My Teenage God Ch. 03: Deb’s Story

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This story is a continuation of a the My Teenage God Series. In the previous stories we followed David as he submitted to the muscular teenager Max. We now switch gears to follow one of David’s fellow students, a female also tutoring the class. For those of you wanting more scenes with Max and David, don’t worry they’re coming up.

This one’s quite a bit longer than the previous stories. It wasn’t intentional, I just felt it natural to drag Deborah’s story out a little longer. Enjoy! I would welcome your comments both privately and publicly. Feel free to message me if you’d like to talk privately, about anything ;).


Deborah Kass, a 26 year old fellow grad student of Davids, had been looking forward to tutoring for months now. She had been so excited when Breanne, the program organizer, had told her about the program. She had always wanted to give back to the local community and work with kids. She had had a tutor in high school as well who had made a great impression on her, she hoped to be such a role model.

Deborah arrived at the school early, wanting to make a good impression. For the occasion she had decided it would be safest to wear neutral, respectable clothing. Deborah was 5 foot 4, 127 pounds and had brown, slightly curly hair that just reached her shoulders. Her fiancé frequently described her as “cute” but she considered herself rather plain looking. She went to the classroom and was sitting for a while when she saw David walk in. She waved cheerfully, excited for the day to start.

The high schoolers began filtering into the classroom. She noticed a pair of girls dressed provocatively and caught a number of the students (and even tutors!) taking lingering looks. Looking at them, she couldn’t help but feel envious. She wished she could be as confident in her body as these two girls were.

The first was a pretty blonde. Slightly shorter than Deborah, she wore a tank top so that her cleavage and flat stomach were showing. She also wore very tight yoga pants, leaving none of her tight curves to the imagination.

The second was a tall brunette, at least 5’9, and looked like she must be a model or actress. She had a beautiful face with dark features and big lips. She wore a miniskirt and tight, slightly sheer top, that showed off her model-thin, toned figure, long legs, and most of all, her huge breasts. Her shirt clung tight to her body and accentuated her breasts, the fabric stretching out to it’s limit. She wore a pink bra under her sheer top showing off the size of her boobs.

Deborah couldn’t believe a high schooler had breasts like that. She had always been sensitive about her own flat chest and felt a twinge of envy. Her breasts filled up the bra and were spilling out as you could see cleavage even through the top. She realized she was staring and glanced up. The teen model was looking at her with an inquisitive gaze and slight smile. Deborah looked away, embarrassed.

The embarrassment kind of drifted away when the next kid walked in. He was average height with blonde hair and a confident gorgeous fact. He wore a tight shirt and was clearly very built and ripped underneath it. Her eyes surveyed his body up and down and she even noticed a sizeable bulge in his shorts. Holy Crap! She was checking out a teenager! What the hell was she doing. Deborah shook her head and snapped herself out of it. She straightened her back and looked to Breane expectantly. Soon, The coordinator began to call the pairs.

Breanne went down the list and eventually got to Her name.

“Deborah, you’ll be with Izzy and Crystal. These two girls have requested that they stay together.”

A little bit of Deborah was initially disappointed that she wasn’t with the muscular boy, but she ignored that feeling and looked around for the girls she was paired with.

Her eyes fell onto the provocative pair, who were smiling and waving to her. After a moments hesitation, she smiled back and waved enthusiastically. Oh boy.

Well, she thought, they seemed very nice and they clearly could use a good role model. She knew she could serve such a role.

She noticed that her friend David got paired with the hulky teenager, whose name was apparently “Max.” She looked over at David and noticed he initially seemed unhappy about it, but quickly covered it up with a smile.

After everyone was matched up the students and tutors sat together for a few minutes. Deborah stood up as the girls walked over. The shorter blond girl in the yoga pants waved and said she was Crystal. The tall busty brunette actually leaned in and kissed both of Deborah’s cheeks as she introduced herself as Felicity. As she leaned in to do so her large breasts pressed up against Deborah’s chest, causing the tutor to momentarily flush with embarrassment, though the teen seemed undisturbed.

“So nice to meet you girls” Deborah launched right in, brushing past her embarrassment, “I’m so excited to work with you this year, I can’t wait for us to get started.”

“Us nişantaşı escort too Ms. Kass!” Crystal spoke with a sweet, innocent voice as she sat down next to Deborah.

