Naughty Boy! Ch. 05

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Warning: Please ensure that you have read the previous chapters of Naughty Boy! before beginning this story, as this is a continuation of those postings. This is the final chapter in the series. I wish to thank everyone for sticking in there to the end with me, and for all the fantastic feedback from my work. It truly is an inspiration to keep me going, to hear something positive from my readers, so please keep it up. I hope you all enjoy the last part of the saga as much as I enjoyed writing it; it’s been a real fun ride! TheCaptain

Roger was back home again. This time, though, it was different than before. He seemed distant and cold towards the both of us, much more so than usual. I didn’t know what had happened to change things, but instead of his warm, jovial self when he came home from a long stint away on the road, Roger was strangely remote, almost aloft towards both my Mom and I.

We carried on with our incestuous liaisons, though only when we were sure that we weren’t going to be rudely interrupted by my stepfather Roger barging in on us. But I could not help shake the notion that something was going on with him, and a large part of me was determined to find out what that was…

One morning, at breakfast, Roger looked up from his morning paper and said, in a cold, deadpan manner, “Oh, by the way, my younger sister, Inga, is coming over in two days from Germany. I hope you both don’t mind but I offered to let her stay here for a couple of weeks, while she has business in New York.”

Mom looked across at me as I glanced over at her, and I could see she was biting back the venomous words that were threatening to boil up out of her. I knew her very well indeed, and she was pretty damn pissed off at that point – at both the fact that our love-sessions would be even more difficult with a second obstruction to deal with AND that she wasn’t informed of this information about Inga staying at our house beforehand by her husband.

Looking back over at Roger, I could see his eyes flashing for the briefest of moments with glee, then dimming down just as quickly as they’d sparked up. He stared at us both expressionlessly for a few more moments, and then returned to reading his newspaper, effectively dismissing us both from his thoughts.

He went in to his offices nearby that morning… it was about a ten-minute drive from our house, and he wasn’t expected in til around 10.30am, so he had all the time in the world. But once he was out the door, Erica just burst out screaming in rage. “What the fuck was that all about? Who the FUCK does that asshole think he is? He’s a goddamn sonofabitch, is what he is!!! GODDAMNIT, GODDAMNIT ALL TO HELL!”

“Mom, it’s okay, it’s all going to be alright… now, what’s the problem, really? Roger’s going to be going back to work at the office down the block around the time this Inga woman turns up, and hopefully she will have A LOT of business in New York that should tie her up over there and keep her, for the most part, out of our affairs,” I said, trying to reason with Mom before she snapped and completely went off the rail, bursting out into a fit of rage.

“The problem is Inga. She’s a real slut, a really wanton whore, and seems to hate me with a vengeance for some strange reason. Plus, she and Roger have always been very close, and sometimes I wonder just what it is she’s telling him about me. I was so very glad when she moved to Germany because of business opportunities there… and now she’s coming back into my life! Why?”

I hadn’t met Inga so I wouldn’t know what she was like, but Mom was quite obviously really freaked out by the fact that she was coming out in a couple of days. There was nothing much I could think of doing besides what I thought was the obvious – I gently grabbed her heaving shoulders, spun her around from where she was standing at the kitchen sink, looking out across the backyard of our mansion-like residence out on top of a large hill in one of the richest districts in New Jersey, and leaned in to gently kiss her on the mouth.

I slid my tongue in between my mother’s lips and swirled it around her own tongue, which in turn darting in and out of my own mouth with fluttering speed. I reached up and cupped Mom’s breasts through the front of the thin blue negligee she was wearing, squeezing and caressing the big firm mounds of tit-flesh on offer to me, tweaking and pulling on the hardening nipples through the super-fine material of her nightdress.

Moving forward until my rock-hard cock, so tight and thick it bulged out the front of my boxer shorts real nicely, was pressing in between my mother’s legs, I pulled my mouth away from Erica’s at last and left her gagging for my kiss. But I wasn’t finished getting her all hot and wet for me, not by a long shot… I started to really grind my prick in against her panty-clad pussy in earnest, making her gasp and groan softly as waves of pleasure coursed through her body.

