Night Shift Romance

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It was a typical, night shift Sunday. The huge factory, normally bustling with noise and activity, lay quiet and dark. I was in my office/quality lab, dipping parts in chemicals and singing along with the cranked up stereo.

“I didn’t know you could sing,” someone exclaimed behind me. I spun around, startled by the sudden and unexpected voice.

Recognizing Olivia, a cute little brunette supervisor, I relaxed and leaned against the counter laughing at myself.

“You scared the fuck out of me Liv,” I said, reaching back to turn down the stereo.

“Sorry,” she replied with a cute but, unapologetic grin. “I didn’t mean to startle you. You really do have a beautiful singing voice though.”

“Thank you,” I replied. “So, other than sneaking up on people, what brings you back to my neighborhood,” I asked as my heart rate slowed to normal. I assumed that she wouldn’t walk the nearly one quarter mile from the front of the massive factory to my office in back for no reason.

“Nothing really,” she replied, making me think my assumption was incorrect. “Just bored and thought I would see if you were here.” She shrugged her shoulders noncommittally and began smoothing one of her long braids.

“Don’t have much running tonight,” I asked, sounding casual while I wondered at the oddity of the situation and her body language. Liv and I had always been friendly on the rare and brief occasions our paths had crossed but, she had never sought out my company before or acted in any way shy around me. I couldn’t help but hope she was flirting with me.

“Just one cell and, my best people running it,” she answered.

“Thrilling,” I said for something to say. “Want to step out for a smoke?”

“Sure,” she responded in, what seemed like, relief and enthusiasm.

I stepped past her and opened the office door.

“After you,” I said, holding the door open and stepping back.

“Thank you kind sir,” she said, smiling sweetly.

I smiled back in my most (hopefully) charming smile and looked down into her big, dark eyes as she walked past. I stepped out behind her and followed her toward the nearest door. My gaze fixed on the nearly hypnotic, seductive swaying of her sensually wide hips and shapely ass.

We stepped through the propped open door and into the humid darkness. We lit our cigarettes and smoked in amiable quiet.

“Mandy told me you two weren’t seeing each other anymore,” Liv said, breaking the silence and referring to the pretty, chubby little blonde who was Liv’s friend and employee.

“Well, it wasn’t anything serious anyway,” I replied cautiously, wondering if Mandy had been hoping for more and sent Liv on a recon mission. It was the first time Liv had ever asked something so personal and I assumed Mandy was the real reason she had come to my office.

“That’s what she told me,” Liv responded evenly.

We smoked in silence as I waited for Liv to continue questioning me about why I called it off with Mandy.

“You can do better,” she said suddenly.

“Mandy is alright,” I said, both because it was the truth and because I was slightly taken aback by the unexpected statement.

“I love Mandy,” Liv said emphatically. “I just always thought you could do better.”

“Yeah, well,” I said noncommittally, suspicious of a trap. I flipped my cigarette into the butt can. After another drag, Liv followed suit and walked back inside. I followed, my eyes on her ass again as we approached my office.

I felt a little foolish for thinking she might have been flirting with me. Not that I am bad looking, if you are into the big, burly, bearded, long haired and rugged type but, Liv liked pretty boys and I just don’t qualify. It made more sense that she would have just been feeling me out about Mandy and me.

Now that she had questioned me unsuccessfully, I expected her to go back to the front and was surprised when she walked back into my office and sat down in the extra chair by the bare desk.

I shut the door, rounded the corner and sat down at my desk. I half faced Liv and turned on my computer for something to do.

“Kinda warm tonight,” Liv commented. She leaned forward in her chair and began to unbutton the red, long sleeve work shirt our company made supervisors kartal escort wear.

“I can turn up the air,” I offered, though the office felt plenty cool to me. I tried not to stare as the baggy red shirt opened.

“That’s okay,” she said, slipping out of the shirt and twisting to hang it over her chair.

My attempt to not stare failed as I saw what was underneath the red work shirt. She wore a white tank top that clung to her small, perky breasts and showcased her fit, curvy body while contrasting her bronze skin beautifully. I looked away as she turned back around.

“Does that work,” she asked, pointing at the coffee maker

atop the big filing cabinet.

“It sure does,” I replied, glad for the excuse to look at her. “Want me to make a pot?”

“My grandma always said ‘never let a cowboy make the coffee’,” she replied with a smile. “Just tell me where everything is and I will do it.”

“My gran had the same saying. Coffee and filters are down there,” I said, pointing at the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet.

Liv stood up and opened the drawer. She bent over, giving me a good look at her ass. A light blue thong peeked up over her painted on jeans.

I looked away as she stood up, placed the coffee and filters next to the pot and, grabbed the carafe.

“Be right back,” she said, leaving the office to get water. The door squeaked open and thumped shut. I put my elbows on the desk and buried my face in my hands as the shade over the glass in the door ticked softly, settling back into place.

The fact that Liv was up to something was apparent. The fact I didn’t know what that something was frustrated me.

