No More Excuses

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Thank you to Ed for editing my story.


Sue sat in her bed softly among her many pillows. Her pale slender legs were crossed on top of her white blankets. A mint green nightie covered her body ending sharply before her knees. Square glasses rested on her face, her nose buried a book. Her deep green eyes furiously scanned the words in front of her. A stray strand of her ginger hair dared to fall in front of her eyes.

Sue was a bookworm through and through, another book rested by her feet while an entire pile sat unopened on her bedside table. Across the room there were two bookshelves, one filled to the brim with her read books, and the other spilling full of unread ones.

Licking her thumb, she flipped to the next page. She could hear laughter from down the hall. She piqued her ruby eyebrows but resumed reading almost immediately. Her husband and his three old high school pals were gathered around the kitchen table for their monthly catch-up/ poker game.

Sue barely got into the next page when she heard more laughter followed by banging. She glanced towards the clock, 1:34AM. It was now Sunday morning. She had been reading for over two hours. Sue placed the bookmark in her page and set the book down in her lap.

“Church is in nine hours,” she reminded herself. While she and her husband weren’t overly religious, Sue liked the community and choir singing so they did their best to keep up with it all. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if they missed a Sunday though.

She was up by the third round of laughter and banging. They were drinking of course but it was always up in the air when they would be finished. Sue peeked her head down the hall. She could see the silhouettes casted by the kitchen light against the hallway. Closing the door, Sue left them to their games. There was no real point in asking for quiet, the boys only saw each other twelve times a year. And of those, only three were hosted at their house. Sue was kind enough to give them their nights. The kids were sleeping over at their grandmother’s house anyways. Sue climbed back into her bed and reopened her book. She could still hear them but it was much more dull than before.

The door burst open a couple minutes later. Her husband, Jack, quickly stumbled into the room. He sheepishly stood in the doorway for more than a few seconds. His broad frame swayed leisurely while he collected his thoughts.

“Don’t worry honey I am not drunk,” he slurred as he stumbled over to the bedside a planted a soft drunken kiss on his wife’s lips. The alcohol was fresh on his breath.

Sue laughed and ran her hand through his short jet black hair. “Don’t worry my little gambler, I know you aren’t. Have the boys left then?”

“Nope!” Jack replied, “We’re just about to get into another round if you don’t mind.”

Sue peeped at the clock, 1:47AM. “It’s kind of late Jacky isn’t it?”

“Oh don’t worry about it Suzie, besides the kids aren’t even home and I’m winning for once!”

“Okay well don’t drink too much more, you’re gonna be hungover in the morning.”

“Don’t worry honey, I just need to take a quick leak. I can handle more.”

“No more please,” Sue frowned.

“Don’t worry baby I’ve been drinking beer for the last hour, I promise you no whiskey dick tonight.”

Sue laughed at her husband’s drunk remarks as he relieved himself in the bedroom bathroom. If it wasn’t whiskey dick it would be another excuse she knew. There had been no action in that bedroom for months. Just empty promises and a slew of excuses. Jack kissed her cheek before stumbling back into the hall. The heavy smell of alcohol on his breath revealed how drunk he actually was. Whiskey dick was definitely going to be the excuse tonight.

Jack wasn’t normally a big drinker or gambler. It was all the rage among his old friends though. With them around Jack would partake in nearly an activity. He was more of a follower than a leader, that much was for sure.

Eventually the noise in the kitchen whittled down. She could hear chairs moving and feet shuffling. That meant they were either leaving or moving downstairs to the video games. Hopefully the former, Sue thought, then maybe she could get to Jack while he was drunk but before the whiskey dick settled in.

Sue heard a knock at her door. She looked up to see it slowly swing open. Around it popped out a familiar face.

“Oh shit sorry Sue. I thought this was the bathroom.”

“Oh don’t worry Steve. It’s the door just before this one.” Sue smiled at him from the bed.

“Oh thanks,” he said, red in the face. He shut the door firmly behind him.

Steve, or Uncle Steve to the kids, was one of Jack’s oldest friends. Apparently they went so far back that Jack didn’t even know where they had met. He was the best man at their wedding and made frequent visits to the house. Mary, his wife, turned out to be one of Sue’s best girlfriends as well. The two families often travelled abroad together.

Steve reentered her bedroom less than a Bostancı Öğrenci Escort minute later after knocking. The slim man opened with little announcement.

“Sorry again Sue, someone’s in there. Is there another bathroom I could use?”

