Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy Pt. 07

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Mark regained consciousness when Stephanie pressed her lips against his and started pushing his load of cum in his mouth. He had only just sucked a load off of Linda’s toes and now he was swallowing yet another one. Every time he came here he seemed to get stuck with a taste of cum in his mouth. Only made worse by the way in which he was fed the load. Well at least it was his own cum.

“So, I believe with this I have answered all your answers regarding your chastity cage. Of course you are always welcome to ask more questions and I will be glad to answer them for you. I guess I haven’t quite showed you how you can have sex yet, so I guess I can let Stephanie out, so she can show you if necessary.” Linda casually stated to Mark who was still half groggy.

He quickly swallowed the load of cum in his mouth and replied. “N…no that won’t be needed, I understand perfectly, and I have no more questions I swear. Everything is crystal clear I swear.” With those words he scrambled to his feet realising what kind of sex Linda was hinting at and there was no way he was ever going to let that happen.

Linda just smirked, she would have never let out Stephanie to fuck Mark. After all John probably wouldn’t be happy if she had his virginity taken away. It belonged to John and it wasn’t like she was really planning on letting her sissy stepson out in the first place. It was just a neat trick to deter Mark from complaining more while at the same time keeping the tension between the two sissies high. It was just so much more fun if they tried to fuck each other over instead of making things as easy as possible on themselves. It just made her job so much easier.

“Alright, since you are standing now you can move up on the platform. Stephanie will you go looking for a set of lingerie for our sissy client here? I am thinking something to go with her new cage. I believe you can handle that, can’t you? You should after all those sissy fashion magazines you have been studying.” Linda said directions both sissies at once from the comfort of her recliner.

Embarrassed to his core Mark didn’t even dare to object and just went to stand on the platform like he had been ordered. Stephanie completely submissive to her stepmom said a quick “Yeth Mommy.” And minced away into the store.

It gave Linda a thrill, for a moment she thought back to her early childhood, growing up in a conservative home with strict gender roles. Her father was a firm believer that women where the weaker sex and that a woman should always be subservient to her man. It made her smile. She had intensely rebelled against that idea and in a way, it had shaped her desires to dominate weak men. Every time she pushed one of these wimps in the passed she had thought, take that dad.

These sissies weren’t any different. If only her father could have seen this. Who was the weaker sex now? She had two men prancing around for her amusement without so much as the need to raise a finger, she didn’t even need to raise her voice. This wasn’t like most of these situations were women manipulated men through sex, no she just straight up took control and demanded respect with her presence.

“Alright Mark, while your girlfriend is looking for some new lingerie for you I want you to try and give me some nice poses. We will work through a few so you can show off your lingerie a little better. The first one I want you to try is with your hand in your waist, one leg bend and turned inward while standing on your tiptoe all while you are pushing your chest forward and your ass backwards.” Linda said. Watching as Mark tried to take that position.

“Don’t put your bend leg that far, just place the knee in front of your other knee. Smile for Gods sake and arch that back a little more.” Linda corrected Mark until his pose was perfect. “That’s it, just like a proper sissy. Now hold that pose for a couple of seconds and remember it because we will be going back over it when you are dressed up in your lingerie.” Linda finally said.

Mark was mortified Linda was really making him feel like a big sissy and honestly even without the lingerie completely naked he looked just the part between his smooth body, feminine pubic hair and pink chastity cage.

“Alright now stand up straight, ankles and knees together and bend forward until you are at a nearly 90-degree angle with your legs straight. Place one hand on your knees and blow me a Kiss with the other. Yes, perfect, see you were born to be a sissy!” Linda laughed as Mark executed the pose perfectly from the first time.

Hearing Stephanie’s heels come closer Linda said. “For the last pose today, I want you to turn your back on me, raise one leg to a tiptoe position and cock your hips slightly. Then look back at me over your shoulder and close one eye as if you are winking.”

