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My wife Nikki just phoned from the gym and told me she’d be there another hour or so. Nikki is a beautiful redhead who stands 5’4 with tootsie roll brown eyes, and 40DD breasts sporting a gorgeous rubenesque shape, delicious legs, and knockout body. When we married Nikki knew of my submissive tendencies and indulged me in them by making me do things for her that most husbands would scream at doing. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping, yard work, were all mine to do while Nikki enjoyed lounging on the couch watching television or going out with her girlfriends from work.

In the evening, I would sit naked on the floor and paint Nikki’s toenails, massage her feet and generally do whatever else she wanted. Our life was perfect like that for awhile, but inside we both felt there was a little something missing. Slowly Nikki became more demanding of me, almost as if she were trying to push me to see how far she could test my limits. When she wanted to go to Cancun with one of her girlfriends from work for a week and we didn’t really have the money, it was her suggestion that I take on a second job to pay for it which I did gladly. It was a menial job that Nikki found me at the gym where she goes cleaning out the locker rooms and doing basic janitorial work. I gladly took on the task going straight from my other job to the job at the gym and working late into the night. When I returned home I would clean, do laundry, and take care of any chores Nikki had left scribbled for me on a pad in the kitchen.

Our life changed after that. Nikki finally found a piece of her that I think really liked pushing me around and demanding things of me and at the same time, demeaning and humiliating me. It was around this time that Nikki announced one night that we would only have intercourse at a time and place of her choosing. I begrudgingly accepted and found our intercourse to wither away to an almost non-existent affair. We still had sex, which usually consisted of my licking Nikki for an hour or more, using a vibrator on her or putting three fingers inside her to finally bring her to climax. Once she was fully satisfied and had been brought to orgasm sometimes several times, it was my turn. Nikki had devised a rather cruel way of getting me off which required a maximum effort on my part and a minimum on hers.

After her orgasm she would lie prostrate on the bed usually half asleep or flipping through the channels on the TV watching Letterman, while I would place my cock between her first and second toes and gently move back and forth. Moving too quickly would sometimes disturb her and incite her wrath, and moving too slowly would sometimes have equal results. So the trick for me was to be able to move just at the right speed so as not to disturb Nikki and be able to get myself off at the same time. Once I had ejaculated, I would be made to lick up my mess and make sure Nikki’s feet were spotless and clean. On rare occasions, Nikki would take some interest in me and have what she liked to call a teasing session. These consisted of me either being tied spread eagled to the bed, or tied to a rafter in the basement. Nikki, who has gorgeous long nails, would then take her nails and barely touch my cock, lightly dragging her nails up and down my shaft. This would drive me crazy and I would be ready to shoot in an instant, but to no avail, Nikki would stop and take a break. Sometimes the break would last for hours while she went to the store or shopping with a friend. Finally, when release was granted, it was without the grip of a hand around my cock, making me jerk violently up and down while shooting my load. This brought an intense mixture of pleasure and pain to which Nikki wickedly smiled at.

Working at the gym became a regular job for me even after the Cancun trip was paid for as Nikki decided we could use the extra income, plus if I worked there she was entitled to 10% off her membership. I would often see Nikki working out at the gym and it would drive me wild with lust. She usually wore an almost see through leotard that was very low cut in the front and very high cut on the sides showing off her gorgeous legs and ass. Her favorite one was a light tan one that you could almost see through once she started sweating. She would also wear sheer to the waist tights under her leotard which accented her gorgeous legs and ass even more.

That is where she first met Michael. He was the total opposite of me. He was the quintessential tall dark and handsome Italian stud that you usually see in gyms. Him and Nikki hit it off immediately and I would see him brush up against her while trying to get to a machine to work on. He would always watch her work out and sometimes he’d go over and ‘spot’ her while she was lifting weights. I knew better than to bother Nikki at the gym while she was working out, so when I saw her I would meekly smile and bow my head and act like she was any other customer. I would see Michael in the locker room and in the shower, which I also had to clean, after his workout. Although I’m not bisexual, I couldn’t help stealing a glance at his magnificent body from time to time. One time in particular, I watched as he lathered up his body and stroked his Maltepe Escort cock, which to my guesstimate was about 8 inches long and very thick.

