new to the neighborhood pt 2

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My Introduction to the story

continued for pt 1

So i continued to pound her pussy like there was no 2morrow then i felt a tingle feeling in my balls and i said emily im gonna cum she said YES CUM INSIDE OF MY PUSSY BABY I WANNA FEEL YOUR LOAD INSIDE OF ME with that i released spurts of cum deep inside of her pussy.

Then we layed there for a while just talking then i said emily are you ready for round 2 and she said hell ya what do you want me to do so i said how about you bend over so she did as i asked so i got behind her and start to play with her butthole with my finger then i took my tounge and started to lick her butthole while i was playing with her clit she said what r you doing i said just relax baby your gonna like it trust me. So i was licking and licking and she was all wet so i stuck my tounge into her ass and she let out a soft moan ( DAMN THAT SHIT FEELS GOOD PLZ CONTINUE AND DONT STOP)

so i came up and said any thing for you baby then i grabbed the tube of ky gel and put some on my hand and start to stroke my rock hard cock and the rest of the gaziantep travesti lube i rubbed it on her asshole then i took ahold of my cock with one hand and used the other hand to spread her ass cheeks apart then i took the head of my cock and started to rub her butthole n her moans continued in a soft voice (DAMN BABY FUCK THAT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD DONT STOP) and i said that aint nothing yet after rubbing her asshole for a couple of mins i decided it would be time to slip in my cock so i did a little at a time and boy was she tight and when i say tight i mean tight so i finally got all of my cock all the way in her ass.

so i started moving in and out nice and slow so she would get used to it then i grabbed her hair wrapper my hand around it and pulled her head back as i was pounding her tight asshole and as i picked up the speed her moans got louder and louder (YES YES YES FUCK MY TIGHT ASS YES FUCK ME HARDER AND DEEPER DAMN THAT DICK FEELS SO GOOD DEEP INSIDE OF ME)

as we continued i said i got one more thing i wanna do and i got up and went to my closet and grab a suitcase and opened it and grabbed a vibrator then i went back over to her and said how about you lay on your side and she did as i said then i got on the bed beside her and took a hold of my cock and put it in her wet dripping pussy and i fucked her like there was no 2morrow then i grabbed the vibrator that i had got out of the closet and turned it on and i put it to her asshole and slowly pushed it in n that sent her over the edge within mintues she was screaming OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY FUCKKKKKKKKING GODDDDDDDDDDDD THAT SHIT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD, FUCK ME HARDER N DEEPER, DONT STOP OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTTTTTTTT IM GONNA CUMMMMMM.

so i continued to fuck her pussy while the vibrator was deep inside of her and as she wanted i went balls deep in that pussy and i picked up the speed and went faster and harder but after awhile i switched it up i put the vibrator in her pussy and my cock in her gapped ass n we continued goin at it for a least another 10 to 15 mins.

then i felt her climax coming on so i pounded her ass as hard as i could and she finally let loose

and i knew i wasnt gonna last for much longer then i told her i am gonna cum n i want her to get on her knees and she did and i started to play with my self and i shot all of my hot sticky man juice all over her pretty teen face then she grabbed my cock and sucked the remaining cum out of my cock until it was dry.

afterwards we got cleaned up and i said maybe we can do this again some other time and she said ya sure i would like that then she got cleaned up then i walked her out and i went back upstairs to take a shower and went to sleep

a couple weeks later i got up and went on my morning run and on my way back emily was waiting on my porch and i said can i help you with something emily and she said ya we need to talk and i said sure whats on your mind she said can we go inside and sit down so we can talk and we went into my house then i said can i get u anything to drink and she said ya ill take some water so i went into the kitchen and got are drinks then went back into the living room and sat down on the couch next to her and said whats on your mind emily and she said (IM PREGNANT AND I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO) n i sat there in shock and said r u sure n she said ya i did took 2 test.

then she got up and left and i went upstairs and took a quick shower and got ready for my afternoon swim later that day i got a knock on the door so i went to answer it and it was emily n she was crying tbc

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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