Not Kyle Ch. 02: Brandon to the Rescue!

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Big Dick

This is the stand alone sequel to my story “Not Kyle”. There is only a single sex scene in this story, expanding on what happened to the POV character of Not Kyle, Sarah, after she passed out.


Brandon to the rescue!


Kyle was a good friend of mine, but not any more. Ever since he got my sister pregnant, he’d been an asshole to her. I didn’t notice for her first pregnancy, but all the signs were there.

She started to wear heavy clothing to hide obscene graffiti he put on her body. Then I heard him telling her she would suffer hours of punishment. I even overheard him telling her she wasn’t allowed to get painkillers for birthing and that she was going to be repeatedly bred!

He was a monster, and had my sister. I had to do something. That’s why I had her bound and gagged in the trunk of my car. She refused to come with me, I had to do it this way. It was for her own good. She told me some bullshit about it being her decision, but he had to be blackmailing her.

Blackmailing her… Of course! He found out about me and Sarah… He knew she raped me…

I pulled over and walked back to the trunk.

“Hurry Kyle! He’s stopped. I’m afraid!” I heard Sarah say from inside the trunk.

I opened the trunk. She had her phone out and was talking to Kyle. I grabbed her phone and smashed it against the car. It went dark.

I glared at her. “Why are you talking to him? He is abusing you!”

Suddenly a car pulled up. The car door opened.

“Kyle, help!” Sarah shouted.

I slammed the hood shut. Kyle was approaching me, his arms raised but palms towards the ground.

“You asshole! You hurt my sister!” I screamed

“I never hurt your sister” Kyle replied.

“You blackmailed her into getting your name tattooed on her!” I shouted. I backed away along the car, towards the driver’s seat

“She could have refused and walked away.” Kyle said, still slowly advancing.

“You lie! You found out she cheated on you and you hurt her! You took advantage of her good nature and abused her.” I said, almost to my door.

“I never took advantage of her.” Kyle replied.

“You asshole! You were upset with her so had her beautiful skin marked with your foul name!” I said. With that I was at the driver door. I jumped in my car and took off.

My sister once had very beautiful skin. I fantasized about her as I drove. It was almost two years ago. She was super drunk at her birthday party. Kyle was spending time with his mother, so he wasn’t there. It wasn’t like his mother was dead. Cancer was not a death sentence. She lasted long enough to see Kyle’s first child, so he had every opportunity to be there for my sister on her birthday. There was no excuse.

She was so depressed he wasn’t there that she got hammered. She called me for a ride home later that evening. I brought her home, but she was so out of it I had to carry her in. She then reached after my junk. She was quite good looking, and I always fantasized about it. I let her grab me with only a token resistance. I remembered that night.

She stripped me nude, threw her panties off to the side, then mounted me. It was clear she was confusing me for Kyle. I warned her I wasn’t, but she was too drunk. I let her slide her hot pussy over my cock. She was so aroused it left moisture on me. She kissed me passionately as she took me inside her. It was a fantasy come true. I absorbed the feeling of her absorbing me, feeling her willingly sliding on me. I grabbed her by the hips and helped her slide up and down on my shaft. Her pussy was so slick. I could see her pretty well in the moonlight. Her perky breasts bounced in her shirt with the motion of my thrusts. She had a silly glass bauble that dangled between them, which I had rocking. I held my eyes closed as I focused on the wonderful feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock. She was so tight. I must have been bigger than Kyle. I felt myself getting close, then I was there. I pulled her down on me, hilting as I unloaded into her hot wet body. She collapsed on top of me and passed out. I pushed her off me and went to my room, worried about what I did.

Sitting there brooding about it got me hard again, so I went back to her room. She was lying there unconscious. I looked at her on the bed. She was so hot. I wouldn’t get another chance to taste this forbidden fruit. I had to experience her again. I pushed her skirt up. My cum was leaking out of her. It was so erotic. Her labia were still slightly parted. I suspected it was from earlier arousal, but she might have just naturally sat a little open. My heart beat strongly in my chest. I pushed her knees apart and knelt between her legs. I grabbed her hips and dragged her across the bed. I lined up and slid back into her cunt. She was just as tight as before. She felt like she belonged on bursa evi olan escort my cock. My current girlfriend Emily was good, but Sarah was amazing. I thrust in deep, repeatedly pressing against the back wall of her vagina. I wondered for a moment if her boyfriend would feel changes my dick made to her pussy. I hoped so. I was close again, so once again I thrust deep and unloaded. Her pussy gobbled up every drop. I pulled out. A few sticky ropes trailed out of her, drawn out by my cock. They landed across her public hair. I smiled at the sight. She looked utterly defiled. Such delicious forbidden fruit.

