New Neighbour

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Big Tits


My name is Martin, and I am 18. This is my story.

It was Saturday and I was at a loose end. I was planning to meet Emily at 6, but the daytime was free. The thought of staying in bed for a couple of more hours crossed my mind when I heard the noise that most teenage boys dread. My moms shouting up the stairs.

“Martin, Martin, come here quick”.

I stood on the top of the stairs and asked what she wanted.

“Quickly look, the new neighbours are here!”

To say I was thrilled would be a lie, what did I care. But half-heartedly I came to the living room to stare at four strangers through the window.

They looked like the model family, the quintessential 2.4 children. They was Brad about 45ish and Mary his wife who looked 10 years younger. Then their two Children, Beth and Mickey. My eyes automatically went to Beth, she was stunning. She had bright blue eyes, long flowing blonde hair, and an athletic body. By the way she walked she looked like she would know what do with a nice juicy cock. She looked about my age, if she was in my class at school I would have her before term was out I thought. Even if she was a couple of years either way I knew I would do some dirty things for her to learn in the coming months.

As my mum and I looked at them through the window, Brad turned and looked at us and shot us a wink that a sleazy Governor would be proud of. I could almost here my mum knees knock,

“Oooh, he’s a cutie”.

I give her a faint look of disapproval and went back up stairs to my TV.


I had been out late; I had nearly got Emily to go all way. She was a shy innocent girl and it had been my aim to break her in to the naughty world that is my mind. But alas last night all I got was a little play on top of the covers. If she didn’t have lips designed for blowjobs I would have given up on her a long time ago.

My mom bringing me a cup of tea and a slice of toast awaked me.

“Time to get up honey, you’ve got a busy day” she jammered.

“What do you mean?” I said as I let out a yawn.

“Well, I was talking to that nice new family and I said you would help them move some boxes around for them”.

She left quickly before I had a chance to shout at her, there was no point. Mom had already decided she would have a ride on Brad at some point, and I was going to have to go over and move boxes just so she would have a opportunity to talk to him.

I got up, grabbed a shower and threw on some clothes. Nice pair of jeans and a tight t-shirt. If Beth was about, then the day might not be a total loss. I made my way across the lawn to help Brad, and hopefully stick some fingers into his beloved daughter.

Brad stood in the driveway. I could see why my mom had gotten all flustered. He was a well-built man, obviously worked out, and though a bit old you could tell he looked after himself. He looked like a man’s man. The type of man who would change a tyre, enjoy football and know how to lay some pipe.

“Hey kiddo,” he said, while extending a hand. “Sure am glad you could help me out while my family is away for the day.”

My heart sank, Beth was not about.

All gaziantep suriyeli escort in all the day went well, I help Brad “soon to get the opportunity to fuck my mom” Miller move boxes around his house. And he was good conversation and had a manly way about him. It almost made me feel guilty to what I was planning on making on doing to his daughter, almost.

“Thanks Martin, you’ve been a great help today,” he said. “If you can take that one last box up to Beth’s room we are all done, and then I’ll fix something for us to eat”.

“Not a problem,” I replied.

I grabbed the box, trying not to be too excited to the fact I was going to get to go into Beth’s room and do a bit of intelligence work.

I hastily entered her room, dumped the box and looked about. I noticed the school uniform straight away, wasn’t going to my school. Pity. But I could still make inroads on her after school, especially since me and her Dad where getting on so well. She had a nice double sized bed, with pink silk sheets. Slightly slutty, which I loved. The room looked like a high-class brothel, the only downer was I knew she had already been fucked allot and I tended to like to be the one who broke girls in. But she was hot, a slut, and lived next door to me – I isn’t complaining.

Then I noticed the panty draw. Oh heavens above. One look in there I would be able to confirm my guesses about her, plus have a little feel of what I was planning on soon conquering. I peered, admittedly slightly guiltily, in to the draw. It was what I expected, black lace, thongs, and suspender straps. I was going to have fun with this girl. I picked up a particularly naughty looking black pair of lace panties and held them to my cheek.

“What may I ask do you think you are doing?” came a voice from behind me.

I froze. Brad had come up the stairs and was staring at me with his teenage daughters panties in my hand.

“What are you doing?!?” he asked again in a stern voice.

I just stared back, my brain had gone blank, I could think of no credible reply. Plus the slight semi I had worked up from looking through the underwear draw would give me away anyway.

“I’m waiting.”

“Erm nothing, just looking about” I stammered.

“It’s what you’re looking at that bothers my boy” replied Brad.

“Nothing, these, erm, well, they looked nice, and caught my eye”

“Really?” he enquired.

Could I actually talk my way out of this?

“Yeah, they very nice and I was just admiring them” I smiled and went to put them back.

“Well since you’ve helped me out today, why don’t you keep them,” he offered

Was he serious, this guy could be my God. I would wank off in to them as soon as I got home.

“Are you sure?”

“Definitely, there yours”

“Thanks Brad”

“Not a problem, if you put them on then we will be all square”

My stomach turned. My lips went dry.

“What is?” Is all I could squeak.

“Well Martin let me give you to this straight. I’ve just caught you fondling a pair of panties that you admit to liking. Now, I could tell your mom, Beth, the neighbourhood, your friends, that nice girl you took out last night, well I’ll pretty much could tell everyone. From that point on you would be the guy who likes to wear women’s underwear, and to the most part your social life for around 5 years would be over. Your mom, who will probably take my advice, will look to put you in counselling. I could go on.”

