Nikki , Her Father Ch. 02

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“You know how you told me that you’d watched your Dad in the bathroom?” Sally asked Nikki as they sat chatting in Sally’s room.

“Yeah,” Nikki replied, wondering where this was going.

“well, I got so worked up thinking about it that I decided to see if I could spy on my brother when he was in the shower.”

“Oh my God, really?!” Sally’s brother was an undisputed hunk and played on the school soccer team. He was popular with all the girls regardless of what year they were in and Sally new that Nikki thought that he was really hot, even if he did seem to treat them as if they were still 15 and a pain in his butt.

“Yeah, I waited until he’d been in there for a bit and just walked in, pretending that I needed something urgently from the bathroom. He was standing up in the shower and the screen was all fogged up so I couldn’t really see anything, but he yelled at me to get out. I asked him what the matter was, was he afraid of me seeing his dick and finding out it was tiny and then telling everyone. That made him mad. He yelled at me that his dick was perfectly fine and the girls wouldn’t need my help in finding out how big it was!

I tried to hang around, but he started to yell even louder and I had to get out before Mum came to see what was happening.”

“I can’t believe you did that!”

“Yeah, well I can’t believe that you saw your dad make himself cum! I so want to see it.”

“I’m getting wet from talking about this,” Nikki told Sally, “Did you try touching yourself like you said you were going to?”

“Yeah, I did, it felt really good, you were right,” Sally replied, her face flushing as she admitted to it.

“Man, I wish I could see your brother naked, that would be awesome.”

“Yeah, well I get the feeling that he might have shown his dick to Sarah Brown, but I don’t think you’ve got much chance sorry, he seems to go after cheerleader bimbo types, not pretty AND smart types.”

“Heee, you’re making my blush! Do you really think I’m pretty?” Nikki asked her.

“You know I do, I wish I looked as hot as you, then I could get anyone I wanted!

“But you are as pretty as me!” Nikki said instantly. “Can you keep a secret? A really big one? If you can, I’ll tell you something that you can’t ever ever tell anyone else and maybe we can get you in on it too.”

“You know I can keep a secret! I’ve never told anyone about how much you like my brother remember! Come on, please?”

“Well, I dunno, I shouldn’t have said anything, I mean I really shouldn’t tell anyone …”

“Nikki! You have to! You can’t leave it like that!” Sally insisted.

“Well, ok, then, but you have to promise on everything you’ve ever loved or I’ll never speak to you again!”

“Geez, anyone would think you killed someone or something!”

“Well not that!” laughed Nikki. “Ok, here’s what happened …” Nikki proceeded to tell Sally about how her father had touched her and how good it had felt to have him touch her nipples and that he had even sucked on them before licking her pussy until she exploded. Sally looked on incredulously, hardly believing what she was hearing. When Nikki told her that she had touched her father’s penis and that he’d cum, she nearly fell over.”

“Holy crap Nikki! And you were telling me you couldn’t believe that I’d just snuck into the bathroom with my brother when I didn’t even see anything!”

Nikki was blushing furiously now and insisting that Sally wasn’t ever allowed to tell a soul. Sally agreed readily. They sat in silence for a few minutes, each lost in their musings over the information that had just been shared.

“Nikki …” Sally began.


“Was it really as good as you said when he licked you down there?”

“Oh yeah, it was the best thing I’ve ever felt!” Nikki said happily.

“Wow, I want to try that. I want to have someone make me feel that good.”

“Would you let my Dad do it?” Nikki asked her friend.


“Well you said you wanted to see a dick and I thought maybe if Dad thought he’d get to lick you that he’d be prepared to show you. But I have no idea how it could happen.”

“Oh God, I don’t know. I mean it freaks me out to think that you let him lick you! I could never let my Dad do that to me! I don’t know about your dad either.”

“Well, what about your brother?”

“Shit! Maybe, I mean at least he’s not old.”

“Want me to ask him?” Nikki said with a grin on her face.

“No way!” said Sally, her face shocked that Nikki might consider doing such a thing.

In the end the two of them said their goodbyes and Nikki made her way home, neither of them having come to a conclusion about how they might get someone to do for Sally what Nikki’s father had done for her. Sally wasn’t prepared to let Nikki’s dad do it and there was no way she would let Nikki intercede with her brother for her.

