New Slave in Laws (revised0

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Anal Fingering

This is a story of how I made my mother in law and sister in law my Slaves.

You need to be at least 18 years old to read this story

This story contains hints of bdsm, incest and non consensual sex, if you are bothered by this please do not read.

This is my first attempt at writing a story and posting it. Please let me know what you think. Enjoy

The story begins when I was 23 my wife was 19.We met on a bdsm dating site. We talked for a while and got to know each other. She eventually moved in with me as my slave. Her name was Lisa She is 5 foot 4 with huge double f tits and long black hair. Life was good. We eventually fell in love. 2 years after we got together we went to visit her family for a couple months. On the way down she told me that her sister may be rude to me and that her mom said she would keep her shirt on but wouldn’t bother to wear a bra. When we arrived I was greeted by her mom and sister. They both seemed happy to see and meet me and her sister even gave me a big hug. Her mom was about 5 foot 5 long black hair 40 years old and decent size tits. Her sister was 5 foot 3 22 years old and had long blonde hair, nice tits and a nice ass. I could see her nipples peaking through her shirt. Her mother’s name was patty and her sister was Nicole. Me and my wife had the basement to ourselves, it was finished insulated, had a nice sectional couch and a TV with cable.

After about a week to a week and a half, the niceness towards me started to decline especially from her mom. They did not like the fact that we were in a bdsm relationship and that she was my slave. About 3 weeks in my wife and her mom went out for the day and it was just me and her sister at home. Her sister was cleaning her room and we got to talking. Eventually the talk turned sexual in nature, we were discussing what we liked to do. She told me that she was bisexual. I told her that my wife was bi curious. I also told her that I was bisexual myself. She asked me how I could do it. She did not like the thought of taking a cock in the ass. I mentioned that I was manly a top. She at some point mentioned that she likes being eaten out but only if her clit is bitten, she loves having her clit bitten and not just play bites or nibbling but actually bitten. A couple days later I was down taking a nap and when I woke up I started making my way to the tops of the steps when I got there I looked out and standing in the entrance was Nicole, she was completely naked with her back to me. She did not know I was standing there watching. She started walking into the living room and I was just staring at her beautiful naked ass. I knew rights then and there that I had to take it especially after her comment about anal.

Later that night we were all in the living room watching a movie. I was sitting in a recliner chair, my wife was sitting at her place on the floor right beside me, I had my hand down stroking and petting her hair. I was fed up with how I was starting to be treated by Nicole and defiantly by patty. So when patty spoke up and told Escort Ankara me I was an ass for treating her daughter like that, she is not a dog I don’t need to pet her and treat her like one. I lost it I went over and grabbed patty by her hair and yanked her face towards me, in a heavy voce I told her to mind her own business, that I could do as I pleased with my slave and if she didn’t watch it I’d do the same to her. Nicole started yelling at me. She went to punch me and I grabbed her wrist, pushed it forward let go and grabbed her hair as well. Pulling their heads down I looked at my wife and ordered her to run down stairs and in our bags of toys grab the one with all the cuffs. I then looked at the 2 and told them I should make them my bitches. That if they didn’t shut up I would hurt them even worse and when they screamed I pulled their hair harder and smacked their heads together. When my wife came back up and handed me the bag she whispered in my ear she was turned on. I then yanked on their hair hard and told them to listen well. I then told them to turn so their backs were together and place their hands behind their backs. When they protested I yanked hard and smacked their heads together again. They placed their hands behind their back and I ordered my wife to cuff each of their hands after she did I tied the cuffs together. I told them that if they were lucky and behaved themselves I would release them after the movie. Patty started to yell so I slapped her across the face. I said anything else? They both said no. I said no what? They slouched their heads and said no sir. I said good and we went back to watching the movie. After the movie I told them that if they promised to behave themselves I would release them. They promised, I also told them that they had to go straight to bed and that I did want to hear a sound the rest of the night. After they were in bed me and my wife went downstairs. She told me she was so hot and turned on she was dripping wet. I ordered her to undress and that night we had some of the best sex ever. Afterwards I asked her if seeing me dominate them is what turned her on? She said yes. I was glad to hear this it would make things easier. I told her I planned on dominating them even more, and I planned on making them my total slut slaves and my personal fuck toys. She said omg that’s so HOT! I told her my new plan and told her she had to help.

