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She sat on the manicured lawn across from me. Only a red plaid blanket between us. Her name was Barb and she lived just down the street. We had met a few years back at a block party hosted by Barb and her then husband Jim. He left her just last year, no fault of mine, with one kid and a hefty mortgage. Luckily for her, she had a decent job as a book keeper for an oil company to make ends meet. Kris, my fiancé at the time, and I had become close friends with Jim and Barb and life seemed rather smooth back then. But call it what you will, fate had other plans. That first year Kris and I would regularly host a poker night inviting four other couples in the neighborhood. This all ended when a car accident took Kris away from me. Timing they say is everything. Who knows why things happen the way they do but they do and there’s no going back. For the next couple of years to help me through the grieving, Jim and Barb would have me over for dinner and afterwards a round of cards. I must say it helped. When I got the news that Jim had filed for divorce I was stunned. To help out, when Barb wasn’t home, I would mow their grass and in the winter shovel snow. About six months ago Barb called asking if I would like to join her for dinner and cards. I went. Over a fabulous meal we talked. Past and present. Over cards we talked. Future plans. For hours. This became our weekly ritual. So I wasn’t surprised when she called asking me to come over. Unbeknownst to me tonight she was prepared to spice things up a bit. It was the heat of summer. 4th of July had past and it was halfway to August. Looking back now I should have noticed the slight changes. The way her new hairdo bounced as she swung open the door. The devilish grin that came across her face as she looked me up and down moments before she jumped into my arms hugging me tight. “Come in, come in.” She called. Too long out of the game I suppose, or just stupid. The flash of her pearly white teeth and the sparkle in her eyes should have given me clues but hey who says men are the smarter sex. Not I.

She was dressed in tight hip hugging blue jean shorts cut high and a sleeveless floral print cotton shirt. The strap of her red brasserie showing. As she turned leading me into the kitchen I felt a twinge in my loins. Honestly I have never up to this point had a sexual thought about Barb. Not because she wasn’t hot. Oh no, she was hot. Smoking hot at 5’7″, 118 pounds. Auburn hair and hazel green eyes. I guess it had just been our circumstances. Like I said before timing is everything. At that very moment I would have followed those long tanned legs anywhere. She led me to the back patio where I could smell the steaks searing on the grill. She bent over at the waist to grab two beers out of the cooler and I couldn’t help but notice her beautiful apple shaped butt. She caught me staring as she stood up. Handing me a beer, her sparkling eyes gazing deep into my soul. “This just might be the perfect evening.”

The back yard fanned out to the west where just beyond the property line lie the green belt.

The sun still an hour away from setting hung over the Rocky Mountains.

Trees bordered both sides providing a fence less barrier.

As we sat sipping the last of our beer, dinner now a memory, Barb revealed more of her plan with me.

“You up for a game of cards?” her voice holding on to the word game perhaps a second longer.

“Sure.” I responded while my mind processed her last question.

“What do you say we change things up a bit?”

“Like Pinochle, Rummy…?”

She flashed a smile. “I was thinking more on the lines of poker. Perhaps Sakarya Escort strip poker?”

“Uh…?” I was caught totally off guard.

“Unless you’re afraid.” she taunted flashing her teeth again.

The lightbulb finally went off in my head.

“No…uh I mean yes…uh I mean no I’m not afraid and yes I’ll play. Just caught me by surprise is all. seems so… Hmm.. How should I say it…unlike you.” he smiled back.

“That’s just the beginning.” she said bringing out two large wooden bowls.

Handing me one she announced, “this one’s for you.”

At the bottom of the bowl were folded strips of paper. ‘She’s been preparing this for some time.’ I considered.

“May I?” I asked before reaching in to grab one of the strips.

I could see her tense momentarily, “Sure.”

Hesitating I said, “You don’t seem to sure.”

“Nope I’m ready to see what this night may bring.”

Still a little confused I dove in. There were perhaps ten folded strips inside and as I fished out one I was stunned by the words written on them.

“Whoa. You really want me to do this?”

She smiled wryly, “I do after you have lost all your clothes.”

“But what if I win?”

She handed me the other bowl.

Taking one I read it aloud.

I will tie you to the nearest tree and give you a hand job.