Nikki continued to spend more and more time at the gym, and when she came home she was usually covered in sweat wearing her leotard. My job was to make sure that when she arrived home, I had a clean towel for her to wipe her face with and one of my white dress shirts for her to slip on once she shed her leotard and tights. On rare occasions I was allowed to assist her in disrobing. I would then take her leotard and tights and hand wash them for her, making sure they were clean for her next trip to the gym. Before submerging them in water, I would stand there and bring them to my nose intoxicated by her sweaty scent and instantly get hard. Nikki saw this a few times and laughed.

After we were married, Nikki told me she’d prefer it if I were naked around the house, something that I certainly didn’t object to and much looked forward to. As time went on, Nikki began adding things to my wardrobe. First was a small bell attached to an elastic cord that she wrapped around my cock and balls and it would ding as I walked. She particularly found this amusing. After that, I was to wear her worn pantyhose from the previous day while I was not only around the house but at work too. I must say I found this exciting and erotic and didn’t protest at all. Then one night, Nikki suggested we remove all my body hair from the neck down. As usual, I didn’t protest and found it quite exciting.

Then one night Nikki came home from the gym and said that she had invited Michael to dinner the next night. I felt the lump rise in my throat and swallowed hard knowing that this was probably going to signal a whole new turn in our relationship. Nikki instructed me to prepare dinner, she said Michael was a steak and potatoes guy so steaks on the grill would be good. She also instructed me on what brand of wine to buy and to make sure I had the house spotless when he got there. I was paying close attention to her instructions when she said something that shocked me.

“Oh and I want you in your normal around the house wear understood?”

I must have looked flabbergasted because she became more insistent.


I muttered weakly, “Nikki, you mean you want me to wear my, I mean your worn pantyhose tomorrow night?”

“Well that’s what you usually wear when we’re home alone and I don’t see a reason to change now, and plus I told Michael all about it so he’s prepared to see you like that, he even thought it was quite cute.”

“Okay Nikki, I’ll do it.”

She tweaked my cheek, “You bet your sweet ass you’ll do it!” And she was gone out the door to the gym.

The next day I spent the entire day at work not able to keep my mind on anything but the thoughts of dinner that night. I was planning to duck out early when my boss called me into his office and told me he’d like to me with me at four o’clock. Fuck that’s just what I needed a meeting with him. He was a nice guy but very long winded and I knew I’d be at least an hour. I frantically called Nikki and told her about my meeting with my boss and how it was unavoidable. She said that was fine, but I was to call her the minute I got home. I agreed and hung up somewhat relieved. At four o’clock I walked into my boss’s office and was surprised to see my boss, his boss and three other managers that were equal in rank tome. He motioned for me to sit down, and began to address the three of us. He told us how the company was cutting back and as a cost savings measure, we were being let go. He was sorry and we were valued, but we had to go and the decision had already been made. Security was waiting outside the office to escort us to our desks and then off the property.

My mind was whirling with this news. What the hell was I going to do now? Nikki made plenty of money at her job, actually over twice what I made, but I always thought my job was important and contributed to the household income. In reality, we could’ve easily lived on Nikki’s salary, but something inside me had never wanted to admit that until this moment. I drove home with all sorts of thoughts racing through my mind. Finally I picked up my cell phone and dialed Nikki’s number and gave her the news. Thinking she’d be pissed or shocked, I was amazed when she dismissed it as no big deal, as if I’d lost some part time job somewhere. She said not to worry, and that she would take care of us and she was sure I’d find something to do and that I still had my job at the gym! Like that mattered, it was a little more than a minimum wage job! So she totally dismissed my plight and switched the subject to making sure I was on the way home to prepare for Michael’s visit! Meekly, I said, yes I was headed home to prepare dinner. As she hung up the phone almost as an afterthought, she told me not to forget to wear my ‘outfit.’

I hurriedly put the box with all my work stuff in the garage, shred my suit and stood in front of the mirror looking at myself wearing only Nikki’s pantyhose that she had worn yesterday. I had to admit, I wasn’t the physical specimen Michael was, and my cock Anadolu Yakası Escort was definitely much smaller than his. I had been in pretty good shape once, but too many lunches at McDonalds had rounded out my shape and added quite a few extra pounds. Once when I guy at work saw me wearing just a t-shirt he had laughed and said, “Christ you’ve got bigger tits than my wife!” which brought jeers from many of my co-workers.

