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I got a call from my brother John. He asked me if I could watch his eighteen year old daughter Patty for two weeks. It seems that my brother and his wife are going through a rough patch. They wanted to get away and see if they could mend their marriage. My brother did say that my niece might be trouble. She was part of the problem in my brother’s marriage. I had to think about it some but I wanted to help out my brother. I told him I would do it.

John showed up the next day with Patty in tow. I could tell right then I was in for trouble. Patty had this scowl on her face telling me she didn’t want to be here. My brother told me that he had Patty’s car keys and her keys to the house, she couldn’t run back home. Oh great, I thought. I took Patty’s bags and I stored them in one of the spare bedrooms. When I came back into the living room I asked Patty if she wanted something to drink. All I got was a short ‘no’ for an answer.

It was getting late in the day. I asked her what she might like for supper.

“I don’t want anything, I just want to be left alone,” she said.

This wasn’t going well and I was starting to get pissed. I am not used to dealing with teenagers, especially moody ones. I guess I lost my temper. I marched into the spare bedroom and I picked up Patty’s bags. I opened the front door and then spilled the bags onto the walkway.

“Get out!” I screamed.

I just went off.

“Your parents are close to divorcing and the party is almost over for you. I am not going to babysit someone for two weeks who doesn’t want to be here. Get your bags and go!”

I wish I had a camera right then. Patty’s eyes went wide with horror. I am sure her parents never talked to her like I did. I stood at the door and pointed to the way out.

“Please Uncle Nick, don’t make me go. I’ll behave.”

I waited a long minute before bursa escort I said anything.

“You had one chance and you just used it. If I have to call your parents and tell them to interrupt their vacation, you are going to wish you were on another planet.”

With that I gathered up her bags and brought them into the house. I shut the door and then drop the bags in the middle of the living room. I walked down the hallway to my bedroom and then I closed the door behind me. It must have been around six-thirty right then. I was stressed out. I kicked off my shoes and socks and then shed my shirt and pants and then I got onto my back. All I know is that I must have drifted off.

I felt someone touching me. I started to come out of my stupor. There sat Patty on the edge of my bed.

“Please Uncle Nick, don’t be mad at me,” she said.

There was enough light in the room I could see Patty clearly. She had on a belly shirt and she was wearing panties. I was trying to come around when I felt Patty’s hand touching the outside of my briefs. Patty was rubbing my cock through my underwear. I know I should have stopped it right there, but I was still sleepy. The problem was that my cock was getting stiff. Patty took hold of my briefs and pulled them down some. My cock was now exposed.

This is when things got crazy. Patty took hold of my dick and then lowered her face. I watched as she started bobbing up and down on my pole. I hadn’t had head in quite awhile. Patty was trying to take as much of my thick cock down her throat as was possible. Patty did manage to make my cock stiff. She did pull my briefs off from my body and then she stood up. I watched Patty strip before me.

Patty had short blonde hair. When she pulled her panties off I could see she was completely shaved down below. If made her look younger, to be honest. Her breasts bursa eskort were full size, at least a ‘C’ cup. Patty got up onto the bed. She climbed up over top of me and positioned her pussy right above my mushroom. Patty took hold of my erection and guided it to her slit and then she sat down on me.

Patty wasn’t a virgin but she wasn’t far from it. Her pussy felt so small and tight. It took some minutes before I was able to get my cock all the way inside her. My hands went to those tits. I had to feel them. They might have been big but they were firm. I squeezed both melons as Patty went up and down my bone. Yes, Patty was practically screaming to be fucked. I brought my ass up and I tried to stretch her tiny pussy with my meat.

After some minutes I flipped Patty over onto her back. I pushed her legs toward her chest and I fed her my cock. I had my dick buried as far as it would go. I never heard a woman crying out and begging for cock like Patty was doing.

“Fuck me Uncle Nick!” She kept telling me.

I pushed into her tunnel as far as I could. I was sure my dick was deep inside her belly. We fucked for a long time that night. I was starting to run out of steam and I was getting close. I told Patty I was going to pull out.

“No, I want you to cum in me, Uncle Nick!”

Just like that Patty broke her legs free and wrapped them around my back. She was squeezing me hard with her legs and pussy muscles. I couldn’t hold out at longer. I blasted Patty with my man juices. Patty’s eyes got big when she felt me explode inside her. I just kept cumming like crazy. I sent hot jets of my cream into Patty’s tight hole. I must have stroked her for fifteen more minutes until I got soft. I stopped and held my dick inside my niece.

Patty was shaking after we finished our sex session together. She pulled me down to her mouth escort bursa and we kissed for a long time.

“You were the best,” she told me.

Things took a turn for the better between Patty and myself. Those two weeks seem to last a long time. We were fucking daily. I am in my early forties. I wasn’t used to bedding down with a eighteen year old. Patty seemed to need cock all the time. I did find out that Patty was on the pill so I didn’t have to worry about that. Patty told me that she loved to feel my bare cock rubbing against her pussy walls. It gave her constant orgasms.

You might say I broke in my niece when she stayed with me. She told me she had only been with one guy before she made love with me. All I can tell you is that I was dreading the thought that Patty was going to soon leave. Patty said she didn’t want to go. Could she stay with me? I didn’t know what my brother would say about that.

One night just before my brother and wife were to get back, Patty and I were fucking in my bed. I had my cock inside Patty’s pussy as deep as I could go. Patty told me to stop for a moment.

“Nick, would you like it if I were pregnant?”

I had told her to stop calling me ‘Uncle’, for one thing. I think my head snapped back. I could only see trouble from Patty becoming pregnant by me. I told her that her parents would go ballistic if that were to happen.

“Not if I were living with you from now on,” she said.

I know we had talked about how nice it would be if Patty could stay here longer with me. I never gave it serious thought.

“Can you imagine me with a big belly?” Patty said.

I started to push my dick back into Patty’s tight quim. We got into it again. My mind was on Patty taking my baby batter from me.

“I want your baby, Nick.” Patty kept repeating that over and over.

I admit it got me excited. I ended up squirting my sticky load into Patty one more time. Patty seemed to be extra excited when she felt me unload between her tight gash. I guess I am going to have to think about how Patty can end up staying with me after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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