“Oh well I guess if it’s that urgent…” Steve nodded towards his feet. “Well just use ours then.”

Steve hopped into the room. “Thanks,” he told her before closing the bathroom door.

Sue rolled her eyes. She could hear his stream shoot into the water, no discretion whatsoever. The flush was louder and Sue could tell he didn’t bother putting the seat back down.

“Sue!” Steve called from the bathroom.

“Yeah?” She called back.

“Do you not have any towels in here?”

Sue got up and opened the bathroom door. Steve was still tucking away his junk; she couldn’t avoid seeing his flaccid penis.

“Sorry! I should have knocked!” She apologized, shielding her eyes.

“Oh it’s alright. It’s away now,” he told her. The clinking of his belt confirmed this. Sue opened her eyes. “Besides we’re practically family Sue, I’m surprised you’ve lasted this long without seeing my penis!”

“Well it’s not like I’m trying to sneak peeks at it.”

“Could have fooled me right there,” Steve chuckled.

“What do you mean where’s the towel? It’s right here!” She exclaimed, pointing to the blue hand towel sitting on the sink.


“Jeez how much have you had to drink tonight?”

“Well not as much as Jacky, that’s a given,” He told her while rinsing his hands.

“Yeah well I could smell it on his breath. It’s bad this time Steve, make sure he doesn’t drink anymore.”

“Okay you have my word Sue.” He patted his hands dry on the hand towel and passed it towards Sue.

“I don’t want it Steve, put it back!” She chuckled at him.

“Oh right sorry, I guess I am a little drunk then. I’ll cut back Sue, don’t you worry. I’ll make sure both Jack and I stop. No promises about the other boys though.”

“Yeah well I’m not their mother or wife so I couldn’t care less about their drinking. Get back out there though.” She hurried him to the door. “Make sure you don’t take all of my husband’s allowance either!” She teased.

“Oh Sue I already pocketed it all!”

Sue closed the door behind him and waited until she heard his footsteps walk away before she retreated back to bed. Steve was an odd fellow Sue had always thought. The most free spirited man she’d ever met, not that she knew anyone else she could call free spirited. It was more of he didn’t have much of a filter and it turns out that filter goes completely out with window when booze comes into play.

He had the perfect drinking face for the game. His dark brown eyebrows gave away so much emotion that it was impossible to predict what was in his hand. With his brown eyes, slim jaw, and white drunken smile it was hard to call a bluff on such a trusting face.

Sue’s mind wandered off back into her book. She remained seated in bed until the laughter died out in the kitchen. By then she had dozed off, her book fell pages first into her lap along with her glasses.

A knock at her door interrupted her brief nap. The room was pitch black; Jack must have come in a flicked off her lamp while she was out. She reached out and felt around in her bed, neither her book nor Jack were in it. The knock curtly reminded her of the person on the other side of her door.

“Jack is that you?” She asked in a hushed tone. The door opened at the sound of her voice. A dark figure entered the room but she couldn’t quite make out who it was. She patted around her lap until she found her glasses.

Groggily she put on her glasses and asked, “Jack are they all gone yet?” She looked over at the digital alarm clock. 3:43 shone back at her in bright red. There was no way he’d be up in the morning for church. She wondered if he truly meant what he said earlier about the whiskey dick. “Come to bed Jacky, I’m not wearing any panties…”

“You’re not wearing any panties under that nightie Sue?” The voice asked.

Sue froze. Cold chills rumbled down her spine. That was not Jack’s voice. Her hand snapped towards the lamp and flicked it on. Steve slenderly stood at the edge of her bed grinning like an idiot.

“Oh my goodness Steve. You scared me! Where’s Jack?”

“Well that’s just a little naughty isn’t it?” He asked, ignoring her question.

“Steve, where’s Jack? You didn’t go home?”

Steve paused for a moment and his brown eyes edged over to the door. “Jack is just downstairs with the rest of the boys. We drank a little too much and passed out I’d say. Jack being the great friend he is, stole all our car keys so we couldn’t drive home. Proper responsible I’d say.”

“Oh.” She frowned slightly. “Well I suppose that’s okay, do you boys need any blankets? You’re welcome to sleep in my kid’s rooms too if you boys want.”

“Oh don’t worry Sue almost everyone downstairs is passed out. Just thought I’d Bostancı Çıtır Escort come and let you know as a courtesy seeing as I’m the last one up.”

“Jack couldn’t even make it to bed eh?”

Steve shook his head no.

