November Buck

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It was a crisp, late November evening in Eastern Canada and we had just driven for an hour through back roads to our remote hunting site. My father-in-law, Edward, parked the truck in a tightly overgrown drive way of sorts, under cover of some trees. The rest of the way to the little cabin had to be by foot, and not just because the driveway was impassible, but because, “Deer don’t like the smell of a warm, old pickup,” at least that’s what Edward would say. Ed was short and stocky and “rough and tough” – a label he’d give himself with a twinkle in his eye. He was a seasoned hunter in his mid sixties, physically strong and ruggedly handsome and he was as spry and energetic as a man half his age. Being a man about half his age, I had to wonder about that – he seemed to have more energy than I did!

The temperature hovered around freezing as we climbed out of the pick-up. I was bundled in layers from head to toe and Edward was wearing his old camo one-piece hunting suit which, although extremely warm, was fitting snugger than ever that year. Before we got the rifles out of the gun rack Edward said, already using a hushed voice, “If you gotta go, you gotta go here by the truck. Deer don’t like the smell of a man’s piss.”

He turned away to pee beside the truck and I turned the other way to do the same. The air was still, as if slightly stiff from the cold, and without even a ruffle of clothing I began to hear Edward’s healthy stream hitting the frosty leaves on the ground. Letting out an almost inaudible sigh, Edward finished up, but I hadn’t even managed to get my cock out from under three layers of clothing.

“You’re faster than me old timer, give me a minute to finish up,” I whispered, and finally I popped my thirty five year old cock out into the air and began to wiz onto the frozen ground before me.

The silence was again only disturbed by the sound of my piss hitting the leaves, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Edward looking my way as he leaned back against the truck behind me. It was peaceful out there in the seclusion of the forest and he cherished the silence, which seemed to lay over us like a thick blanket. And there was the excitement, the anticipation of maybe a buck going home with us later. I wasn’t much of a hunter, but just being there with Ed an knowing he was enjoying himself made it all worth while for me.

I finished my pee and after some fussing about with my under garments I finally managed to get myself tucked back in. We gathered our gear and set off for the cabin, taking our time and trying to be as quiet as possible. You see, we had baited a spot behind the cabin with a heap of apples a few days earlier and the chances of walking in on a deer having a snack were really quite high. The excitement was invigorating and we shot each other a quick smile as we neared the cabin.

Now to call this shack a cabin may be painting the wrong picture, so let me describe it before I go on. It was a 10 by 11 foot box with a roof. One door on the front, and one small window on the back. No insulation, no protection from the cold except for sheltering us from the wind, if there was any. That night there was none.

As we approached we could see there was no deer at the apples, so we hurried inside to settle in for the big wait. That’s really what it is, no matter how you want to look at it – a big long meditation game, waiting for something to happen. There were two wooden chairs inside, specifically chosen for their solid, quiet construction. You do a fair bit of shifting in your chair as you sit, quietly, in the twilight of the cabin, looking out the window, and the chairs didn’t so much as creak if you happened to move.

We sat facing each other a few feet apart. Edward had the kill shot waiting because he sat on the side of the window with a clear view to the apples and he kept the stock of his rifle resting on the sill, with the barrel out the window. The idea was that you didn’t want to move anything to make the shot if a buck should come into range. My view out the window was out on an opposite angle and I couldn’t see the apples at all. I began to share Edwards excitement and I really hoped a deer would appear, but my view was of another animal, and that was just the way I liked it anyway. After many, many years of knowing Ed I had secretly grown to lusted after him. He was a perfectly handsome daddy bear with a soft, mature physique and he sported a nice broad belly. He was as masculine as an old man could get, but he had a soft, gentle side that could warm the coldest heart. There was just something about him that made his easy to be around and I felt very lucky to have him as my father in law.

So there we sat. Some times looking at each other, sometimes glancing out the window, but mostly we sat with our eyes closed, listening.

An hour drifted by.

