New Encounters Ch. 03

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As Katy lay there, she could hear low voices as Marc and David talked across the room from her. The voices stopped and she heard their footsteps coming toward her. Katy yelped as one of the men slapped her ass and then trailed his fingers slowly over the curve of her ass and along her back. She lay unmoving with her eyes closed, enjoying the chills running over her skin from his touch. Other hands were at her waist now, unfastening her garter belt, and then sliding her stockings down. His hands were warm on her skin as he slid the stockings slowly down her legs. He kissed and nibbled at the bend of her knees as he knelt to take her shoes off and completely remove the last bit of clothing she had left. It felt good to be on her bare feet and let her legs relax from the heels.

A blindfold was slipped over her eyes, but aside from the soft warm fur that lined it, she barely noticed. She still had her eyes closed enjoying the feel of their hands on her body.

Strong hands urged her to stand and then scooped her up with an arm around her back and another at the bend of her knees. He laid her out on her back on the table, and spread her arms and legs open away from her body. Her ass stung against the hard table, but it was just barely in the back of her mind as suddenly both men had their mouths on her nipples and Katy arched up from the table in surprise.

“Stay down, or I’ll strap you down,” Marc said into her right ear as he put his hand on her chest to press her back down.

David went back to groping and nibbling at her breasts and Marc moved away from her. Katy was fully focused on David’s increasingly rough assault on her nipples when she felt a wonderful warmth work its way up her inner thighs. She sighed and moaned as Marc continued to slowly clean her lower half and climb higher up her thighs. He massaged her thighs as he washed her, and the sensation was wonderful for Katy. He pushed her knees up a bit and moved to clean what was left of the both of them from her pussy and thighs. When he’d finished washing and drying her he kissed just inside both of her thighs and lay her legs flat on the table again.

While he kept his mouth on her left nipple David let his left hand drift across her stomach toward her pussy. He cupped her in his hand and pushed his finger between her lips and pulled it along her pussy until he nudged at her clit. Katy’s breath caught when he pressed at her overly sensitive button.

She squirmed a bit and hitched her left leg up, bent just a bit at the knee to give him a better angle to work with. She shifted her hips in an effort to encourage him. He was sucking and biting on her nipples and slowly rubbing at her clit. She arched her back to press her breasts into his face and immediately regretted it, when Marc’s hands pressed her back onto the table.

“I warned you,” he spat at her as he pushed David away and repositioned her arms and legs and started to wrap her wrists and ankles in leather cuffs. Katy didn’t resist, and she didn’t speak. She let him pull her hands above her head and to the side to attach them to the table. He spread her legs wide and attached the cuffs to the table.

“You like it better this way anyway, don’t you Bitch?” Marc asked as he tightened the straps on her ankles.

“Yes, Sir,” Katy answered, as she tugged lightly on her restraints. Truthfully, she struggled with being fully restrained and blindfolded. Marc knew this about her, and enjoyed pushing her limits.

Katy concentrated on her breathing and listened to the quiet of the room. She knew David was still to her left, but had lost track of Marc as he moved away from her feet. She turned her head to the left and a low whimper escaped her as she tugged at her restraints again.

David laughed, a low and almost mean sound, as he began squeezing and pinching at her breasts again.

Her nipples were so hard and so sensitive. She moaned and wished he’d put his mouth back on them. She could feel herself getting wet again and tried to press her thighs together, but her legs were held just far enough apart that she couldn’t.

As she lay there wishing he would put his mouth on her, she felt something lightly brushing her legs. Slowly working up from her ankles to her thighs. A very light touch, almost feather-like, but not. Lots of somethings, repeatedly trailing up her legs, one leg and then the other, ankle to thigh.

“What’s that for?” David asked as he pinched a nipple harder than before.

“Do you know what I have, Bitch?” Marc asked Katy from the side of the table as he trailed it up her right leg once more.

“Yes, Sir, I believe so,” she answered, sounding weaker than she intended.

“Tell him what it is.” Marc instructed her.

“It’s a flogger,” Katy answered as he dragged it over her pussy and made her squirm as the leather tails sent goosebumps over her skin.