I told myself to relax and be patient. I assured myself that answers would come. I reminded myself not to dwell to much on my hopes or how attracted to her I was.

I raised my head as the door opened. I grabbed my mouse and clicked on a random file as the door closed and pretended to study the screen as Liv walked into sight.

“Do you have cups,” she asked, starting the coffee maker.

“Cups, sugar and, non dairy creamer are on the top shelf,” I answered, pointing at the cupboard.

Liv opened the cupboard and stood on tiptoe, stretching to reach the top shelf. Her tank top pulled up, showing her thong again along with the smooth, tan skin of her lower back and side. She turned, catching me staring red handed.

“You look like you been getting some sun,” I said, trying to explain why I was starring.

“It’s hard not to get a tan in Hawaii,” she said, either buying my excuse or not minding my starring at her.

“You went to Hawaii,” I asked, wishing I knew what she was thinking and genuinely interested.

“Yeah, for two weeks. I just got back last Sunday,” she said, obviously happy to talk about it.

“Why Hawaii,” I encouraged.

“When my daughter started high school, I told her that if she graduated with an A average, I would take her on a trip. She graduated valedictorian of her class in June and wanted to go to Hawaii,” Liv explained proudly.

“I didn’t know your daughter was old enough to graduate,” I said, knowing Liv was my age at most, though she looked ten years younger.

“Yep, I had her at sixteen,” Liv said, confirming that she was a year or two younger than my thirty six.

“Was it nice there,” I asked.

“Absolutely beautiful,” she replied quickly. “Want to see some pictures?”

“I would love to,” I answered, noting her obvious desire to show them to me.

She sat down in the extra chair, pulled her phone out of her pocket and rolled up next to me. She opened her pictures and leaned in close, explaining the pictures as she flipped them on the screen.

My heart beat faster at the touch of her arm against mine. My head swam at the intoxicating scent of her. A flowery, sweet smell that was deeper than soap and perfume.

“This is me and Amy at the waterfall,” she said, showing me a picture of her and a girl who looked like a younger version of her. Both wore bright yellow bikini tops and cut off jean shorts. “Isn’t it beautiful,” she asked, looking up at me.

“Very,” I replied, meeting her gaze. ” The waterfall isn’t bad either,” kaynarca escort I added, hoping it didn’t sound to cheesy.

“Stop it,” she said bashfully, swatting my arm lightly as a blush rose in her cheeks.

After a few more pictures, she slid back.

“Looks like you had a blast,” I said.

“We did,” she replied, standing up to get coffee. “How do you take it,” she asked.

“In a cup preferably but, I ain’t picky,” I quipped.

“Black it is,” she said smiling as she poured and handed me a cup. I thanked her and sipped the hot liquid as she made herself a cup and sat back down.

We sipped our coffee, not saying anything but, I could tell Liv had something she wanted to say. Suddenly, I lost patience with the waiting game. I sat my cup on my desk and looked at Liv directly. I crossed my leg, leaned back and laced my fingers together over my belly. Liv looked back nervously over the rim of her coffee cup.

“Alright, spill it,” I said, amiably but firmly.

“Spill what,” she asked, obviously stalling by feigning ignorance.

“You didn’t come back here because you were bored,” I stated. “You have a reason and it’s time you spit it out.”

“That obvious,” she asked, grinning sheepishly. She sat her cup down and straightened in her chair, working herself up to it. “Remember outside when I said you could do better than Mandy,” she asked.

“I remember,” I replied with a nod.

“I meant…me,” she said, a fierce blush rising in her cheeks as she looked down at the floor nervously.

“Are you serious,” I asked, stunned.

She raised her eyes and nodded, still looking embarrassed.

“Liv, I have had a crush on you forever,” I exclaimed.

“I have had one on you forever too,” she said, a smile spreading on her face. “The time was just never right to tell you.”

“I thought you only went for pretty boys,” I said, chuckling happily.

“Usually but, there is something about you,” she said, trailing off and shrugging.

“What about Mandy,” I asked, not wanting to come between their friendship.

“She is the reason I decided to try,” Liv said. “She told me that we would be a good fit. She told me a lot about you and the more I heard, the more I liked.”

“What did she tell you,” I asked, curious.

“Just stuff. Girl talk,” she replied, a naughty grin on her face. “She said if you didn’t give me a chance, to get ahold of Tina and tell her you miss her,” she said, laughing at the tease.

“That won’t be necessary,” I said, laughing myself at the horrible memories of the buxom girl’s actions.

“Are you sure, I can message her for you,” Liv teased.

“Don’t you dare,” I said.

“Or what? You will spank me,” she taunted, a naughty, playful, challenging glint in her eyes.

“It is an option,” I said, grinning at the challenge and getting an idea of the things Mandy had spilled about me.

“In that case, I better message her,” Liv said, picking up her phone.

“How about, I will spank you if you don’t then,” I offered, expecting her to laugh and drop it.