Snapping back to reality I realized I had better get moving if I was to have everything ready in an hour. I rushed around, chilled the wine, marinated the steaks, made sure the house was immaculate, and the grill was preheated. The phone rang and it was Nikki saying she was on the way home from the gym and that Michael would be along shortly. She told me to have a shirt ready for her and I would be allowed to help her change. Immediately I became aroused and erect. I heard Nikki’s car pull into the garage and raced to the closet and got her a shirt. She swept through the door wearing her leotard and tights, but I was amazed to see today she wasn’t’ wearing a bra. Her breasts swayed elegantly and her nipples stood erect. She pecked me on the cheek, and tossed me her coat and bag.

“How was your day Nikki?” I asked meekly, hanging up her coat and putting her bag on the stand in the foyer.

“Crazy! I barely had time for my workout, and Shelly was a total bitch at work! Help me off with these.” She struggled to pull her leotard top down off her breasts releasing them as they bounced to life glistening with sweat. I stood in amazement staring at her, when she finally broke my trace. “Stop staring and help me!” Immediately, I helped peel the rest of the leotard over her hips and down her legs. I knelt as she put her hand on my head to steady herself and kicked first one, and then the other leg free. I then reached up and began to slide her tights down her legs, smelling the sweet aroma of her sex and her sweat. It was purely intoxicating and I couldn’t help but stare at her pussy as I rolled her tights down her legs. I wanted in the worst way to lick her, but found myself instead beginning to cry. She looked down at me puzzled.

“What are crying for?”

“I just feel so bad about losing my job, I feel like I’ve let you down and I’m worthless!” I buried my head into her stomach and sobbed.

“Oh don’t worry about it, I told you I make plenty of money and you still have your job at the gym, and it will also give you a chance to do some things around here you’ve wanted to do.” She patted my head like a dog. “Oh and by the way, I talked to Michael after you called and he is on the board of a charitable organization that is always looking for volunteers and I told him since you’re not working you’d be glad to volunteer!” She looked into my eyes and said, “You know I will take care of you and it’s okay that you are totally dependent on me to take care of you, and you will take care of me in other ways. It’s the way it should be and pretty much the way it’s been up till now, except now you don’t have that silly job to waste your time!” And with that she brushed past me and headed toward the bathroom. I got to my feet and followed her with shirt in hand. She sat on the toilet and peed and flipped through a magazine, wiped herself and stood motioning me towards her. I held out the shirt and she slipped it on and buttoned only the very bottom button, as she did I noticed a single bead of sweat trickle down between her beautiful breasts.

She swept past me and headed for the couch telling me to get her a drink. I went to the kitchen and fixed her a drink, knowing that any further discussion of me and my problems were futile. I gave her her drink and retired to the kitchen to prepare dinner. I was just tossing the salad when the doorbell rang. I hurried to the foyer and pulled open the door wearing only Nikki’s worn pantyhose from yesterday to be greeted by Michael. He laughed and looked me up and down.

“Wow! Nikki wasn’t lying when she said she makes you wear her pantyhose around the house!! What a sight!” He pushed past me and walked into the living room, where Nikki jumped to her feet and put her arms around him hugging him and giving him a bigger kiss than most people who are just friends. Curiously, I found myself standing there staring at them and also felt myself growing erect at the same time. Nikki finally caught sight of me and pointed it out to Michael, “Looks like someone other than me is excited to see you too!” Michael turned and they both roared with laughter. Nikki led him to the couch and told me to go get them two glasses of wine. I scurried to the kitchen and poured two glasses of wine and returned to the living room to find Nikki and Michael sitting next to each other on the couch. They each took their glass and toasted each other and then drank looking into each others eyes. I stood there not sure what to do. It seemed like the whole day had been a dream to me. First I was fired, now I was standing here in my own living room in front of my wife and a man I barely knew wearing only my wife’s worn pantyhose while she sat on the couch wearing only a dress shirt drinking wine and looking Ümraniye Escort longingly into his eyes.

