Weasel suit that barely covered anything. She said Jen brushed it off as a way to get an all over tan without actually laying out nude. Gabby said that the suit freaked her out so much because of Jen’s proper demeaner.

“Sounds like you have a crush on my sister,” I remarked and winked at her.

“Maybe,” Gabby smiled sexily and took a drink of her beer. “Your parents must be good looking, because it runs in the family,” she remarked looking me in the eye, waiting for my reaction.

“Yes, they are, although time has taken its toll on dad.”

We talked another 20 minutes about our families while flirting and drinking our beers. I needed to take a piss and told her that I should get going back to the pool house.

“I need to go check on the kids, don’t go yet. I like talking to you and it’s still early.,” she commented with a sexy smile as she walked out of the kitchen and headed towards the Master Suite, reemerging a few minutes later and then headed up the stairs. This time as she climbed the stairs, she was swaying her hips in her little sun dress, halfway up the stairs she stopped for a second and then turned to look to see if I was watching. I never took my eyes off her and winked at her from across the large room. She smiled and continued to go check on the kids.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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