My cock strained to be released as I looked out at a tall slender maple.

I had to pinch myself to see if this was only a dream. “Uh…really?”

“Uh…yes.” she smiled back. “I have wanted you for some time now and since you aren’t going to make the first move I guess I’d better before they put me in a rest home.”

“You’re serious?” I asked again.

“You gonna talk or play?” as she handed me a blue deck of playing cards.

I couldn’t quit thinking about the first piece of paper in read.

You will eat my pussy on the tailgate of your truck.

After 5 hands I had her down to just her panties and bra. ‘Things are looking good for me.’ I chuckled, having only taken off my shoes and socks.

But the next three hands went to Barb. Now I’m sitting with a stiff tent pole in my underwear.

“What are you going to tie me up with?” I sneered.

Laughing it off she mocked, “Your cock if you don’t watch it.”

I was starting to like this Barb. Staring at her perky tits pressed tight in her red pushup bra.

“I can’t wait to feel that tongue of yours.” trying to throw off my concentration.

No such luck. The next hand went to me. I was sure she was going to lose the bra but to my surprise she stood up giving me a better look at her hour glass shape. Pulling on the side ties her red laced panties dropped to her feet. Trimmed neatly, her auburn colored tuft sat perfectly above her swollen vulva. Her inner lips protruding slightly. It was nothing short of perfection.

Winning a hand job had just been surpassed by a chance to tongue fuck this gorgeous specimen of a pussy.

I watched it disappear as she sat back down.

It was a little after one in the morning when we snuck out the side door of the garage. Lucky for me I had backed in on her driveway. I guess to make a quick getaway in case things didn’t work out. God I was excited as we crept along behind her heading out towards the front. Unlike most neighborhoods the houses weren’t side by side. There was a little space between them. Perhaps fifty feet. Barb giggled while the tailgate screeched as it was lowered. Like Tigger from Winnie the Poo, she sprung from the ground twisting in midair to land quietly. Her long firm legs dangling over the edge. She Sakarya Escort Bayan held out her arms silently requesting a hug. I conceded.

As her arms and legs encircled me she leaned into my ear and whispered, “You can just fuck me if you’d rather.”

I turned, our faces held within an inch of the other and kissed her. Full on the lips. Then directing her with my touch to lay back I sucked and squeezed on her magnificent globes. Her hands pressing my head into them. I nibbled and licked on her pencil sized nipples as my hands massaged them.

Releasing my head from her grasp I ran my tongue down to her belly button. It was an innie. My hands slid down to her knees pushing them apart. Barb helped by placing her feet on either side of my broad shoulders. My full attention was now that pussy. Especially those inner lips, which were now opening as a morning flower wakes with the dawn glistening with fresh dew.

I lowered my face to get a closeup of such beauty. As I gaze across her reddish tuft I could see her breasts rise as her hands ran freely across them. I watched to see her response as I lightly flicked my tongue across her lips lapping at the nectar. Like a waltz I followed my partners lead as her gyrations led me up one side and down the other until it was circling her clitoris. Her feet pressed down on my shoulders, her tight butt lifting. “Stick it in.” she called and my tongue pierced into her tasty darkness. I curled it inward to stroke the backside of her clit sending her into erotic spasms. As she came her hands firmly pressed the back of my head. With my nose tight against her swollen clit and my tongue buried deep her lips stretched across my cheeks. I thought for an instant I was going to disappear into her abyss.

As her spasms subsided I lifted her limp legs from off my shoulders and carried her back into the house. On the couch I handed her a glass of water as she regained her energy. “Man that felt good. It makes me wonder why I waited for so long.” I just smiled.

Her eyes sparkled, “You ready to play the next hand?”

“Next hand, I figured you were done for the night.”

“Hell no, I’m just getting started.” she sassed picking up the deck of cards. “Draw from your bowl.”

Reaching in, I pulled another strip, reading it aloud. “You will let me…Hell no…”

Barb rolled her eyes. “C’mon what does it say?”

I will let you spank me.I moaned.

“Sounds fun.” you could see her enjoying the moment.

I was really hoping for a hand job but the next hand was not in my favor.

“Oh dear, look who won.” Barb giggled.

I pleaded. “You really going to do this?”

“Lets go to the kitchen and I will let you know.”