“You like my cock, don’t you, Mommy? You love how keçiören escort long and thick it is, and how it can make you feel all warm and fuzzy when it fucks you… let me fuck you now, Mommy. Let me ram this big, fat cock up your pussy. Let me make you forget all your worries and your troubles!” I croaked out, continuing the long and laborious dry-humping session. It was soon getting to me as well as Mom, and before I knew it I’d broken out into a cold sweat, as my guts were knotted and twisted up with incestuous lust.

“Oh yes, I love your cock so much baby! I can’t live without it! I know its so wrong, darling, I know it is… but I can’t help it. I just love you and that beautiful prick of yours so much!” Erica croaked out, and I grinned at her lecherously.

“It’s alright, Mom, it’s okay to love me and my big cock. We both love you, too!” I said to her. Then my grin broadened even more. “But Mom, before I fuck your tight wet pussy, I want you to do something dirty for me, something filthy and nice. I want you to lick my asshole, to rim me out just the way you know I like it. Can you do that for your baby boy, Mommy, for your naughty boy?”

“OHHH YEESSSSSS!” Mom hissed out. “God, I love licking out your asshole and tasting your butt-slime, it makes me feel so whorish and gets my pussy all wet for you!”

I grinned – my Lord, was my Mom a dirty, rotten whore or what? I loved it! My relationship with her had definitely unlocked the inner sinner in her… that was for sure. And I was more than happy to reap the benefits!

Turning around to face the kitchen bench, I dropped my boxer shorts in a mad rush to expose myself to her and bent over on the bench-top, laying my head down on the cool, smooth flat surface as Mom dropped down onto her knees behind me and rested her hands on both of my ass-cheeks. Within a scant few seconds, she had my butt spread wide open and her tongue jammed right up my anal passage, licking and slurping at my puckered brown chute for all she was worth.

Every time her tongue flickered around the edges of my sensitive butt-hole, I felt like screaming out loud with pleasure, but I bit down on my lower lip and held myself in check. I grunted and groaned in lust as she thrust her probing wet tongue further and further up my asshole, with my rigid dick-prong twitching spasmodically with every lap and slurp.

After a long while of this, I decided that I’d had enough of her butt-hole rimming, and reached around with my right hand to pull my mother’s head, quite literally, out of my ass. I tugged on her long, thick brown hair til she rose up to face me, then I manoeuvred myself around so that she was in my recently-vacated position, bent over the kitchen bench-top with her round, meaty ass pointed straight at my throbbing cock.

There was nothing really sexy or romantic about any of my actions as I spread my mother Erica’s legs as wide apart as I could and moved my dick in for the kill. The bulging, mushroom-shaped head of my schlong pushed in past Mom’s tight outer labia lips, then slowly began to slide down her pussy-hole, one agonizingly pleasurable inch at a time.

She was so warm and wet, but still so achingly tight it was almost like taking a virgin over and over again every time I fucked her. Though Mom’s actions when things really started getting hot and heavy were most definitely anything but virginal…

Slamming into her cunt all the way, I filled Mom up to the limit with the length of my dick-meat, and make her cry out with passion as I started reaming out her twat in vigorous earnest. Her ass slammed in against the side of the bench-top as I continued to fuck her hard, and my bulging ball-sacs beat a regular tempo against the lower half of her pussy. My head was clouded with lust; there was no way I was going to stop what I was doing, for anyone or anything…

Reaching around with both hands, I grabbed hold of my mother’s butt-cheeks and lifted her up and away from the bench. Holding her up in midair as I bounded around in the kitchen, my dick still sliding in and out of her pussy as we went, I soon had Erica grunting and groaning with rapturous passion as her cunt-cream flooded out over my swollen cock. She was starting to cum, and she was going to cum hard…

“OH YEAH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, FUCK ME SO HARD KENNY AND MAKE ME CUM!!!” Erica yelled out at the top of her lungs, headless now of everything else but her own passions. Her mind was a jabbering mess, filled with sexual sensations that crowded her consciousness, and I knew this and wanted to drive her further still over the brink.

I carried her into the lounge room, flopped her down onto her head and shoulders on a nearby leather couch and, in a somewhat awkward and uncomfortable position for Mom (though she wasn’t in any state to notice this), began to fuck into her from a strange, downward angle. Her pussy was below me so I sort of had to twist my cock and slide it down into her clamping snatch. This kızılay escort was a perfect position for Erica – it hit her G-spot dead on target, and before I knew it she was cumming so hard, my balls too were soon churning up their man-jizz.

