My Wife Cheri’s Massage

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My secret fantasy of how Cheri’s first sensual massage might happen.

I have had this crazy fantasy of seeing my sexy wife Cheri being ravished and enjoying multiple cocks for over a year. At first I thought I was losing it but the fantasy kept growing inside of me.

I tried to forget about it but it wasn’t possible, the seed was somehow planted in my head and I knew I wanted this to happen in reality. I wasn’t sure how to tell her so I decided I had to just simply let her know how I felt. I was convinced Cheri would at least listen to me and possibly even consider my proposition.

I knew I had a decent chance because my Cheri is not a prude by any means and is very sexual and open minded when it comes to sex. I knew I wanted to make this happen but I also had doubts. That is when I came across an article on how married women are enjoying happy ending massages at a fast growing rate. As a matter of fact, even women that said they would never participate in a happy ending massage once they had one became return customers.

What intrigued me the most is these women that were interviewed about happy ending massages felt like they were not cheating it was a transaction that was over as soon as the massage ended. The masseur did his job and the happy wife went home to her loving husband.

That is when the light bulb lit up in my mind and I thought this is my ticket to my fantasy. All I have to do is convince Cheri and find a masseuse that wouldn’t mind my watching and joining in. We are not inviting anyone into our personal lives, we meet at a neutral place, we have our fun and the masseur goes home as we do. No strings attached, no emotions involved and we are doing this together.

Now I had to find a masseur and so I again did my research and that is when I hit gold. I found a massage exchange site online that amateur and accredited masseurs go to exchange massages for practice or for pleasure.

It was exactly what I was looking for and learned we could sign up as a couple seeking to receive massages only. The site offers both therapeutic and sensual massage exchanges. I set up a profile describing my wife as 5’3″ tall, 119lbs, medium b-cup, dirty blonde, hazel eyes and shaved smooth. I also stated that I wanted to watch.

I started receiving messages from all kinds of interested men wanting to massage my wife and I was really turned on by it. This is the point where I told my wife she listened asked a few questions and then to my surprise propositioned me with an arrangement and we both agreed to pursue this fantasy of mine. My wife tried to down play it but I know secretly inside her she was turned on by the fantasy.

We have since been in touch with several men and are planning to meet for coffee prior to setting anything up to see if we all click.

I know my sexy Cheri is going to really enjoy her sensual massage and although the fantasy may not happen exactly like this, I have many fantasies of how I imagine her first experience to climax. We will just enjoy ourselves and ultimately she will let it go as far as she wants.

Massage Day

We previously had met the masseur we chose for coffee and it all went well. He is a professional educated man and we felt comfortable with him. We scheduled a date and I set it all up by booking a room in a nice hotel. He was to meet us there at 7:00pm on Bostancı Escort a Saturday night. Cheri and I arrived early making a day of it. I took her down to the bar for some drinks as she and I were both nervous but excited at the same time. She had a few drinks and started to feel the effects of the alcohol which made her relax.

It was about an hour prior to our masseur’s arrival so I took Cheri by the hand and led her up to our suite to get ready. When we got to our suite I turned the heat up to make it warm and comfortable. I lit candles with sensual aromas for her and told her to get undressed.

She did as I asked and I had her sit on the edge of the bed so I could shave her sweet pussy. I applied a generous amount of shaving gel and lathered her beautiful pussy making sure to get in all the crevices.

I poured her another drink and proceeded to shave her pussy nice and smooth. I was really getting turned on and was tempted to lick her smooth pussy but I restrained as I wanted her to wait in anticipation.

After I was finished shaving her tight pussy, I ran a hot bath for her and carried her to the tub. She gently sat in the hot bath and sipped some more of her drink as I bathed her. I let her soak a little as I gave her another drink and started rubbing her feet to make her feel relaxed.

I rinsed her off, dried her sexy petite body and put a short terry cloth robe on her I had purchased together with a few soft towels for her massage.

It was about a quarter to seven so I left her in the bathroom to get ready as I knew she always wants to look her best. I closed the door to the bathroom and poured myself a drink while I waited. Right at 7:00 pm there was a knock on the door and I am sure that when she heard the knock she must have been nervous. I answered the door and it was Jake our masseur, I greeted him and invited him in. I offered him a drink which he accepted and as I was preparing it for him he set up his massage table.

He had a couple of bags with him and showed me how he had purchased brand new sheets to put on the massage table for Cheri. He then took his jacket off and he was wearing loose fitting cotton medical type scrub pants and a soft white cotton tee shirt.

I gave him his drink and we chatted a little while Cheri was getting ready. He assured me that he would not cross any boundaries and as soon as he did something we didn’t feel comfortable with that all we had to do is tell him and he would stop. As we finished going over our ground rules we both heard the door open as my sexy Cheri came out looking gorgeous.

I can tell he liked what he saw and she joined us sitting on the lounge chair of our suite. I poured another round as Jake proceeded to ask Cheri what areas she would like him to work on. Then he explained that after the therapeutic massage he would proceed with the sensual massage. He explained how he would massage all her erogenous zones, her pussy, breasts and ass. She just kind of listened and didn’t object to anything looking at me to answer for her which I did by just simply telling Jake that we will play it by ear and if we wanted him to stop we would let him know..

We chatted a little more to relieve the tension and decided it was time to start with the relaxing therapeutic massage. We led her to the table and I held up a sheet for her so she can disrobe. Ümraniye Escort Jake asked her to lie on her stomach and I placed one of the new towels neatly folded just enough to just cover her ass.