Following the instructions Mark couldn’t help but think he was acting like some sort of model for a shoot. A playful female model to be exact. He cringed at the thought, but it was better than resisting. Kadıköy Yabancı Escort After all he was still scared that she might let Stephanie rape him if he did resist.

Just at that moment Stephanie walked up to him holding a bundle of baby blue and soft pink coloured lingerie. Handing the bundle to Mark, Stephanie stepped back off the platform and went over to her stepmother immediately assuming a kneeling position and moving her head under her stepmother’s skirt to start eating her pussy. She knew how hot her stepmother got toying with sissies and the next step in her own training was anticipating her Mistress’s needs before she had to give a command.

It was another thing Linda had come up with. Since Stephanie was perfectly obedient there was no longer any joy in training her. Sure seeing the results she had achieved was still highly satisfying, but no where near as fun of actually training. With Mark she had a new victim to work on for aiding in the training from scratch, but most of the day it was just her and Stephanie. She knew it was a little prestigious, but she hoped that in time she would manage to get Stephanie in a spot where she would never have to give a command anymore. A spot where Stephanie had studied her wishes so thoroughly that she could anticipate what to do at any given moment. She realised it would never be a 100% air tight system, but it gave her something new to work on with Stephanie.

Out of everyone she was the hardest on her own stepson. Simply because she enjoyed it, but also because she was a form of living advertisement. An example of the work she could deliver with sissies when people came to her store. Proof that she had experience to train sissies in the most intense ways imaginable.

After all shopping at CC’s was so much more than buying an outfit. It was also buying advise and guidance to turn whatever guy into a complete utter sissy. At least that was Linda’s set up. She just loved helping with the training of sissies. All that shame and humiliation was just delicious to her and even if a client would come in with only moderate wishes she would make sure to manipulate them into becoming a complete and utter sissy.

“Well what are you waiting for sissy get dressed. Let’s see if Stephanie here picked a food set of lingerie for you. I believe you don’t need any help anymore. After all, after yesterday you should know how to put everything on.” Linda said with some soft moans managing to slip between her words. Stephanie had learned fl please her better than she herself ever could.

Picking the first item off the pile Mark instantly felt his heart sink. The baby blue and soft pink combination looked more effeminate than anything he had worn before. It is only when he slid them up his smooth legs though that he saw just how bad they were. The body was chiffon baby blue making his pink pubic hair shine through. It was trimmed with soft pink lace around the leg holes and waistband, a big pink bow at each hipbone. What made these so horrible though was the way the front had a hole with soft pink parts of lace stacked to make them look like a rose with the cock cage sticking out of the centre. The lace was made of the exact same colour as his chastity cage making it look like it was part of the panty.

Mark wanted to die of shame, but instead he just swallowed hard and picked up the next item. A bra made in matching fashion but with similar out-cuts for the nipples of his non-existing breasts to poke through. The cups were also trimmed in pink lace and a bow sat at the end of each shoulder strap.

He wanted to fasten the bra around front and turn it in place, but Linda stopped him before he could. “A good sissy always fastens her bra behind her back.” She said sternly making Mark blush but obey never the less. It took a few tries and quite a bit of fumbling before he managed to match all the right hooks up with all the right eyelets. All things considered it went easier than yesterday however.

The garter belt was similar to the one he had worn yesterday. It fit from the tops of his hips all the away up to the bottom of his rib cage and was made of a very sturdy material that felt a couple sizes too small, cutting in his waist and making him appear to have a modest girly figure. The appearance was baby blue with a soft pink lace panel up front though, the straps themselves ending in a pink bow concealing the metal tap that held the stockings. Which were filled fashioned with a cuban heel and back seam. The main material was sheer baby blue, and the heels, seams and tops were all soft pink.

This time Mark had remembered to put the garter straps underneath his pantie, blushing as he remembered why that was necessary. A sissy should always keep her pussy accessible. The last thing he needed was to have his butthole accessible, but he didn’t dare complain, not in front of Linda and not in front of the webcams at home. Just like before he followed orders and just wished for this Kadıköy Yeni Escort girlish hell to end soon.