“You’re bluffing”

“Kiddo, look at me, I never bluff. Put on the panties and we are all square”

I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn’t bluffing, and I would either wear these panties or face social suicide. I could wear them. Then get my revenge by mercilessly screwing his daughter, I would degrade her! I would just lose this battle, but boy would I still win the war.

“Well then” he asked coolly.

He had never once shouted but by the tone in his voice he knew his was on control, he was the definition of powerful.

I unzipped my jeans and slowly slipped out of my pants and boxers. My semi sprung out as my boxers nestled to my ankles, and all he did was smirk.

“You’re going to need to take off your shirt for this as well,” he remarked, as he was txting away on his phone as this was all in a days work. For the love of God I would have my revenge on his daughter. I didn’t argue about the shirt and simply took that off as well, I wouldn’t give him anything else to get off on. He had won, and I would simply put on the underwear and head home and plan what to do to Beth.

I place the underwear on to my ankles, and then started to pull them up.

“Slower.” He ordered, a slight raise in his voice.

I still didn’t argue, I slowly raised this soft lace over my quivering knees. My cock getting harder, why the hell was it getting harder? The underwear did feel kind of nice on my skin. I raised it some more, it was never going to fit over my raging hard on, but they where fully on. I looked down at myself and could have cried.

“Well then who is a pretty Girl, give Daddy a swirl”

I stared at him.


I swirled, I admit it, no argument, his voice alone made me turn on my toes like a ballerina. He laughed; I will never forget the sound of that mocking laugh.

“Well then Martin, hope you learned your lesson. Did you?”

“I nodded” as a tear ran down my cheek.

“Good, time to teach Martina her lesson now”

He leapt up from the bed, and placed a powerful grip around my neck, I could hardly breathe. With the other hand he grabbed hold of the panties and pulled them up tighter. The pain was unbearable. This was the most perverted wedgie in the history of mankind. I felt faint, I had little air, and could not shout for help, or even mutter for mercy.

“Got to teach Martina a lesson don’t we,” he whispered in to my ear.

His hands on my shoulders. With some force his pushed me to my knees. I struggled but he was too strong. I felt so weak. He placed his left hand on the top of my head to keep me in place; with one hand he still had the power to control me. I now was facing directly in to his crotch and I could see a faint bulge. I started to weep. His free hand slowly undone his zip. Then his semi hard cock sprung out. It was huge. I gazed in awe at it, a vein on the left hand side throbbed. With each throb his cock seemed to grow another inch. My mouth hung open, I was starting to get my breath back when …

“Gnnng” I gagged as he forced his cock passed my lips.

He placed both hands on the back of my head and forced me on to his cock.

“Gnnnfffggg,” I gagged again.

The smell of his cock was intoxicating. Only half of his cock was invading my mouth and I could hardly stay conscious. I wrestled to get free, but the more I tussled the harder his grip on my head got.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and then just as I got some breath back he forced it back in harder than before. I felt so vulnerable. My hands flailed at my side trying to keep balance. I had to place my hands on his strong thighs just to stay on my knees. He started rhythmically bucking his hips feeding more and more cock in to my mouth each time. My tongue bashed against the intruding shaft. My innocence being stripped away with each and every thrust.

I could taste the hot meat in my mouth, feel the throbbing vein against my check. He took one hand off me head, and placed on my chin, and turned my head to look at him. He winked as I made it eye contact.

“Your doing good you little whore, soon have you trained up”.

I tried to moan but all you could here was mumbling, even in my own ears it was indistinguishable from moans of pain or ecstasy. In my own head I was getting confused.

He was aggressively fucking my face, and I was starting to get turned on by it. My hands tightened on his thighs, and then as I involuntary moved closer to him, my hands grasped on to his butt. He lowered the pace, but it was still nothing but a face fucking.

He was in deep on me now, and I had started to stop gagging when he got fully in. I could feel his balls on my chin. I could start to hear a slutty slurping noises. I was wondering where the noise was coming from, then I realised it was me.

His hand had gone from the top of my head, and I was moving in motion with the thrust of his hips. Drool ran out of he corner of my mouth, my body had turned against me as my mouth eagerly devoured his hot and juicy cock.

He put a hand on my head, and withdrew his cock. I’m ashamed to admit that I tried to force myself back on it. But he was still too strong. With his free hand he grabbed the base of his cock and bashed it against my face. I swear it was still growing bigger and thicker.

“Who is a little Slut?”

I remained silent, praying that he would just shove it back in my mouth

“Who is a little Slut?”

I looked him in the eyes – “I am”

“Good girl”

He slapped his thick cock against me one last time and stuck it back in my mouth

He grabbed the back of my head and went for force fucking my skull.

Within 10 seconds he erupted in my mouth, I was truly a slut as I gulped down his seed.

He let go of me and I fell to the floor.

He zipped himself back up.

“Get yourself tidy Martina, Am supposed to see your mom in 15 minutes to give her a little going. But I will get back to you”

He picked up his mobile off the bed, and took some photos of me laying there cum running out of my mouth, in women’s underwear furiously wanking myself away.

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