My Wife’s Hot Cousin Ch. 14

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After our wild day of sex in the sun on the lake Aaron and I were lounging on the porch and more tired than anyone should be who hadn’t done anything besides have sex all day! We had rowed the boat back to the bank near the cabin, then jumped out unloaded the cooler and fishing gear that we had never touched. Once it was all stowed away we headed to the shower, and actually did just take a shower!

It was sweet and romantic and we reacquainted ourselves with each other’s bodies that were now free of sweat, cum, and grunge. I was happy when I got to the kitchen to see Aaron’s gorgeous butt as he bent and looked in the frig for what would be our dinner.

After grilled chicken sandwiches and a fruit and veggie platter we lounged on the couch on the porch watching the sun go down, it was an amazing day followed by an amazing evening.

I heard it first, it was the sound of a vehicle. I don’t think we had heard one since we had arrived, but slowly it became louder and we could hear a truck creeping up the driveway from the main road.

When it came around the last curve and rolled into sight I could see the khaki color and knew it was from the conservation department, and there was a pretty good chance that Devyn was driving it!

He circled around and stopped and shut off the engine, we were both pretty surprised when the door opened and out stepped Devyn as naked as the day he was born, he smiled, waved and then followed his huge, hard cock to the foot of the stairs!

He stood there for a moment and we got a good look at this monster muscle man. His big cock was standing out totally hard in front of him, first arching up, and then with somewhat of a downward curve, it was an awesome site!

“Hey guys, I hope I’m not intruding, but I was able to get out of the house this evening and this was the first place that I drove to. Hope it’s okay that I’m naked, I figured you guys would be too and lost my clothes when I came in the gate. Oh yeah, Jason gave me a key when I told him I’d check on the place for him!”

Devyn was just spewing information and it was obvious that although he was really hard and excited, he was just as nervous. I looked at Aaron and it was pretty obvious from the way he looked and the way I felt that all reservations about opening up our short time relationship with this hot man was inevitable. I mean when in the hell would either or both of us have an opportunity like this, to be with such a hot, well-hung man who was about as new to mansex as we were?

Aaron looked at me but didn’t say anything, so I let my small head do my thinking and talking, “No intrusion at all Devyn, come on up on the porch and get something cold to drink!”

Aaron smiled a knowing smile at me and relaxed back onto the couch. We both watched Devyn take the few steps from his truck Demetevler Escort to the porch with his huge and thick cock leading the way. When he got to the edge of the porch, I saw him check that we were both hard and he looked down at his own and said, “Sorry guys, he’s been like this ever since I found out I’d have the evening, well hell the night to come over and visit you guys!”

Aaron said, “No problem Devyn, but how’d you get the night free, I thought your wife kept you under pretty tight wraps!”

Devyn got a sly smile on his face and snorted, “Well you know how bad cell phone reception is on this hillside, so before I got home from here the sheriff called my wife and told her that there was some poaching going on around here and knew I’d want to look into it, so I told her I might not be back until after dawn, so she’s fine.”

I chimed in, “So don’t you have to go after the uhm…poachers?”

“Well I packed up all my gear and got a couple of miles from the house and one of my agents let me know that he and a couple of the deputies had rounded them up already!”

Aaron said, “Well good for you, you got a night away!”

By this time Aaron had deposited a beer in Devyn’s hand, put one in mine and got one for himself. Soon we passed the tequila around and all had a nice swig. Devyn said, “Only that one shot for me please, I don’t do well with hard liquor!”

Aaron laughed and said, “Well you seem to do fine with ‘some’ hard things!”

We all laughed and I kidded and said, “We just want to get a little mellow after the tough day we all had!”

Devyn said, “Well if you want to get mellow, I know where Jason keeps some stuff to do just that!”

Before we could get any more information Devyn stood and let his big cock lead the way into the cabin. He returned with a small box and a bong! “Holy shit, Jason smokes pot?” Aaron seemed really surprised.

“Yeah, and he said I was welcome to it whenever I wanted, as long as I left enough for him to get high a few times over a weekend, in case he didn’t have any to bring. Now I can get mellow on this stuff and not have a hangover!”

It didn’t take long for the bong to make a couple rounds. Aaron and I followed with another shot of tequila. The bugs were getting obnoxious and we took our party inside.

No one was surprised when we all ended up on the king-sized bed. I don’t think any of us knew how to exactly proceed from there, but I guess the pot did its job!

Devyn started out kind of sheepishly looking at both of our still almost totally hard cocks and said, “I’d like to suck both of those nice cocks if you don’t mind?”

Well, that was like asking both of us if we’d mind winning a fifty million dollar lottery!

Aaron said, Otele gelen escort “Hell no champ, make yourself at home! These cocks are here to please you as much as you pleased us earlier today!”

