My Story

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In celebration of my 100th submission to this site, I think it’s about time I address all those people who have asked me how many of my stories were actual experiences that I had. Some of my stories are loosely based on facts. Most are fantasies-either mine or yours. The following is my story; true in every detail, except that I’m going to change my brother’s name for his sake only.


I used to drive my father crazy. Sometimes on purpose. From the first time I can remember ever thinking about it, I wanted him to like me better than my older brother, Andy. When I was little there wasn’t much I could do except try to be nice to my father and do what he said. But every now and then I couldn’t play the nice little girl any longer and I revolted. I knew when I crossed the line whenever he had my Mom intervene.

Then I became a teenager and found out that guys wanted to like me for a completely different reason. I dated one of them a lot and we taught each other some fundamental things that allowed each of us to turn eighteen as non-virgins.

That’s also when I began to notice my father sometimes looking at me in much the same way as my boyfriend. His eyes wandered to places that left no doubt what was on his mind. I quickly realized I had a new weapon in my struggle to have him pay more attention to me.

My Dad always said I was ‘cute.’ I think that means I’m somewhere between average and pretty. Nobody in our family is real tall so I got stuck with about five feet four inches to work with. Luckily, Mom passed down the genes for breasts that were perfect for my fairly small frame. And I simply lucked into a pretty decent ass.

With the right selection of clothing, I can present a very nice package, in my humble opinion.

Thus, at the age of nineteen and with my childish boyfriends out of the way, I was prepared to concentrate on my father. I didn’t wake up one day saying to myself, ‘I’m going to seduce my Dad today.’ It was a gradual thing. I didn’t have a plan, or agenda, or whatever you want to call it. I simply paid attention to opportunities that arose for me to flirt with him and win his favor.

I didn’t go straight to college out of high school. That would happen a couple years later. So, I lived at home and worked at the small business my father owned. That meant we saw a lot of each other. I determined early on this was either going to be a good thing for me or it would end any chance I had of having a relationship with him. It turned out being a very good thing.

I worked in the offices of his business and never interacted with the customers, so I could wear pretty much anything I wanted. Sometimes it was jeans; sometimes a skirt and blouse; sometimes a summery dress. The first time I remember purposely seeking a reaction from him was a day I wore a blouse and short skirt. I think I’ve got nice-looking legs. Short, but nice. And if I leave an extra button unbuttoned on the blouse, I can show adequate cleavage.

With no evil intention in mind except to surprise him, I went into Dad’s office while he was out, sat on the edge of his desk with my legs crossed and waited. He entered and stood frozen in place for an instant when he saw me. Then he closed the door and walked around to his chair, unable to conceal his inspection of me from head to toe.

I was sitting on a side of the desk, not facing him. We chatted for a few minutes while he shuffled papers and then I turned so that I faced him, still off to the side of his chair. It gave him a pretty good view of my legs, well up my thighs under the short skirt, and he looked truly uncomfortable in his efforts not to stare.

That’s when I saw it for the first time. A bulge in his pants at the crotch. I wanted to shout out ‘Yes!’ in my excitement. The power I felt at that instant was intoxicating and already my mind was plotting the next step, an important threshold to cross in my bond with Dad. From that moment forward, I DID have evil intentions in mind.

I didn’t do anything during that visit. I wasn’t sure how long we’d be alone and I hadn’t really expected to see signs of an erection, so as much as I wanted to jump in his lap, I left the office happy and horny.

However, at the end of the day when all the employees had left and I went to Dad’s office to prepare for the ride home, everything changed.

He was finishing up his work when I walked in and closed the door. I stood behind him as he sat and massaged his neck and shoulders while we talked. He seemed to be a little anxious about something. I walked to a small window that looked out onto some fields and when I turned back around, Dad was right next to me.

I must have shown my surprise because Dad said, “Sorry, hon.”

“It’s alright,” I said. “I didn’t hear you.”

He was looking at the opening in my blouse and stepped even closer. I actually had to lean back so we didn’t touch.

“I thought I’d repay you for the massage.”

“Oh, you don’t have to, Dad. I enjoy giving them to you.”