Timidly I walked into the kitchen my semi hard cock pointing the way.

Barb’s voice ordered, “Lean across the island.”

The granite was cold against my chest and abs. My dwindling cock rubbed the underside of the slab countertop.

“Mmm what a nice tight ass you have.” she cooed moments before I heard the first crack followed closely by a oddly pleasurable stinging heat across the middle of my butt.

“Wow!” I hollered turning my head back to see Barb staring at my ass. “I didn’t expect that.”

“Did it hurt?” she asked but before I could answer, “Just one more!” she begged. “That was fantastic.” Her fingers lightly touching the spot she had just slapped.

I held onto the edge of the granite as I again heard the sharp crack followed by the stinging heat.

“Okay, okay. Let’s try something new.” I proposed.

As we walked back to the couch she said, “I Escort Sakarya hope you get to spank me sometime. That was an incredible feeling.”

It was a little tender as I sat back down pulling another strip from the bowl.

I hacked as I read.Masturbate for me into a wine glass.”You thought up all these?” I questioned.

She smiled. “I have always wanted to watch a man masturbate. Knowing he’s doing it for me.”

“Deal ’em in.”

Looking at my hand I was sure I had won. “Ha, three of a kind.”

Slowly she placed her cards one by one in front of me. “Full house.”

“Arrrggghh. this ain’t fair.”

“Life isn’t fair but c’mon I’ll help make it better.”

Taking my hand she led me out to the maple tree in her backyard. A large length of rope lay at its base.

I whined. “No, you won. go get the wineglass.”

“Stay right here.” she teased. “I’ll be right back.” My cock stiffening as I watched her bare ass run back to the house.

By the time she got back, which was only seconds later, my cock was pointing up at the stars.

She sat up a lawn chair a few feet away holding the wineglass out like a debutant as I started to stroke my hard shaft.

“Lean back and give me your hands.” came the order as she jumped up from the chair.

“Why?” I asked. “I lost.”

“Let’s call it two for one.”

Not wanting to question, I did as I was told and soon she had my hands tied firmly around the maple.

“You look like you’re ready for some action.” as she pulled my cock down then letting it spring back toward the sky.

Kneeling, she spat into her hand and began stroking my rock hard erection. Twisting and tugging slowly up and down the shaft. Building the tempo.

Her eyes never leaving the mushroom shaped head which was now beginning to ooze. She squeezed a large sticky droplet onto her fingertip then drawing it to her outstretched tongue.

“Mmmm.” she resumed her stroking as now the clear liquid flowed with every pull.

My breathing changed and she noticed. “Hey stud, you getting ready?”

“Uh huh.” I groaned as she quickened her pace.

“Shoot for me baby, I want to see your white cream gush out.”

I was almost there when I saw Barb’s other hand hold up a wine glass and at the same time look directly into my soul with those beautiful hazel green eyes.

That was all it took. Before she had the chance to stick the head of my cock into the glass I erupted. The first white stream ricocheted off the side of the glass splashing its warm seed across her chin and neck.

Startled she laughed. “Yikes!” Pulling my shaft down so that the remainder of my cum squirted into the glass.

“Dang baby, Looks like you haven’t cum in forever.” as she milked.

“Ooo that felt so….Uuunngghh” the words hung on my tongue as her lips surrounded my semi hard rod sucking ferociously at what little seed was left residing in the shaft.

“Can’t let any go to waste.” Barb grinned.

I gasped and through sex blurred vision I could see my splooge streaked like paint on her chin. “Uh I think you still have some…”

“Oops, can’t forget that.” grabbing my cock roughly she wiped the beautiful mess that first blast had created, finishing by devouring the dripping head, her tongue lapping at my balls.

“Uuuunnnggghh.” I moaned again.

I was spent. My legs wobbly as my back pressed against the maple. The top of Barb’s head just reached my chin as she stood to see if their was any life left in my blue eyes. “What should we do with this?” holding up the half full wineglass.

Exhausted I uttered, “whatever you want babe, whatever you want.”

She pondered only a second before tipping it up and I watched s she chugged it down her throat.

“Delicious.” she ran her tongue across her lips then raised up on her tip toes, kissing me firmly on the lips before sliding her tongue across to meet mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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