“It’s a deal,” she said, kicking off her shoes and standing up. She began unbuttoning her jeans, biting her lower lip seductively and looking into my eyes.

“What are you doing,” I asked, caught off guard by her actions.

“Getting the spanking you promised,” she replied cheerfully, pushing her jeans down and stepping out of them.

“What if somebody comes in,” I asked.

“Mandy will call if they need me up front and nobody else is here. Besides, I locked the door when I came back in,” she answered smartly.

I starred at her in pleasant shock, unable to fully grasp the fact that Liv was really crossing the room in a blue thong and bending over my desk.

“Mandy told me about what you like. I want you to do to me the things you couldn’t to her,” Liv said huskily, her firm, round, mostly bare ass swaying slowly, enticingly from side to side.

I stood up and lay my hand on her ass cheek. Slowly and gently I caressed the smooth skin. I squeezed her beautiful ass in a firm grip. She moaned a little and pushed against my hand.

Quickly and without warning, I drew my hand back and brought kozyatağı escort it down against the soft, smooth skin of her ass with a sharp, stinging crack. She cried out softly in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

A red hand print appeared on her ass. My cock stiffened at the sight of it. I spanked her again, putting another hand print on her other cheek.

“Oh yes,” Liv said through a moan, coaxing me on.

I continued to spank her, my cock stiffening against my jeans. Her round, firm ass jiggled with every strike, becoming more red, more sexy.

I stopped, looking down at Liv’s red, hand print covered ass. I lay my hand on it gently, feeling the heat in her glowing, sexy butt cheeks. I slid my hand down, into her panties and slipped a finger between her lips and into Liv’s soaked pussy.

Liv moaned breathlessly and looked over her shoulder at me. The look in her eyes confirmed how much she was enjoying the situation. I took my hand off of her and sat back down.

“Let me see your tits,” I said.

Liv stood up smiling and pulled her shirt off quickly, tossing it to the floor. She reached behind her and undid the hooks of her blue bra. She pulled it off and dropped it, standing in front of me nervously as I looked at her topless.

“Very nice,” I said, looking at her perky little tits and her dark, hard nipples. I reached up and took one in each hand, squeezing the firm little globes. Her nipples pressed into my palms as I savored the feel of her beautiful, bare breasts.

“What else did Mandy tell you I liked,” I asked, dropping my hands and letting my eyes play over her body.

“This,” she said, sinking to her knees. She positioned herself between my legs, unbuttoned my jeans and slid my zipper down. She reached in my pants, wrapped her little hand around my throbbing cock and pulled it free.

“Oh wow,” she said, looking at my cock appreciatively as she slid her small hand up and down my shaft. “Mandy said it was big but, wow.”

She looked up at me and licked her lips seductively. She stopped rubbing as she looked down at my cock. She opened her mouth wide and put it over my cock, sucking greedily.

The feel of her hot, wet mouth was pure ecstasy. Her lips, tongue and hands worked together with her hungry sucking. The sight of her beautiful brown eyes looking up at me while her lips stretched around my cock was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I struggled against the urge to cum. The feeling passed and I relaxed and enjoyed.

“Okay, that’s enough for now,” I said, feeling the urge to cum again.

Liv released my cock with a little pout.

“Take off your panties,” I instructed.

She stood up eagerly and pulled off her blue thongs. She stood up straight and I looked down at her bald, pretty pussy. Her puffy lips glistened with the wetness of her arousal.

I stood quickly, scooping her up as I rose and carried her across the room. I lay her on the empty desk and pushed her legs apart, looking down at her spread open, shimmering cunt.

I stepped forward and pushed my cock into her tight pussy. She cried out in pleasure as I buried my cock in her hot, slippery, clenching cunt.

“Oh my God, you are tearing me in half,” she screamed in ecstasy.

I pounded my cock into her hard and deep, watching her little tits bounce enticingly with every thrust. I grabbed one of the firm, jiggling globes and squeezed hard. Liv screamed with pleasure as my fingers dug into her tit hard enough to bruise.

I fucked her as hard as I could, driven by the realization of a fantasy and her screams of pleasure as she orgasmed over and over, her hot, slippery wetness soaking my cock and running down my balls.

She cried out as another orgasm ripped through her body. Her pussy gushed and clenched around my cock. I thrust in as hard and deep as I could, cumming as I hit the bottom of her cunt. My cock pulsed over and over, pumping my cum into her dripping snatch.

“Wow,” I said, looking down at Liv as my cock pulsed it’s last.

“Yeah,” she agreed, panting and out of breath from the multiple, intense orgasms. “I’m glad you enjoyed,” she said, smiling up at me.

“Very much,” I replied, leaning down and kissing her for the first time.

“Think you might like to keep me around for a while,” she asked as I broke the kiss.

“I think so,” I replied with a grin as I pulled out of her.

“Good,” she said sitting up. She glanced down at my soaked cock and smiled. “Because there are lots of fun things we can do,” she said, raising her eyes to mine, grinning naughtily and licking her lips.

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