Her body was so good. Then she gave herself completely over to the asshole Kyle. Letting him put a baby in her, and tattooing her body. I looked in my rearview mirror. Kyle was there. I accelerated to 90. I saw Kyle’s car fading in the distance.

I drove for five minutes before a cop car came up behind me, singing it’s banshee wail. I pulled over to the side, the marked car pulled in front of me. The cop hopped out, pointing his gun at me.

“Get out of the car now!” He said.

Another cop car came from out of nowhere and pulled behind me. Blocking me in. He also jumped out pointing his gun at me. And another was coming down the road.

I heard my sister shout from inside the trunk.

“Help! Help! I’m in here!” She screamed, thumping around inside.

I sighed and got out, my hands raised in the air.


Kyle’s Chase


I pulled up to my house. I was looking forward to seeing my beautiful girlfriend Sarah. I had been thinking about her all day at work. The way her distended womb was gently stretching her stomach drove me wild. This was her second pregnancy. The first wasn’t mine. I claimed the baby girl as mine, and was raising her as such, but she was really the consequence of my girlfriend cheating on me with her brother. I couldn’t let that shameful secret get out, so Sarah could never admit to infidelity. She could never take responsibility for her actions. So I went a little crazy. I asked she give herself fully over to me in payment for the infidelity. And she did. She let me mark her as mine. I wrote her crimes on her body and her devotion to me, and she kept them concealed and safe. She showed me she took them seriously, and in doing so, I adopted her growing child as mine. To be fair, I had made her keep it. She had such delicate emotions, I couldn’t face seeing her heart break from the other choice. She cried for weeks when a tiny kitten she had never seen before died. I knew she couldn’t face killing her own baby, incestuous or not. I lie a bit, I don’t know if I could face her if she did. I had a secret fetish, I liked seeing women grow babies. Regardless, she kept the baby, my oldest daughter. And as a further show of devotion to me, she birthed it without painkillers. She felt it coming out. She was going to feel them all. And she was going to get pregnant over and over again. Part of her devotion to me, but also something that seemed to get her off. My markings were now permanent. She had tattoos all over her body declaring her my property. But on her back and stomach were special messages, messages of being bred. I sometimes secretly watched her masturbate while tracing the words I had written across her belly. The ones declaring her my baby factory. Written in big block letters, so they were as legible regardless of how gravid her state. I couldn’t wait to kiss her along her stretched signage.

But there was something wrong. Something terribly wrong. The door was wide open and my daughter’s cries were coming out of the house. It all felt off. I rushed into the house. I found my daughter in her bassinet. I picked her up and comforted her as I searched the house for Sarah. I couldn’t find her. I grabbed my cellphone to call her. It rang as it reached my hand. It was Sarah. I answered it.

“Kyle, Brandon has kidnapped me. Iness is home alone.” Sarah said in a panic.

“I’m here. Iness is safe. Are you okay?” I asked.

She took an audible breath. “I’m as fine as I can be. Brandon tied me up and threw me in the trunk of a car.”

I took a deep breath. I had no clue why he would do such a thing, but it didn’t matter. Sarah was in trouble. I started walking out to my car with Iness.

“Okay, listen closely. I need you to open your map program and find out where you are and where you are heading. Then I need you to call the police and tell them where you are.” I said.

“I can’t.” She said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“I’m still tied up. It was hard to even call you.” She said.

I sighed.

“Okay. I will call you back soon.” I said.

I hung up and called the police as i buckled Iness into her car seat. I told them everything I could, and then started driving. I conference altıparmak escort called Sarah, and let the police dispatchers talk to her while I drove. There were only a few major roads he could be on.

