My Weekend in Portland Ch. 03

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After giving Ruth half an hour to stop trembling, I dressed her in tennis shoes and a trench coat — nothing else — and sent her out shopping. I gave her a list of a few things I might need, and some goodies, but I really wanted to get her out of the way for an hour.

When she was gone, I quickly searched her townhouse from top to bottom, finding some things of interest. I could have asked Ruth about any secrets she had hidden, but wasn’t sure she would reveal everything. Also, it was fun going through her stuff. There was a pile of magazines in her nightstand, consisting mostly of “women’s” magazines — full of those suggestive ads featuring half-naked couples and trios. She had some sexy lingerie I was pretty sure never got worn to work, the bras were 36Ds.

The big prize, though, was Ruth’s journal, a simple bound book with lined pages hidden in her underwear drawer. Actually, there were five books, the first two covering the years she was in college. Those were pretty boring. She didn’t even mention her boyfriend’s penchant for fully clothed “sex.” The later journals gradually became more revealing, and the fifth one approached complete honesty.

Among other things, she described how and why she’d gotten me downsized, and revealed a romantic and sexual interest in me that dated back to our first meeting three years before. She also recorded a vague sexual fantasy about being a “slave.” That was interesting news. And her fifth journal also revealed a growing sexual attraction to … another woman.

The other woman was Denise A—–, a supervisor in another department of my old company. Denise’s position was roughly equal to Ruth’s, but generally required more hands-on supervision. Her department was on the same floor as Ruth’s, but the opposite side of the building. They encountered each other occasionally in meetings, the elevator or the second-floor cafeteria.

It seems Ruth had always thought Denise attractive, but didn’t start to think of her sexually until she witnessed an incident six months before. Ruth had come upon Denise in a bathroom, fiercely browbeating one of her staff for missing a deadline. While Ruth stood there unnoticed, Denise angrily reduced her staff member to tears. Then, turning, Denise almost collided with Ruth before giving her an angry glare and striding out of the bathroom.

Helping Denise’s sobbing staffer calm down and clean herself up, Ruth was puzzled to notice that her nipples were hard and sensitive against the soft fabric of her bra, and her crotch was warm beneath her panty hose and conservative skirt. That night she masturbated all the way to orgasm, visualizing Denise’s flushed face and modest cleavage only inches from her own in the bathroom. Bycasino

Ruth began to take more notice of Denise, studying her furtively whenever they passed in the halls or shared an elevator. She wrote that Denise was built like a dancer, with B-cup breasts and a slender 5-feet-7 frame. But she gave no impression of being skinny because her buttocks, thighs and arms were rounded and muscular.

Where Ruth’s hair was shoulder length and a wavy, dark brunette, Denise’s was pure black, straight and cut stylishly short. Where Ruth’s complexion was a light olive, Denise’s skin was milky pale. Ruth wore businesslike suits, while Denise wore attention-getting fashions.

Ruth became more and more fascinated, recording exact details about Denise in her journal. Discovering that Denise worked out regularly at the downtown YMCA, Ruth changed her schedule to work out at the same time. That led to several occasions Ruth described when she saw Denise changing clothes. She caught glimpses of the smaller woman’s breasts and panty-covered ass. But to Ruth’s disappointment, Denise apparently showered at home. Ruth never got a clear look at her pussy. She even looked in vain for chances to steal something of Denise’s from her locker.

According to Ruth’s journal, she was several weeks into her fascination with Denise before she reluctantly admitted her obsession was sexual. There was a despairing note in that entry, along with Ruth’s puzzled observation that she did not feel like a lesbian and still found herself attracted to men. Denise, too, dated frequently and showed no sign of being gay. The journal ended with an admiring description of Denise’s arms and breasts in a sheer blouse she had worn the day before my arrival in Portland.

By that time my dick was so stiff it was almost painful, and my mind was racing, considering the implications. I pictured Ruth standing naked in front of Denise, holding up her full breasts to the smaller woman and begging to be sucked. I had been horny before, but now I was nearing the end of my self-control. At that moment I heard Ruth’s car pull into the garage.

I carefully replaced Ruth’s journals in their hiding place and hurried downstairs. I found her putting her bags on the kitchen counter, and attacked her with a passionate kiss, driving my tongue deep into her mouth and practically ripping the trench coat off her. She began moaning as her tongue tangled with mine inside her wet mouth. I broke our kiss long enough to whisper in her ear, “I’m going to fuck you SO hard!” She stared at me wide-eyed.

Grabbing a thick nipple with each hand, I pulled Ruth through the small dining room into her darkened living room. She gasped as I bent Bycasino giriş her over in front of a wing chair and put her hands on the chair arms. Then I ripped my clothes off while enjoying the sight of her fat pussy lips peeking out from between the tops of her thighs, just below her dark, puckered asshole. She looked anxiously at me over her shoulder and her heavy breasts swung with every movement.