I opened my eyes and looked over at Edward sitting there with his eyes closed, his legs crossed at the ankles underneath his chair, with his knees spread wide, forming eskişehir escort a nice open V. I let my eyes drink up the sight. He was a beautiful bull of a man, a little under 5,7 and stocky in all the right places. A little gray hair at the temples stuck out from under his cap. He was a rock solid bear with the belly of a man who liked to spend evenings in front of the TV watching boxing and eating crackers and cheese. The solid strength of him was only slightly overshadowed by his nice round mid section – the rest of him was a lean as a fine old buck. I loved the way the suit wrapped around his hefty thighs and showed off the ample package where his thighs met his crotch. It was a sight I’ll never forget.

My mind drifted back to memories of his living room, watching him sitting on the couch across the room – he would be watching TV, I would be watching him. There were several poses that got my juices flowing. I like to watch him sitting, leaning almost upright at the end of the couch with one leg stretched out straight off the couch onto the floor and the other bent at the knee with his foot planted on the couch, hiked up near his other knee. This pose had the effect of pulling the fabric of his light summer chinos tight over his crotch and depending on how he moved his bent knee his ball sack would be clearly outlined and I would watch his goose egg sized balls shift and roll about as he moved on the couch. He was also a lazy-boy napper during the day. Often I would find my self home alone with him, watching him nap fully reclined in his chair while massaging my own throbbing manhood through my pants . His thighs would push up his ball sack when his legs were together and from there I would watch his chest rise and fall, loving the view of his cock and balls piled high at his crotch, with his gray slacks bulging in all the right places. I also remembered a time in a hotel room while on a summer vacation trip to the south. I woke up at 4 in the morning and saw him, illuminated by soft moonlight, flat on his back in the bed across the room. A single, thin, cotton sheet covered his beautiful body. I got up to take a pee and on my way back to bed I paused in the shadows to gaze upon him – I watched with amazement as the sheet began to rise between his loins and in the moonlight I watched his cock harden and swing from south to north where it came to rest, pointing straight up onto his belly, like an engorged python after a hardy meal. I tried to judge the size of it – was it about the size of the telephone hand set sitting on the table between our beds? Something close to about 8 inches long and obviously thick – I jacked off in the dark hotel room wondering what it would be like to answer a call on it after the first ring and talk on it’s for hours in deep, wet abandon.

I suddenly noticed my cock had become rock hard as I opened my eyes and found myself back in the cabin. My cock was fighting for space to expand in my layers of under garments. It was painful and uncomfortable and I reached down to rearrange my erection to allow it to extend upward. I looked up and Edward was watching and smiling, but he just slowly closed his eyes again but the slight smile remained. I sat back again, watching him breathing, and I noticed that as his chest would rise the crotch of his suit would rise upward, ever so slightly with the rhythm of his breath. The suite was connecting everything together and I imagined what it would be like to just grab hold of that package, feel the weight of his balls, the density of his hidden manhood in my hands.

My cock stiffened again, but this time it was pointing straight up to my belly, and I covered it the best I could with my jacket. Watching Edward was something I could do all day long, and I had a feeling he knew. He straightened his back and stretched slightly, and as he did he brought his knees together which forced the package at his crotch to tighten into a large ball atop his closed thighs. He paused briefly in this position, opened his eyes and watched me grope him with my eyes. I looked up from his groin, locked eyes with him briefly and looked back down at his groin, making him fully aware of the focal point of my gaze. He closed his eyes again, gently smiled at me and spread his knees wide again. A slight sigh escaped his lips. I could watch him do that all day and NEVER get tired of it.

I licked my lips as his thighs spread and I watched his manly package fall lower at his groin, but this time the contents had shifted to one side, slightly favoring the right leg of his suit – his right leg resting under the window.


The distinct sound of a big animal approaching though the hardwood forest behind the cabin brought me back from my fantasies. Edward’s eyes flew open and his eyes grew big and round for just a moment. The excitement level was a tangible thing between us as I watched him turn his head, slowly, and look out over the apples.

“I can see him, but he’s a long way off at the top gaziantep escort of the hill.”, Edward said in a voice so soft it was barely a whisper. From then on every spoken word was little more than the softest, quietest whisper. It was a thrilling moment, but from my vantage point out the small open window I could see nothing.

“I can’t see a fucking thing, Edward. I want to watch.” I said, smiling. Now my eyes were wide, my heart was pounding and my cock was throbbing like a summer sausage on a hot griddle.

