No More Waiting

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He removed the four clothespins surrounding Jess’ left nipple, and placed his mouth over each of the beautiful blue/red ripples on her milky white flesh. Each was accompanied by a “thank you, sir,” and silent wince at the pain. His hand slowly hovered over her right breast, and slowly began to remove the four clothespins surrounding her nipple, each followed by a “thank you, sir.” He looked straight into her face and Jess looked back at him, knowing her nipples would be next. After nearly two hours in their rightful place, removing them was going to really hurt. He gave a gentle squeeze to the clothespin over Jess’ left nipple, then a little tug, causing her to erupt with quite moans, then squeezed the far end and slowly pulled away, her skin still clinging to its former friend… the feeling causing breath to catch in Jess’ throat and her eyes to water. He quickly replaced the clothespin with his warm, comforting mouth. Rolling his tongue over her erect nipple, he moved his hand toward the other and removed it, quickly replacing it with his mouth, then began to travel between her nipples giving equal attention to each.

While suckling and gently biting and pulling at each, he began to untie her from the desk, first releasing her spread thighs from each leg, then untying the ropes that bound her each thigh to each calve. With her hands still tied behind her head, and her breasts fully exposed, he lifted Jess and carried her to the bed, settling her on the Betturkey edge, still paying care to her nipples, unable to forget how beautiful they’d stood out on her perk breasts with an array of clothespins. The old-faithful wooden sorts. His favorite for everything.

His mind continued to trail back to the things he’d just done to her, his crop sliding up and down her thighs, and over her exposed cunt, from side-to-side… teasing her erect clit. How she’d twitch and moan when he’d slap it with an open hand, his fingers stinging w/ each smack… her moans and grunts muffled by the scarf he’d shoved into her mouth.

Now he pushed her onto her back and slid his hand down her body and smeared his fingers in her sopping wet cunt, then placed them in her mouth… feeling her suckle his fingers, licking them clean. “Good girl,” he smiled at her as he lifted his head. He pushed her back on the bed and slid her higher towards the pillows. He buried his face in her neck, he loved the smell of her, and slid his hand back down to her cunt, running his index finger between her pussy lips, and barely penetrating her hole. He knew about her worries, and the problems she had with intercourse… the severe cramping the insertion of foreign objects into her caused. Up until now, he’d been very careful, and very patient. But what he had planned for tonight, was probably not what she’d expected. He was tired of waiting. She’d promised herself to him. Betturkey Giriş She swore that her cherry was his. It was his.

He slid his finger deeper into her, and she must have noticed because her breath caught in her throat again and she tried to pull her arms from behind her head, when he gave her a stern look and she stopped dead in her tracks. Jess laid her head back on her hands and closed her eyes, trying not to let herself tense up, she knew what would happen. He pulled his finger out, and then slid it back in… repeating this again a few more times before adding his middle finger without warning. Jess tried to sit up but he pushed her back down, and she gave him a worried look. He shifted himself over her with his erect cock pressing into her cunt, he gyrated his hips a little, just letting himself rub into her, allowing his cock to take on some of her wetness… he reached his hand down and smeared her come over his cock and placed it at the entrance of her virgin cunt… feeling this Jess tried to sit up, but he pushed her back down and held one hand over her shoulder.

“Wait!” Jess said, starting to cry.

“No more waiting princess.”

“Please, not yet. I’m not ready…” she tried to convince him.

“It’s time princess, no more waiting.”

And he slowly pushed his member into her, and held it there for a little while, while holding her shoulders down. “Please, no. Wait!” She cried. “No more waiting, Betturkey Güncel Giriş princess.” He slowly pushed himself farther into her, and Jess let out a cry. Normally he would stifle her noises, but this time allowed them to echo in the tiny bedroom. He retracted his cock and then pushed into her again, this time going farther. She squirmed under him and continued to cry, but he held her down and thrust back into her… this time she moved her body at the same time he did, forcing him to penetrate deeper than he’d anticipated, but he knew there was no going back now. He kissed her on the forehead and then thrust into her again, this time nearly penetrating her to the end of his cock. She ceased her squirming and waited for him to push into her again, this time when he did, he buried himself into her up to his balls and waited a few moments, allowing her to stretch to fit him, before he pulled back and thrust into her again. With Jess still crying, he continued to hold her in place and give her loving kisses over her face as he started thrusting harder, sometimes pounding against her cervix. Jess’ belly ached inside, and she tried to keep herself from crying out, but couldn’t.

When he couldn’t hold himself back anymore, he became almost rough and careless as he thrust hard and deep into her, Jess’ body stiffening with every pound against her lower body. Before she knew what was happening, he threw himself into her as deep as he could and held himself deep within her and came in several small shots of hot sticky sperm. When he collapsed on top of her, Jess continued to cry, but managed to obediently muster a, “thank you, sir.” Which was replied to with a series of simple and sweet kisses on her cheek and lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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