Jake proceeded to pump large amounts of massage oil on her and started by massaging her neck and shoulders. He placed her arms down along her sides and worked his way to her hands and fingers which he also massaged.

He then started kneading in between her shoulder blades and made his way down to her lower back just above the towel that covered her ass. He then walked around to the other end and started massaging her feet slowly working his way up her legs to her ass again. He massaged one leg at a time and as he massaged her inner thighs made sure to intentionally brush his hand across her pussy.

As I sat there watching and I couldn’t help but get hard as I could see her pussy was glistening with her juices. I could tell from her moans that she was enjoying it and was getting turned on.

Jake then asked her if she would be comfortable turning over and lying on her back. He kindly held the towel in place making sure she was still covered as she rolled over onto her back and proceeded to place another towel over her breasts.

He walked up and started massaging her face by gently rubbing her temples, forehead to relieve the weight of her brow and her soft cheeks. He made his way down to her shoulders and massaged the front sides of her arms. He then started massaging her tummy and working his way up to her breasts. He asked if he could remove the towel covering her breasts and she nodded yes.

He removed the towel and cupped her breasts rubbing them in a half circular motion. She was getting excited as I could see her nipples fully erect. He started teasing her by lightly touching her nipples and using his finger encircling her areolas.

He then moved down to her feet and massaged her toes and again made his way up her legs. He massaged the inside of her thighs and again intentionally brushed his hand across her wet pussy.

He then asked if she would like to continue with the second part which was the sensual massage. Without hesitation she said yes and now my cock was rock hard as I realized my fantasy was about to happen for real.

He went up to her face again and lightly caressed her lips with his thumb while massaging the base of her head. He made his way to her breasts again this time firmly squeezing each breast with one hand and then softly pinching her erect nipple and rolling it between his forefinger and thumb with his other hand. He did this to each breast and she was moaning with desire.

Jake then worked his way down her belly and I could see his pants rising as he purposely made sure his bulge was in her face. This time he just removed the towel covering her pussy. He must have sensed she would not be objecting and went with his instinct. He softly pressed down on her pelvic bone with one hand as he rubbed her clit with his other hand.

Her clit started to get engorged and as he had done before with her nipples he started rolling her clit with his forefinger and thumb. At that point he caressed each side of her inner and outer pussy lips. Cheri was already dripping as he pumped more massage oil all over her wet pussy

He lubed her holes really well and then inserted his forefinger Ataşehir Escort and middle finger in her pussy making sure his fingers were curved up like the letter “C” and placed the palm of his hand on her clit. He proceeded to rub his palm against her clit as he searched for her G-Spot.

I knew when he found it because she bucked and started to moan uncontrollably saying “Yes, right there! Don’t stop!!” He kept working her clit and G-Spot and then she squirted like never before. It was like she was pissing on him and it was incredible!

The room was hot and he just let her sit there in her juices as the smell of her cum was in the air and was turning all of us on.

He then had her sit up and he sat behind her as she rested her back against his chest. He motioned for me to come over and hand him the massaging vibrator. He asked me to spread her legs apart and he started using the massager on her engorged clit.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I inserted my thumb in her pussy and my forefinger in her tight ass. I rubbed the soft flesh between her pussy and asshole. At this point she was practically screaming with pleasure.

To my surprise she just blurted out “fuck me! I need it, put it in me!!” I was ready to explode so I picked her up and put her on the bed, pulled my pants down and started fucking her hard and deep.

Jake was kneeling next to her and she instinctively reached for his cock and rubbed it through his pants. I kept fucking her and realized how hot she would look stroking his cock while I fucked her.

I told Jake to go ahead and take his cock out which he did and Cheri started stroking him vigorously. I stopped, rolled her over on all fours and proceeded to fuck her doggy style. She was sitting there with Jake’s cock in her face and she kind of looked back at me as if to ask if she can suck it. I just nodded and she immediately started sucking his cock.

She had never had two cocks before and was enjoying every minute of it. At this point there was lust and pleasure in the air and we were not about to stop. We took turns fucking her as she sucked the other. I made the decision she was going to experience double penetration so I had her ride Jake as her asshole was mine and no one but me would get to fuck her ass. As she was on top riding Jake I lubed her ass together with my cock and squatted behind her slowly inserting the tip of my cock in her ass.

I tried to follow her rhythm as she was bouncing on jakes cock and when I found it I started pumping her ass. She was taking two cocks like a porn star! She made noises I never heard her make before and we fucked her until she couldn’t take it anymore. We were all ready to cum and I told Jake to pull out and stand next to her. I told him he could cum on her back as I was fucking her asshole. I wanted to fill her ass with cum and as Jake started stroking he shot his load on her back getting some in her hair. She was extremely turned on and asked me to fill her up and I gladly came deep in her ass. As I pulled my cock out of her gaping asshole cum started oozing out of her ass and dripping down her leg and across her pussy.

She was exhausted and the session was over. Jake thanked us, packed his gear and wished us a goodnight. He left and we didn’t have to ever see him again.

Cheri took a shower and we ended up fucking all night as this was the most erotic experience the both of us ever had. I now felt even closer to my hot wife than ever before knowing we had experienced something together that few couples ever experience. We had reached a new level in our relationship and I loved her even more for that.

The End

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