I felt my back contact pendik escort the wall behind me. Dad hovered over me for a second. He tilted his face down to mine and pressed against me. He put his lips on mine and we exchanged a short, nondescript kiss. Then he did it again with his tongue separating my lips. His body pushed against me and our tongues met.

Then I felt it. Just above my pussy. His hard cock was wedged between us and Dad was unmistakably rubbing it on me as the kiss became more passionate. My mind was a blur with thoughts and emotions. I had wanted this; solicited it in actions and what I wore. Now what was I to do?

Dad answered it for me. He took one of my hands and put it on the front of his pants.

“Touch it, Traci. Feel what you do to me.”

I put my palm on his erection. It felt huge to me compared to my boyfriends. I heard him sigh and I pressed harder.

“Oh, yes. Just like that, honey.”

He kissed my cheeks and chin. Then he was kissing and licking my neck, his cock seeming to grow even harder under my hand. Soon, his lips were inside the top of my blouse. Dad’s hands rose up to my breasts and lightly touched them through my shirt.

No words were spoken when he opened one more button of my blouse. Now he could kiss the insides of both breasts. I clutched at his cock and pulled on it in my ever-increasing lust. But he was in control and his actions became more desperate as he hastily yanked my blouse out of my skirt and unbuttoned it all the way down.

His hands were inside, grasping at my tits and pushing my silky bra from side to side. I knew not to speak. His nervousness before was because he realized he was going to do this. If I stopped him now we’d probably never have another chance. If he wanted to dominate me this first time, so be it.

“Take it off,” he murmured.

I slipped off the blouse and tossed it aside. He instantly had my bra unhooked and was pulling it off with his mouth already on my tit. I moaned out loud from the incredible sensation of his tongue on my nipple and his lips compressing nearly all of my tit. He sucked and nibbled and bit softly until I thought I’d cum.

I found myself fumbling with his belt. Without ever losing contact with my tits, he undid it himself and opened his pants. I pulled down the zipper and eagerly sought out his rigid cock. It was warm and hard in my hand and I wondered for the first time just what he had in mind.

I thought I had a clue when his hands rose up the back of my thighs and onto my ass. His fingers slipped inside my panties and he gripped my ass with power, yet finesse. At that point I was sure we would fuck.

But then he was pushing down on my shoulders.

“On your knees, Traci,” he ordered. “Take out my cock.”

I pushed down his pants and shorts to finally expose his huge cock. I looked at it with more desire than I could ever remember looking at a cock.

“In your mouth, hon. I want to feel your lips around it.”

I was able to lick it a couple times before he put his hands on the back of my head and forcibly drove the cock between my lips. It might not have been the most romantic first time for us, but we were both so God damned horny it didn’t matter.

Dad fucked my face like he’d never had sex before. I held him by the ass and readily accepted every frantic thrust. I clamped down on him with my lips and let him slide across my tongue for the next couple minutes.

The first sweet taste of his precum warned me even more than his frenzied grunts and groans that he was ready to cum.

“That’s it, baby. Harder! Suck me harder!”

After that, all I heard was an unrecognizable growl.

His fingers gripped my hair. And he came.

Years and years of his apparent desire for me flowed out now in rivers of cum. Each thrust delivered more until I couldn’t keep up. It leaked out of my mouth and onto my chin. I waited for his cock to lose its stiffness and it never happened. Dad moaned just as loud almost a minute later, but instead of shots of cum I was getting a trickle. Then he was done.

Dad leaned against the wall and I sucked him clean. A stream of cum covered one of my nipples. Only when he withdrew was he finally half erect.

He helped me up and cleaned my face. He looked at me and meekly said, “Thanks, honey.”

We kissed.


So my first episode with Dad was somewhat of an unexpected use of me that left me pleased, but unfulfilled. It was a start.

About a week later, we had an opportunity to try it again. But this time I wasn’t going to allow my tense father to dictate the terms and conditions. He could probably get a blowjob from any woman at work any time he wanted. I was his daughter and I deserved better. Actually, he did, too. And I intended to give it to him.

It was a rare weekend that BOTH my Mom and brother were out of town overnight with friends. I never did determine if Dad had the same thoughts in mind as me, but I suspect he did. Still, I wasn’t taking any pendik escort chances.