He brought the leather tails down across her upper right thigh with a soft slap of leather on skin. Not hard, Bycasino just enough to change the sensation. Katy flinched just the same. The next time he brought it down was harder and closer to her pussy. She moaned and squirmed. The third time was hard and squarely across her pussy. He had stepped farther toward her head and brought the tails down in a way that caused the tips of the leather to wrap and sting her pussy lips.

“Be. Still.” Marc growled through gritted teeth into Katy’s ear.

He drug the flogger up her stomach and across her breasts as he walked around the end of the table to where David stood. He brought it down across her breasts, stinging her nipples and causing her to arch her back off the table, despite her best efforts not to. He brought it down again, harder this time, stinging her breasts and nipples again. It wasn’t a lingering pain, only sharp stings that faded away as quickly as they came, and she knew there wouldn’t be marks afterward.

Katy moaned and squirmed on the table, tugging at her restraints, anticipating the next blow. Her breathing was becoming heavy and uncontrolled again. David roughly run his hands across her breasts pinching and tugging at her nipples. Marc brought the flogger down across her pussy again, and David leaned in to suck and bite at her nipples. Katy writhed under the assault of both men and could feel her wetness growing. She spread her legs as much as she could, inviting hands to touch her there as well.

“Is my pussy ready again so soon?” Marc asked as he nudged the flogger between her legs.

“Yes, Sir,” Katy managed between short gasping breaths.

He pressed the flogger into her pussy and nudged her lips apart and dragged the leather tails up through her wetness adding a bit of friction against her clit, which Katy was grateful for, but it was gone much too quickly. As quickly as he pulled the flogger away, he brought it back down on her pussy and inner thighs, causing Katy to moan loudly.

“Just how wet is she?” David asked as he run his hand across her body and rubbed at her pussy, parting her lips and nudging a finger just at the opening of her pussy while putting pressure against her clit with his thumb.

“Mmm, you like that, don’t you, Katy?” David asked as he continued his assault on her breasts. Sucking and nibbling at her nipples, keeping them painfully hard and at attention.

“Yes I do.”

“Tell me what you like. I want to hear you say it.” David urged her as he pressed harder and began circling his thumb on her clit and teased his finger just inside her pussy.

“I like you touching me. I like your mouth on my tits and your hand on my pussy,” Katy managed to say between ragged breaths and hard bites at her breasts.

As she spoke, David eased his finger further inside her and pressed hard with his thumb and rubbed her clit as he held his finger in her as far as he could. When he brought his finger out of her he reinserted it with a second finger this time and was moving faster now.

Katy began to rock her hips to encourage him to move faster, and he obliged.

“You do have a hot little pussy, girl!” David breathed into her ear as he began kissing across her neck, leaning his upper body into her as his hand worked at her pussy. He made his way back to her nipples and as he bit and sucked at her left nipple she felt a sharp stinging pain on the right one. Katy gasped as she realized a painfully tight clamp had been placed on her nipple and another was now being put on her left nipple as well.

“I do love the way those look,” David growled as he tugged at the clamps with his free hand continuing his assault on her pussy with the other. “But what will I do with my mouth now…”

Katy felt the cuffs on her wrists tugged and released from the table. David made his way to the end of the table between Katy’s feet and then used his free hand to hook her left thigh and drag her toward the end of the table, bending her knees and bringing her pussy toward him. As David continued to finger her pussy more and more aggressively, Marc reattached her hands to the table at her waist this time. Now she could not pull herself farther up the table. If she pulled at her restraints, she pulled herself into David.

David held his fingers inside her and squeezed his thumb and fingers toward one another as he started to kiss her inner thighs. His stubble scratched the tender sensitive skin there and Katy reacted by trying to bring her knees together. David swatted her outer left thigh and bit her inner thigh in response. Katy yelped, but pulled at her cuffs and rocked her hips into his hand to ask for more. David let out an animalistic grunt as he removed his hand from Katy’s pussy and leaned in to inhale the scent of her. He hooked both hands around her legs and rested his hands on the tops of her thighs. She could feel the wetness of herself on his hand and wished he’d let her lick it clean. She wanted to taste herself on his Bycasino giriş hand again.

