My Two Aunts Ch. 02

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I stepped into my Aunt Chrissy’s arms and embraced her. “I’m so sorry, aunty, I promise to do better with you.”

To my surprise, my aunt kissed me tenderly on the mouth. “I’m sorry I was a little cross with you just now,” she said, “it’s just that I was so looking forward to a fuck.”

Then she turned to Aunt Carol. “I’m taking him upstairs, sis, I think this place is probably a little intimidating to him,” she said, sweeping her hand to indicate the flogging bench, the frame, the gurney and the whips.

“Fair enough,” said Carol, “but don’t forget ‘this place’ as you describe it is what pays the bills, for the custom-built Chargers and buys us new shoes.

“And anyway, he shaves his cock shaft and his balls and as you well know that’s sure sign of a submissive. Show me a cock shaver and I’ll show you a slave.”

“I don’t believe it’s that simple,” said Aunt Chrissy. “A lot of men shave their cock and balls because it makes them feel sexy. And on the subject of this torture chamber, I know very well what keeps us in our lifestyle, my darling sister, but I still think it’s a little awe-inspiring for Roger, so I’ll take him up to my bedroom.”

And with that she took me by the hand and led me out of the torture chamber and upstairs to her palatial bedroom. Closing the door behind her, Aunty Chrissy, still clad in her sexy, open-fronted, bare-crotched playsuit, lay back on the bed and I took my place beside her.

As she stroked my cock and I snuggled my mouth to her lush, big breasts, Aunty Chrissy told me: “You mustn’t mind Carol, she’s just a little dominant at times and she’ll probably want to turn you into her sex slave. Don’t worry, I’ll look after you.”

My penis was already recovering from its premature ejaculation into Aunty Carol and was stirring to life under Aunt Chrissy’s sensual stroking.

“Now,” she said, smiling at me and kissing me tenderly on the mouth, “ready to try again?”

I looked into her deep blue eyes and kissed her first on the throat, then the chin, then her lovely mouth. “Yes, please,” I whispered huskily and climbed onto her full, firm body.

Aunty took my erection and guided it to her moist pussy and with a slow and very excited thrust I pushed into her cunt, feeling almost giddy with excitement as she took my hardness into her velvety smoothness.

“Ooooh, that’s so lovely, you have got a charming cock, my dear,” Aunty Chrissy told me, as I began to fuck her with long, slow strokes which I hoped would prove to her that I was not a complete tyro when it came to cock-in-cunt love-making.

“I know it’s the missionary position, my darling, but it’s one of my favourites,” she told me. “We can experiment with other positions later, but first I want to kiss you – oh, and I’ve got a present for you!”

I slowed my already slow tempo down even further and kissed her deeply, our tongues intertwining. “A gift? This is the only gift I need, my darling aunty,” I told her, “being able to make love to you!”

Aunt Chrissy laughed a deep, throaty laugh and told me: “Feel beneath the pillows, darling.”

I did as she said and my hand fell upon some material that felt slightly damp. Pulling it from the pillows I found it was a pair of black satin knickers, which gleamed and shone almost as if they were made of rubber.

“I’ve been wearing those panties for two days – I was running late to pick you up from the airport this morning, so I pulled them on and then remembered they were soiled, but I couldn’t be bothered changing them,” she told me.

“And then, when I saw you at the airport and saw how you’d grown up into such a sexy young man, I got all excited down there and I’m afraid they’ve got all wet again!”

I could feel the slight dampness of the material in my fingers, then aunty said: “Would you like to put them on, darling?”

“Of course I would,” I said, quickly, “but I’m making love to you, aunty!” How gauche!

“Not on down there, silly,” Aunt Chrissy smiled, “up here!”

And with that she took the knickers from my hand and placed them over my face. She placed the gusset of the garment over my nose and mouth, allowing me to inhale the most gloriously intoxicating aroma I had ever experienced.

“There, darling,” she said, noticing my look of sheer delight, “is that nice?”

“It’s fucking gorgeous – oh, pardon me, aunty, that’s so rude. It’s the most marvellous perfume I’ve ever smelled, only it’s making me so excited,” I told her, afraid that the sheer erotic excitement of her panties would make me disgrace myself again!

“Stop the fuck for a moment or two, then,” Aunt Chrissy instructed me, and I did.

“Now, what can you smell in those wicked little knickers of mine?” she asked, impishly.

“Well,” I said, trying to control the thrill running through my body due to the placement of her knickers on my face, “there’s a magnificent aroma of pussy.”

“Anything else?” asked Aunty Chrissy, a cheeky grin on her face.