Sally lay in bed thinking about her brother and the discussion that she’d had with Nikki earlier in the day. She couldn’t sleep, tossing and tuzla escort turning and even laying there touching her pussy gently, feeling her way around her vagina, experimenting with what felt good. Finally she decided to creep into her brother’s room to talk to him.

“Craig, are you awake?” she hissed from alongside his bed. She didn’t get an answer and repeated the question.

“I am now, he mumbled, turning to face her in the gloom of the darkened room, just a faint light under the door giving him a slight silhouette of his Sister before him. “What do you want?”

“Can I ask you some questions?”

“I guess so, but why the hell now?” he asked her.

“Shove over and let me get in first,” she said to him. Craig made room in his bed for his little sister to get in and she slid under his quilt alongside him. He suddenly became acutely aware of the fact that his sister was getting older. His body was betraying him too, because even though it was his sister in his bed, his penis was swelling from the warmth of her body and the smell of her hair as she snuggled in next to him.

“Make it quick,” Craig urged.

“Have you had sex yet?” Sally blurted out.


“I want to know if you’re a virgin. I want to know about sex and I want to know if you’re in a position to tell me,” she repeated. “‘Cause I’ve heard rumours that Sarah Brown gave you a blow job, but I don’t know how far you’ve gone. And I want to know whether you enjoyed what you’ve done or not.” Craig started to protest but Sally went on, “I could ask someone else, but you’re here in the house with ma and I thought you might be a nice honest source of information. I’d hate for Mum to over hear me asking someone what a blow job is because I think my brother got one from Sarah Brown!”

“God, relax already, I’ll talk to you about it,” Craig said, to shut up his little sister. “I haven’t had sex and I haven’t even had a blow job so there isn’t much I can tell you about it.”

“Your’re just saying that to shut me up,” Sally accused.

“No, it’s the truth,” Craig said, thinking back to when Sarah had taken his dick in her hands and played with it, but had refused to suck on it, despite his urging. She’d given him a hand job but wouldn’t suck it for him much to his disgust. He thought he was sure to get a blow job from her. His friends claimed that their girlfriends had done it for them, but Sarah insisted that it was dirty and that she wouldn’t do it. He was suddenly aware of just how erect he was and rolled over to present her back to him as he was taken by surprise with Sally’s next question.

“So, have you ever licked a girl ‘down there’?” Sally asked, probing to determine exactly what his experience was.

“Shit, I can’t believe your asking me all this,” Craig said.

“Doesn’t matter, just tell me.”

“No. I haven’t.

“Have you touched a girl there?”

“Not yet.”

Sally noticed that her insides seemed to have come alive as she probed her brother to determine his experience

She thought back to her discussions with Nikki and how she had suggested that maybe she could get her brother to lick her pussy. “Do you want to touch mine?” she suddenly blurted out.

Craig was stunned. Had his little sister really just asked him if he wanted to touch her pussy?

“What?” he said, that being the only sound that managed to escape his lips.

“I asked if you want to touch mine …” Sally said quietly, suddenly not quite sure how much she meant it.

“You’d really let me?” he asked.

“Um … yeah … if I can touch your dick?” she answered, suddenly throwing a condition in to get some leverage.

“Umm, ok,” He replied. Craig rolled back over so that he was on his side facing his sister who was lying on her back in her nightie. He couldn’t see her in the dark of the room, but he could imagine the swell of her breasts and the flaring of her hips that he’d been noticing over the last couple of years as she graduated from girl to young woman.

He tentatively reached out his hand until it was resting on her thigh and slid it up under her nightie where he encountered her panties. He felt his sister part her legs and he rubbed at her crotch through the fabric of her panties. Sally moaned a little and he rubbed harder. He moved his hand up to the waistband and started to slip his hand down inside them, his fingers tangling their way through her pubes as he sought out her slit. He was somewhat clumsy and was disappointed to hear Sally tell him to stop. He reluctantly withdrew his hand.

He felt Sally moving on the bed and realised that she was removing her panties. When she stopped she told him to try again as she stuffed her panties under the pillow they were sharing. Again he reached out and this time went immediately to her pussy lips. They were wet and he tried to push a finger in her hole.

“Stop, not so rough,” she told him as he tried to force his finger in. Sally instructed him on how to touch her how she liked it, to run in finger pendik escort around the outside, tickling her labia and gently working his finger between her lips before trying to get it inside her.