“I like my steak rare,” Michael said, as if he were talking to a waiter, which at this point I guess he was. I stood there looking at both of them and bowed my head and the only thing I could think to mumble was, “Yes Sir.” Making my way to the kitchen Michael said to Nikki, “Gee I guess you do really have him trained, calling me Sir and all!” Nikki giggled and snuggled up to Michael and gave him a kiss. Then she jumped up from the couch and said, “I have to go take a shower before dinner, I’m all sweaty and smelly right now.” Michael grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back down onto the couch and said, “Maybe I like you all sweaty and smelly!” And they both laughed as she gave him a very wet kiss as I disappeared into the kitchen.

My head was spinning and this whole day seemed like a dream. Now my wife was on the couch dressed in only a shirt practically making out with a man I hardly even knew, not that it would matter if I knew him or not! I guess deep down inside I knew this day would come. As I said, I was always very submissive to Nikki and there were times in bed when she would whisper into my ear that someday she would bring home a guy with a big cock and fuck him right in front of me and I would watch and help, but I honestly thought it would all remain in the darkness of our bedroom as a fantasy. Yet here I was, standing at the grill in our secluded back yard in a pair of my wife’s worn pantyhose grilling steaks for her and her new boyfriend. I should’ve also known that Michael would be the logical choice, for the past few months everything was Michael this and Michael that, she would go on like a high school girl experiencing her first crush.

I finished cooking the steaks and the three of us sat around the table and ate. Me wearing only Nikki’s pantyhose, her in one of my dress shirts and Michael in Levi’s and a golf shirt. Part of me was feeling very weird at the whole scene but there was another part of me feeling very turned on by it all. Nikki and Michael chatted as if I weren’t even there, about their jobs, places they were planning to go, things they were planning to do, and lastly the gym. That’s when Michael looked at me and said, “Oh Nikki told me about you losing your job, tough luck, but hey there’s always dirty towels to be cleaned at the gym, so I’m sure we’ll keep you busy!” He smiled at Nikki, picked up his wine glass and toasted her. I sat there speechless, the way he had said, ‘we’ll’ keep you busy made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. It was at that point that Nikki put her hand on mine in a very gentle manner and looked deep into my eyes. “Honey, you know I love you right?” I stammered a feeble yes and she continued, “And you know how happy and horny it makes you when you pamper me and wait on me and serve me, and how you love it when I make you dress like this, and you know how you get all excited and shoot the minute I start talking about another man, well know we can make it all come true with Michael. Just because Michael is on the scene now doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. I love you now and always will, it’s just that Michael and I have developed a special friendship and now it’s time to take that to the next level.”

I swallowed hard and felt a lump in my throat. I didn’t know what to say partly because I was shocked but what Nikki had said, and partly because I knew that every single thing she had said was 100% true. So the reality was that I couldn’t argue with anything Nikki had said, so I found myself meekly hanging my head in defeat and agreeing. Nikki squeezed my hand, “Honey, I know this is different for you, but for some reason I don’t think it’s going to be hard for you to get used to. I mean you already do all the chores around the house, and you serve me so well, I mean the only really new thing is that Michael will be on the scene, and you know you’ve always wanted that and plus it will make me happy and you know how you love to make me happy.” Again, I hung my head and mumbled a feeble yes. Michael sprung to life, “Well now that we’ve got that out of the way, I just want to say I think this will work out fine for all of us.” He patted me on the head like a master pets his dog, stood up and made his way towards the living room with Nikki in tow, while I began cleaning up the table and the dishes.

That first night was and incredible mixture of lust, jealousy, satisfaction, fantasy, reality all balled into one. Nikki and Michael watched television and lounged on the couch and made out for awhile while I knelt on the floor and painted Nikki’s toenails. At one point, in their making out her shirt and his pants and shirt came off, and I found myself staring at Nikki’s face and breasts with Michael’s cock between them pumping vigorously. His cock I must say was magnificent, and Nikki just smiled and said, “Honey, isn’t his cock gorgeous?” I couldn’t help but smile and tell her yes it was which brought a chuckle from Michael perched high on the couch. Nikki then took his cock in her hands and waved it at me, “Come say hi to it, give it a kiss, it won’t bite!” This brought a laugh from both of them as I inched closer to Michael’s huge cock, and placed a gentle kiss on the tip. “Wow that was nice,” Nikki said, “It shows that you know how to treat Michael’s cock with respect.” I bowed my head and mumbled, “Thank you Nikki whatever makes you happy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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