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I started a new job a few weeks ago and I hated it. Being the new girl is often awkward and it takes awhile to get used to the new people and new procedures. I did happen to notice that everyone I worked with was very attractive, which made it a little easier to ease into this new position. Although my working hours were supposed to be 8 – 4, on a few occasions I have been asked to work overtime. Such was the case last Friday. I had plans with a friend of mine to go out that night and I had been horny all day, for some strange reason, so before we went out, I was going to go home and play with myself to release some stress. Unfortunately at 3:30 that afternoon, my superior, David, asked if I could stay overtime to work on the budget for the year. While I was angry at first, this was a new job and I wouldn’t be the only one working overtime. David as well as Jennifer and Chris would be working overtime as well to get this work done.

I was a little miffed that I wasn’t going to be able to go home and fuck myself though, so shortly after everyone else left (those who weren’t working overtime), I grabbed my purse and headed for the washroom. The washrooms at my work are private washrooms instead of a public washroom with stalls so I locked the door behind me and sat on the armchair that was situated in the room near the corner. It was super comfortable. I removed my panties and my skirt but kept my heels on (why bother)? I pulled out my dildo and put it aside. I slowly started rubbing my clit, which was begging for attention all day long. Once I started that, I could tell my pussy needed to be fucked. I grabbed my dildo and slid it in slowly. I moaned but attempted to stifle it by coughing. While I rubbed my clit furiously, I slid that dildo in and out of me like a cock that really needed a good fucking. I could feel my pussy lips wrapped tightly around it and wished it were someone’s cock so they could feel this. I know that I have a really nice hot pussy that honestly, anyone would like to fuck. Unfortunately at the time I was single, so my dildo was it for me. And for the moment, it was doing the job. I started getting more and more horny so I started fucking myself harder and harder with the dildo. I closed my eyes while fucking myself and completely forgot where I was. I started moaning louder and louder while I pumped that dildo in an out of my hot tight cunt.

Little did I know that my co-workers who were joining me in over-time were concerned at the noises that were coming out of the washroom and had a key to it. Just as I pulled the dildo out of my pussy to cum all over the floor, my co-workers entered the washroom. They saw me, spread Ataşehir Sınırsız Escort eagle on the comfortable chair in the washroom, fucking my hot wet cunt with a dildo and cumming on the floor, with a smile on my face. I opened my eyes and saw David, Jennifer & Chris standing there in shock.

‘A—are you okay’? Said David? To which I responded, ‘Never been better David, why do you ask?’ ‘Because you are fucking yourself with a dildo…you could have asked us to join you’. My mouth opened wide and I said, ‘What?’ The three of them started removing their clothing. I had no idea what was going on.

David said, ‘Angie, we do these types of things all the time, why do you think we hire really attractive people?’ David’s cock was staring me in the face so I pulled him closer and slid his cock in my mouth. I looked behind David and saw Jennifer & Chris rubbing each other. Jennifer’s hand was sliding up and down Chris’ cock as Chris started rubbing Jennifer’s tits. And she had some really nice tits. David stood me up, grabbed my clothes, my dildo and my purse and said, ‘Come on gang, let’s go to the bedroom’. I just looked at him, wondering where the hell a bedroom was in the office.

We walked into David’s office and closed the door. David walked to his desk & picked up what looked to be a simple paperweight. He took it over to his bookshelf and set it down on a shelf. The bookshelf then slid out from the wall and behind it was a bedroom. I was shocked! There was a very VERY large bed in the center of the room, with two bedside tables. David dropped my clothes and my dildo on the floor and closed the bookshelf behind us. David asked me if I had ever had a lesbian experience. I told him I hadn’t but I was always curious. He asked if I ever craved a pussy? I said I had. Jennifer went to the bed and lay down and David got me to get on top of Jennifer so we could 69. As soon as I saw her hot pussy in front of me, I knew what to do. I spread her legs and went to town on her. I started tongue fucking her, and then I took my tongue out, slide two fingers into her pussy in my tongue’s place and started flicking her clit with my tongue. The way I was working on her cunt, you’d think I was a 100% lesbian. Her pussy tasted like nothing I’d ever tasted before and it was so fucking wonderful. While we ate each other’s pussies, David & Chris went on either side of the bed and stroked their cocks & watched. I had never been more turned on before.

