My Slave’s Birthday Gift Ch. 01

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We arrived at the resort in the early evening, with just enough light left to get a glimpse of some of the buildings and facilities. After check-in we were taken on a short tour and then shown to our room. It was spacious and well appointed, with large glass windows looking out onto the private beach.

I slid the glass doors open to bring in the scent of the ocean and listen to the waves crash onto the shore. It was warm and humid, but pleasant. I opened my suitcase and retrieved a bottle of wine and a bottle of scotch. Searching through the small kitchen I found glasses and poured one of each, a double shot for him. Handing him a glass, we stepped out onto the patio to enjoy the sunset.

“Drink up, you’ll need this,” I said, pulling my necklace out from underneath my shirt. He was used to seeing this necklace, but not with a second larger key hanging from it.

With a cocky chuckle he commented, “so, what’s this about?” eyeing the keys. I grinned at him without reply, sipping my wine then turning my attention to the pink and purple hues hanging over the ocean as the sun bid us goodnight.

It got dark quickly, and we moved inside. “Did you pack properly?” I asked.

I was pleased to see that he had followed my instructions to pack one bag with his clothes, and another with toiletries and his assortment of toys and leather.

“It’s time for you to strip now,” I said.

He complied with a smile, but his face soon began to show concern as I gathered up those clothes and placed them in his luggage, removing my necklace. His eyes got wide as I placed the suitcase in a wardrobe cabinet, closed the door, and locked it. “You will get these back when I say you can,” I told him.

He looked down into his empty glass and back up at me. “One more, please Mistress,” he asked. I allowed him to pour himself another drink but took it from him. I sat on the edge of a chair and lifted my skirt, revealing my bare pussy. “You can only drink that after you’ve drank me. And you can not touch yourself anywhere at any time.”

He got on his knees and lifted my legs over his shoulders, burying his face in me. His lips and tongue went to work and soon his face was wet with cum. “You’re almost ready,” I told him. “Kneel across the chair.”

He knew what was going to happen, but the first strike of the paddle still made his body jolt. I started with small light swats but quickly worked up to hard stinging licks. Once his ass was fully reddened and burning I allowed him to have his drink, which he downed in one shot.

Walking to his bag that had not been locked away, I retrieved a cockring and collar. I reached into my bag and pulled out a leather and metal leash, attaching it to the ring on his collar. Handing them to him, he knew what to do, shaking his head with excited anticipation and fright at what he was about to be subjected to. I retrieved a smaller bag and was ready to go.

“I’m going to parade you through this place naked and well spanked, on display for everyone to see,” I told him, tugging the leash and leading him out of the room into a breezeway.

He had fantasized about being stripped and displayed publicly, but now that it was becoming reality he felt overwhelmed by the mix of excitement and fear.

His eyes immediately darted around to see if anyone was in sight. Although no one was in the breezeway, it opened out to the pool area where several people were sitting. I lead him over to the cabana bar and requested drinks from the bartender, who seemed amused by the stark difference in my trim black dress and his complete nakedness. We took our drinks and I led him to some Bycasino lounge chairs near a group of women.

“Lay flat on your back,” I instructed. “I want you on full display.” As he laid down his balls were swelling and the cockring pulled them upward, while his hardening cock rose up from his hips. His complete package was obvious to everyone, but just to be sure, I reached down and separated his ankles, placing his feet at either side of the lounge. Instinctively, he reached for his cock but I gave him a firm “no” and slapped his balls as punishment. He jumped and moaned and his face turned red knowing that the other guests had witnessed his chastisement.

He laid there, arms by his side, legs spread open, cock throbbing visibly. I began to chat with the women sitting next to us, and occasionally someone would pass by, pausing to look down at my prone and obedient slave. He squirmed under their gazes and would sometimes whisper “please,” which was very satisfying to me. My pussy had grown very wet and I would sometimes reach over and lightly run my fingers across his chest and thighs, telling him what a good boy he was.