I screwed my eyes tight shut and inhaled deeply. “Erm, yes, there emek escort is,” I told her. “Is it … er, is it your urine?”

Aunty laughed aloud. “Yes, it’s my piss perfume – do you like it?”

“It’s marvellous, it’s intoxicating, it’s exciting,” I said, searching for words to describe the musky smell.

“Pull out, darling!” aunty called out, suddenly, and thinking that I’d done something wrong, I withdrew from her wet cunt. Then she reached up for her panties, pulled them from my face and arranging the gusset carefully she rubbed it two or three times over her pussy.

“Now try it!” she said, handing me back her knickers. Swiftly I arranged them on my face, instantly aware that the aroma was now more intense, tasting the moistness with my tongue, as the panties drove me wild.

I almost leapt onto her and thrust my rigid cock back into her cunt and started to hump, but Aunt Chrissy placed a warning finger on my panty-covered lips and said: “Time for a change, my dear. Out you get!” I withdrew once more and Aunty Chrissy swung herself off the bed and stood bending over, her fists bunched on the mattress, her feet spread wide.

“Try a new position, darling,” came her command and I stood behind her, placed my hands on her hips and felt my cock’s helmet brush against her cunny lips. Then, with one steady thrust, I drove my cock deep into her cunt, already very wet from our previous couplings.

After a few thrusts I ran my hands up from her hips to cup her pendulous 38-inch breasts, glorying in their firm lushness.

“There, darling,” she said, as I humped away, “is that a nice way to fuck?”

“Oh aunty, it’s so fucking wonderful, I just love the way my pubic mound bumps against the lovely roundness of your buttocks every time I push deep into you,” I told her.

“That’s right, and you can feel my titties, but with one hand, go down and play with my pussy, just the labia lips, then the clit, I’d like that,” Aunty Chrissy instructed me.

I did as I was told, and found her labia leaking juice, which I smeared all over my fingers before flicking them against her prominent little clit, thrilling at the way it erected and rose to my caress.

“Now pull out and I’ll show you something else,” Aunty Chrissy told me, and I disengaged from the fuck.

“Sit on that chair,” she told me, and I sat down on a high backed, armless chair in one corner of the bedroom. Aunty walked to me as I sat stiff-cocked and straddled my lap, her inner thighs brushing against my outer ones.

Then she impaled herself on my cock and as she did she offered her lovely big boobies up to my mouth for oral adoration as she humped herself up and down on my pulsating prick.

“How’s that, Roger?” she asked, as I rubbed my face across her big breasts while sucking, licking and kissing at her hardened nipples.

“Oh aunty, it’s just wonderful,” I said, amazing myself at the way I was controlling my prick’s passionate desire to shoot spunk.

As I fought to maintain that control, I pulled back from her exciting breasts and told her: “Aunty, I’ve got a question. Do you mind?”

She smiled at me, while maintaining her steady thrusting up and down on my erection. “Of course not, darling,” said Aunty Chrissy, “fire away. Ooops, perhaps that was an unfortunate turn of phrase.”

I kissed her on the mouth, then explained what had been intriguing me for quite some time. “Downstairs in that room?”

“The torture chamber?” said Aunty Chrissy.

“That’s right,” I said. “It was something Aunty Carol said about ‘knowing what pays the bills’.”

Aunty Chrissy laughed: “And I said something about knowing what keeps us in our extravagant lifestyle. And you want to know what we get up to down there?”

I knew I was prying, but I muttered: “Sorry, aunty, if it’s a secret or something I shouldn’t know …”

Aunty Chrissy smiled, then stood up off my cunt-smeared cock and went back to her bed. “Missionary position, darling, and you can come now!”

I moved swiftly to the bed and lay on top of her wonderful body, my cock springing into her vagina and thrusting deep. Aunt Chrissy encourage me with deep kisses on my panty-covered mouth.

Soon I was nearing the inevitable. With the pressure to prevent an ejaculation now gone I was swiftly peaking and my passion spilled over with another gut-wrenching orgasm as I heaved and humped on my lovely aunt’s encouraging full figure.

With a sigh, I pulled from her and Aunty Chrissy went into her bathroom. I heard sounds of running water, then she returned, totally naked. Lying beside me on the bed she bent down and sucked on my semi-stiff cock, licking and kissing it for several moments. My girl friend had never done that!

Then she lay back, pulled her panties from my face and kissed me tenderly. “Now, you want to know what goes on in the games room downstairs?”

I felt a little leap of excitement. I had assumed that when she had not answered my inquiries while we were fucking on the chair that she was not going to eryaman escort answer me. Now she explained everything.