After about 5 minutes, I felt David’s hands around me, gently removing me from Jennifer’s pussy. He told me there would be more of that later…. and I couldn’t fucking wait. But Ataşehir Suriyeli Escort as I said before, I really needed a cock inside of my pussy. David took me off of the bed, stood me at the end, bent me over and slid his cock slowly into my pussy from behind. His cock was a really good size for my pussy and I could feel my lips wrapped around it. As he fucked me slowly from behind, Jennifer sat up in bed and opened one of the drawers. She grabbed a good-sized dildo and started fucking herself as she watched David’s cock slide in and out of my begging cunt. I watched as Chris laid down on the bed right where I was being fucked and brought his beautiful cock up to my mouth. I had never been fucked while sucking a cock and I was more than willing to try this out. I grabbed his cock with my right hand and slid the head of his cock into my mouth. I slid my hand up and down his shaft while I slowly took more and more of his sweet cock into my mouth. Eventually I had nearly his entire cock in my mouth and moaned while David’s cock fucked me.

I watched as Jennifer started fucking herself harder & harder. It reminded me of myself only 15 minutes ago in the washroom. I took Chris’ cock out of my mouth and pointed to Jennifer, who was so close to cumming. I asked her if she was ready for a good fucking. She said she wanted to cum first and this was something I wanted to see. David’s cock was still working it’s way in and out of my cunt and he was grabbing me by the hips to slam into me harder and harder. His balls were slapping my pussy lips, which makes me so fucking hot. But I was now ready for Chris’ to fuck me… I had sucked on his cock for a good 5 minutes and he was ready for it. I told Chris & David to trade spots. I LOVE sucking on a cock after it’s been in my sweet pussy – I taste so fucking good. Chris came behind me, slid a few fingers in and out of my pussy before sliding his cock into me. David came around and I hungrily started sucking that cock…. mmmmm it was good! I kept my eyes on Jennifer the whole time because she was moaning louder & louder. I could tell she was lost in her own world as I had been earlier. After shoving her dildo into her pussy only a few more times, she quickly pulled it out and her pussy juice started squirting out of her. She shoved the dildo back in and pumped it into her pussy a few more times and removed it and she started squirting more and more of her sweet pussy juice. I pushed David aside and grabbed Jennifer’s legs and pulled her towards me as Chris continued banging me from behind. I eagerly started sucking more and more of her pussy juice out of her as she moaned louder and louder!!! Ataşehir İranlı Escort I could tell that her pussy was now most definitely ready for a good fucking.

As this entire fuck fest seemed to be about me (or maybe I was being greedy), I got them to fuck doggy style as Chris & I were. I wanted them as close to me as possible as once in awhile, I pulled David’s cock from Jennifer’s pussy, sucked his cock, sucked her pussy and shoved his cock back in. Chris grabbed me by the hips and started sliding his cock in and out of me at rapid speeds and I could tell he was going to cum soon. I didn’t want him to cum yet – there was still one more thing I wanted to experience as I had seen it on numerous porn movies. I had David fuck Jennifer for a few more minutes before lying him down on the bed. With his cock pointing straight upward, I lowered my ass onto his cock and laid on his chest (with my back on his chest). As his cock got used to being in such a tight place (my ass), he started slowly sliding his cock in and out. While I have been fucked in the ass before, I haven’t been fucked in my ass and pussy at the same time. I asked Chris to get on top of me and start fucking my dripping wet pussy. I was going to have the most incredible orgasm from this dual penetration. Jennifer thought she was being left out but I asked her to come sit on my face – I wanted to eat her hot pussy while I was being fucked everywhere. If we had two more guys there, I could have given them both hand jobs – but as this was my first sexual experience with more than one person, I wasn’t going to go overboard! David reached around and started rubbing my nipples as he pumped his cock in and out of my ass. Chris grabbed my sides as he slammed his cock into me. I could feel everything on his cock as my pussy lips were wrapped so tightly around his cock……I fucking love that feeling.

Jennifer’s pussy was begging to cum again so I worked my magic on her clit and cunt while she and Chris kissed while he fucked me. I wanted everyone to cum at the same time! Jennifer started rubbing my clit – which always makes me cum! I could tell that the guys were so ready to cum so I started fucking Jennifer’s pussy faster and faster – just the way she was doing it with the dildo because I knew I was going to cum! Chris & David started fucking me at the same speed as Jennifer rubbed my clit furiously. Then one by one, we all started to cum. I felt David starting to cum in my ass and only seconds later, Chris started slamming into my pussy harder and harder and I could feel his hot cock juices spraying my insides. Jennifer continued with my clit and OHHHH fuckkkk I started cumming all over Chris’ cock. I pushed him away as I love to have my cunt juice spray out and it did…ohhhhh fuck it did!!! Jennifer then started slowly cumming in my mouth and I licked it all up while still tongue fucking her beautiful pussy. We all passed out in a heap of sweat and cum on the bed in David’s office….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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