My Wife with the Crystal Blue Eyes

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Characters in this story:

Torin Michaels– Multibillionaire founder of the company Lucas works for

Christina Michaels — Torin’s wife

Julie Taylor — Lucas’s wife, nicknamed Jewels by her husband Lucas.

Both the names “Julie” and “Jewels” are used interchangeably depending on the person speaking.

Lucas Taylor — husband of Julie and main character in the story.

Cindy — Torin’s main assistant with a very interesting past.

The first employment after obtaining your college or university degree usually sets your career pathway for the rest of your life. It establishes your field and gives you experience that you will use as the foundation to build your career. That is why I was very careful and diligent in finding my best options, then selecting the first job with my current employer. It offered a nice career ladder for growth and added responsibility. It had a great 401K plan that matched all contributions by the employee, nice yearly stock options, nice health and medical insurance, holidays off, three weeks of paid vacation per year, plus a very nice mid-six-plus figure salary.

I was pleasantly surprised when I was hired as the supervisor of a team of new hires working on the ergonomic designs for new office equipment that are co-designed for the buildings that contain them. The company delivers a complete package: a state-of-the-art office designed for the full comfort of workers and customers, with impressive sleek multi-floor buildings to contain everything. Our company is literally a one-stop shop for the customer. It is an interesting job with a lot of human interaction which helps us model the requirements of people of all sizes, shapes, weights, gender, and cultures.

Things have been going along well with the team members getting to know each other and learning how to work together to get our part of the projects done in the timeline that the sales group says they were needed by the customer.

A little background on me and my wife. My name is Lucas Taylor. Back in my third year of college, a beautiful coed with golden blonde hair flowing down to the middle of her back came into one of my general education classes, stopped in the front of the whole class, looked all the students over, then walked over and sat right next to me. I was astounded as I stared at this gorgeous blonde with a pair of most amazing crystal blue eyes that sparkled in the overhead lights as she looked back at me. Oh wow! I got lost in those amazing eyes! After about thirty seconds of me staring at her with my mouth agape, she finally broke the silence and said, “My name is Julie. I’m single, no kids, my last boyfriend broke up with me over six months ago. This is my full name and phone number.” She handed me a printed card with her information on it. Then said, “Yes, I’ve available for a date this Friday and Saturday if you’d like.” When I finally came to my senses, of course, I reserved both evenings with her. Her address was on the card.

She immediately stole my heart and became my dear wife in the summer between our junior and senior years. She was the typical June bride with all her family and friends making it the biggest event they had all year. We lived together at the college in married student housing and worked hard to finish our schooling. I gave my wife Julie a nickname that exposes what I thought of her.- I called her Jewels.

We discussed children and family over several dinners and during our long road trips to our parents’ houses for holidays. We decided that we were going to wait to have any children until after we were both well-accustomed to our new careers. Then she could take time off to have and care for the children. At that point, I felt I should be able to support everyone in the family that came along. We figured that would be about eight years after she left college. Jewels graduated with a degree in marketing at the age of twenty-two years old, I was twenty-three, with a technical business management degree, which means that we would be able to have a couple of kids when she was nearing her thirtieth birthday.

I’ve always felt our sex life has been was very good. I’d say we are equal in who initiates it. I have times I come home from work, and she is already in bed waiting for me. We usually have at least an hour of trying out different positions and techniques. She seems to prefer the woman on top position the best so she can control the speed and depth of the thrusts. There have been weekends where the sex got started on a Friday night after we went to dinner and continued throughout the night, a few more times on Saturday daytime extending through till past midnight on Sunday morning. She surprised me that she can still want more on Sunday night. Then I think we are good for at least a couple of days. She has an amazing body and a wonderful set of breasts that rival any other woman in the men’s magazines. I was truly confident that she has respected her wedding vows and has never cheated on me, and I the same with her. I have been very comfortable in our love and commitment to each other.