Sarah was hysterical, but I did my best to calm her down so the police could get useful information as I drove down the road. Then she said something chilling.

“Hurry Kyle! He’s stopped. I’m afraid!” She said.

I hit the gas pedal, hoping she was somehow in front of me. I saw a car that looked like Kyle’s off to the side.

“I found her. A half mile east of Cherry Street, on Brook.” I said as I rapidly pulled behind the car.

Sarah disconnected off the line. I saw Brandon by the trunk. My heart skipped a beat. I jumped out of the car.

“Kyle, help!” Sarah shouted.

Her voice uplifted me. She was alive. She was in front of me. She would be safe. And then Brandon shut the trunk. I stretched my arms out. I was losing her…

“You asshole! You hurt my sister!” Brandon screamed, reminding me he was there.

“I never hurt your sister” I replied. I advanced cautiously, so as not to spook him.

“You blackmailed her into getting your name tattooed on her!” Brandon shouted back. He inched backwards along the car.

“She could have refused and walked away.” I said, trying to stop Brandon through willpower alone.

“You lie! You found out she cheated on you and you hurt her! You took advantage of her good nature and abused her.” He said, almost to the driver’s seat.

“I never took advantage of her.” I replied, terrified about what Brandon would do if he got away.

“You asshole! You were upset with her so had her beautiful skin marked with your foul name!” He said.

With that he jumped in his car and took off.

“No…” I whispered, then dashed back to my own car.

I sped down the road and quickly caught up. Then he accelerated and started driving erratically. I thought of poor Sarah, being thrown around in the Trunk. I remembered I was on the phone with the police I slowed down, allowing him to gain some distance while keeping him in sight.

“He is speeding down Brook street, heading east. He is driving erratic.” I said into the phone.

I kept a running commentary of what I saw, then was suddenly passed by several police cars. I slowed down as the police did their job, pulling over and getting out as they apprehended Brandon. Sarah ran to me, throwing herself into my arms, crying hysterically. I hugged her close, happy she was safe.


Sarah Escapes the Trunk


Brandon was being pulled over. I sobbed in relief. I loved my brother, but he just kidnapped me. He thought Kyle was abusing me. I guess I could see his point. I was tattooed all over as Kyle’s property and Kyle restricted me from pain killers at birth. Things Kyle made me do if I wanted to continue having a relationship with him after I confessed to him I cheated on him with my own brother. Had I known Brandon would kidnap me if I refused to go with him, I would have just went with him. This high speed chase put my unborn baby at risk. But hopefully now it was over. The car came to a full stop and I heard a police officer order Brandon out.

“Help! Help! I’m in here!” I yelled. I hoped nobody would get shot.

I heard the cops ordering Brandon on the ground.

“I’m in the trunk. I’m trapped!” I called out.

“Hold on ma’am, we’ll get you out.” One of the cops said.

The trunk popped open and I saw a cop holding a gun to my face. He put the gun away. He helped me out and freed me from my restraints. I saw them hauling Brandon into the back of a police car. They started questioning me, and I answered to the best of my ability. Then I saw Kyle pull up, and I ran to him. I grabbed on tightly to him, crying. He held me tightly. The cops tried asking me questions, but I couldn’t sort them out. Kyle assisted them. They went away for a bit. Kyle looked towards me.

“I know it is hard, but you need to focus on the questions the police are asking.” Kyle said.

They came back and asked me to step away from Kyle for a bit. I refused, holding on to him tighter. They questioned me about my Tattoos, accusing Kyle of abusing me. I informed them that it was my choice to allow the tattoos. They still insisted that pictures be taken of them. It was humiliating, but I didn’t have much choice. Both my calves and my arms near my armpits were marked as ‘property of Kyle Johnson’. My chest between my breasts said ‘Kyle Johnson’s’. The racy things were on my stomach, pelvis, and lower back. My lower back said ‘This breeding bitch is property of Kyle Johnson.’ My dad saw it when I was pregnant with my first time. I implied to him that I had a pregnancy fetish. I kind of did. It made me feel special to know Kyle was gemlik escort going to keep me pregnant. Which brought us to the most embarrassing tattoos. Across my belly lightly pregnant bump of a belly was the words ‘Johnson’s Baby Factory’ in big block letters. Below it, on my pelvic bone, was a stylized factory with a baby coming out on a conveyor belt.