“Your aunt and I are, for want of a better term, porn stars. We appear in movies as ‘The Torture Twins’,” she told me.

“You do look alike,” I said, “and I can imagine you could be taken for twins.”

“Exactly,” said Aunty Chrissy. “We both are 5 feet 8, we both weigh about the same and we both measure 38-26-37. So we could easily be taken for twins and twin sisters are a bit of a rarity in the porn business. And those that are around are very, very much in demand,” Aunt Chrissy said.

“So in all the promotional guff, we say we were born on the same day in 1969, which makes us 36 according to the biographies. A little bit of poetic, or porn licence,” laughed aunty, who was now stroking my cock. Amazingly, I felt it becoming aroused once more!

“Anyway, Carol and I specialize in female domination movies – femdom as they’re called for short. We’ll show you some of them after dinner, if you’re interested.”

My cock was once more as solid as a truncheon. “Er, yes, I think I am, aunty,” I told her.

She laughed and kissed me on the mouth. “So we’ve made a lot of femdom pornos – they’re all given similar names. The Torture Twins Torment Tony – porn titles are often awful puns or alliterative. The Torture Twins Thrash Tex. The Torture Twins Tease Tim. You get the idea.”

“And the torture chamber downstairs is where you film the movies?” I asked.

“Oh good heavens no, darling,” said Aunty Chrissy. “That’s where we entertain our very special clients.”

I looked puzzled, and Aunt Chrissy explained for me.

“A lot of people in the porn business do ‘moonlighting’ – you know what that is?”

I nodded.

“Some porn stars, say the ones who specialize in fuck and suck movies, will entertain clients when they visit certain destinations.”

“Isn’t that prostitution?” I asked my aunt.

“Goodness me, no,” she smiled. “Of course the clients will reimburse the lady for her time and the expenses she has incurred in getting to a certain destination, but what happens between two consenting adults who meet in a hotel room and find each other immensely attractive can’t be termed prostitution.”

“But your clients aren’t interested in ‘fuck and suck’, eh, aunty?” I pressed her.

“Well they may be, but your aunt and I never allow any fucking. The only sucking permitted may be to our breasts and bottoms and – if we really take a shine to a client – our pussies,” she said.

“No, our clients are into domination. They like to be whipped, they like to be humiliated.”

“Humiliated?” I asked.

“Yes, golden showers, stuff like that – except Carol and I draw the line at brown showers.”

“Brown showers?” I asked naively.

“Don’t make me explain,” said aunty, with a shudder, “it’s too gross!”

“And these slaves – Aunty Carol wants to make me one of your slaves?” I asked, still stiff-pricked, now excited.

“Yes, she would love you to become her slave – you see she’s never had a slave so young. Most of our clients are aged in their 40s to their 60s. We even have one who must be in his early 70s,” aunty told her mouth-open young nephew.

“Why so old?” I asked her.

“Darling, use your grey cells,” Aunt Chrissy laughed. “It’s only men of a certain age who can afford to enjoy our services. Young men in their late teens, like you, and in their 20s and 30s, usually don’t have the readies to be able to afford us.”

“And they pay you well?” I probed.

“Some of them pay extremely well. Our shortest session is two hours, which can set someone back a few thousand dollars, and then those who want a day or two with us, shell out really big bucks,” Aunty Chrissy told me.

“Then why bother with the porn business?” I asked. “Surely the torture chamber is all you need?”

Aunty Chrissy smiled and pulled me down to her pussy. “Worship me,” she ordered, and as I proceeded to lick her magnificent minge, she continued with her explanation.

“The porn films are simply a way of advertising our wares,” she told me, as my lips licked her lush labia and my tongue snuck into her satin-smooth cunt.

“Anyone who purchases one of our videos sees how to contact us via our website,” she continued. “Then they go onto the net, make contact and we begin negotiations. All they have to do is log on to our site, and voila – another slave turns up for his whipping. Simple.

“Now shut up asking questions and give me a lovely orgasm, there’s a sweetie!”

My mouth worked at the oral adoration of aunty’s aromatic pussy, and I confess that at times I actually licked my lips while I performed at her pussy, so delectable was my task.

After several minutes, aunty placed her feet up from the sides of my body onto my buttocks and she strengthened the grip of her thighs about my head and upper body, before forcing me to increase my pace with a panted instruction: “My clit, lick it now – lick it faster!”

I etimesgut escort laved and licked, my tongue flashing over the budding knob of her clitoris until, with a groan and a sob, aunty announced: “Oh yes, Roger, that’s it, tongue fuck me, tongue fuck me, darling, oh yes!”