Craig listened to his sister and explored the outside of her pussy, wishing that he could see what he was doing. He started as he felt her hand grip his cock through his boxers. He groaned as she squeezed it tight.

“God, I can’t believe how hard it feels,” she said to him as she pulled and tugged on it. Craig pushed his finger inside his sister’s hole in response to the sudden sensations of his cock. There was something about the fact that this was his sister and that he was touching her even more intimately that drove him even more wild than when his girlfriend had masturbated him. Just as he pushed a second finger inside Sally’s pussy, he realised that he was going to cum. He opened his mouth to tell Sally, but it was too late.

Sally felt her brother’s cock pulse in her hand and then his boxers were suddenly very wet.

“Did you just cum?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he replied quietly, withdrawing his fingers from her pussy.

“Oh. Well I think I’d better go now,” she said, grabbing her panties from under the pillow and clambering quietly out of her bed.

“Sure,” he said, disappointed. “Sally,” he started as she made her way from the room.”



“Sure. Thank you, too,” she said, her body showing through the fabric of her nightie as she stood turned in his doorway. He marvelled at the outline of her firm breasts through the material, suddenly disappointed that he hadn’t taken the opportunity to feel them when she’d been in his bed.

The two girls were sitting around the pool again and Nikki said to Sally, “you wanna be naughty?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you want to sunbathe nude with me?”

“What if your Dad comes home?” Sally asked.

“He’s going to be gone until 4pm, he told me when he left,” Nikki answered.

“Um, ok, why not, it should be fun,” Sally said. The two girls stripped their bathers off, giggling before sitting laying back down on the towel. Nikki grabbed the sunscreen and started applying it to the areas that her one piece suit had covered, rubbing it into her breasts and tummy.

Sally watched her, loving the way her breasts moved under her hands, the nipples becoming erect. Then Nikki started rubbing sunscreen in around her pubes and pussy and remarked to Sally that she was getting wet it felt so good. “Could you do my back and bum for me?” she then asked.

Sally said that she would and that then Nikki could return the favour. Nikki rolled onto her stomach and Sally squirted sunscreen over her friends bottom and lower back before using her hands to rub it all in. She found herself paying particular attention to Nikki’s butt and was a little surprised when Nikki’s legs parted a little, allowing Sally’s hand to slide between her thighs a little. Sally felt the brush of Nikki’s pubes against her hand and withdrew it, slapping her butt and telling her that she was finished.

Nikki rolled back over, surprised at how alive her pussy felt after her friend had touched her. She watched as Sally started rubbing sunscreen into her breasts and suddenly wished that she could feel them. Then Sally was on her stomach, her butt facing the sun and Nikki took her turn to rub sunscreen into it. Her hands were drawn to the crack of her friend’s arse and kept slipping down to get close to her pussy. As Nikki rubbed the sunscreen in, Sally decided to tell Nikki about her brother.

Nikki’s hand slowed as she listened, feeling her pussy getting wetter and wetter, especially when Sally told her that her brother had shot his load in his pants and that she’d then left him.

“But I didn’t manage to get him to lick me,” Sally said, a little disappointed.

“Well maybe next time he will. Maybe you should have stayed after he’d cum and told him to return the favour.

“Yeah, maybe, I was just shocked that he’d cum so quickly and decided to get out of there. He just seemed interested in getting as many of his fingers inside me as he could.”

“What was it like, having his fingers in you? Daddy didn’t do that to me.”

“It felt really good,” Sally replied.

“But what did it feel like?” Nikki asked.

“I dunno, its hard to explain, it’d be easier to show you I guess.”

“You’ll stick your fingers in me?” Nikki asked, stunned that her friend had suggested it.

“Sure, why not, if it means you get to know what I am talking about,” Sally replied.

Nikki sat down in front of her friend and spread her legs to reveal her glistening pussy. Sally moved next to her and reached down and touched her pussy, letting her fingers enjoy their journey all over it. She loved being able to make her friend sigh and moan as she caressed her intimately. She traced her finger over Nikki’s clit, making her flinch as she sent pleasure directly through her body before running her finger down and between aydınlı escort her lips and sliding one of them into her drenched hole.

“Ooo, I like that,” Nikki said as Sally ran her finger around inside her pussy, sliding it in and out, wiggling it.

Sally slipped another finger in beside the first, gently starting to stretch her pussy. Nikki took a look at her friend’s fingers as they penetrated her and then lay down on her back, her legs splayed apart as she enjoyed the sensation. Sally slipped a third finger into Nikki’s pussy and then used the fingers of her other hand to tease her clit.