The next day I set my plan in motion. I had my wife go get Nicole and tell her she needed to talk to her. They came walking downstairs and sat on the couch. I was hiding behind the couch waiting. My wife said I need to talk to you about last night. Nicole started to look around, she asked where I was. Just then I stood up behind her and wrapped my arm around her neck slightly choking her. My wife said he’s right there. I started to shush her and said if you do what I tell you this will go easy. I unwrapped my arm from her neck and she said what the hell asshole, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head up. I told her I tried to warn you. Ankara Escort Holding her by her hair I forced her to stand up. I then yanked her hair and told her to spin around and face me. When she did I pulled her hair till she moved forward and her head went over the back of the couch. I looked at my wife and said now. My wife pulled cuffs out from under the couch hooked them to a chain running underneath and cuffed a leg. She then started to pull her other leg trying to spread them, when Nicole resisted I reached with my other hand and slapped her across the face and told her to spread them. With her legs spread my wife cuffed her other leg. She then walked around the couch and grabbed more cuffs from underneath and cuffed her hands. She locked the cuffs to the chain underneath and stepped back. I Pulled Nicole’s hair up so she was facing me and told her that it was time for her to learn her place. Time for her to know that I was in charge and could do what I wanted. I nodded at my wife and she pulled her pants off. I could see she was soaking wet, her juices soaking through her panties. She then took her panties off and handed them to me. I let go of Nicole’s hair and asked is there anything you want to say? She screamed you’re a psycho. I stuffed my wife’s soaked panties into her mouth and my wife grabbed duct tape and taped them there. Just then I heard Patty yell down the stairs what the hell is going on down there. I thought to myself perfect it’s working. I stood by the stairs and waited. When patty came running down I surprised her and grabbed her. I forced her over in front of the TV where she could see Nicole right across from her bent over the couch cuffed down with her legs spread. Patty asked what the fuck was going on? I told her it was time for her to learn her place as my slave. That her and her daughter was going to be taught a lesson.

My wife came over and cuffed her hands behind her back and connected them to a chain attached to the wall forcing her to sit there. I then gagged her mouth and said let the fun begin. I walked over to Nicole and slapped her ass. I asked are you ready? I hear a muffled scream under her panty gag and I said good. I then grabbed her sweat pants and yanked them down. To my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties.
I slapped her bare ass then slid my hand down and cupped her pussy, I said now would you look at that she’s a little wet, I think she’s starting to enjoy this. I slid my middle finger into her pussy and found her clit. I pressed down on her clit and herd moan a little under her gag. I asked oh do you like that? I bent down and moved in close I started teasing her pussy with my tongue. She started to squirm a little. I looked back at patty and could see the look of horror on her face I smiled and dove into Nicole’s pussy I worked my tongue good and deep and could taste the juices flowing on my tongue. I worked my way up to her clit and started to suck on it. I pulled it between my lips and gave it a nice hard bite. She jumped and squirmed hard. I stood Ankara Escort Bayan up and pulled down my pants and underwear. My rock hard 7 ½ inch cock popped out. I stood behind Nicole and slid my cock deep into her pussy and started ramming her hard. She started squirming then rocking back and forth with my motion. I started fucking her fast and hard. She tightened up and I could feel her orgasm. I pulled out and my cock was covered with her cum. I turned to patty and said see what your daughter did to my cock. She got it all covered with her cum, now how am I going to clean it off? Oh I know. I walked over to her and said I’m going to remove your gag. If you scream I’m going to hurt you. I will then stick my cock in your mouth; you’re going to suck it nice and good. Clean all her cum off it. I’m going to fuck your throat till I cum and you better swallow every last drop. Understand. She nodded her head. I said good, one last thing I sat a knife in front of her and said if you think of biting me I will shove this deep into your pussy.

I removed her gag and shoved my cock into her mouth. She started to suck and lick the cum off it. I fucked her throat good and hard, it felt amazing. I finally exploded and blew my load down her throat. I looked at her and said good girl. I called my wife over and told her to lie in front of patty. I looked at patty and said poor girl she’s all hot and bothered and soaking wet. She had to just watch she needs some release. I said I’m going to loosen the chain. I want you to bury your face into her cunt and lick her good. You better eat her till she orgasms in your mouth. Then lick her clean.
I turned back to Nicole and said were not done yet. I saved the best part for last. I walked over and started smacking her ass. I turned bet down and told my wife to suck my cock till it was good and hard. When it was hard and covered in her saliva I stuck it in Nicole’s pussy and got it soaked in her juices. I pulled out spread her ass and rammed it hard deep into her ass. It was so tight and felt awesome. She struggled and squirmed. Her ass tightened up and tried pushing me out. She started sobbing. I pulled out a little and rammed it back in. I started slowly fucking her tight ass. I picked up rhythm and speed; I started ramming her hard and fast. I rammed her until I filled her ass with my cum. I heard my wife moan with pleasure as she orgasmed into patty’s mouth.

We went around and uncuffed everyone; I sat them on the couch and told them that from now on they were my slaves and sex toys to use as I please. They will respect me at all time obey me completely and call me sir when addressing me. I then told Nicole that she was to stay naked at all time at home. I pinched patty’s nipple and said since you don’t want to wear a bra you don’t need the shirt either. She took her shirt of and I stared at her tits. My cock started to get hard again. Patty looked at it then at me, I said yes go ahead and suck it. She got on her knees and gave me the best blowjob of my life. She swallowed every last drop. I looked at all 3 of my slaves. With a smile on my face I told them to take turn eating each other out until they cum clean each other up and meet me upstairs.
To be continued….

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