I had hardly finished my tasty task, when I heard Aunty Carol’s voice from behind me. She must have stepped into the bedroom while her older sister was in the throes of passion to observe me performing cunnilingus!

“See, what did I tell you Chris?” I heard Aunty Carol exclaim. “He’s desperate to become our sex slave. He can’t get enough of the muff diving dominance – he’s a slave in the making, I told you so!”

Aunty Chrissy was by now winding down from her Big O and she stroked my head as I lay panting between her widespread thighs.

“Total and complete nonsense, sis,” said Chrissy. “Watch!”

And with that she pulled me by the shoulders until I was lying firmly against her. “Now fuck me, darling!”

I needed no more invitation. My prick was oozing pre-cum and it was thick and turgid, itching for action! Once more I mounted her and was soon thrusting in a tempo which thrilled me.

“See, sis?” asked Aunt Chrissy. “He’s a fuck machine, he’s not interested in your floggings or golden showers, he simply wants to fuck. And boy, can he fuck!”

I heard a laugh from behind me. “Don’t kid yourself, sis,” said Carol, “I heard you talking about our kinky clients and I opened the door a tad and peeped in at you. When you were talking about the torture scenarios he was as hard as a rock. It fascinates you, doesn’t it Roger?”

What could I say? I was about to confess, when Aunt Chrissy got in before me.

“He’s a randy young man, talk of dungeons and dominatrixes is all alien to him. I’ve promised to show him some of our DVDs this evening after dinner – we’ll see how he reacts to them, OK?”

Carol replied to her sister: “Of course, it’s fine by me. But he’ll turn out to be a closet submissive, mark my words my dear sis!”

Then, as I humped away on Aunt Chrissy’s body, Aunt Carol stepped to the side of the bed. She was wearing high heels – and nothing else.

“And how’s his cock control coming along?” she inquired, looking down at my performance.

“Very nicely, thank-you,” said Aunt Chrissy. “Look, I’ll give you a demonstration.” She looked at me with an encouraging smile and ordered: “OK Roger, tit fuck me!”

I slowly pulled my prick from her pussy and raised my torso to place my cock between her twin peaks. Aunty Chrissy pressed her large globes together, trapping my penis between the globes and soon I was leaving trails of pre-cum along the smooth inner stretches of her beautiful breasts.

For several moments I proceeded to enjoy the very first tit fuck of my life – the only others I’d ever witnessed had been on some porn videos I’d watched with a college friend.

Then aunty ordered another switch: “Mouth fuck me, darling!”

Once more I ascended her naked body and placed my quivering cock to her lips. Aunty opened her mouth wide and sucked me in, her wet mouth driving me wild with excitement. I thrust for about four or five plunges into her oral orifice, then felt a surge starting to build.

“I’m coming, aunty,” I hissed, as the sperm started its swift journey from my scrotal sac up my shaft. Aunt Chrissy made no move to disengage from my throbbing prick and I continued humping her face until a spurt of spunk shot free. She swallowed, then accepted another burst.

Beside the bed our audience placed her hands together and gave a slow handclap. “Not bad,” said Aunt Carol, “but not brilliant. I think he’s got some way to go before he’s up to my demanding standards. I may have to train him.”

Aunt Chrissy licked her lips, then sucked me on my cock head before replying: “I know how you train your slaves and you’ll be doing no such thing unless he’s really, truly into it.”

Then Aunty Carol climbed onto the bed beside us. “Anyway,” she announced, “I have to confess that watching him hump you has made me randy again. Come on down here, Roger, I need a nice little muff dive!” I lay down and placed my face close to her aromatic, semi-shaved snatch and began to lick her cunt only to be commanded by a stern-sounding Aunt Carol: “Lower, lick my anus!”

I delved deeper and as I was probing her muskiness, I heard her cry out: “Panties – you’ve been making him wear your panties, Chris! He’s a fuckin’ panty pervert. I knew it – this kid’s kinky!”

My face must have turned red as she taunted me, but I maintained my oral worship of her back passage while Aunt Chrissy defended me.

“Rubbish, sis,” she told Carol. “He just likes the lovely aroma of a mature woman’s panties on his face. Nothing wrong with that, it’s one of this country’s biggest participant sports, panty sniffing.”

“Excuses, excuses,” said Aunt Carol as she pulled my head higher and allowed me to worship her moist cunt.

“Now my clit, lover boy,” she panted, and I was soon bringing her off as I licked her clit in frantic flicks as she writhed her crotch onto my face.

Finally, after roaring her approval, Aunt Carol pushed me away and Aunt Chrissy lay down by my side, so I was now in between the two naked, lush-bodied sisters.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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