All day on that Saturday I wore the sexiest shorts and t-shirt, without a bra, that I owned. It was a blatant display of skin with only one goal in mind. Yes, I was quite sure I saw that familiar bulge in his pants long before I acted upon it. I let him suffer during the day making certain that I was seldom out of his view.

It was after dinner and Dad was sitting on the back porch. A few years later we would have done it right on the porch, but this time I said to him, “Hey, Dad. Come in here for a minute, OK?”

He didn’t seem pleased to leave his beer behind, but once inside the door I took his hand and led him down the hall towards my parents’ bedroom. I closed the door behind us and saw the puzzled, apprehensive look on his face. He had to know at that point the time had come.

“Get undressed,” I said calmly.

Nobody was going to tear off anybody’s clothes this time. He was either going to listen and perform, or I would walk out. He took off his shoes and socks, then lifted his shirt over his head. I had always loved his chest with the hint of hair and flat, firm stomach. He was not a body builder by any stretch of the imagination, but looked so good for his age.

Before he got to his shorts I slipped a hand inside my own pants for effect. I made it obvious I was rubbing my clit and pussy for him. By the time he was bending over to remove the last of his clothes, he was almost erect.

“Get harder,” I said. “Play with yourself, Dad.”

He timidly reached for his cock. As soon as he had it in his palm, I kept one hand in my shorts and put the other inside my shirt. Now he didn’t need instructions. He masturbated while I played with my clit and tits, showing him more and more with each passing minute but never letting him see it all. The head of his cock turned bright pink and the veins in his cock a dark purple. He was as hard as ever.

“Lay down.”

He got on the bed, never taking his eyes off me or his hand off his cock. I put on a show for another minute or two, squirming under the attention of my hands and whimpering as my lust grew. I let him hear me pant as I got closer and closer to cumming.

But this was going to be more than a mutual masturbation session. I finally lifted my shirt, taunting him with every inch of new skin that I exposed. My nipples were long and hard. My tits flushed from stimulation. I played with them; pushed them up with both hands; squeezed them against my chest and pulled on the nipples.

I saw him slow his masturbation. He was close, too. He would have to wait…for me.

My hand dipped back down inside my shorts. He could just barely see the top of the thin strip of hair above my clit. I pushed the shorts lower. My hips and the top of my ass now showed. Only the tips of my fingers were covered in the front. I exposed a little more. Then I let the shorts fall down my legs.

I kicked them away and stood naked in front of my father. He was only pulling on his cock every few seconds, intent on staring at me and not exploding in a geyser of cum. I slowly turned around and gave him a prolonged view of my ass before facing him once more.

So many possibilities flew through my head when I saw the desperate look on his face. I should have teased him even longer, but I kind of wanted to fuck about as much as he did, so I climbed onto the bed. I got between his legs and lingered there, staring down at his throbbing cock. I gradually leaned far enough over to allow him to put one of my tits in his mouth. I thought he would devour it.

I let my pussy massage his cock. Even with my tit in his mouth he moaned loudly with delight. My own moisture was enough to act as a lubricant for both of us. The more he gnawed on my nipples the wetter I got and the harder I rubbed against his erection.

“Oh God, Traci. I need you. Let me fuck you,” he begged.

I smiled. “When I say so, Dad.”

I lifted my pussy so that I wasn’t masturbating him anymore and I saw the frustration on his face.


“Tell me what you want.”

“I want to fuck you, Traci.”

I lowered myself once more but only enough to make light contact.

“Beg for it, Dad.”

“God, Traci. Please.”

“Please what?”

“Please let me fuck you…before I cum.”

I leaned down and kissed him.

“Put it in me Dad,” I told him.

His hand was on his cock so fast I barely had time to lean up and give him access to my pussy again. I felt the head move into place. Dad’s hands moved to my ass. And with a wide grin on my face, I sank onto his stiff shaft.

We both had to take in a breath at the unbelievable sensation of his thick cock spreading my lips apart and disappearing into my wet, warm cunt. Then I began to move, and he began to match my movements with his thrusts. We were fucking each other and I’m not sure either of us believed it.

Dad played with my tits and I continuously sought out pendik escort the best angle to apply more pressure on his cock. If we had stayed like that for hours it would have been fine with both of us. Soon, Dad was holding me tighter and we were half rolling over, changing positions, hugging each other, and simply seeing how many different ways we could fuck without ever having him come out of me.