“Come on over here, stay low and move QUIETLY.”, he said, holding out his left arm to guide me next to him.

I slowly moved off my chair and inched over toward him. I got on my knees so my head was just high enough to see out the window and I rested my hands on top of his right knee to keep myself steady. I still couldn’t see the deer!

“Where is he?”, I mouthed, looking up at Edward.

Rather than speak a response, Edward pulled me in closer to him so that my right hip nestled in close to his groin, then he wrapped his left arm around me and guided me to straighten up my back so that my head was almost as high as his. He hunched over and guided my head with his left hand on the back of my head. Edward leaned his face in close to mine and pointed, slowly, with his right hand.

“There,” he hissed. Our heads were close enough that we could speak softly and still hear each other.

“I see him.”

“Aww yeah. Beautiful buck, that one.”, Edward said. As he spoke I could smell his breath, warm and sweet, as it drifted past my chilly nose, “That’s got to be a six or eight pointer, and some damn good eatin.”, he said and I inhaled deeply, letting his scent fill my nostrils. Having even his hot, sweat exhaled air inside me made my knees weak.

Then without thinking I said, “When I heard that crack I got so excited my dick got hard.” The words were out before I could stifle them.

“Me too, like fucking iron”, Edward said, “and it lasts until I pull the trigger.”

I suddenly became acutely aware of where I was – on my knees, my hip pressing up against Edward’s crotch, my throbbing hard-on pressed against his leg and both my hands on him: my left on his knee, my right on his upper thigh. And there was no end in sight, because until the buck came down the hill into the apples where Edward could get a clear shot, neither one of us dared move. At least not Edward.

No sooner had those words left his lips when I felt it, long and hard against his thigh, right under my right hand. I literally shuddered with excitement.

“You cold?”, he asked and squeezed me with his left arm that was still around my shoulder.

“I don’t know if I have EVER been this hot.” I said, slowly, softly.

I don’t know if he knew what he was doing or not, but as we watched the buck slowly inch his way down the hill, Edward was rocking his right leg up and down, ever so slowly, using the ball of his foot as a lever. His hardened member rubbed against my jacket – my hand on his thigh went along for the ride.

“Here he comes,” he hissed, sounding more excited than ever and I squeezed his leg briefly when he spoke.

I could feel his hot breath on my ear. It was becoming slower, shallower. Without taking my eyes off the approaching buck I removed my gloves and let them drop to the floor. I put my hands back into their positions on his leg and now I could feel the warmth of his skin rising through the fabric of his old camo hunting suit. I could feel the muscles of his thigh through the soft fabric. With my glove less right hand I could really feel the edge of his rock hard throbbing cock as it reached it’s way up his pant leg where the fabric seemed to be stretching to make room.. He moved his leg again and I let my right hand fall by my side, and with the next motion of his leg I let my hand slip in between my jacket and his leg so I could feel the hardness of his manhood as he moved his leg. I turned my head toward him and our eyes met. Ed licked his lips and motioned with his eyes toward the bulging cock running the length of his thigh. I leaned back and shifted slightly and looked down at the outline of his ridged tool. I ran my hand up and down over the length of it, squeezing it tenderly – it was enormous. Just when I thought my knees could not get any weaker I had to catch my self and I leaned forward again, trying to keep from falling over.

“You want to watch me shoot don’t you?” Edward whispered, more of a statement than a question, leaning up close to my head as he flicked his hot tongue around my ear, “I’ve been waiting till hunting season to show you how it’s done.”

“Do you think I can manage this big buck?” I said, again running my hand along the outline of his cock that was stretched out hard and reaching for his knee.

“I’m willing to let you try your luck?” Edward said, and he forced my face around and stuck his tongue into my mouth. I felt his day old whiskers rough against my giresun escort cheek. I met his tongue thrusts with my own, and when he held his out his tongue, long and stiff, I milked it up and down with my lips in short, slow strokes. To have any part of this man inside me was thrilling beyond words. He was so hot and horny. As we kissed I moved my hand back along his cock tracing its outline to its root where my hand instinctively cupped his fantastic ball sack through his clothes, squeezing them gently before tracing the hardness of his enormous member back up against his thigh.