At Escort Yeşilköy my work, after one of our biggest and most strenuous projects wrapped up and was delivered to the customer, our company management threw us a nice celebration. It consisted of an evening dinner and party at a local club that was well known for its delicious food, great entertainment, and for its late-night party and dancing atmosphere. We were told that they wanted us to bring our significant other or partner to enjoy the food and party. This was also to let everyone have a chance to meet the other half of our relationships. At work, we only saw the employee, but we all know that all our coworkers have another half of their lives outside of work. As this was a celebration and teambuilding event, they wanted us to get to know more about the people that we work with daily.

Jewels and I went to my work celebration with the thoughts of just relaxing, having a few drinks, and her meeting my coworkers and my boss. Everything went well at the party with lots of laughing and jokes being told. When I introduced my boss, Torin Michaels, to my wife, he stood there frozen for what seemed like over half a minute just staring at her beautiful face, nicely styled blonde hair that hung to the middle of her back, and her distinctive stunningly beautiful eyes. Her eye color is an amazingly exceptional icy blue color. This color eyes are found in very few humans (less than one percent). The color is very similar to what many Husky dogs’ eye color has. Many people say that her icy blue eyes are her most striking and unforgettable feature.

My boss hung around Jewels for most of the entire evening. He asked her questions about her life, where she was born and raised, where did she go to school, are her parents still alive, how many siblings does she have, and do they have the same eye color as her? He asked several other somewhat personal questions about what her life goals were, where did she want to live, did she see children in her future, etc. He dominated her time for most of the party. He was the first one to dance with her when they started the dance music. I was glad they played mostly upbeat songs with a fast beat which didn’t encourage the tight hugging of your partner.

After four dances, I cut in and was able to get a few dances with her before my coworkers cut in on me and danced with her for the next hour. The band took a break and she came and grabbed me and we sat down for a few minutes sipping our drinks.

Jewels asked, “Lucas, what do you know about your boss? Is he married, and does he have any children?”

“I do know that he is married and he has no children. He is well-liked by everyone and seems to have the good sense to give our team a goal and a timeframe, and then get out of our way and let us figure out how to make it happen. He is one of the two main founders of the company, but I’ve heard that he bought out his partner a few years ago. Now, he is the main owner, but he has hired other good people to run the business side of the company. He’s content to spend his time with the engineering and design employees. He feels that’s where his skills are and where can contribute the most. I’m sure he is very well off financially as our company did nearly a billion dollars’ worth of business over the last two years. As the majority stockholder, I’m sure his net worth is in the high multi-millions, possibly into the billions.”

Jewels was impressed, and said, “I’ve never met a billionaire before — let alone danced with one. He seems to be an exceptionally nice and interesting man. I’m glad we came to this party to meet the people that you work with. As I’m sure you noticed, I didn’t get a chance to sit down while the dance was going because all the men kept tapping out my partner and stepping in so they could dance with me. I had a chance to meet and talk to many of your co-workers and team. They are extremely nice and very smart. They seem to enjoy their job and are happy to be working with you. She paused a moment then without looking at me, she took a drink and said, more to herself than to me, “But mostly, I’m glad you have a nice looking and intelligent boss.”

I just looked at her as she watched the people at the table next to us and the others walking around. She looked like she had a faraway look in her eyes. I thought to myself, I’ve never heard her say anything like that about anyone before. Torin must really impress her. Don’t get me wrong, I can see why she would be impressed. My boss/founder is a nice-looking guy in his upper thirties, about 6’3″ tall with ash blonde hair, a solid chin line, and blue eyes. He is in great physical shape because her does work out at the company gym daily.

I realized that I had not seen Torin’s wife at the party so I found him and asked him, “Why didn’t your wife attend the party tonight?”

He replied, “Oh, I’m sorry, I should have told you when you introduced your wife to me. My wife Christine has a family event going on tonight with her siblings that she needed to attend. Yeşilyurt escort She said she was sure we would all have more fun without her.”

“Nonsense, I would have enjoyed meeting her and getting a dance or two with her. Tell her we did miss her and would like to meet her sometime soon.”

