My Son Ch. 09

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I woke up very early Sunday morning.

I say woke up, I hadn’t slept much at all during the night, it was just after 5.30am and I still couldn’t sleep.

Partly because Colin had got up twice in the night to be sick but mainly because my mind was full of Tom and what had happened only hours before.

So I got out of bed and slipped on my dressing gown.

I was naked underneath and I quietly went out of my bedroom and went downstairs to the kitchen.

I put the kettle on and I was deep in thought as I was making a cup of tea and I didn’t hear Tom come into the kitchen.

I turned around and he was standing there in just tracksuit bottoms.

I jumped and said “God, Tom, you frightened the life out of me, I didn’t hear you come down.”

He said “I couldn’t sleep. I heard you come down so I thought I’d join you. I hope that’s ok.”

I could see on his face that he was worried about what had happened.

I smiled and said “Of course it’s ok, why wouldn’t it be?”

He said “Well, after what happened last night, you had been drinking and I thought…”

I stopped him right there saying “Do you think I was drunk last night Tom?”

He said “No, no, not drunk exactly, but you had had a lot to drink hadn’t you.”

I said “I knew exactly what I was doing Tom.”

He looked at me and Said “Did you?”

I walked right up to him and nodded.

I lent past him and pushed the kitchen door closed behind him. as I said, “Yes I did. Just like I know what I’m doing right now” and I undid the belt of my dressing gown and opened it wide.

His eyes went wide as he looked down at my naked body.

I said “You can touch them again if you want to.”

I saw his face go red and he swallowed hard as he reached out again and held my tits in his hands.

I shuddered as he rubbed my nipples again.

I told him to kiss me like he wanted to last night and he lent in and kissed me full on the lips.

This time, I opened my mouth and I pushed my tongue against HIS lips. They parted and I felt my tongue slip inside my sons mouth and touch his.

When Tom realised that he Porno had the green light from me, his hands went right around me, grabbed my arse and pulled me right into him as we kissed.

I knew it was dangerous, both Colin and Sam upstairs in bed, but I didn’t care by now.

I felt Tom’s hands grope my arse as he started kissing down my neck towards my breasts.

I was soaking wet, my pussy was throbbing.

My tits were rock hard as I watched my son’s mouth kiss down towards my left nipple.

When he sucked it into his mouth I almost shouted out.

I held his head as he sucked and nibbled my tit. Then he moved over to the other one and did the same thing with my right nipple.

I reached down and felt the front of his tracksuit bottoms.

His cock was rock hard.

I needed to see it, to feel it.

I knelt down in front of Tom and I pulled his tracksuit bottoms down, he wasn’t wearing anything underneath and his cock sprang straight up, inches from my face.

I took hold of it at last, finally holding my son’s cock in my hand.

It felt so good as I pulled his foreskin back.

I heard Tom gasp and I looked up at him as I started to rub him.

He was looking down at me and I looked into his eyes as I lowered my head and let his cock enter my mouth.

The feelings running through me as I sucked on my 19 year old son’s cock were just…fantastic.

I loved how it felt in my mouth, how it tasted. I loved the look on his face as I took it deep inside my mouth.

I sucked on it deeply and squeezed his balls, causing him to take a deep intake of breath.

I let his cock slip slowly out of my mouth and I started to wank him off.

He was gasping and then he said “I’m cumming.”

So I stopped.

He looked at me in bewilderment as I stood up and turned around.

I bent forward and lifted the back of my dressing gown, exposing my bare arse to him.

I looked at him over my shoulder and said “Put it in me Tom.”

No subtlety any more, I wanting his cock inside me.

Tom walked towards me and taking hold of my arse, Altyazılı Porno he pushed me forward until I got to the sink.

He bent me over it and I felt him trying to find my pussy with his cock.

I opened my legs wide and then I felt it.

I felt his cock slide inside me.

My son’s hard cock was inside my pussy!

He started to rock backwards and forwards.

Slowly at first and when I started to thrust back in time with him, his thrusts forwards got faster and faster.

I gripped the sink as I felt him move faster and harder against me.

I felt his cock go deeper inside me as I pushed back against him.

Then his hands came around and grabbed hold of my tits.

I was gasping and I was having trouble trying not to cry out as he rammed his cock in me again and again.

I could feel my pussy contracting as it gripped his cock.

His hands were squeezing my tits, pulling on my nipples, I was going to cum very soon now.

Tom was breathing hard now as he rammed his cock into me, I hadn’t been fucked like this in years and the effect on me was mind blowing!

“I’m cumming Tom” I gasped.

He said “Shall I come out?”

I grabbed his arms saying “Don’t you fucking dare! I want you to cum inside me right now!”

I think me swearing at him like that was the final straw and I felt him give one massive thrust and then he grunted as he exploded inside me.

I could feel his cum as he ejaculated. I felt it start to oose down my leg and then my orgasm hit me.

Wave after wave of pure pleasure swamped me and I was in danger of collapsing as my legs almost gave way under me.

I felt Tom slow down as his orgasm subsided and then he stopped moving altogether, his cock still inside me.

He lent forward and kissed the back of my neck and he whispered “That was fucking awesome mum, thank you.”

I said “I haven’t finished with you yet” and I turned around and knelt down in front of him.

I looked at his beautiful young, still hard and erect cock that was covered in his and my cum juices.

I reached out and held it.

It Brazzers was so hard, yet slippery.

I pulled his foreskin right back and I heard him gasp.

I looked up at him and looked him in the eyes as I lowered my mouth down towards it.

As it neared my mouth, I flicked my tongue out and licked the tip of it.

He jumped and murmured “Oh fucking hell.”

Then I moved down until my tongue licked his balls and I felt them contract.

I started to lick his cum off his shaft as I licked up towards the tip.

His cum tasted so different from his fathers, more salty.

I licked his shaft clean and his cock got harder and stiffer as I worked on it.

When I got to the head, I looked up at him and locked my eyes on his as I slowly lowered my mouth over it and sucked.

He drew a deep breath and put his hands on the back on my head as he started to thrust his hips forward, driving his cock deeper into my mouth.

I held his cock in one hand and started to wank him as I played with his balls with the other.

He was murmuring and his thrusts were getting faster.

I felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of my throat and I stopped moving my head and I let his stream of warm cum flood my mouth.

I swallowed it all, not that there was much, but I was still surprised that he could cum again so soon, the energy of youth I suppose!

I milked my sons cock until he was dry and then I stood up and kissed him with my cum covered mouth.

I said “See, I told you I knew what I was doing.”

He just stood there, not really knowing what to do next so I said why don’t you give your mum a cuddle.

So I stood there in the kitchen with my 19 year old son cuddling my almost naked body and I thought just how perfect it was.

So there you have it.

No more emails from me.

And thank you to everyone who has either left messages or emailed me about my experiences.

I would like to finish by just saying the following to make it clear to everyone who has asked…

Yes, this is true.

I didn’t make any of it up so please stop emailing me with suggestions for the next email.

No, I will not be sending anyone any photos so please stop asking.

And yes, I am a woman, why some of you think otherwise is beyond me!

And my friend is now shown in my favourites, with her permission I might add.

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