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Catherine Ross and I have a sexual relationship over the past three years, our relationship is not serious. I don’t tolerate people interfering in my business. I prefer people to remain outside my businesses except those in my inner circle that I trust. I have a segment of my organisation that has aspects that must remain hidden and not paraded before the public. The under the table pay outs to local and state political officials, some nepotism also, a little tax avoidance, evasion, and occasional corners cut on corporate ethics. Politicians have the same problem. You can’t get things done if you have to explain all the time what you are up to. My businesses are no different. The illegal side of business has made me very wealthy, along with the legal businesses, but the way I look at it is, I’m out source. I out source many commodities to markets meet customer demands, selling them services and things that they want. I have a high class escort service with beautiful women from around the world. So when I heard about Catherine I was not happy.

Now Catherine is a bright lady and an award winning reporter . Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against intelligent women, but sometimes the smarts get pointed in the wrong direction. She is 30. She’d graduated from college with a degree in English and gone into journalism. She’d found herself working for the business section of one of the Sunday papers, doing pieces on consumer finance, environmental issues in business, stuff like that. Then I gave her her big break. She is working on a story about how one of the banks had managed to dip into its employee pension fund in order to cover up some unsuccessful dealings in the futures markets. It caused quite a stir. The Financial Services Authority had to step in, there was a major fall in the bank’s shares, their chairman resigned, of course. And Catherine got a reputation as someone that could ferret things out. She wrote a book, “Why Your Pension Isn’t Safe”, and used the proceeds to set herself up as a freelance, specializing in dodgy dealings in the personal finance market.

She should have stuck to banking. I’m not sure how she got involved with my illegal businesses. Maybe through one of my clients, preventing a reporter from reporting an exclusive story isn’t a cheap and a lot of my clients make their money in the banking business. So maybe she came across something in her other enquiries. I first knew she is taking an interest when I picked up someone trying to hack our email systems. We get as many intrusion attempts as the next business but all of a sudden we were getting a lot of attempts from one IP address, using a valid user id but with the wrong password. We knew whose user id it was and we checked if they’d been having problems but they said bayan escort gaziantep no. Then one of our sales guys said he’d been approached by a woman. Said that she’d heard we could help with a problem that she had, said she’d heard we could find her someone to own. Now that’s not how it works. New clients are introduced and we have really strict rules about who we’ll talk to. So, our sales guy is suspicious and says, “Nah, not our line of business. You must have got that wrong.” But we didn’t think she was just going to go away so we did a little research. Our sales guy had got a few snapshots of her with his mobile phone. We showed them around. Turned out one of the receptionists at our office building had seen her too. She’d showed up, claiming she had an appointment with our finance director. When the receptionist left her for a minute or two to check, she came back and found Catherine looking in the waste bin — Catherine claimed she’d dropped something in there by mistake but couldn’t find whatever it was that was supposed to have been there. She’d been asking questions, too. What sort of people they had coming in, that kind of thing.

I felt if she is showing that much interest in my businesses, I should return the compliment. Research is something we are really good at. So, we spend a bit of effort and get the information on Miss Catherine Ross. It doesn’t take too long to track her back via her PC and now I know I’m dealing with a nosey reporter. Before too long we’d got her history, plenty on her personal life (no boyfriend, too busy; not much contact with her family; no real hobbies apart from work and maybe the odd cinema or theatre trip).Then I found out she had got in to our IT systems after all. That one of the password attempts had worked. That made me very unhappy. I needed to do something. I take direct action on this situation, go and have a chat with Catherine, find out exactly how far she had got and make sure she doesn’t go any further. The assumption was that there would need to be an interruption of her current life, it’s a dog eat dog world, as she should have realized.

I decided to talk to her about my disappointment. When I entered her house, she was in the bathroom and we talked about a lot of stuff except for me finger fucking her and her sucking my cock and swallowing my cum. I avoided any kind of conversation that had to do with our sexual relationship. As we talked Catherine is bending over picking up stuff and I notice that she isn’t wearing any panties beneath her shorts and I see her tight shaved pussy from time to time as the legs in the shorts are baggy and very short. I got an instant hard on. There is a bottle of baby oil on the counter top and I took some rubbing my cock with it while she is bent over cleaning the tub so she didn’t see me do any of this. ” You’ve got a nice shaved pussy Catherine, she always blushed when I complimented her on her shaved pussy. I’m here about the stories your reporting on my businesses, but looking at your pussy ” I see I need to smell it and fuck it!” I said, as I pull my shorts down. Catherine couldn’t believe I said that out of the blue and turned to look at me over her shoulder while she is still bent over. I put my oily hands on her shorts and pull them down and start rubbing her shaved pussy.