“Alright sissy, I see that Stephanie picked a wonderful set for you. It matches with your pretty cage perfectly just like I asked. Now why don’t you go over the poses I just taught you?” Linda asked her body suddenly starting to shake as she reached an orgasm. Having a sissy preform for her while having another between her legs had to be one of the ultimate feelings of power. She certainly could get used to this. She already looked forward to a time where her store would become popular. She could already imagine the vast stream of sissies which would go through her store.

Mark switched between the three poses he hand been taught continuously for about 10 minutes. The time it took Linda to get yet another orgasm. After enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm Linda spoke up again. “Well I guess this set fits you pretty well. Unless you need anything else or would like to try on another set instead I suggest we move to the register.”

With an embarrassed nod Mark started following Linda, looking at Stephanie who’s make up looked slightly smudged from eating her stepmother out. Mark just wanted out of here as fast as he could. Buying anything more than the bare necessary was out of question, as was trying on another set that would probably look just as embarrassing.

Once again Mark awkwardly stood at the register watching another big chunk of money disappear from his account for things he didn’t want but was forced to get. At this rate his savings would be drained rather soon, and he was afraid of what that would mean for the blackmail.

This time Mark got back everything he had come in. His outerwear which he quickly put on over the lingerie set hoping that it hid everything well enough. He realised there would be ways to tell, but there was nothing he could do about that but hope that they weren’t too obvious. The more colourful set certainly made whatever parts were exposed easier to notice much to his dismay.

The panties he had worn here were in a new big pink paper bag with the stores name on it. He could tell it wasn’t the same bag as he had taken with him last time since it didn’t have any folding lines. Linda quickly informed him why that was. “I have given you a new bag because the last one was damaged. After all we only want the best for those pretty panties you wore put here right. Next time you come visit I want to see this bag and I want it completely undamaged understood? No folding lines or any of that.” She said sternly.

Mark felt his heart sink, there would be no more folding and hiding the bag under his shirt. He would die of embarrassment carrying that thing around in public. He wanted to protest, but he couldn’t he didn’t dare to not to this amazonian woman and especially not with as far as he knew the only key to his cock hanging so seductively between her ample breasts, catching the light perfectly. He was pretty worn out by the constant control and restraints on his life. So much that he didn’t have the courage left to fight relatively minor things like this bag.

“Come home safely sissy and remember feel free to come by at any time. Even if you don’t buy anything we are happy to have you.” Linda mocked while waving at the embarrassed youth who quickly picked up the huge pink shopping bag and left in a hurry.

As soon as Mark was out of the store Linda gave John a quick phone call. “Hey John, your sissy just popped by again and we have given him a little customers loyalty gift. A little cock cage. There is place to put your name on it but considering the situation I though you would want me to wait with that.”

Like she had thought John wasn’t really happy at first. He snapped at her which made her want to punch that son of a bitch so bad. Sadly she couldn’t do that. After all the sissy was his, or at least mainly under his control so doing that would probably mean losing her only client so far. Besides she had to stay friendly to anyone with an interest in keeping a sissy. A pervert like John might have connections to people with similar tastes and if he was satisfied with her service he would certainly pass the word on. After all there weren’t many sissy speciality stores. You could get some things at a sex shop, but as far as sissies went her shop was the only place to go. The only problem was gaining some recognition and a client base now.

It was hard for Linda to stay calm, but she managed, explaining that there was a courier on its way with the other key. She also explained some other things to John and gave him some new ideas. It was hard sweet talking to such a bastard, but it was for the greater good. By the end of their conversation John was laughing loudly and thanking Linda profusely for the cage and the ideas. Seeing now how it had indeed been a wonderful gift on her part, one he couldn’t wait to exploit.

Linda was happy she was pretty certain that John would only have Kadıköy Masaj Salonu good things to say about her store. That and she had managed to convince him to try out the chastity for at least a few days. With the tips she had given him she was pretty sure he would see only benefits and never actually bother using that key which was just perfect. Sissies should not have access to their cocks.