After awhile I noticed that the four women I was talking to were having a hard time trying not to stare. “Don’t be shy,” I told them. “Go over and have a better look if you want to.” They looked at each other, and one got up, then another, then the others. They walked closer to him and leaned down to examine his collar, his body, the cockring, and his now purple balls and cock.

“Watch this,” I said, cupping his balls and giving them a squeeze. He moaned, again uttering “please,” and precum leaked from the head of his cock. I collected it on my finger and put it to his mouth. “Taste yourself for us,” I instructed. His hesitation earned him another slap on the balls, making him cry out, which allowed me to place my finger on his tongue.

“Do you taste good?” I asked.

“Yes mistress,” he replied. The women laughed and clapped their hands in delight and appreciation of his obedience.

They continued to stand above him gazing at his complete nakedness, so I asked if they wanted to see more. “Of course!” was a quick reply, all of their heads nodding enthusiastically.? “Then come with me,” I said.

?Having done my research, I knew exactly where I was headed, and we walked around the pool to a large building on the other side. I walked in front, holding his leash, leading the group. We entered the building through large french doors. ?Inside was a game room with another bar and pool tables. There were many guests there, talking and shooting pool, in various degrees of nudity, but none as naked as my slave. We crossed the room and turned right toward a staircase. There were a few rooms downstairs, and I already knew which room I wanted to use. The door was open, it was empty.

The room was about ten by ten, with a few chairs and small tables against the walls on the sides and two couches at the far end. As we entered I felt him stop short, he had noticed the barrel shaped bench adorned with buckles and straps sitting in the middle of the room. And the chains hanging from the ceiling. “Behave,” I admonished. He continued inside.

I instructed the women to sit on the couches at the end of the room. They were giggling nervously and one of them told me that they had never done anything like this before, but very much wanted to. They were as nervous as he was. “It’s okay,” I told them. “I’ll guide you.”

They took their seats and he was still standing just inside the door. I led him over to stand in front of each of them, one by one. He towered over them, Bycasino giriş his cock and balls perfectly at eye level. I instructed him to stand facing them as I pulled and tugged on him so that they could get a good look. I turned him around to show off his still-red spanked ass.

“Get on the bench,” I commanded. He laid down and placed his hands and knees on the lower padded planks. I affixed his wrists using the restraints, and told him to adjust himself so that his hips were off the back of the taller bench so that his package could hang down while his ass was placed in a perfect spanking position. I buckled his ankles down, then strapped his legs just below the knees to the planks. He was immobilized with his legs spread open just in front of our audience. He tried to move, but all of his efforts only resulted in his balls swinging helplessly.

I asked the women if any of them had ever spanked a slave and they all replied no. I reached into the bag I had brought with me and produced a small paddle. “Would you like to learn how?” I asked them. Giggling, they all shook their heads “yes.”

I told them that this trip was my slave’s birthday present and he needed his spanks, but that I was not going to limit the number of strikes as traditionally done. I told them to watch me spank him, that I would describe what I was doing so that they could learn. But that there was one other requirement before they would be allowed to discipline my slave, they would have to submit to me to be spanked first. “You need to know how it feels to receive before you can be ready to give,” I told them.

They seemed shocked by the idea, and looked at each other, then me, and him tied to the bench, then agreed.

I walked to the side of the bench and caressed his back then reached down and lightly stroked his cock. I gently swatted his ass with my hand before landing the first smack with the paddle. “Ohhhh,” he gasped and I pointed out to the women how his balls were swinging. I showed them how to practice against their own hands to learn to judge how hard they were hitting. Pulling another small paddle from my bag, I let them take turns practicing that way while I demonstrated on him.

They seemed to be catching on well, so I began paddling him at a steady rhythm, building in intensity until he was moaning and grinding against the bench. It was an extremely sturdy bench and he could not move, could not get away from the relentless strikes, could not prevent his exposed balls and stinging red ass from being stared at by our onlookers.

Deciding to let his ass cool off a bit, I took some time to assess each woman’s new found abilities with the paddle against their own hands. He could not see us, and was left to listen to the instructions and swats, knowing that his break would be short.

