Not Frozen

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The condo was freezing cold when I got there. I forgot to leave the heat on when I checked on the unit two weeks ago, and the weather had gone from nice to ice since then. As the heat kicked on I stepped outside for a cigarette and a few puffs from my one-hitter. I was excited, nervous. It was 4:30 in the morning, and I was waiting to meet with the one guy who knew my secret. My guy was due to be here at 5 am to fuck me.

I met him online and we hooked up once before. He took me out to a gas line road cutout that he knew about in his work truck and I sucked him and let him fuck me some. We didn’t have enough lube to do it right, but with spit and effort we both got off nicely. His dick was huge, and I wanted it again.

So when I bought this place to have an apartment in town, I was definitely thinking about that dick but in a proper bed and with lots of lube. I had it furnished and finished for rental but did not put it on the market. I wanted to use it as a big gay crash pad first.

Tony could only meet me very early in the morning. He was not out to anyone who knew him Demetevler Escort and he would stray and play on his way to work. The unit I chose was right along his commute route.

Right at 5 there was a quiet knock at the door. I answered wearing a bathrobe and a smile. He smiled and walked inside, closing the door behind him. He kissed me full on the mouth, licking my lips. I grabbed his package and he grabbed my ass, grinding into me.

I dropped to my knees on the cold tile floor. I unzipped his jeans and slid them down his legs. Then I nuzzled his balls and pulled down his underwear. His dick was at full mast already and I licked the head before I sucked the tip and let him slide into me. The room was heating up and I felt myself starting to blush (yes, shy now, I know) and sweat.

I wanted him in my ass. I pulled him away from my face and turned around to point my pucker at him, enticing him. I got up and stroked his dick again, then pulled him along by it to the bedroom.

I stripped off the bathrobe Otele gelen escort and lay down on the bed. He laid down next to me and rubbed my belly and chest with one big hand. Then he gripped my dick and pumped it a few times, rubbing his huge cock on my leg. I moaned, I couldn’t help it. He got up on his knees and started playing with my asshole. I moaned again, louder. This was heavenly.

He reached over to the lube on the bedstand and dumped a load of it onto my open pucker. He circled his finger around my anus, tracing its lips and edges. He slid one finger in before I’d realized what he had done. A few quick pumps made me whimper a little, he was teasing me and he knew it. He then skipped two fingers and went right to three. I yelped and started to sit up but he pinned my chest to the bed with his free hand, and said, “Hold still, hon. You’re gonna love this.”

He started to hook his fingers up into my prostate. My dick was throbbing and I was moaning like a whore. Then he said, “Enough of that. I want Balgat Escort that ass now.” He put on a rubber and lubed up his cock with what was on his hand from greasing me up, then lined his cockhead with my asshole. He pushed slowly but never did let up. As I felt his cock sliding into my ass, I started to squirm and he put his hand in the center of my chest and hiked my legs up with his other arm.

He started fucking me slowly, dragging his cock in and out, making it slide. When I would masturbate with a dildo I usually left it in and just wiggled it around a little. The feeling of opening and closing my ass to his cock was intense. So full, then so empty.

Then he would speed up, and vary his rhythm. Trying to keep my ass guessing. I was moaning and drooling into the pillow at this point. I could tell that he was getting close to cumming, so I started to say the nastiest things I could think of to spur him on.

“C’mon baby, fuck me harder! Stretch my asshole with your cock. Fill me up. Fuck me.”

He pinned my arms to the bed and thrust up into my ass, holding it there and wiggling a little as he came. I could feel my ass contracting around his cock as I blew my load all over my chest and belly.

He rolled over and stood off the bed, grabbed a towel, and went into the bathroom. He came out a minute later, fully dressed. As he turned to go he said, “Call me sometime next week, I might have a friend you’d like to meet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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