Chapter 8

Today Mark was luckier than last time. The bus pulled over right as he walked out of the store, so he could instantly get off the street. He quickly stepped inside avoiding the disgusted gaze of the bus driver and walked on with his head held low towards the first available seats avoiding all glances and hoping no one would notice him.

He was only a couple steps in the bus when he suddenly heard someone call out “Hey sissy.” Beside him. Instantly he turned his head towards the side realising that he was starting to react to that name as if it was his own. He had been called sissy so much lately and honestly, he did feel like one. He just didn’t expect some random strangers to know. Well the bag did make it pretty obvious he guessed, but was it really that clear? Did his clothes hide so little?

Looking at where the sound had come from, he instantly recognised the two girls from yesterday who burst out giggling as soon as he looked at them. “Oh my god Jenny, you are right. His name might actually be sissy.” The black girl with her tightly braided hair said to her blonde friend with a short curly and rather cute pixie cut.

“Of course I am, I always am Shayla. You should know that by now. I mean it is pretty obvious.” The blonde joked back at her friend.

“Well I guess you are right on that one, it isn’t that surprising but still, who names their son sissy? That’s just so weird. They must have seen it coming big time.” Shayla laughed playfully punching her friend for stating how she was always right.

“Why don’t we just ask him? I mean you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions would you sissy? So why don’t you come sit right here in between us and we can have a nice chat. You could go sit elsewhere, but then we would just have to ask loud enough for the whole bus to hear.” Jenny said as the two girls moved slightly apart giving Mark a narrow space to sit in.

Mark nervously looked around the bus before finally deciding to go sit in between the girls. He felt vulnerable squeezed between these two girls. Only a few weeks back he would have love it but now it was just embarrassing. Less embarrassing than having them shout for the whole bus to hear though. This wasn’t ideal by any means, but what could he really do about it? Lately his life had just become picking between the lesser of two evils and this wasn’t any different.

“So sissy, have you really been born this way?” Jenny asked with a giggle. “Also, you better answer our questions, or we are just going to assume you didn’t hear them and ask them way louder.” She casually added, realising that Mark was very embarrassed and it was a perfect way to control him.

“Nooo! I wasn’t, not at all and I am no sissy.” Mark replied just a little to defensive allowing the girls to deduce just how ashamed he was about all this.

“Well you certainly look like one hell of a big sissy to me, I can’t imagine any guy I know wearing a bra and stockings or walking around with a bag like that. Hell, I can’t even imagine any guys I know would go near that ridiculous store. So what’s your excuse sissy?” Shayla laughed.

“I…it’s not like I want to, I am being forced. I don’t have a choice, now can you please stop asking all these questions?” Mark stammered embarrassed.

“Hmmm no, and I don’t believe you. There is no one forcing you we have seen you on the bus here all alone two days in a row so quite lying to yourself. Now let’s have a look in that bag and see what you are coming all this way for.” Jenny said and pulled the bag out of his hands before Mark could object.

She fished out the panties and held them up for the three of them to see. “Really? That’s it? You came all the way out here to buy a pair of panties? I mean I have to give it to you. They look ridiculously sissy, but come-on.” Shayla instantly reacted.

“I don’t believe it either sissy, so tell us, what have you actually bought there. So tell us what have you bought and you better tell the truth cause I will know if you lie and if you do I swear to you know that you will be sorry.” Jenny threatened.

The constant threats had basically trained Mark to panic whenever he was threatened again. Even now here with Jenny although she had nothing to actually threaten him with. The pressure and short flair of panic where enough to make Mark confess to what his true purchase had been. “Okay, I bought a full set of lingerie which I am wearing now. The panties are just what I wore to get here.” He said hoping the questions would end.

Instead things just got worse as Shayla Exclaimed. “In that case we just have to see.” Without a warning she pulled up the hem of his T-shirt till over his head. Not giving Mark a choice to do anything at all. He tried his best to claw his T-shirt back down, but Shayla’s grip was to strong, besides what use would it be? There was no way they had missed what he was wearing.

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