It was a bit of a shock for me to find myself suddenly cumming deep inside my mother Erica’s tight, clenching snatch, but I went along with it and thrust into her wet sheath as hard as I could, so that my semen filled her innermost extremities up completely. I flooded her ripe, fertile womb with my jizz and hoped that I’d succeeded in knocking up my Mom.

“Ahh shit…” I moaned softly as I slid out of my mother’s cum-filled womanhood and dropped down onto the couch beside her. She said nothing, just lay there heaving and sighing in exhaustion, still trying to catch her breath and get more air back into her lungs. I looked down at my cock, covered in dick-slime and pussy-juices from before, then over at my mother’s pussy, which was leaking love-fluids – couldn’t help but grin broadly with pride. Goddamn, I was so lucky to be where I was! I loved it!

Mom finally managed to look over at me, and she smiled weakly. “God, honey, I don’t know how I ever managed without you making love to me!” she said, her eyes misting up with tears of gratitude.

I returned her smile and reached over to cup her head gently in my right hand, stroking her cheek lovingly and wiping away her tears. “It’s okay, Mom, I’m here now, and nothing’s going to take me away from you, ever…”

“Oh, you’re such a lovely man, my darling…” Mom cooed, and with that she grinned broadly, reached down with her right hand, cupped my deflated cock and held it up straight. Then she bent straight down into my lap and took my limp dick straight down the back of her throat.

Mom made sure to lick and suck up as much of our combined love-gunk as she could, and swallowed it all. That really got me going, not to mention the way her mouth went down around her cock and how the muscles in her throat worked their magic around my thick pole of dick-meat. Her tongue flickered all around the head of my cock, as well as the twitching, throbbing length itself, driving me positively wild with lust. Soon enough, my prick was swelling up in her mouth.

She spit a combination of pre-cum and saliva back down onto my straining phallus after taking my cock out of her mouth for just a moment to catch her breath. I moaned out loud with my desire for her mouth back around my cock, and said just as much to her, but she just smiled coyly at me and wanked my prick for a few minutes in her right hand, teasing me by holding back on what I wanted from her most.

I watched on with rapt fixation as our combined sex-fluids leaked out of my mother’s puffy pink pussy-lips and dribbled down her long, smooth legs. I hoped enough of my seed had shot into her womb and I’d managed to get Mom pregnant – that would be the best thing of all, and then I knew she would be mine forever.

At last she moved her head back down onto my cock, and slowly took the mushroom-like head of my dong in and sucked on it lightly, like a lollipop. I let out a deep moan and arched my back on the couch in pleasure, my body trembling with lust as her tongue poked at my piss-slit and slurped up my copious pre-cum. She liked to salivate all over my rigid prick, and I sure as hell didn’t mind all the saliva coating my cock and balls. The pleasure was lulling me into a since of euphoric bliss.

I grabbed a thick handhold of her hair and then worked Mom’s head up and down on my cock at the pace that I enjoyed the most. My balls slapped against Mom’s chin as I thrust my prick in and out of her tight little mouth. I closed my eyes tight and fought back the urge to just let myself cum straight down her throat… no way; I had something else in mind, something far more sweeter than this and much more satisfying for the both of us.

She moved her head up at last off my cock and looked straight up into my eyes. A long trail of drool hung from her lower lip down to the tip of my bulging phallus, and she had a hungering look in her eyes I had seen many times over the weeks that’d passed. I pulled my mother up by tugging forcefully on her shoulders, and leaned in to kiss her hard on the mouth, driving my tongue down her throat and reaching out with both of my hands to grope her breasts.

Mom’s nipples were so hard and swollen with her desire, and she let out a deep groan of passion as I tweaked them hard. Then I pulled her around til she was straddling my lap, and between the two of us we managed to guide my now-throbbing cock back into her dripping snatch.

My dick-tool managed to slide much easier into my mother’s tight, wet twat this time, and with one long, hard thrust I bottomed out inside her. Our combined love-juices from earlier on made a squishing sound as I slid my prick in and out of her clenching orifice, keeping both of my hands on Mom’s hips for bodily support sincan escort as I fucked her. My cock stretched her pussy-lips back into her as I worked myself into a rhythmic grove, keeping my eyes clenched tightly shut as I fought back the pleasures that were washing through me.