” John, please don’t treat me like this, I’m not your girlfriend…I don’t want sex!” She said, as she rose up and propped herself on the sink counter as I push her down, I hold her bent over in front of me. Looking at her face in the mirror I ask her if she wanted me to stop. When she said; ” Yes, yes, Stop it! You shouldn’t be acting like this, I haven’t seen you in months!” She didn’t anticipate me sliding my cock into her dripping wet, well lubed shaved pussy. When the head of my cock slipped inside her pussy her eyes flew open like dinner plates, ” OMG…JOHN is going to fuck me!” Her head is spinning with the feeling of having my huge cock up inside her hot tight pussy. ” JOHN, OH MY GOD NO! OH JOHN NO THIS ISN’T RIGHT! NO JOHN, NO! PLEASE NO, YOUR COCK IS TO BIG, IT HURTS….TAKE IT OUT NOW….DON’T FUCK ME JOHN, JOHN YOUR COCK IS HURTING ME…..I’M NOT ON ANY BIRTH CONTROL, DON’T FUCK ME TAKE IT OUT!” Catherine is screaming.

” Oh wow Catherine, this is much better than being blown and I know that from you sucking my cock, man it feels so good to have my cock in your tight pussy, I am going to fuck you!” I’m slamming my cock hard and deep into her shaved pussy. Catherine and I rock back and forth as I slam her unprotected pussy. She took the all nine inches of my cock in the second thrust up into her pussy. It has been a long time since I have had my cock up in her hot wet pussy. I was concentrating at not cumming and had to pause a couple of times, she tried not to cum, but she had several orgasms with my huge hard cock fucking her, my cock is larger than normal and stretches a pussy to the limit, then I stiffen up slamming my cock all the way into her and she feels me unloading my hot, thick, gooey, fertile cum squirt after squirt into her, making her have more orgasms. After I finished cumming in her, she realized my cock is still hard as a rock and I start fucking her again. I told her I wanted her to cum again and again as I fucked her like a jackhammer. Here I am fucking her mercissly and making her cum. She is moaning and encouraging me to grind my cock deeper into her.

Somewhere both Catherine and I lost our shorts for better comfort and easier fucking, I came in her 10 or 12 times but my cock never went soft so I continue to fuck her making her have orgasm after orgasm in her unprotected pussy. I asked her if she missed getting fucked by me in marathon sessions. Then I got a wicked idea. i grabbed for the baby oil and squirted some more on my cock as I looked at her ass. Catherine remembers thinking she is going to be sore for a week. She is exhausted from on-going orgasms from my cock constantly pumping her unprotected pussy full of my sticky fertile cum, and the extra oil. Then I let some oil drip down the crack of her ass. She thought it felt a little weird and even more so as I use a thumb to rub it around her anus and some up in her anus. Catherine is so tuned on to my cock fucking her pussy that she has her head resting on her arms resting on the sink counter. I’m grinding my cock slowly, in and out, when I pull out completely. I slid it back in slowly and push into her pussy all the way. She said she liked it and so I continue doing it for a couple more times. Then I pull out and re-position my cock so it will go up her ass. She has no clue. I held her hips tight so she can’t get a way or move out of my way as I said; ” Catherine, I’m going to fuck you in your ass.

As soon as she said ” asshole,” the head of my cock pushed against her anus. She gasps and cries; ” John Oh God John! John NO! Please John, NO! Not in my asshole, not in my… “AAAGGGGOODD! NOOOOOOOO!” She screamed as my second thrust pushed half my rock hard slick cock into her tight asshole. She is very, very tight but also very, very wet, due to the lube. Her head snapped up and I looked at her in the mirror. I watched the pain in her face as I rammed my cock into her asshole, deeper and deeper until she had felt all of my cock buried in her asshole. ” AwwwFuuccckkkDammmnn! John, please, you’re too big! Please stop, you’re hurting me John, please no, Oh, Oh, Oh…No, No, Awwwggghhh! It hurts, John it hurts, take it out!” She tried to tell me to stop but I keep on fucking her asshole. Catherine has a hard time saying it at first but I keep making her say it over and over again: ” Fuck me in the ass John! Please John fuck my asshole! I want you to fuck my asshole John!” After a while I start getting into it. I must have cum 4 or 5 times before I ram my cock into her asshole all the way and pump out a major cum load deep into her. We rested for few minutes bent over the bathroom counter with my cock still up her asshole. As I pull out, cum dripped down her legs. I had just fucked her and made her cum like she had never been fucked or cum like that before. She told me to never do that to her again or she would holler rape. I told her, I will fuck you anytime I wanted. I stopped in and fucked her every day she wasn’t on her period and a few times she was on her period I fucked her anyway, it’s messy but still a good fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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