No Ordinary Date

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Big Tits

This is my first time writing a story. I hope you can give me any criticism so that I may become a better writer. Thank you.


It’s their first time meeting like this they’ve both wondered what it’d be like. Would it be just like any other time, where they would go their separate ways by the end of the night? As she knocks on his door, he opens it allowing her to come in, greeting one another, as they take notice what each was wearing, he had on his nice denim jeans, and she was wearing a slow cut top and a short skirt. As he shuts the door he peeks around the corner as if he was expecting someone to follow. Right away she notices the lights were dim with music playing low, and a few candles were freshly burning. She sets her purse onto the table, as he asks her if she would like something to drink. Yes, thank you, “she says,” walking towards him, they take there drinks to the lounge, where they sit and normally hold a conversation.

This time it was different, as the conversation slowly drifted off the room filled with silence. Their eyes melted into one another as if their souls were connecting. Each of them began to sense the caressing of one another. First, their lips began slowly touching, they Bahçelievler escort begin locking there lips together as their hands caressed each others bodies. It was as if she was being lifted up into the air, and slowly down again. Their kissing was full of so much passion, it was so elegant, then it would get faster, and a little rougher as she moved her lips to his ear, and down the side of his neck, slowly breathing, nibbling as she went along, he moaned. Bringing her lips back to meet his, with a little bite she takes his lips into hers. His hands gripped around her face the passion is almost too much to bare, his hands move down her arms, caressing her along the way, he works his way down to her breast, gently teasing her nipples, licking and nibbling them. He continues to take her breast in, as she throws her head back in excitement. Oh how wonderful that feels.

She grabs his face lowering hers to his, as they continue to heavily kiss, they fall onto the floor. She rubs his chest as she works her lips down the front of his belly. Slowly making her way down to his waist she turns her body round and straddles him, she unbuttons his jeans nibbling on his pelvic area as she’s pushing Bahçelievler escort bayan them down to his knees. She straddles his chest with her white panties in his face, she moves in on his large stiff cock. Mmm how she hungers to taste it. She wraps her mouth around the tip of his cock, gripping his shaft with her hand, and sucking his cock taking it in all the way. At first she goes slowly, as if to slightly tease him, but is madly craving more she takes it in deeper as he thrusts his dick into her mouth. She pushes him to the ground, taking his cock out of her mouth, licking and slightly blowing on it. She enjoys watching it respond with movement. She begins licking it around and around as her lips open up taking his shaft as far as it will go into her mouth.

She continues to suck his cock as he pulls her panties down, to expose her tight pussy. He begins to fondle her pussy; he plays with her clit, causing her to thrust her back. As he inserts his finger into her tight wet pussy she takes his cock in deeper with delight. Sucking his dick faster, and harder, almost with the same rhythm he was finger banging her with. Her pussy is so wet; he wraps his arms around her thighs Escort bahçelievler bringing her down a little more to allow him to have more control. Licking her juicy pussy he pays special attention to her clitoris, as he moves his tongue around leaving no space untouched, he continues to eat her out while she can bare no more her nails gripped onto his thighs, as she thrusts her pussy into his face, wanting more. He has her pussy so warm and wet; he rolls her over, spreads her legs and begins to play with her pussy all over again.

After what seemed like a few hours he worked his way up her tummy, paying special attention to her nipples. She bends forward so their lips can meet once again. As he nibbles her lips, he positions himself and sits up to insert his stiff cock into her juicy pussy. As his cock enters her warm pussy, they both moan in delight. Oh how tight her pussy is, he continues to make love to her. But she is wanting more, thrusting her waist up he starts to pound harder, giving it all he has. Mmm harder, faster, fuck me “she says,” Oh you feel so damn good, more aww. It seemed like a half dozen times they continue to cum together.

He slowly pulls out, lies next to her gently kissing one another, they’re eyes still connected as was before. Only this time they blinked felt as though they were coming out of at trance. Only to realize they were fully clothed, it was silent, the candles were melted and many hours had passed. They both laid together in amazement, wondering if it was all just an illusion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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