The women decided who would go first, and my first volunteer stood up. I told her to come around to the front of the bench; I wanted him to watch me spank them. I told her to bend forward and place her hands on the wall to steady herself and I pulled her skirt up, laying it on her back. I pulled her panties down to her ankles, exposing her ass to me and my slave. She jumped and gasped when I landed the first easy tap. I slowly gave her a few more smacks, only ten total. It was torture to him to watch so closely as her ass grew pink under my paddling. He was moaning with each strike as though it was happening to him.

The other women each took their turn allowing me to spank them, and with each one he grew more vocal and restless. I knew he desperately wanted to touch himself, I knew his balls were swollen and Bycasino deneme bonusu aching, that his cock needed to explode.

But he also knew that it was time for them to have their turns with his ass. And that was half the fun. My pussy was now dripping wet, so after the last woman took her spanking and returned to the couch, I leaned down and whispered in his ear, “you know how wet I am right now, and I know you want to pound me for this, but I’m in control here.” I slid my hand underneath my dress and wiped my pussy, letting him lick the cum from my fingers. “Please!” he begged again. “Please I need to cum so bad.”

I walked back around to inspect him. His ass was still red but not burning as much now. His balls however were huge, they could no longer swing at all, and his cock looked like a steel rod. I had the women come closer and inspect him also. I cupped his balls and stroked his cock as his grunting got louder. “See,” I said, “my slave loves his punishment.” With some applied pressure to his taint, he let out an “OH GOD! PLEASE MISTRESS!”

They needed a bit more instruction before they began spanking him. “Make sure you keep your hits up on his ass, his balls can’t take a hit right now,” I told them. “You can have your turns in the same order, each of you gets twenty spanks. You must follow any orders or directions I give to you, and you must stop immediately if I tell you to.”

One by one they took turns, their confidence building with each lick. They each did a very good job and by the end he was covered in sweat and using every ounce of effort he had to pull against the restraints and try to grind into the bench. He was out of his mind to release his load. I began removing the restraints. First, the ones near his knees, then his ankles, and he immediately tried to close his legs. Finally his arms were freed and his hand went straight to his cock. “No!” I commanded. “Let’s go.”

I took the leash and led everyone out of the room, up the stairs and back into the now crowded game room. He tried to cover his hard cock and inflated balls with his hands but I slapped them away. “Don’t make me spank you out here,” I said.

We crossed the room and his face was as red as his ass. We got back out to the pool area and it was empty except for us, and the cabana bar was closed. “Please please please let me cum now Mistress,” he pleaded. I leaned forward against the bar and hiked the back of my skirt up. “Fuck me until I cum,” I demanded. He grabbed my hips and my hair and plowed into me. He fucked me hard, growling, and I climaxed hard, cum running down my legs. “Stop,” I said. “Now suck me.” I sat down and he fells to his knees and began licking and sucking, drinking my juices as I came for what felt like days. “Stop,” I said again, but he didn’t. He was moaning and growling and I could hear the wet sounds of his mouth on my pussy and I came again, screaming.

“NO! Stop Now!” I finally became able to command. He stopped. I pointed to the lounge next to mine and said “Sit. Let us all watch you cum.”

He got into the chaise and the women and I sat in the ones on either side, watching him stroke his cock. He was feverish, his body flushed red, body shaking all over. I knew he was close, so I reach between his legs and pulled at his balls. He let out a loud “aaaahhhhhh” and cum began to pump wildly out of his cock. First a few squirts, then a long stream that shot several feet away. When it stopped, I tugged again, “More!” I demanded. With that pull I could feel his balls throb hard and more cum began to shoot out of him. He was gasping and completely lost in a long, intense orgasm. When it finally ended he collapsed back against the lounge chair, having forgotten that he still had an audience.

As he recovered, I said goodbye to the women. As they walked away, one of them turned back and asked with a grin, “will you still be here tomorrow?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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