Natly Burning Fire

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Once there was a trendy black and platinum blonde haired woman. She was wearing a black tank top and a pink plaid skirt. She was about 5’2″ and 120lbs. She never liked boys. She thought they were boring and predictable, in and out of the bedroom. Her name was Windy Haze and she worked as a tattoo and piercing artist which is something she always loved doing since a young age.

One day she went for her nails and waxing for summer time. The lady at the salon was a shy and timid lady who was working on the weekends because she just came home from college. She loved sports and played them very well. She was 21, 5’8″ and 165lbs. She noticed Windy’s tattoos and asked her about them. She told the lady each one has a different meaning.

Windy said, “You’re unusually cute. What’s your name?”

The lady replied, “Natly.”

So they started talking and Natly said, “That’s so cute. You’re tanned and well taken care legs are poking through that pink plaid skirt.”

Windy said, “Thanks.”

Then she took Windy to the back room for her bikini waxing. Windy took off her shirt exposing her soft and supple breast. She had a star on one breast and a moon on the other. She had a water tattoo on the upper half of her navel. Then she pulled off her skirt to reveal a tattoo of fire on the lower half of her navel. Windy warned Natly to be careful when she was waxing her sensual pussy because her clitoris was pierced. Natly, wearing her black uniform skirt and pants over a simple white sports bra and pale pink bikini panties, asked Windy if any of this hurts. She replied no.

Natly said, “Your boyfriend must be happy about all of this.”

Windy replied, “I only like girls and I do all this for myself.”

Natly said, “Is it any good being with a girl?”

They escort got talking about Windy’s lifestyle and she told Natly, who had sex with only boys twice at a college party, that sex lasts for hours. Windy said we should get to know each other’s body. Natly said that sounds reasonable. They were almost done waxing when Natly asked out of curiosity if there are any tips for masturbating.

She said, “Of course honey.”

Windy unzipped Natly’s pants exposing her pink panties. Then Windy licked her two fingers and stuck them inside Natly’s pussy hitting the clit from back to forth. Most guys she explained push their fingers in which feels all right but this motion is more stimulating. Natly starts cumming in about a minute and a half. Then five minutes went by and Natly’s hairy pussy was exposed. Windy suggested keeping her pussy clean shaven especially if you want people going down on you.

“Actually its two things”, Windy replied. “It intensifies the orgasm and it keeps odor down.”

Natly said “I’m off Friday and I want you to make me over.”

Windy said, “Of course.”

Then she gave Natly a hug grabbing her soft butt and kissing her lips. Natly went home and took a shower and fantasized about Windy. Then she shaved her little pussy and masturbated using the little trick Windy taught and imagining Friday night. Natly experienced the biggest orgasm of her life rigiht there in the shower. She spent the next few days exploring her own body as Natly was practicing for Friday night, and she had a surprise in store for Windy. On the other end of town Windy went to her local sex shop. She picked out a small dildo about 6-8 inches in length with rotating beads and hot pink in color. Then she saw a black double ended dildo and bought that along with bursa eve gelen escort some mint flavored lube.

Friday came around and Windy, wearing a hot pink tank top with no bra and a black skirt with gray stripes barely covering her black thong, knocked on Natly’s door. She answered in bright red sundress. Windy was so taken aback by it she gave her a hug and a small kiss. Natly gave Windy some gourmet brownies she had baked for her. Windy kissed her and gave her a bag. Inside was a bright red thong. The girls had a laugh because it matched the sundress. She slipped off her black cotton panties and to Windy’s surprise Natly’s pussy was shaved.

Then windy went over to her and said, “Quick lessen. Now for the tease and the prize.”

She started licking Natly’s feet. They were soft as velvet manor. Then she went up her ankles and her legs. She spread her thighs apart and sucked and love bit her inner thighs. She then ran her nails across her body and then she opened up Natly’s pussy. Just like windy thought Natly was wet. Time for a treat. She hit Natly’s clit to make it bigger and stimulate it more, and then windy started licking her pussy.

Natly screamed, “This is unbelievable!”

After 10 minutes of licking and playing Natly let out a high pitched scream and cum was dripping out of her pussy then Windy made Natly taste her own cum. She said she loved it. Then she slipped on her new red thong and the pair went shopping. First they bought Natly new skirts and rock tank tops then they bought some make up and a little hair dye. They went back to Windy’s place.

All of the sudden Natly said it’s my turn. She proceeded to take windy to the couch sat her on her lap. She took off Windy’s skirt görükle escort ran her nails up and down her legs. She took off Windy’s skirt. Holding Windy’s breast in her left hand and holder her pussy in her right hand Natly asked about her tattoos.

Windy replied, “It’s the symbols of the earth.”

Natly said, “That’s so cool.”

Natly started rubbing on Windy’s breasts with her left hand and fingering her with her right hand. Then after a little bit she turned Windy’s naked body upside down and Windy hiked up Natly’s sundress and they both went to town on each other.

Windy started screaming, “Natly you’re the best!”

Natly shouted, “You’re so awesome!”

Natly then neatly carried Windy off to her bedroom. She requested Windy to hand her a black bag containing all the toys she liked. She took one end of a double ended dildo and inserted it into Windy’s pussy. She began to thrust it in and out of her pussy. Then Natly fingered her and laid her across her lap and said this is better and had her doggy-style across her lap. Windy came all over and then Natly threw Windy in her arms and carried her outside to the patio and they made out under the stars and moon. Natly fingered Windy until she squirted. Natly never saw this before and asked what it was. Windy replied it is the ultimate orgasm. Natly then carried Windy back to the bedroom where they slept in each others arms.

The next day they started kissing each others body and they decided to share a shower. In the shower Natly picked windy up and put her against the wall and slid two fingers into her pussy. During the orgasmic screams Natly asked if windy wanted a girlfriend.

She replied, “Yes!”

She kissed Natly’s soft lips. From there they dyed Natly’s hair blonde with pink tips. Natly slipped on her rock tank top and her pink skirt with little gray stripes. Windy threw some clothes on and they went out to treat themselves lunch, dinner, make up and manicures.

That night over nigiri sushi, Windy asked Natly to move in with her.

To be continued…

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