Nikki writhed on the ground before her and Sally continued with her efforts until Nikki squealed and bucked her hips as she was swept away by her orgasm. She begged Sally to stop and Sally did, smiling down at the naked form of her friend, quietly convulsing on her towel before her. As Nikki lay recovering, Sally reached out her hands and took her friend’s breasts in them, squeezing them and manipulating them, teasing the nipples, exploring the sensation of fondling another girl’s breasts.

“Mmm, thank you Sally,” Nikki said, looking up to meet Sally’s eyes.

“Anytime,” laughed Sally, ” but now you owe me.”

“Oh, and what do I owe you?” Nikki asked.

“Well, you’d never had fingers in your pussy and I helped you out. I’ve never had my pussy licked …”

“You want me to lick your pussy for you?” Nikki asked, surprised.

“Um, yeah,” Sally said, suddenly blushing. Nikki lay looking up at her friend, her eyes travelling from her apprehensive expression, down to her firm breasts with their erect nipples and back up to her face. She considered it for awhile.

“Well, I guess if dad can do it to me, I should be able to show you what he did, ” Nikki conceded.

“Oh wow, thanks!” Sally responded enthusiastically, laying herself down on her towel and spreading her legs to give her friend access to her sopping pussy.

“Nikki lay down on her tummy between Sally’s legs, her face hovering over her pussy. She used her fingers to part her lips and then licked along the inside of Sally’s labia.”

“Uegh,” she said, pulling her head back.

“What is it?” Sally asked, concerned at her friend’s reaction.

“Sunscreen,” laughed Nikki, “Let’s go inside and shower and then I’ll lick your pussy for you.” Giggling, the two girls grabbed their towels and swim suits and ran into the house, straight to the bathroom.

Sally hopped into the shower and started washing herself down with soap while Nikki waited in the bathroom.

“Why don’t you come in too, you can wash off the sunscreen as well and maybe … well, maybe I’ll lick you so I know what its like to do the licking as well.” Sally suggested.

Nikki was happy to go along with this and joined her friend in the shower, their bodies rubbing against each other as they manoeuvred their way around each other in the shower cubicle, washing every inch of their skin. Nikki watched Sally washing herself and took the soap from her before rubbing it all over her friend’s breasts. Sally leant back against the wall of the shower and Nikki played with her breasts before letting one hand wander down to her pussy where she let her soapy hand caress her friend.

Remembering what it had been like to have her father suck on her nipples, Nikki decided that she’d do exactly that to her friend’s breast and lowered her head to suck on Sally’s left nipple. Sally moaned in pleasure as her nipple was drawn deep into Nikki’s mouth where her tongue was flicked back and forth over it.

Nikki kept sucking and then felt Sally’s hands upon her own breasts, pulling at them, drawing them away from her body, her wet nipples slipping between Sally’s soapy fingers. Nikki plunged a finger inside Sally’s pussy and wriggled it around. In response, Sally told Nikki that she thought that it was time that she had her pussy licked. Nikki stopped sucking on her friend’s nipple and looked at her face. It was happy and shiny with the moisture from the shower. Nikki noted the fullness of Sally’s lips, the angle of her cheek, the curve of her neck and felt an intense desire to kiss her friend. She leaned in, her eyes focused on her friend’s lips, which parted to allow her tongue to slip between them. Nikki’s tongue slipped out of her own mouth to meet it in her approach and she shifted her gaze to Sally’s eyes, which locked on her own.

Their lips met and Nikki melted into the kiss, her tongue entwined about Sally’s her body thrust forward, wedging Sally between herself and the wall, their breasts mashed together, Sally’s thigh between Nikki’s legs, Nikki’s pussy rubbing on it.

Nikki wasn’t sure how long they kissed, but it was bliss. Eventually they broke apart and Sally pushed Nikki away, turning off the torrent of water and telling Nikki that she wanted her pussy licked. They grabbed towels and rubbed each other dry, pausing to kiss again and again before going together, hand in hand into Nikki’s bedroom.

Sally lay back upon the bed and Nikki crawled up between her legs, trailing kisses over her calf, her knee, her thigh until she was again face to face with her friend’s pussy, wet, inflamed, excited, waiting. She ran a finger down each labia and then parted them, wantonly checking out the moist pink folds before her.

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