No Release

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I’m blind folded, arms raised above my head. My wrists are cuffed and attached to a chain hanging from the ceiling. The cuffs around my ankles are attached to a spreader bar, forcing my legs apart. I’m naked, waiting for you and I can feel my pussy getting wet. My nipples harden as I feel your fingers gently slide across them and they tingle in anticipation when you take your hand away. I’m startled when you slap one of my tits; a sharp intake of breath as I feel the pain and a moan escapes my lips. I love it when you slap my tits and I wait, breathless, hoping you’ll do it again. Then I feel your hand on my pussy, gently exploring. Sliding your fingers through the slick wetness and up to my clit, circling it slowly, barely touching; I arch my pelvis forward in an effort to increase the contact. You pull your hand away and slap my tits as punishment. Again, your fingers slide across my nipples, teasing and playing until I groan with pleasure. Then I feel your tongue were your fingers were, warm and wet lapping in small circles. When my breath gets quick Betturkey you move away leaving my body aching for your touch.

Smack, your hand slaps my ass, nice and low so I feel it in my pussy. Again and again you spank me, my cheeks burn and just when I think that it’s hurting too much you stop. Your hand caresses my ass as you kiss the back of my neck. Then your fingers slide into the slick folds between my legs finding my clit and teasing it. One finger pushes inside me, penetrating deep. Moving so slowly that it makes me ache for something more, you slide in and out, never going any faster and I’m weak with desire. As the pleasure grows and I relax into it, you stop without warning.

I can feel your breath on my face as you lean in to kiss me. Your lips on mine, tongue gently probing. I open my mouth and give in fully to the kiss. You pull away and move towards my ear, then whisper: “no cumming”. I moan thinking about how horny I already am and how much I want you to fuck me until I cum on your cock.

Your fingers Betturkey Giriş are on my pussy again, teasing and toying with my clit, always a slow and gentle touch as if denying me the satisfaction of the roughness you showed my ass and tits. Despite the deliberate way you are keeping your attention on not accelerating your touch my pleasure builds and I can feel myself getting closer to the edge. As my breathing gets faster and I can’t keep myself from moaning, I expect you to pull away leave me gasping for more. Instead, you remind me not to cum and continue with your slow circles on my clit.

Your other hand cups my tit and you gently pinch my nipple, rolling it between your fingers. My whole body is numb except for the two spots I can feel your touch: my nipple and my clit. I feel my orgasm building and my body tenses as I hold it off, my face scrunched with the effort. I lose track of time as your slow assault continues. I’m powerless to stop you as I struggle against my restraints.

You take your hands away Betturkey Güncel Giriş and kiss me again, a slow assault on my mouth as my body tingles and my pussy aches to be fucked. As you reach up to the chain above me you tell me to kneel and release my hands. With my feet still forced apart by the spreader bar I awkwardly make my way to my knees and when I’m there you pull my hands behind my back clasping the cuffs together.

Then, you’re standing in front of me, brushing the head of your cock against my lips. “Open”, at your command I open my mouth and you slide your cock in. My mouth waters as you begin to fuck my face, your cock going deep into the back of my throat. I feel your hand on my head as your fingers work their way into my hair, grabbing it as you hold my head in place. Breathing through my nose I try and keep my throat relaxed so I don’t gag on your cock as you shove it in again and again. Slamming it deep you groan as your cum squirts into the back of my mouth.

One last kiss then you release the cuffs and I crumple to the ground. You stroke my face and tell me I’ve been good as I slow my breathing and silently curse at you for leaving me so aroused and unsatisfied. This is just the beginning and I have a feeling that I’m going to be in this state many more times before I get my release.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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