“Oh please, call me Deborah!”

“Aren’t you excited Izzy?” Crystal spoke to Felicity (Deborah guessed that Izzy was her nickname).

“Are you sure you’d like to be called Deborah?” Felicity smiled beautifully as she circled the table and sat down across from Deborah. “I think I like ‘Deb’ better, how about that?”

Deborah had actually always hated when people shortened her name but she didn’t want to say that to these girls. “Haha, that’s fine Izzy.”

“Actually can you call me Felicity please Deb? Only, like, my close friends call me Izzy.” The eighteen year old beauty crossed her arms under her breasts and looked a little perturbed.

Deborah was taken aback and slightly embarrassed. “Uh…of course Felicity, I’m so sorry about that.”

Crystal chimed in “that’s okay she does this to everyone she’s just messing with you. And you can call me Chris!”

Deborah felt relieved. She didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot by offending her student. She looked over as Chris scooter her chair closer. Her low cut tank top showed lots of cleavage that bounced as she moved towards her. After a moment too long of looking at Chris’s cleavage, thinking how nice it would be if she had such full perky boobs, Deborah looked up to the blond teen smiling sweetly at her. She looked across the table at Izzy who, with her arms still crossed below her breasts, was pushing her cleavage up and forward, looking amused.

Deborah felt confused. Were these girls just trying to show of thier big boobs to her to make her jealous. At the same time though they seemed so sweet. Deborah decided she should just start talking about the sessions.

“Okay guys so we’ll be meeting soon to study History. I’d like you guys to bring your textbooks and homework assignments for this week. I’ll find out from Breanne what specific topic you guys will be studying this week.”

Deborah felt herself normalizing as she gained control again. “That sound good girls?”

“That sounds great Deb!” Chris smiled sweetly.

“Perfect,” Deborah glanced at Izzy, “I’m so excited to study with you guys!”

Izzy smiled beautifully in response. Her eyes pinched cutely in the corners and dimples appeared on her cheeks. Deborah couldn’t help but smile in response.

Izzy, still smiling, said “Yeah, it should be a lot of fun.”

“Times Up!” Yelled Breanne.

Chris waved goodbye while Izzy kissed Deborah’s cheeks goodbye, again pressing up closely against her. Deborah blushed as Izzy smiled and turned around. She watched them both walk out, her eyes lingering on Izzy’s long lengs and Chris’s perfect butt. Man, what she could have done with a body like either of them when she was eighteen.

They walked up to Max, that muscular student, who put his arms around each of them.

Like him, she thought, smirking. She shook her head. She couldn’t think like that, these kids were ten years younger than her. She would put them out of her mind.


Over the course of the next week leading up to her first study session with Izzy and Chris, Deborah found herself becoming nervous when she thought about their upcoming meeting. She tried to tell herself that she was just was anxious about being a good tutor, but she wasn’t sure she was convincing herself. As much as it frustrated her, she was intimidated by these girls.

She knew their type in high school and she was generally treated like crap by them. Occasionally they would let her drive them to a party or something (she had a license before anyone else), but once they were at the party the “hot girls” would basically ignore her.

Even with their age difference, and even though Izzy and Chris had been so sweet to her, she still still got a little nervous as soon as she pictured them in her mind, especially Izzy. She was sure she’d get over it though.


Friday came and Deborah showed up a little early. She went to the room where they were meeting the students. They were tutoring in rooms of six or seven pairs per room. She sat down at an open table and began to unpack the study materials. She wasn’t waiting long before Chris strolled in, looking cheerful as usual. Showing off her body again, Chris wore a green/yellow tank top fitted tightly over her breasts and exposing her stomach from just above her belly button to her waist. She also wore extremely tight black jeans that hugged her waist and ass like they were painted on. Though Deborah didn’t notice it in their last meeting, she now saw Chris had a belly pericing. A chain with a hear hanging down from her belly button, studded with what looked like real diamonds. It shimmered and swayed as Chris bounced over, distracting Deborah.

“Hi Deb!” Chris said cheerfully as she sat down across the table.

“Hey Chris! Nice to see you again! Where’s Izzy?”

“Oh, well I kağıthane escort think she had Volleyball practice today, and I’m pretty sure I saw her walking into Coach Catherine’s office. I think they may be hashing a few things out, so Izzy may be a while.”