“Oh fuck yeah Mom, God your pussy’s so tight!” I croaked out as I reamed her vadge. My right hand made its way around to Mom’s buttocks, which were being stretched open as I worked my salami into her love-tunnel, and I managed to push one of my fingers into her wrinkled, dirty little rectum. Pushing in as far as I could, I made my mother Erica arch her back and cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain… though, by the glazed look I saw in her eyes as I leaned up to swap spit with her again, it was more pleasure than anything else!

“You like fucking your poor old Mommy’s cunt, don’t you my love? What about my ass, huh? Would you like to take Mommy’s asshole, and make her your anal whore?”

I couldn’t believe how easy Mom was making this for me – that was exactly what I wanted! She was becoming just as deviant and perverted as I was. I could hardly believe my luck anymore, but then this was most definitely a very unique, taboo relationship, and we were kinky enough as it was letting it carry on as far as it already had.

After just about a minute of ramming my cock in and out of my mother’s cunt with my finger shoved up her tight, constrictive asshole, I pulled it out of her moist, lubricated anal chute and offered the slime-slick digit to Mom’s mouth to suck on. It was covered with a combination of her own ass-slime and the load of love-gunk that was still dripping out of her pussy. Mom looked at me for just a short moment, then leaned forward and slowly, teasingly took it into her mouth. Her tongue ran around the finger in her mouth, and she sucked back on it as hard as she could, her eyes rolling up into the back of her head as all the tastes and textures washed over her palate.

“Of course I want to fuck your ass, bitch. What the fuck do you think all this was leading up to, huh? And you already are my anal whore. I’ll take you however I like, wherever I like… you’re my fuck-doll, understand me? You will take my cock in any one of the holes I wish and you will love it because you are a cock-hungry slut, is that understood?” I demanded, at last pulling the saliva-covered finger out of her mouth.

There was a spark of intense arousal in Mom’s eyes as she stared at me for a few long moments, then nodded her head in ascent. I grabbed her by a thick handful of her hair and pulled her face up to kiss her hard on the mouth. I could taste the sleazy remnants of Mom’s butt-sauce in her mouth and on her lips, but it only served to increase my arousal and fuel the fires of my lustful desires.

Holding her by the hair barely an inch in front of my face, I stared at her for a long moment, and then began to smile. I smiled broadly, sadistically, with an utterly ruthless, determined look blazing in my eyes that told her I brooked no interruptions or disrespect. “I want you to say it,” I said at last. “I want to hear the words coming out of your mouth, understand? Say it. Tell me you’re my ass-slut and will obey me in everything I say…”

“I’m your anal whore,” Mom whispered, her eyes glazing over with lust and her pussy-lips gaping and swollen with her obvious arousal. “I’ll do anything you tell me… but please, I need to feel your cock inside me… PLEASE!!!”

“Okay,” I said with a lecherous smile, “you asked for it. Now you’re gonna get it, bitch!”

I grabbed my now-hard shaft and gave it a few vicious tugs, then stood up and moved around til I was standing in front of her spread legs with my massive tool pointed straight up in a slightly curved fashion. Mom began to massage her pussy-lips, and slide her fingers inside herself to squeeze and manipulate her budding clit. I smiled at her salaciously and reached down to squeeze her full, firm right breast in my hand.       “Turn around so that big, fat, lovely ass of yours is pointed my way,” I commanded, continually stroking my cock though at a slower rate now, not wishing to cum at an inopportune moment and ruin the whole experience. I stared hungrily at Mom’s buttocks as she moved around on the couch, so that her boobs and torso were pressing in against the leather upholstery while her rear-end was sticking straight out at me.

I reached out slowly with both hands to grasp hold of the firm, rounded cheeks of my mother’s ass, and, with a hungering stare that was locked down in between her buttocks, spread them apart, exposing her small, wrinkled anus and her dripping, bright pink pussy to my ravenous gaze.

Sliding a finger from each hand in between the cheeks of Mom’s ass, probing around the tight little orifice that was her poo-chute, I worked the forefinger from my right hand down from poking into her clenching anus to slide into the hugging wet warmth of her soaking twat. She let out a loud gasp of pleasure when my probing digit slid inside her as far as it could. My mother Erica thrust herself back ever so slightly against me, as if silently commanding more penetration… which was exactly what I was preparing to give her, whether she wanted it or not!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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