My cock was the closest and Devyn reached for it. I had to lay there and watch his hot face come close to my unit. He was going to be the second man ever to touch and suck my cock, so it was still pretty much a novelty to me. He opened his mouth spreading this thick licks and slid out a pink tongue to wipe around the head and get it wet.

I was so excited that, just that quickly a large, clear drop of precum formed at the tip and he swiped immediately with his tongue and smiled. “Uhm, that tastes great!”

He slowly started sliding his thick lips down my shaft and I was in heaven. He may not have done this much, but he was damn good at it, so now I just laid back and let it happen. Aaron was excited too and watched for a few minutes and then moved to me. He slid his hand up my belly and over my hard nipples and kissed me. It was intense kissing Aaron and having Devyn suck my cock at the same time!

It didn’t hurt anything that we’d smoked some pot and had those tequila shots, I was really getting into this. Soon Devyn let go of my cock and went after Aaron’s. I knew the exact moment Devyn’s mouth made contact with Aaron’s cock because Aaron moaned into my mouth.

Devyn went back and forth several times between our two cocks while Aaron and I made out. It was amazingly hot! After a while I couldn’t stand it anymore I wanted to be more active. When Devyn moved back to Aaron’s cock I changed position and went down to Aaron’s cock right along side of Devyn. He continued to suck for a few moments and then pulled off and aimed Aaron’s cock at me.

Of course, I immediately took it and sucked up and down for a bit, listening to Aaron moan from the change, then aimed it back at Devyn. We changed back and forth a few times and then Aaron shifted and we were both between his legs. I moved in alongside Devyn and he smiled at me and licked up and down one side of Aaron’s shaft. I got the idea and soon Devyn and I were sliding our mouths and tongues up and down opposite sides of Aaron’s cock, and he was loudly moaning his appreciation.

It appeared that Devyn and I had the idea at the same time and on an upstroke, our mouths met in a passionate kiss with Aaron’s cock between us. Now I’m not prejudiced but the thought of kissing another man hadn’t played in my mind much before if ever, but kissing a black man had ‘never’ entered my mind! It was hot, and having the head of Aaron’s cock sliding back and forth between us leaking large amounts of salty/sweet precum made it even more amazing, hell it was like dessert!

Aaron had been moaning Balgat Escort loud and thrashing about and finally raised up and told us we needed to stop, that he was going to shoot and he wasn’t ready for that yet! We jockeyed around positions and I ended up on my back, legs spread with Aaron and Devyn between my legs.

Soon they were giving me the same hot treatment that Aaron had received and now I knew why he was thrashing and moaning so much it was pure heaven. I was also surprised how much it turned me on to see this hot man I now had to admit I was in love with kissing and sucking my cock with another man!

I felt myself getting close to the point of no return a lot sooner than I wished, but it felt awesome, and I didn’t want to shoot yet either, so like Aaron I had to stop them. So, of course, the natural progression was for Devyn to lay back and have Aaron and me service him.

Devyn’s cock was hard as steel. Aaron and I smiled at each other as we took turns sucking the big thick monster. Then we placed our mouths on either side of Devyn’s cock and slid up and down in unison. Devyn started the now standard moaning and thrashing, especially when Aaron and I had our mouths together as much as we could, trading the fat head of Devyn’s cock between our wet mouths and slithering tongues. Finally Devyn broke too and had to ask us to stop.

We took a break and each had another hit of the bong, then I got Aaron and Devyn to lay side by side for a while and I went back and forth between their large cocks, I was in heaven. After a while I really concentrated and deep throated Aaron’s cock! They had been kissing which was hot to watch, but Aaron moaned so loud that Devyn broke the kiss to see what was going on and said, “Holy shit, you swallowed the entire thing!”

I eased Aaron’s big cock in and out of my throat a few times until I felt it was open enough and then I leaned over to Devyn and tried his. It took me several tries, big tears running down my cheeks and a bit of gagging and then Devyn’s much thicker cock slid into my throat. I looked up at him in time to see him throw head back with a look of complete bliss.

Aaron looked at me in wonder, but I was really getting into this. He smiled and said, “How would you like this big cock buried in your ass while you’re doing that?” I just kept sucking and nodded ‘yes’!

Aaron came up behind me, spread my legs then leaned down and pressed his face into my butt and licked my hole until it was dripping. That was making me moan around Devyn’s cock and then I felt him press against me. Just like the slut, I was becoming I raised my butt to give him easier access. As enthralled as I was Aaron’s familiar feeling cock slid in easily. Soon his face was next to mind and was kissing me while watching me slide Devyn’s huge cock in and out of my throat. It just made it so much more sexy with him slowly sliding in and out of me, and kissing the side of my face while I sucked cock like I was starving.

Every once in a while, I’d slide his cock out and let Aaron suck it a bit, and Devyn would moan at the change in feeling. Devyn told me, “That feels awesome, but now I want some hot butt too, is that okay?”

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