He was on top. Then me. He licked my tits and I did his. Our legs intertwined. We kissed…a lot.

Then he had a finger on my clit and I cried, “Oh yes! There! Harder!”

I was on top. I rolled my nipples between my fingers and gasped, knowing I was about to cum.

“Daddy. Yes! Yes! I’m almost…oh God. Now!”

I came in torrents. Each orgasm sent a flash of electricity through my body that ignited a new one. My pussy had never felt like that before and Dad just kept pounding me with that incredible cock. Somewhere in the middle of it all, I was aware that he also had started to cum. My cunt was filled with both of our juices and I barely felt his cock still sliding in and out, all the way up to his balls.

I managed to let him finish before falling into my father’s arms, his cock motionless inside me. We were beside each other in an embrace when he started to fuck me again. Many minutes went past in ecstasy before we both somehow found it in us to orgasm again. My God it was wonderful.


Dad and I found time for each other pretty regularly from that point forward. I never asked my brother Andy if he knew, or suspected. It wasn’t something I necessarily wanted to talk to him about and I was also worried that he might be jealous or something. I never had any indication that he was, until…

Every time I think back to that day I have to get my vibrator out and lock the door. I’m not sure I can tell you without having to take a break in the middle, but here goes.

Andy’s a really good looking guy and being a few years older than me I guess I had a crush on him at some point in my early childhood. At nineteen, I was past the early teen years of never wanting to be around him and I began to see him as a man. Well, OK. As a sex object.

He had never given any signs of seeing me in the same light, other than the predictable leers whenever I wore a bikini or one of the outfits I put on more for Dad’s benefit than Andy’s. We had never touched each other in a sensual way. I felt completely safe around Andy.

I think that’s what made what he did to me even more exciting.

I was in the basement one day looking for something in the finished rec room we had. It was just me and Andy in the house, which was fairly common. I heard the basement door close at the top of the steps, but didn’t think too much about it at the time. I couldn’t actually see the steps and didn’t hear anything else after the door closed.

I searched unsuccessfully for another minute or two, then turned to head back upstairs. Suddenly, it was pitch black. I shrieked with surprise and took another step towards the doorway out of the rec room. I heard a shuffle beside me and then a hand was across my mouth and somebody was behind me.

“Don’t scream, sis. I won’t hurt you.”

It was Andy and I became a little mad, instead of scared. I struggled against his grip.

“Calm down,” he ordered.

When he removed his hand from my face, I said, “What the fuck are you doing, Andy?”

He stayed behind me and wouldn’t let me turn to face him.

“We need to talk,” he said coolly.

“About what.”

“About you and Dad.”

I felt my heart nearly stop, then begin to thump inside my chest.

“What do you mean?” I said.

“I know what you’re doing. I heard you the other night when Mom was out of town.”

I wouldn’t admit anything as long as I could help it. But if Andy was guessing and just trying to make me confess, he was doing a great job.

“You are fucking crazy, Andy. I’ve never…,” I began to say.

He leaned against my ear and said softly, “When I heard you in there I managed to get the door open just a crack. You really should lock the door, Traci. I saw you strip for him. I saw you take off his shorts and give him a blowjob before getting into the bed.”

His hand moved to my chest and rested on top of my right breast, with only my thin t-shirt separating his fingers from my tit. He rubbed the nipple.

“I saw you straddle him and let him suck on your tit before you fucked him, Traci. I watched while you…”

“OK,” I said fearfully. “OK. So you saw us.”

He had to feel my erect nipples as he played with both tits. But he couldn’t feel the heat coming from my pussy…until one hand slid inside my running shorts. I seldom don’t wear panties, but he chose one of those times to imprison me in our own basement.

“Yes, I did,” he said. “And lots of things have been going through my mind, Traci.”

As he massaged my pussy, I felt for the first time his cock against my ass.

“I’m a little distressed that you went to him first. I mean, you must have been doing this kind of stuff with him for a while now and you’ve never even kissed me, Traci. What is it about me you don’t like?”

I was wet and his fingers spread the moisture over my clit until I squirmed in his arms.

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