On the drive back home, I thought that the evening was memorable if nothing else but to see how my boss acted around my wife. But he’s married. I’m sure nothing will ever come of what appeared to be his immediate fascination with my wife. Jewels didn’t say much on the way home. She sat and stared straight ahead from the passenger’s seat. I was going to ask what she was thinking about but decided not to break the spell she seemed to be under. We did finish the whole evening off with a wonderful night of sex. She seemed to be more amorous than normal. I wondered if it was the effect that Torin had on her.

At work, Torin started coming into my office a couple of times per week, he said it was just to check up on our projects a little closer. He would often pick up the photo of Jewels I had on my desk and look at it for a minute, often commenting about her beauty and enchanting eyes. I knew he was feeling more for her than I thought he should. I didn’t dare ask him about it as I’m sure he wouldn’t admit anything to me. I felt confident that Jewels is securely married to me and things were safe between us.

About two months after that celebration party, Torin came into my office on a late Thursday afternoon. He began immediately with, “My wife and I would like to extend an invitation for your wife and you to come to our home for dinner tomorrow night — Friday — if you don’t have anything else planned.”

I thought it was interesting that he said “my wife and you”, not the usual “you and your wife.” I think I know who is the priority in his mind.

I was surprised at the offer. I replied, “If we did have other plans, I’ll cancel them to treat my wife to a dinner at your home.”

Torin replied, “It is only going to be the four of us, so don’t think this is a fancy dress-up dinner or anything special. Just come in your normal business work clothes. Tell Julie to wear any of her comfortable attire. There will be no other guests that she needs to impress.”

“I assure you that Jewels will probably clear her calendar for an invitation from you for dinner”.

He remarked, “Great, we’ll expect you around 7:00 pm. You can get the address from my admin.”

He turned and left, after taking another look at Jewel’s photo on my desk.

When I told Jewels, she was ecstatic, “You mean I get to see a billionaire’s home. I’ve always wanted to see what super-rich homes are like inside. This will be very fun and interesting.”

I had to agree. How often do you get one of the founders of the company you work for invite you to dinner at their very upscale home?

The next evening when we arrived at Torin’s residence at 7:00 pm as requested, we found a lighted black iron gate with a pushbutton stand by the driver’s door.

I pushed the button and was promptly answered by a female voice that said “Michaels residence, May I help you”.

“We are Lucas and Julie Taylor. We were invited to come for dinner tonight at 7:00 pm.”

The reply was, “Yes, Mr. Taylor. We are expecting you. Please drive-in. The gate will open in a second. Come to the front of the main entrance. The valet will take your car from you once there. See you in a minute.”

The gate opened and we slowly proceeded along the two-lane roadway that was surrounded on both sides with trees. We traveled for what felt like a quarter of a mile and then made a right turn when we saw the fully lighted main mansion. It was overwhelmingly huge. There were three floors above ground and a garage that was at the left of the doorway with eight garage doors facing the front. To the far left was a very large parking lot that I’m sure would hold a few hundred cars. We could see that the mansion went a long way back into the trees. The upper windows looked like bedrooms with other windows up high from the ground. I wasn’t sure if those were meeting rooms, but they were all part of this amazing complex. This incredible mansion was finished in a beautiful Mediterranean style with balconies and metal railings in front of each window. Several large round columns soared overhead and encircled the front entrance. It looked like something I would have seen in a major movie set.

We stopped in front of the doorway under the towering covering. We got out of our car, Jewel grabbed her purse, and we started to walk up to the door. A young man suddenly came from a side door and said. “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t told that your car had cleared the gate. I’m Wesley. I will be your valet and concierge tonight.” He asked, “May I wash your car and vacuum the inside while you dine with Mr. Michaels tonight? If you let me borrow your keys, I’ll have it brought up to the front door when you are ready to leave.”

I looked at Jewel’s and saw her mouth had dropped open. I handed Zeytinburnu escort bayan him my keys saying, “That would be wonderful. Thank you very much, Wesley.”

We walked up a shallow ramp to the massive covered doorway. The door opened with a young woman with brunette hair answered, “Welcome to the Michaels residence.” then she backed up opening the large doublewide door for us.