“Keep your eyes on the buck outside, and I’ll take care of the one in here.” I said, and I slowly swung down and around so I was sitting in between that lovely V of thighs, with his throbbing meat inside his pant leg almost touching my cheek.

Rubbing my left hand over the fabric bulging from his hardened member, I reached with my right to unzip his fly. I discovered not a zipper, but a single button, which I flipped over, opening up a hole big enough for my hand. I reached my hand inside and I almost lost my load when I felt something warm and fuzzy – he wasn’t wearing underwear! That explained the quick piss back at the truck. I let my hand explore to learn first hand about the beautiful nut sack that I had studied from afar for all those years. I felt the hairs bristle under his balls. I reached up to cup them but they were too big to easily balance in one hand, but they hung low, so I wrapped my thumb and fore-finger into a ring around the base of his sack, up high near the base of his cock and squeezed and tugged gently.

“Ummm”, Edward groaned, low and deep.

I reached in, up his pant leg and swung his throbbing member up and out through the crotch of his camo hunting suite. God! The thing was beautiful! Long, thick and cleanly cut. One and a half hands long, it had to have reached more than eight inches and when I wrapped my hand around it, the tips of my fingers barely touched the tip of my thumb. I was in awe. It felt big against my palm, throbbing slightly, both hard and soft to the touch at the same time.

“You like the old mans hunting equipment I see.” Edward said, but he looked back out the window.

“He’s getting closer.” Edward said. I looked up into his face as he glanced down, not smiling anymore, just looking like a man who wanted his cock sucked. Right there and then. I was not going to disappoint him.

I jacked his big cock in my hand a few times, getting a feel for how the skin rolled up over his head on the up stroke. I watched some dog-water dribble out onto my fingers, and I leaned forward and licked it up. It was salty and sweet, like some homemade, hand-drawn nectar. I put my lips over the head and jacked him slowly, feeling the skin on his cock pass my lips on the upstroke. My jaw was fully extended. I worked my tongue over his cock head and teased the underside with my lower teeth. The raw, earthy taste was heavenly. The faint smell of Old Spice cologne wafted up almost imperceptibly with the moist heat from Edwards cock and balls. I did a few more strokes over my lips and suddenly I let go and swallowed as much as I could down my throat.

“Jeeeeesssus!”, Edward whispered, “Awwww yeahhhhh.. Ummm.”

It hurt like hell, but I kept jamming it in and each down stroke was deeper and longer than the last. Suddenly my throat just loosened up and I could dive from the tip to the base of his cock and rub my nose in his jet-black pubic hairs past the opening of his fly. I wanted him to fuck my mouth so bad I was willing to risk choking, risk death by cock sucking – I was determined to take it all.

I worked up a nice, steady rhythm. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to eat the beautiful buck all evening. My senses were reeling and my nose was filled with a heavy, musky “Old Spice and hot cock” scent that made me want to eat more. The smell of a sixty four year old hunter’s cock and balls bathed in the juices from my hot, eager mouth was intoxicating. I pulled my mouth off of his cock and jacked him briskly, pumping his ridged meat with quick pounds of my fist that ran from just under the head back down to base of his cock. I sucked first one nut, then the other. The taste of his salt washed over the back of my tongue. His ball sack was tightening, so I slowed down on the pumping. I slid my throat back onto him for two more slow sucks. I came up for air.

“Where is he? Are you ready to shoot?” I said, knowing I meant both.

“He’s at the apples now, chomping away.” Edward said, “I’m ready”. Knowing he meant both.

He brought his hand down and grabbed hold of his tool and I watched him stroke his cock, expertly cork screwing the head on the upstroke. He followed this with a flurry of strokes, pinkie extended, intended to bring him close to the edge of bliss, the warm sweet edge of orgasm.

“You’ll have to time it daddy,” I said and I proceeded to go down on him again, sucking him like my life depended on it.

From tip to base, all of him, inside me, filling my throat with his hot, throbbing cock sausage. Pounding the edge closer now with each stroke. His big, hairy ball sack tightened up close to the base of his cock. Edward leaned over slightly and put the scope of the rifle to his eye.

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