“He’s going to have the most awful hangover in the morning and I’m going to have to nurse him back to health, aren’t I?” Sue grumbled. He didn’t even make it to bed to give her the whiskey dick excuse. She jumped out of her bed and stormed around Steve into her bathroom.

Steve could hear her rifling around in her drawers. She returned promptly and tossed him an advil; the best pre-hangover cure.

“Oh! Well thanks, Sue. And what’ll be for breakfast?” He asked in a teasing tone.

“I’m not that hospitable Steve.”

“Not even for Uncle Steve? Or am I only Uncle Steve when the kids are around?”

“Only when the kids are around.” Sue answered.

“Well then I can be something else when the kids aren’t around.” Sue raised an eyebrow at him. “It’s a little short too, eh?” Steve said reaching for the frills of her nightie.

Sue slapped his hand away. “So you’re gonna be creepy Uncle Steve?”

Steve staggered back in insult. “What? Is that what I’m coming off as right now?”

Sue nodded and walked around him back towards her bed. She slipped into the safety over her covers, away from Steve’s touchy fingers.

“Well I was just thinking since you saw mine…” He shrugged and waved his hands in front of him. “Well you know…”

“Oh don’t be such a pervert Steve!” Sue groaned. “I hardly even saw yours anyways.”

Steve’s hands shot to his belt buckle. Before Sue knew it Steve’s cock, now semi-erect was present before her. Sue squeezed her eyes shut.

“Put that thing away Steve! I didn’t say pull it out did I?”

“Oh come on Sue I’m just teasin’ ya! Maybe I have had a little too much to drink if you didn’t find that funny. But I can’t even have a peak?” He asked sorrowfully.

“No sir! You’re really not easing your way into the creepy uncle are you either? Just going straight for it!”

“I just want to see what kind of treatment Jack gets! He’s my best man for heaven’s sake Sue!”

He’d get the best treatment if he wanted it, she thought to herself. Her green eyes gazed at Steve angrily. “I’m not going to flash you because you were Jack’s best man! If anything that means you should be more respectful of me!”

“Mary is always wearing panties at home!” Steve added.

“What does that have to do with anything?!” Sue shouted back.

Steve shrugged. “Seemed appropriate to add.”

“Well it wasn’t really appropriate in the first place. So can you get out?”

“It’s cold in here though, you really oughta wear something to keep you hoo-ha warm!”

“My what-what? I think I’ll be fine under the covers. You should leave.”

“I think you should show me what you’re hiding under those frills.”

“Steve! Get out!”

He clasped his hands together and asked in the politest tone he could, “Pretty please?”

“If I said yes would you leave my bedroom?”

Steve paused.

“Of course not Steve!” She turned back to him. “Don’t be ridiculous! Speaking of your wife Mary, what would she say if she saw you like this right now?”

Steve shrugged. “I’m a ballsy man; I wonder who she’d believe…” He pulled his trousers back up from around his ankles. Dejected and defeated, he turned to leave. Sue flicked off her lamp, semi-satisfied.

He definitely was a ballsy man. Fairly hung too, she had to admit. His carefree attitude seemed a little off putting to her, but somehow now made sense, given the enormity of his growing manhood.

Sue shivered, it was cold in the room. Goosebumps rose from her arm. More joined when she subconsciously began to think of Steve sexually. Sue wondered if he’d be larger than Jack and if it’d be a crime to truly find out. Of course it would, it’s adultery. But drinking and gambling is just as bad, Sue reminded herself. It had been forever since Jack had shown her his anyways, she’d probably be biased.

She wondered how long she would even be able to keep Steve preoccupied before the others came looking for him. After all he did have a handsome member. There wasn’t going to be a better chance to get a look.

These terribly impure thoughts clouded her mind. In those short seconds the more she thought about it the more it turned her on. It was as if the thought of his cock had started a cascade of impulses from within her. She didn’t realize its full splendor when she saw it flaccid. Now she wanted to see it fully erect. She flipped off the bed sheets.

“Steve!” Sue called to him.

The door was half open, his right hand on the knob. He turned to see her thin lips curled into a devilish smile. She slipped out of the bed and maneuvered herself into the moonlight. Her fingers grasped at the ends of her nightie. She shivered as she pulled them up to show him the thin patch fuzz that covered her womanhood. It Bostancı Elit Escort had been forever since someone had seen it.