“Okay, I guess if she’s with the coach it’s okay, lets get started.”

Deborah launched into her lesson with Chris. Chris was a little slow to catch on, Deborah discovered. She took a long time to grasp basic concepts though it didn’t seem to bother her. Every time they encounterd a stalling point for her she just giggled and apologized as they started over.

During their lesson Deborah noticed David sitting alone, looking upset. She felt bad for him, but at least she wasn’t the only one who had a no-show student.

Though it seemed she spoke too soon. As she looked past David she saw Izzy down the hall. She was in the hallway leaning back against lockers with one leg bent out, the foot resting on the wall behind her.. About 20 feet away from the classroom door, she seemed in no hurry to get to her tutoring session. She was smiling down at a middle age woman who Deborah assumed was the coach of the vollyball team. Deborah noticed the coach nodding absent-mindedly along to what Izzy was saying, while simply staring at Izzy’s chest.

Noticing the coach’s gaze, Deborah shifted her focal point to Izzy. She noticed her volleyball uniform was incredibly revealing. With athletic shorts that barely went below her waist, Brooks legs were again on display. The way she was posed showed off the muscular toning to her legs as well as a tanned, smooth sheen. The top was a tight-fitted long sleeve t-shirt. Looking at her profile Deborah rolled her eyes. Of course Izzy was wearing a shirt 3 sizes too small. She was a sweet girl but clearly her parents didn’t teach her an appropriate way to dress. She also internally thought how inappropriate it was that the coach kept glancing at Izzy’s chest. How about some professionalism?

Debrah excused herself and got up to speak to Breanne, who was in the room checking on the studying.

“Hi Breanne!”

“Hey Deborah, how’s it going? How’s Crystal doing over there?”

“She’s coming along, but listen. Do you know whether I should expect Izzy to be late regularly? Will she usually be at practice at this time?” Deborah glanced down the hall, Izzy was finally saying goodbye to the coach. She did her usual fake-french-two-cheek-kiss thing and the coach blushed and hurried away.

“Hmm, no she shouldn’t be, I’ll talk to her about it, do you know where she is?” Breanne asked.

“Yeah, here she comes now,” Breanne indicated to the hallway.

As Izzy stepped through the door though, Deborah realized why the coach couldn’t keep her eyes off her chest. Deborah hadn’t noticed it from the side but the tight long sleeve shirt Izzy was wearing was extremely low cut. Izzy’s cleavage was literally spilling out of her shirt. Further, it seemed quite clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath as her nipples were clearly pressed up against her shirt. She had a playful smile on, looking at Deborah as she approached, her cleavage bouncing side to side.

Jeez, this girl, Deborah thought, say what you will about her style, she knew how to show it off.

Breanne was still looking down, writing something on her pad of paper, but as she heard the confident footsteps of Izzy approaching she began to speak. “Ahh Felicity, you’re finally…”

As Breanne turned to the approaching Felicity, intending to continue her lecture on promptness, the words died in her throat. Izzy was standing very close to Breanne now, and she was tall enough so that her full breasts were just below Breanne’s chin. Breanne found herself staring straight into the deep channel that was Izzys bust.

The teenager’s breasts were pressed up tightly against the light blue uniform. The deep V in her long sleeve shirt revealed voluptuous and tanned breasts that hung heavily from her body creating a long line of cleavage. The fabric clung to her as it continued down her body, sloping inward dramatically below her breasts, making it them all the bigger juxtaposed next to her thin waist.

As Deborah looked on, Breanne realized she was staring and looked up to see Felicity’s mischievous smile. Breanne began to speak again, but instead of the authoritative tone she had started out with, she now spoke in what sounded to Deborah like an embarrassed whisper. Deborah even noticed that Breanne was blushing.

“Felicity, it is important to come promptly to these sessions”

“Of course, I apologize” As Izzy said this she leaned in to do her cheek-kissing thing, but considering her and the coordinator’s height difference, Izzy ended up pressing her breasts into Breanne’s face as the younger girl kissed her on the temples rather than the cheeks. After the kisses Felicity stayed there.

Breanne remained where she was, her face buried in Felicities cleavage. She slowly breathed in and out, her eyes closed.