This man, who she hadn’t known this morning, who was too rough with her body, who she’d been told to make happy. This man was making her mouth water and her pussy ache.

She felt his stubble scratch at her thighs again as he kissed and nibbled his way toward her pussy. Katy squirmed and moaned as he was so incredibly slow in his progress and she was ready to feel his mouth on her. He ran his tongue up and down the length of her pussy lips, just teasing them open the tiniest bit. Katy tried to press herself into his face, but he held her tightly against the table.

She felt him graze his teeth across her pussy and gently open her lips with his tongue and lick and lap at her folds, working closer to her clit, but not quite making contact. He slipped his hands off of her thighs and used one hand to spread her lips open and the other to start fingering her again, just as he started to suck at her clit and flick his tongue back and forth across it. He worked up an insane rhythm pretty quickly, sucking her clit then flicking his tongue across it while he worked a second and third finger inside her and never once slowed down for her to adjust.

Katy was pulling tight at her wrist cuffs, pulling herself into David’s face and hand as hard as she could. She rolled her hips and pushed against him as much as she could. He slowed his hand just a bit, but sucked as hard as ever on her clit and Katy arched up off the table. Just as she settled back down he moved his mouth from her pussy and suddenly the nipple clips were taken off. Katy was overtaken with the pain in her nipples and the burn in her pussy. A warm mouth caressed her sore nipples as David started to finger her slowly again. Katy writhed on the table and continued to roll her hips into David’s hand, wanting so much more than that now.

She whimpered and moaned as Marc moved from one nipple to the other with his mouth and hands. Then it was just his hands and his mouth was at her ear. His warm breath sending goosebumps over her neck.

“Are you ready to be fucked again?” he asked her as he nibbled at her earlobe.

“Yes, please,” Katy answered quickly, tugging at her cuffs, pushing her pussy into David’s hand as much as he was pushing into her pussy.

“Just how badly do you want it, Bitch?” Marc asked as he flicked her nipple, causing it to light up with pain once again.

David pulled his hands free of her pussy and stepped away from her.

Now she lay there; wet, wanting and writhing on the table.

They had managed to work her up to a panting need, and now intended to toy with her.

“I need to be fucked, please. Please fuck me,” Katy begged. She knew he liked that, but it was a genuine need at the moment.

Katy pulled at her cuffs and tossed her head side to side. Her body was on fire with need. David brought his hand to her mouth and she eagerly licked and sucked his hand clean while he and Marc both pinched and teased at her nipples.

“Just a fuck, that’s all you need?” Marc teased as he pinched hard on a nipple.

“Yes, Sir, please. I need to fuck. I need to come,” Katy replied, out of breath and writhing in obvious need on the table below their hands.

“But who gets to fuck you?” Marc asked Katy, closer to her now, so she could feel his breath on her face and neck as he spoke.

“You do, Sir,” Katy answered.

“Is that right?” he replied, and Katy noticed irritation in his tone, a bit sarcastic even.

“Yes. Sir,” Katy answered, hesitating this time. Not sure what was wrong or what to say.

“Just because you get fucked does not mean that you get to come. Do you really think you’ve earned a second orgasm today, Bitch? I think you may be forgetting a few rules.”

“No, Sir, I haven’t forgotten. I just need to be fucked Sir.”

“Well, David, what do you think?” Marc asked as David toyed with a nipple and looked over Katy’s body still struggling on the table in front of him.

“Are you asking me if I’d like to fuck her? Because you know I’d like to bury my cock in her. Don’t tease me with that.” David’s voice was less and less calm by the minute. He was squeezing and groping over Katy’s breasts and body again.

“Do you want David to fuck you, Bitch?” Marc asked Katy.

Katy began to panic. There was no right answer here. Saying no was most certainly a challenge, since he’d told her to treat David as she would him. However, saying yes was not the right answer either. Surely he didn’t want to hear that she wanted another man to fuck her. Hadn’t he told her his cock was the only one that would be in her pussy anyway? He’d said that tonight, with David in the room. She thought he’d said it to comfort and reassure her that he wouldn’t share her in that way.

Did she want David to fuck her? As Katy fought with the question, Marc brought the flogger down hard across her upper thighs, and Bycasino deneme bonusu again across her right thigh and pussy. Katy pulled at her cuffs and arched off the table in pain only to be put back in place by David’s rough hands.