His eyes lingered briefly on her polite face, the face Steve recognized from countless get togethers and parties, the face that everyone saw, her public face. His gaze flickered down to look upon her most private, hidden place. He beheld her tiny, married snatch. Something he guessed only maybe half a dozen people had even seen. Wildly he examined her petite pale body. The more his eyes wandered the greater his appetite grew. A slow grin crossed his lips. His dark eyes met hers and locked on with lust.

“Now we’re talking…” He whispered, flipping the door shut.

“What? No! Now you’re supposed to be happy and leave!” Sue spoke in a flustered tone, knowing well what she had done. The nightie fell back onto her slender thighs. Her hands pressed over it like nothing had happened.

Steve once again reached for his belt buckle. He stepped out of his jeans entirely this time. “How can I? You hardly even showed me anything!” Sue took a nervous step backwards.

“You really shouldn’t! Jack is going to come upstairs!”

“Jack’s long gone, he’s had too much to drink. I’m just so lucky that I’m not that far gone myself. Now let’s see that sweet patch of ginger fuzz.”

Sue slapped away his advancing hands. He backed her into a corner of the room. She pressed her back to the window. Fear, reluctance, and excitement danced around her green eyes. The night sky rested behind her as Steve continued to advance. Sue examined his growing length that stood proudly between his legs. Sue began salivating, almost animalistically. Her pussy tingled in anticipation.

“Sue are you sure you don’t want to?” He asked in a calm manner.

Sue’s gaze darted from his face to his cock. A million thoughts crossed her mind but not a single one registered. “No…” She eventually spoke.

“No what?” Steve asked, pressing nearer.

Sue’s fingertips gravitated towards the purple head of his. She snapped her hand back, but it seemed to have a mind of its own. “I’m not sure I want to…” But she knew; her libido was taking over in full force. It had been so long. If only it was Jack, not Steve.

“Not sure you want to… what?” Steve asked in a hush whisper. His lips were inches from hers. He could feel her nervous breath upon his chin.


“This?” He pressed forwards and met her lips with his. It all happened so fast. She failed to struggle against it but instead welcomed his touch. There was no trace of alcohol whatsoever on his person. However, she was too distracted to notice. She was terribly enthralled by her husband’s best friend.

His rough fingers trailed up her inner thigh. Sue placed her fingers on his hand. Gently, he pressed forwards, lifting the nightgown as he went. His other hand had snuck up the other side of her. He tenderly squeezed her bare ass in the palm of his hands. His coarse hands felt rough against the soft flesh of her cheeks.

“Oouuu,” Sue cooed in his ear.

His lips pressed against her neck as the first finger flew slipping across her clit. Sue staggered forwards into his gasp, trembling at his touch. She found his cock erect between her legs. Jack or Steve, she didn’t care anymore. She dragged a nail along its shaft and counted the inches. “1, 2, 3, 4…” She whispered into his ear. Their arms tangled into a mess as Sue began to jerk him off. Softly she ran her hand up and down his length, matching the rhythm he had on her clit.

“Well, I’ll say you are definitely a large fellow…”


Sue debated the question in her mind. “Maybe.” Steve let out a tuft of air, a light chuckle. “Do you know how to use it though?” Sue asked in a hush.

“Do you want to know right now?” He asked softly. “Or do you mind a little foreplay first?”

“Hmm well we-” Steve cut her off with a gentle kiss. His strong chest pushed against her tiny breasts. Hands roamed freely, touching forbidden places underneath the moonlight.

Any peeping nightowls would have seen nothing but an antsy couple getting frisky late at night. A soft display of passion. The night was quiet except for Sue’s muffled moans.

Sue pulled off of him. “Let’s see how you do at foreplay then.” She pulled at his tip as she teased him.

Powerful hands gripped her hips and lifted her into the air. She pulled her nightie over her head and discarded it on top a pile of books, Steve threw her down on the bed. Her naked milky skin shone in the dim light. Her scarlet hair fanned back against the bedsheets. She lay naked for him, save for her black framed glasses and a little patch of red between her legs.

Their lips locked only for a moment. A mutual agreement of what was to come next. His fingers dawdled in her pussy. She was simply gushing by now. His embrace loosened. His lips trailed from hers to her navel until finally reaching their destination below.

“Oh my god!” She moaned as his tongue danced across her womanhood.

Her legs closed around his ears. Her fingers traced paths into his thick black hair. This was way better of a treatment than Jack ever gave her. He buried his tongue deep inside her cunt. His thumb lazily drew circles on top of her sensitive clit.

“Holy fuck Steve…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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