My Time with Eddy

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I had only been at Ron’s Gym for 3 months but I was already happy with the results. It was the fall of 1979. I used to be the typical 100lb weakling. Now I was wearing tight jeans and tank tops. I’d also go commando to show off my package. I used to wear long sleeved shirts at the beach, I was embarrassed to be so scrawny. Now, I’m a show-off. Finishing my routine, my muscles were tired but I was energized by how they looked. The warm water from the shower felt amazing. I should have gotten into weights years ago. It gave me a huge confidence boost and continues to this day. For the first time in my life I felt truly desirable.

I made my way to the locker room when I was done. Eddy had finished his workout just minutes before me and was still toweling off. I was 21 and Eddy was in his early 30’s. Was never sure exactly how old he was. Eddy was a really good looking, black guy with the body I was aiming to have someday. I’m six feet tall and he was a shorter than me Maybe 5’8″. I didn’t care, he was like a god to me. I was jealous of his pecs. They were just like in the magazines. I secretly had the hots for him but I thought he wouldn’t be interested in someone as young and silly as me. He was a drummer in a jazz band and I thought he was such an intellectual and very sophisticated. He had this really sexy voice. Just gazing into his eyes and letting his words wash over me always turned me into a puddle. But he was probably as straight as they come.

Playfully, he squeezed my right bicep and commented, “Hey man, these are really coming along,”

I blushed from the compliment then figured I would try something. I reached up and cupped both of his pecs and said, “Yeah, but I want mine to look like these one day.”

He looked into my eyes and I was immediately shocked by what I’d done. I was sure I’d crossed a line. I mean, just because I was bi, didn’t mean I could just walk up and grab some guy’s tits. However, when I looked down, I could see both of us were hard as rocks. Truth be told, you could have cut glass with my dick. Eddy placed a hand on the back of my neck and pulled me towards him, pressed his lips against mine and moaned in gaziantep suriyeli escort pleasure. His other hand very forcefully cupped my balls. It was all I could do to not blow my load right there. His lips were so soft and sensuous against mine. It was like I was falling into them. I’d never kissed a man before and it was incredible.

“Eddy,” I cooed.

“Yeah, baby?” he said in that sultry voice while still kissing me, our tongues meshing like snakes.

“I’ve always had a huge crush on you.”

“I know, sweetie.” He pulled back, held my face and continued, “I could tell by the way you always look at me. I feel you’re raping me with your eyes sometimes.”

Now I was blushing all over. He burst out laughing. Oh my god! Was my ogling that obvious?

He playfully slapped my ass and said, “Hey, man! It’s ok. I took it as a compliment. But, we should really get out of here.”

Of course he was right. We’d get caught here, for sure. Lucky it was early afternoon and the gym wasn’t busy. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten dressed that fast in my life.

“Where to?” as my voice cracked, my throat was so dry.

Still chuckling at my obvious horniness, Eddy offered, “My place is just around the corner.”

I began running and Eddy grabbed my arm. “Hey, honey. Slow down. We have all afternoon.”

My heart was pounding, almost jumping out of my chest. It was going to happen. I was going to go to bed with one of the hottest men I knew. I had both my arms around his left arm, my head resting on his shoulder. He pressed against me. I didn’t care if people saw a couple of men being affectionate. But, back then, it could be dangerous.

We walked up to his third floor apartment and he got out his key. I couldn’t believe how calm he was. I was literally shaking like a leaf. He opened the door and motioned for me to go in. “I just want to look at that hot ass again,” he explained while giving me another slap. I loved the sting of it. He could spank me all night, I thought. I felt myself blush again. He had a gorgeous apartment. His furniture and art really suited him. Again, I felt really foolish and backward. He was so sophisticated and I was just a hick. He came up behind me and put his arms around my waist while snuggling my neck.

“So, what do you think?”

“Eddy, your home is beautiful. I bet when you bring women here, they drop their clothes after just taking two steps.”

I tried to laugh but Eddy turned me around and began kissing me, again. Damn, I loved his smell. Ok, I admit it. I have a thing for black guys. I love the way they move, the way they talk. And Eddy just pushed all my buttons.

“Why would I fuck a woman when I have you?” Eddy asked.

Ok, that made me melt. This super hot guy is making me feel like the only man in the world.

He took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. Again, so well appointed. African art. Very tasteful. He really knew how to set the mood. I started peeling off my t-shirt when he stopped me.

“What’s the rush, sweetie?” He asked. He began kissing my neck while slowly pulling up my shirt. While he did, he felt me up from my stomach to my neck. I was doing everything I could not to cum. I was so turned on I thought I was going to have a heart attack. He stopped to take each of my nipples, in turn, into his sweet lips. My body convulsed involuntarily as he gave out an evil chuckle. My shirt was off and now he had his hands cupping my junk. His other hand undid the buttons to my jeans. In seconds my pants were down around my ankles and his mouth was on my cock.

“God, no! I’ll cum right away.” I protested and pulled him off of me, plunging my tongue back into his delicious mouth. He suddenly got in a hurry and was instantly naked. He was walking backwards to the bed, holding my hands, pulling me with him while staring at me with those gorgeous, hazel, fuck-me eyes. He was going to lie down first but I swung around him and while pulled him on top of me. He was all over me like a crazed panther. He humped me, our penises rubbing together like two horny pythons. “Oh, my god,” I thought. “This is really happening.”

“Eddy?” I pleaded.

He lifted his head. “What, baby?”

“Take me, please?”

With that, he obscenely covered his finger with spit and moved it inside me while I raised my knees. My god that felt terrific! Then he pulled out this finger, sat up between my legs, spit on his hand and rubbed it on his throbbing, purple dick. His cock was smaller than mine, maybe five inches compared to my seven. I was glad since he was about to enter me. He positioned himself, I took his well soaked dick and placed to the entrance of my shithole. He began to ease into me. It hurt like fucking hell and I’m sure I saw stars. He could see the look on my face.

“You ok, baby?

“Yeah, just give me a second.” Precum was flowing like a river out of my penis.

After the pain subsided, I nodded for him to continue and he started slowly thrusting. I met his thrusts with my hips. Suddenly, wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. I felt his hard pecs with my hands, pinching his nipples hard, his skin as soft as a dove. He groaned and smashed himself into me in lust.

“I love your body and wonderful skin, Eddy.”

He smiled and closed his eyes while continuing to give me the ride of my life.

His thrusts quickened and I could tell we were both about to cum. I felt my balls boiling and the semen starting to rise in me. I bucked, screamed and shot a load that hit me in the face, while my orgasm shook the bed. I grabbed my aching cock to finish myself off. Eddy moaned but surprised me by pulling out, climbing up and shoving his greasy dick in my mouth. His penis pulsed huge wads of come into me. I couldn’t possibly swallow it all and his load streamed down my chin and neck.

When he finished, he collapsed in my arms, our bodies sticking together with sweat. He kissed me lightly, licking the remnants of his gift to me, off of my face. Then we kissed in like two lost lovers.

At that moment I wondered if a woman would ever be enough for me.

“Eddy, I lo…” He pressed a finger to my lips and said, “Shhhhhh. Not now.” I nodded and he removed his finger.

We both fell into a wonderful, restful sleep and he let me fuck him later that evening. His ass was a work of fucking art!

We saw each other a couple of times after that but his band got a big recording contract, they toured the world and I never saw him again. I will always love him and I have very fond memories of our encounters.

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