My Sister, My Lover Part 2

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I woke up with Lindsey’s nursing on my cock. I looked into her twinkling eyes and moaned. I never exchanged sex stories with my ex-brother-in-law as I had with other male members of the family. Clint was a dud who felt talking about anything sexual was somehow disgusting. Well, his loss. I watched my sister enjoying the taste of my juices until I could take no more. I pulled her to my face and kissed her shining lips. The taste of her strawberry lip glow was mixed with my pre-cum. The taste reminded me of how taboo this whole situation was. After several passionate kisses and gropes, Lindsey threw her leg over my midsection. Backing down my body, Lindsey reached behind her back to position my cock at her opening. It wasn’t until she pushed me into her that I realized the opening in question was her rectum. The tightness gripping my cock was wondrous. Lindsey bit her bottom lip and pumped herself up and down my cock. I held her sides to steady her as she moaned in time with her thrusts. I watched the red of her sexual blush intensify across her shoulders, her throat, and the tops of her heavy breasts as my beautiful sister neared her sexual release. Tears filled Lindsey’s eyes as her body shook and her hands pounded my chest. Lindsey relaxed long enough to look down at me and kiss me again. Nuzzling my neck she cooed, “Thank you, Mike. You are the best brother.”

In one fluid motion my cock popped from her body, she swiveled in place and sucked my cock back into her mouth. I took the opportunity to lock my lips on her clit winking at me from its protective hood. Lindsey ground her pussy into my face and increased the force of her suction. The mix of her actions and the wonderful sucking wetness of her mouth was too much. In minutes I painted my sister’s lips, tongue, and mouth with my ejaculate while she covered my face with her orgasmic secretions. We laid together that way several minutes before I realized how late it was getting. I had a shift coming up and I wanted to say “goodbye” to my family.

Over the next few months, my errands to help Lindsey became a more or less regular occurrence. Liz Escort Ankara and I have gotten used to Lindsey calling for me to “fix something”. Even though she said it didn’t bother her, every time Lindsey called Liz would slap my ass and say something like, “Your other wife is calling, You slut,” or a similarly derogatory comment. It didn’t bother me. Every time Lindsey called I was getting laid by my sexy sister. It is amazing how much you can put up within that situation.

But this time the conversation was different. Liz was understanding, supportive, compassionate. When the phone call ended Liz had invited Lindsey to dinner.

“She’s upset about something”. Liz has always been a nurturer and this time was no different.

We got to work with the daily chores. Since it was obvious that there was going to be some adult discussion. Liz had the children in bed when Lindsey arrived.

Pleasantries accomplished we sat at the dinner table and ate quietly. After roast beef, asparagus, baked potatoes, and a slab of apple pie we moved to the living room.

Liz looked at Lindsey and broke the silence, “Alright what the heck is going on?”

We had made several speculations but nothing fit Lindsey’s level of discomfort. “I needed to talk to both of you about… something… important.” Her eyes fell to the carpet again, “Something… happened… I’m… we… I am pregnant.” Lindsey blurted out her news. Liz and I never in our wildest dreams thought that was what she was going to say. Liz was the first of us to recover, “That is wonderful! Mike?” Lindsey nodded her head,” Mike is the only man I been with since…”The words faded off. In spite of myself, my cock hardened at my sister’s comments. Now the situation pivoted on Liz’s response.”That’s great!” Now it was my time to be shocked. My wife just told my sister she was happy that her husband had made his sister pregnant.

To emphasize her acceptance of the announcement Liz stood and held Lindsey to her chest. They were weeping together both happy that uncomfortable situation seemed to be avoided. I watched as Liz held Lindsey in her arms. Then her Ankara Escort movements seemed to have direction. Liz kissed my sister’s cheek then stroked Lindsey’s long throat. Lindsey was responding to her caresses. I watched as my wife seduced my sister/lover and my cock got painfully restrained in my clothes.

Liz broke her touching of my sister long enough to walk over to me. She kissed me deeply and told me, “I will take Linds to bed. Join us in a few minutes” I nodded my head in silent approval as my wife shook her ass as she lead Lindsey by the hand to our bedroom. I shed my clothes, checked on our sleeping children, and moved down the hall to our room. In the dim light of our room, I saw a dream Lindsey on her back with Liz face down lapping her pussy with reckless abandon. My sister’s moan and motions were enough that I slowly stroked my cock. Men have always dreamed of a private sex show. Damn. There was one live. In my bedroom. And between my wife and my sister. When the motion of my fist was not enough I added my contribution to the show. I moved to the head of our bed and fed my cock to Lindsey. My fingers tangled in her hair as I fucked her face. Lindsey was on a constant high of sexual overload. All the attention she was getting her body could only shake and moan. Lindsey’s orgasm vibrated in cock as she held me in her mouth. Liz shooed me away from Lindsey’s mouth before spinning around and sitting on her face. Then she drove back into Lindsey. Lapping my sister, Liz drank in the fluids Lindsey was secreting. I had to see what she was doing to my sister. I watched as Liz drank from Lindsey. She pulled linds legs forward and dipped in her pussy. I watched my wife lubricate my sister’s bottom with her own juices and offer that juicy hole TO ME. Flash couldn’t have moved as fast. My cock disappeared inside Lindsey as Liz sucked her clit back in her mouth. Lindsey pounded her fists on the bed as her ass shook from her sexual overload. I was ready to burst in my sister’s rectum when Liz pulled me out and sucked me in her warm wet mouth. A few seconds of Liz’s talents and I was nearing completion Ankara Escort Bayan again. Again Liz stopped as an orgasm flooded her body with adrenaline and dopamine.

My cock was ready to explode but my wife kept stopping just before my satisfaction. Lind’s ass, Liz’s mouth, what next? Liz made the choice for me, “Fuck your sister.” It felt like a command, so I did. My cock filled her quickly the wet, warm channel took me with no resistance. I worked my cock in and out as Linds lay, thrashing under me. Her groans fueled my need. I was just as insane as the lady, my sister, under me. She came hard her hands slapping my back as her lips babbled incoherent nonsense. All I wanted was to empty my cock in her. When my balls were about to release Liz’s hand grabbed them. Not enough to do damage, she wanted me to know I was not going to incriminate my sister again tonight. I pulled out quickly so Liz would let go.

“Get on your back” Liz likes to control things sometimes and she was in full character tonight. She slowly sat on my face and started playing with my balls. Liz and Linds both tortured me. A stroke or two, a nip, a lick, a quick suck all took their toll on my senses. I jammed my face in Liz’s pussy as I drank the dewy discharge. I then jammed my tongue in her bottom tasting her funky juices then back to her pussy. I was deep in her pussy when linds kissed my forehead and drove her face into butt. Liz screamed and spurted her sticky juices on both our faces. Linds and I kissed deeply then lapped Liz’s juices off each other.

Liz moaned deeply and spoke again, “Get over here and set on my husband. No, wait for your brother’s cock. I want you to fuck him with your ass your pussy is mine.”

Lind’s butt swallowed me whole as Liz’s tongue drove her wild. Motions and moans. Fingers and tongues. In hopeless desperation, I started sucking Liz’s clit again. Liz finger fucked my sister while she sucked Lind’s tender clit. In time with Liz’s manipulations. Linds bounced my cock deep in her ass. I could not stand it any longer. I basted everything I had, all the frustration and all the energy. All the love and lust blasted in my sister’s ass while my wife came all over my face. We did not sleep. We went into a coma until morning when Liz gave us the rundown on the new rules.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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