I know that my mouth fell open as I gazed at the massive entranceway with two huge arcing stairways going up either side of the rotunda to the next floor. An enormous crystal chandelier hung in the middle of the room. Alabaster marble floors and several white columns surrounded the whole room with black iron railings surrounding the rotund on each of the floors above us. Dark walnut double-wide doors went off in all four directions from the rotunda. Both of us just stood there and gawked at this overwhelmingly large and elaborate room that was the front entrance foyer to this incredible mansion.

“May I take your coats?” the young woman said to us,-jarring us out of our silent stupor. We took our coats off and handed them to her. She said, “I will put them in the coat closet here at the front entrance doorway. They will be safe and secure while you visit with the Michaels.”

Just then our two hosts, Torin and his wife Christina walked up from the main hallway to greet us. The main hallway is on the opposite side of the rotunda from the entrance. We had never met Christina, so it was nice to finally meet the person that had been such a mystery to us. She was about 5’10” tall and very trim and fit. She was dressed in a floor-length black gown with a plunging neckline with pearls adorning her neck and wrist, nice distinctive black shoes rounded out her outfit. She also had gorgeous blonde hair, very much like Julie’s hair. She exemplified the type of look of how you would expect a multi-millionairess to be dressed, with hair and makeup immaculately done. The skin on her face and décolletage glowed with no visible blemishes or imperfections.

We all shook hands and began a few opening comments.

Torin spoke first, “It’s so good of you to come to dinner with us tonight. I do hope you will enjoy your evening.”

Christina spoke, “Yes, it is so nice to meet you. Lucas. Torin has said some nice things about your work at the company. I hear you asked about me at the party a few months ago. I’m sorry I wasn’t there. My niece had her wedding that evening and I was part of her wedding line. I hear it was a great party without me.

I commented, “I’m so sorry you missed the party. I would have liked to have met you and even stolen a dance with you — if Torin didn’t mind. He certainly kept my wife Jewels out on the dancefloor for a while. I had to interfere with him to get a chance to dance with her.”

Jewels finally said something, “I did dance with Torin for several songs. I hope you didn’t mind Christina. The whole event was all about getting to know all the wonderful people that work at Torin’s company. It was a lot of fun and a memorable evening.”

They indicated we should follow them and turned to lead the way. We were amazed at the number of paintings and sculptures that we walked past when we were going down the long hallway. Most of them had to be worth a fortune.

At the end of the hallway, we walked into a massive dining room that looked like something you would find in a banquet hall in Buckingham palace. The towering ceiling held six very large chandeliers that were the same style as the one seen in the front rotunda but were shorter to fit the room. The long table was set with two very large beautiful flower arrangements in gold vases alternated with several large and thick golden candle stands all placed along the center length of the table. I quickly counted one-hundred-forty chairs that surrounded the table. I thought to myself, that would be a very large formal dinner party for the servants to handle, then clean up afterward.

Torin turned to me and said, “This is the main dining hall where we have dinners with the CEO’s, vice presidents, and other top leaders of the companies we have contracts with. A few years ago, the President of the United States and his entourage stayed here overnight. That was the evening we served around 200 people dinner. However, we won’t be using this large dining area tonight since it is only the four of us. We’ll use the smaller state room that is for our daily use.”

We walked down half the length of the large dining room and entered a side door where we found ourselves in a room that was another spacious room with high ceilings. A medium-sized crystal chandelier in the same design as the others hung over the table. This room had dark walnut cabinets, a large rectangular walnut table was in the middle of the room, and twelve matching chairs set up with a burgundy color tablecloth, crystal glasses for wine and drink, white custom China with Torin’s company logo in the center of the plate, with gold chargers underneath. Besides the complete set of normally used knives, forks, and spoons, the heavy gold plated tableware included soup spoons and a very small fork with three tines. White cloth napkins with gold napkin rings were set on the right side of the plates. The centerpiece was an elegant bouquet of colorful red and white carnations, with red roses in the center in a large crystal vase.

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