Finally I had my clothes off and I stepped up to Ruth’s wide, gorgeous butt. I rubbed the head of my dick once between her pussy lips and found her already slick and wet inside. I fitted the bulging head of my rod into the mouth of her waiting pussy and pushed. Ruth gasped. Two more thrusts and I was buried to the hilt, surrounded by her warmth and wetness. Ruth groaned deeply, “Sooo goooooood!” I balanced myself, pulled out and slammed my prick into her until my hips slapped against her firm buttocks.

Soon my hips were slapping against her ass in a steady, powerful rhythm. Ruth panted and groaned, sometimes giving a quick whimper when I pulled out, leaving her pussy momentarily empty. My dick glistened with her cunt juices and wet, sticky sounds filled the room. With every gasp, I inhaled the wonderful aroma of her sex. The force of our fucking pushed the chair across the polished hardwood floor until it butted against a wall. Ruth had to brace herself with her arms and legs as I began pounding into her even harder. She threw her head back and uttered a long, low howl of arousal, feeling the forceful, repeated penetration of her sex.


We were making so much noise that I missed the sound of the key in Ruth’s front door, but I noticed immediately when the door began to open. I didn’t care. All I wanted was to fuck and fuck the beautiful woman bent over in front of me. The door swung open and a pretty, dark-haired young woman holding a laundry basket stepped inside, turning back to close the door. From the corner of my eye, I saw her reach out to flip on the lights.

Ruth gasped and her pussy gave my dick a hard squeeze when the light flooded the room. She tried to flee, but I leaned both hands on her back, keeping her in position. She turned her face toward the young woman with the laundry basket, who stood a few feet away as if turned to stone, staring at us wide-eyed. I continued my eager thrusts into Ruth’s slick pussy and for three or four heartbeats the only sound was the “slurp-slap, slurp-slap, slurp-slap” of our fucking.

Then the pretty young woman gave a small cry, dropped her laundry basket, and fled back through the front door, slamming it behind her. Ruth gave an odd groan that somehow conveyed both humiliation and arousal and she Bycasino deneme bonusu began to come. She surprised me by starting to push her hips back, meeting my thrusts and forcing me to increase speed to match her furious pace. “AaaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHH! She moaned continuously now and her head thrashed back and forth. Her pussy was so wet I could feel her juices soaking my pubic hair and coating my balls.

Her climax continuing, Ruth began to collapse forward, resting her head and shoulders on the chair. My come had been rising for some time, and the slightly different angle of her upraised pussy forced my dickhead to rub against the inner walls of her slit. A second later I felt my balls contract and the first gush of cum shoot up my penis in a fiery burst. With a sharp feeling of ecstatic relief, cum sprayed from my peehole into Ruth’s clasping cunt. “AH! AH! AH! AH!” I grunted as I continued to pull out and force my way back inside her slippery warmth. My nipples were almost painfully erect. “Oooooooooooh! FUUUUUUUCK!”

I continued pushing into Ruth and pulling out, slower now with shorter thrusts. The head of my dick was intensely sensitive, sliding against her inner walls, lubricated with a slippery stew of pussy juice and sperm.

Finally stopping, we remained in that position for several minutes, Ruth’s head and shoulders resting on the chair, her hips raised and her legs spread wide and locked motionless. My dick softened slightly, so I left it deep in Ruth’s pussy. My knees were so weak, I felt I would collapse to the floor if I moved. Instead I occupied my hands, caressing Ruth’s slender waist and broad, firm buttocks. She gave a satisfied sigh.

“You are a GREAT fuck,” I whispered finally.

“Do you really think so?” she said in a small voice, glancing at me over her shoulder with a relieved smile. “I’m so glad you think so. I really don’t know much about sex.”

“Don’t worry, you’re terrific, and there’s not that much to know,” I said. “By the way. Who was that girl?”

Ruth’s head jerked up, seemingly recovering the memory wiped out by the power of her prolonged orgasm.

“That was my little sister,” she said. “Naomi moved to Portland a couple of months ago, and she hates the laundry room in her building. I gave her a key so she could do her laundry here. She must have thought I was gone because the lights were off and my car wasn’t in the driveway. GOD, that was so EMBARRASSING!”

“Don’t worry, my beautiful slave,” I said. “She’s probably at the market right now, looking for the perfect cucumber.”

Ruth looked puzzled for a moment, then flushed when she understood my implication.

“My little sister would never do THAT!” she declared with a frown, but I detected a slight note of uncertainty in her voice.

“Did you think you’d be doing THIS tonight?” I asked, rocking my hips slightly so my dick moved inside her. She just looked at me blankly over her shoulder.

(End of Chapter 3 of 15)

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