“I asked a question, Bitch, I expect an answer,” Marc barked at her through gritted teeth.

“Maybe I should just leave and let him have his way, regardless. Why should I care what he does with a Bitch who can’t follow simple rules and answer my questions?”

“No, don’t leave me, please!” Katy called out. “I don’t want him to fuck me, only you. You are all I want.”

“That answer should have come faster. It should have been immediate.” Marc was beside her again, gritting his teeth as he spoke close to her face. “Maybe I should let him have you for a while. Let him fuck you as punishment.”

Katy hated that she was wearing the blindfold since she wanted to look him in the eye and know what he was feeling. It was completely against the rules, but she would take that chance right now to know. She was having a hard time distinguishing if he was truly angry with her, or playing the part. Either way, her only option was to continue to play her part.

“I apologize Sir. I belong to you and only want to do what will make you happy. I am yours to do with as you please,” Katy said, in a genuinely low and submissive tone. She took a deep breath and her entire body calmed down. The burn was still there between her legs, but she had more control over her body now.

Marc leaned over and kissed her forehead. “That’s my good girl. See how everything feels so much better when you stay in your place and do what you’ve been taught?”

“Yes, Sir,” Katy answered. He was right after all.

Marc moved around the table unlatching her wrist cuffs and sliding her back up the table. He quickly reattached them above her head, and once again she was stretched out on the table, fully on display.

Katy tried to concentrate on her breathing and controlling her need to roll her hips and move about the table. She could hear Marc opening drawers again, but could not tell anything else about what he was doing.

David had come back to her side and was starting to pinch at her nipples again. “Those sure are some pretty tits you got there. The only way they could look better would be if you let me come all over ’em. I think they’d be just about perfect then.” He pinched her nipple hard and Katy yelped. David laughed and pinched the other one just as hard.

Marc had moved toward her feet. “You will be still. Do you understand?” he asked her.

“Yes Sir,” she answered immediately, not daring to hesitate at all.

She felt him start to rub something along her pussy. He worked it up and down a bit to part her lips then pressed it against her opening. It was large and a little cold. He nudged at her opening a little harder and Katy pulled herself down the table toward it just a bit.

“Remember, you are going to be still.” Marc pressed against her pussy even harder with the large dildo.

Katy’s breath caught as he slipped the head of it just inside her pussy. It was bigger than she was used to she could feel in stretching her. She whined and moaned a bit and fought the urge to rock her hips forward. She wanted Marc to ease it on in. She was desperate for release. He worked it in an inch or two and slowly pulled it back out. He did this a few times, always leaving the head inside her.

Just as Katy was starting to enjoy the movement and not feel so uncomfortable with the size, Marc pushed it farther inside her. He did not ease it in. He was not going slowly any more. Suddenly, and with no warning, Marc buried the huge fake cock inside her. Katy called out as the pain ripped through her. She pulled at her bindings, but fought to keep herself flat on the table. She could not catch her breath and the pain was not easing up. Marc slid the massive toy almost out of her, then shoved it inside again. Katy called out again and could not control herself as she thrashed on the table and tried to pull away from the searing pain in her pussy. Marc caught her legs and David pressed her chest back onto the table.

“I sure do hate to have to make this punishment any worse on you, Bitch, but you sure are asking for it.” Marc sounded like he was smiling. He was enjoying her suffering. “I told you to be still. You should do as you are told. In fact, you should try to enjoy this. You wanted to be fucked after all.”

With that, Marc started to truly fuck her with the largest dildo that had ever been shoved into her pussy. He was not gentle. He did not take the time to let her adjust to the size. He paid no heed to her pleasure or enjoyment. He simply and roughly fucked her deep and hard with the toy.

Katy was writhing in pain, and could no longer control her body’s reaction to it. Suddenly she felt a weight on her chest. It was more than someone pressing her into the table. Just when she registered that someone was knelt over her body on the table she felt David rub his dick across her mouth.

“Open up that pretty little mouth for me, Slut.” He spoke to her as he put his right hand on the back of her head to adjust her to the right position for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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