The police questioned me about allegations Kyle did not allow me painkillers for birth. I looked at them and informed them in no uncertain terms that my birth experiences were none of their business. It was true, but it was also true that besides his wish I didn’t have them, nothing stopped me. The police pressed, and I insisted I would not answer any further questions without a lawyer present. They began to question Kyle. I interrupted them and told them he would not speak without a lawyer present either. Kyle supported my decision. After more failed attempts to separate us, the cops finally let us leave. It was either that or arrest me.

I went to my parent’s house the next day. My mom yelled at me about the tattoos and Brandon’s accusations.

“He says Kyle would tell you that you owed him an hour of punishment. And we’ve seen the photos of the tattoos. What the hell is going on?” My mom asked.

I rubbed my belly. It wasn’t as big as it was when I had a similar conversation with just my dad about the tattoo on my back, but I was still showing. I wasn’t going to get out of this as easy. My mom wasn’t as easily manipulated. My dad melted when I just looked miserably pregnant in front of him. My mom had no sympathy. Still, having part of Kyle with me gave me strength. I looked my mom in the eye.

“It isn’t any of your business, or Brandon’s. What we do is between us.” I said.

“Bullshit. You have a daughter. If he’s hurting you, he’ll hurt her too.” My mom said.

“He isn’t hurting me, Mom.” I said.

She tossed copies of pictures of my tattoos on the coffee table and looked at me angrily. I sighed. This wasn’t going to be easy.

“I cheated on him. It was an accident. He didn’t take it well. Those tattoos, well, they make it a little harder to cheat in the future.” I said.

“He’s saying he owns you.” My mom growled.

“So what?” I replied. “Maybe I am okay with that. Maybe I realize that if I wasn’t, I could always walk away. Kyle has always been there for me. Do you remember when he came up with that money to save the poor kitten born without a diaphragm? What did you tell me? It didn’t have any chance, so it wasn’t worth it?”

“The kitten died.” She said.

“And with very little hope to save it’s life, Kyle came up with thousands of dollars just because I asked him to! Yea it died, but you didn’t even try! Kyle paid for the surgery just because I asked him to. And all those countless times he dropped everything to take care of me when I’m sick, or when I just ask him to for no reason at all. He just does so. He doesn’t ask questions, he is just there for me. No matter how silly my request. No matter how futile the effort. Maybe I like the idea of giving him everything I have. Maybe it’s okay that he owns me. I’m in good hands.”

“Hands that punish you? What does he do, does he beat you?” My mom said.

“It’s not like that mom.” I said. “After I cheated on him, well, he didn’t take it well. The tattoos were one thing, but he’d also have me do things to show my devotion. He might have been a little unhinged, but he never really hurt me. And he mellowed out. He doesn’t do it any more.”

“And what about this?” My mom said. She picked up the photo of my belly.

I smiled and looked down, rubbing my belly.

“Yea, he might be a little crazy. We both are.” I said. “But as long as we can support what we make, what do you care?”

“What do I care? Your brother is in jail because you are with a psychopath!” My mom screamed.

“My brother is in jail because he did what your so called psychopath would never do. He kidnapped me. He told me I had to go with him, and when I refused he pushed me down, bound my hands and wrists, dragged me out of my home leaving my daughter home alone, threw me in the trunk of a car, and drove off. Kyle has never prevented me from leaving. At his worst he made me feel uncomfortable. Maybe he challenged me to endure things I otherwise would not have, but he would never even think about taking my freedom away. You want to talk to me about psychopaths? Look at your own son.” I said.

“Get out. Get out of my house.” She said.

“Gladly.” I said. I stood up, got out, and got in my car. I had a good cry on the way home.

I didn’t help prosecute my brother, and even asked the judge to show leniency. He ended up getting six months in jail. My mom tried to take my child away from me. I ended up having to elope so I could protect Kyle with spousal privilege. It didn’t just cost me my dream wedding with Kyle, but a ton of money as well to fight her. I won in the end. My mom was letting Bran stay with her, and his casual disregard for my safety during the kidnapping was much more of a threat to my children than my husband wanting some questionable tattoos on me.

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