Deborah osmanbey escort couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She looked again at Felicity’s face, now turned towards her. Felicity gave her a sheepish shrug with a smile on her face. Though it had seemed to Deborah like the young girl had orchestrated the whole thing, she seemed genuinely surprised.

Felicity took the sides of Breane’s face and pulled it out of her cleavage. “I think I’ll go study now thanks” she said to the now glassy-eyed coordinator. Breanne nodded absent-mindedly as Felicity turned away from her towards Deborah.

“I’m so sorry I’m late” The teenager leaned in to kiss Deborah’s cheeks as well. Determined to keep her professionalism unlike these other women, Deborah actually leaned into the cheek kiss so that Felicity wouldn’t press up against her. “Shall we?” the younger girl suggested cheerfully.

Felicity walked past her to greet her friend, leaving both mentors behind. Neither could help but stare at Felicity’s long legs as she walked away. Felicity’s shorts were so short that the crease between her legs and butcheeks were visible as they formed with each step, captivating the women.

Deborah looked at Breanne. The coordinator’s face was slackened, staring right at Felicity’s butt. Deborah shook her head losing respect for her friend, and walked towards her table. When she got there Izzy and Chris were deep in conversation, giggling.

“You really made her do that?” Chris asked.

“Yup, and i’ll have her do it for you later, if you’re good”

Deborah was a little confused by what she overheard but as she arrived the girl quieted down and turned to her expectantly. Deborah looked determinedly only at their faces, though she knew both girls cleavage was on full display. She knew she had to try to instill some modesty in these girls. Looks would only get them so far.

She continued with the lesson. While Chris, though still quite slow, continued to be engaged in the lesson, her taller friend seemed only half interested. Mostly she just looked intently at Deborah. Deborah couldn’t tell if she was playing very close attention or thinking about something completely different. Deborah continued to consciously avoid looking at the girls bodies. Because of this she looked down mostly at the table. The problem, of course, was that they had set up the tutors in a newly renovated classroom. The class was usually used for arts classes so the school had decided to install glass tops in some of the central tables, one of which they were sitting at. Because of this, as Deborah stared intensely at the table, she also was staring though the glass at the girls legs.

She tried to concentrate on the lesson but was distracted from time to time when the girls would uncross and recross their legs. She had flashbacks to the girls in high school with her with those kind of legs. She felt a new wave if intimidation from these girls, but she tried pressing this feeling down, knowing she had a responsibility to stay in control and in charge, for the sake of these girls educations.

About halfway through the hour Deborah again glanced at David, who was still without his student. She gave him a sheepish shrug but then she looked up and was momentarily dumbstruck. David’s student partner had just walked in and Deborah couldn’t help but admit, the eighteen year old was possibly the sexiest man she’d ever seen. He wore a tight dryfit shirt that stuck to his chest that was dripping with seat. You could the lines of his well toned body even through his shirt. He looked around the room confidently and Deborah had a feeling of helplessness in his presence.

Deborah snapped out of it as she heard the girls giggling behind her.

“He’s cute isn’t he Deb?” asked Chris.

“Lets get back to work girls”

Felicity went on. “You should see the big hard cock he’s packing Deb – it’s probably a foot long”

“Felicity!” Deborah flared up now, “firstly, you shouldn’t speak like that in general. Secondly, you most definitely may not speak like that to me!”

“You’re right Deb, of course, I’m so sorry” Felicity reached out her hand and held Deborah’s as she apologized, her thin fingers trailing over her tutor’s knuckles. Felicitiy’s touch sent chills down Deb’s spine and the older girl soon pulled away.

Curiously do Deborah, after what seemed like a brief confrontation between David and his student, Max, Max abruptly left. Strangly, looking confused and frustrated, David left soon after as well.

They got on with their lesson, Deborah returning to avoiding staring at her beautiful students. However she again found herself staring at their perfect legs through the glass table. As continued trying to concentrate on the lesson, she noticed the girls begin to rub eachothers legs.

The girls were quite clearly playing footsy. One would run their foot up the others leg all the way to mid thigh before running it back down. Then they would switch. Deborah tried to press forward with the lesson but was distracted by the leg movement below. She kept on losing her train of thought as the girls feet reached up higher and higher on eachother’s legs. She would only begin again when the feet would begin to descend.

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