Nude Teenager Walking Around

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Nude Teenager Walking Around

Back years ago before everyone had computers and air-conditioners teenagers had to find their own form of entertainment.

I for one was hiding on my front porch in the shadows watching Mrs. Brown change into her nightie. It was a very warm night and almost everyone had their windows open. However Mrs. Brown did it on purpose. I had been watching her now for more than a week. She would enter her bedroom and put on the light closest to the window then she would open the drapes wide and the curtains too. She would stand in her window pretending to stare at the moon, which was not out at that moment. She would run her hands up and down the front of her body from her full breasts, across her tummy, and down to her crotch. The light behind her made her thin dress almost transparent and I could see the outline of her body through it. That would last a full minute or more. She would then step back into the room allowing the light from her lamp to illuminate her front. She would smile the whole time she untied, unbuttoned, or unzipped whatever dress that she was wearing. Then it would either come up over her head slowly or drop to the floor slowly as was required. She would stand there in the light in her white bra and her big panties. That’s what they wore back then. I would watch as she reached back behind her and started unfastening those strange little hooks on her bra. I had practiced unhooking Mom’s bras that I found in the hamper in the bathroom. It wasn’t easy using two hands where I could see them and there she was doing it behind her back. She was in no hurry and I liked the anticipation. Eventually I would get my reward, as Mrs. Brown would slowly lower her bra down off her massive breasts revealing them to me. That super duper bra sure did its job because when it was released her breasts hung down pretty good. She would then massage her breasts with her hands. She would apply lotion to them, she would apply baby powder to them, and then she would play with her nipples. The ends of her breasts were dark and her nipples were fat but I assumed that had something to her having had babies. After massaging her breasts she would slowly lower her big white panties to the floor and step out of them. From my vantagepoint I could see down to her knees. When she stood up again I could see her big hair pussy. It was covered with a thick blanket of brown hair like she had on her head. She would massage her pussy for a few moments then apply baby powder to it too. I could see her slipping a finger or two into her pussy lips and go back to staring at the non-existent moon. I knew that she was masturbating because at sixteen I did that a lot, especially after I watched her get ready for bed. When she was through she would walk over to her chest of drawers and pick out a nightie to wear to bed. On hot nights like this she would pick out a thin short one to put on with a thin robe too. Then the curtains and drapes would be drawn shut and the light would be turned off ending my show for another evening. I felt like the luckiest boy in the world because I had seen a real live woman naked.

It really was a hot night and I was considering sleeping on the porch where it was cooler. Still in the shadows I carefully looked around the neighborhood. It was getting late and I saw windows on the first floors going out all over the neighborhood as windows on the upper floors came on. People were migrating toward bed. Cats and dogs were put out, radios were turned off, and things were quieting down. One by one houses were going dark. Mom said goodnight, told me not to stay up very long, and turned out our lights too.

I watched the moon come up over the houses in front of me, I watched as the cloud slowly moved out of the way to show a beautiful half moon. At that time I could never have comprehended that man would land on the moon in a few years and that television would replace radios in American homes.

Then a movement caught my eye. It was little Jenny Jones standing on her porch. She didn’t look right but she too was hiding in the shadows on her porch. About five minutes later I watched as Jenny walked down her porch steps, down her sidewalk, and hid behind a bush. I could not believe that Jenny was naked. I had always been attracted to her but I was too shy to ever tell her. I was sixteen and she was fourteen years old. Her father owned the Texaco gas station that me father went to. The car would run over the rubber hose, a bell would ding, and someone would run right out to ask you what you wanted. Gas cost thirty-one cents a gallon, a gallon of milk was forty-nine cents, and you could not purchase food for your body where you purchased food for your car. Oh you could buy candy, chocolate bars, and soda pop but that was about it.

Eventually Jenny got braver and walked slowly across the street and up onto the Smith’s porch as quietly as she could. She reached between her legs like Mrs. Brown had and then touched the Smith’s doorknob. When she turned the moon illuminated her young body. It was nothing like Mrs. Brown’s body. She was much smaller but her breasts were much nicer, her pubic hair was not as bushy, and her breasts didn’t sag as much. I watched as she once again walked back across the street to the house next to hers. She was back in the shadows again for a minute or so but then she walked back across the street to my side and to the house between the Smith’s and the Brown’s. She was closer and I watched as she fingered her pussy and smeared it on the doorknob. She walked back across the street one house closer and into the shadows. I didn’t dare move. Jenny then walked to the Escort Sincan Brown’s porch and again wiped her pussy juice on their doorknob. She stared in my direction making my heart beat louder. I was sure that she could hear it too. However, she turned her attention to the street again and soon was slowly walking across the street to her next house. When she was in the middle of the street a dog barked and she froze. I could make out the muscles in her back, her long legs, and her cute little ass. She definitely was not built like Mrs. Brown. When she felt that the coast was clear she began to move again. As long as her back was to me, I made my move to a new position…only a board creaked. I just about peed my pants but I froze like she had. Jenny stood on the porch across the street for a long time trying to decide whether or not to continue her zigzag walk down the street.

It took forever for her to appear again and walk straight toward me. Her skin was glistening from the sweat. It was a hot night and she was every excited. Her nipples were hard and much lighter than Mrs. Brown’s.

I watched cautiously as Jenny ascended my stairs to my porch just feet from me. She stepped on a board that squeaked and froze. She looked around but she didn’t see me hiding behind Mom’s wicker chair. Standing there in the moonlight I could see her clearly and I was excited. Content that she was safe Jenny went to my front door, fingered her pussy, and then smeared it on my doorknob.

I had considered jumping out and grabbing her, letting her continue on her nocturnal journey, or just saying something to her. As she turned I whispered, “Can I join you?”

Jenny froze again then she whispered my name. I came out from the shadows and she never moved. I started removing my clothes as she watched me. When I finally lowered my underwear and revealed my hard cock Jenny just smiled. We stood there together looking at the other. Finally Jenny took my hand and we started down my steps and toward the other side of the street. We climbed onto the next porch and I watched as she slipped a finger into her pussy and smeared the moisture on the doorknob. She whispered, “Do you want to do it too?” Not fully understanding what I was supposed to do I reached for her pussy and caused her to jump. She again froze as my fingers explored her pussy finding the moist hole. Then I rubbed it on the doorknob too.

We crossed the street and walk up onto the house next to mine. This time when I reached for her crotch she parted her legs for me. That was nice of her and I really enjoyed touching her pussy. She was the first girl that I had ever seen that close and that I had actually touched.

Jenny and I zigzagged back and forth across the street until we got to the corner. Then we walked back up the sidewalk on the shadowed side of the street. She took me out behind her house where we could be alone and talk quietly.

That was Jenny’s first trip like that. She had thought about it a lot in recent weeks and she had walked across the street to the Smith’s house before. The excitement was everything that she had wanted and that lead to that crucial night with me.

We sat naked in her backyard for what seemed like hours. Jenny touched my cock and I touched her breasts and pussy. I even masturbated for her and she liked it. She then knew why I couldn’t do that for every doorknob like she could. We also kissed for the first time.

The next day after I crawled out of bed, I went right over to Jenny’s house. She was dressed and just as tired as I was. She came out and we walked toward the park to swing. Along the way Jenny told me that she wanted to do it again that night if I was up to it. Once I said okay she told me that we would do the next block over from her. It was daring and it excited me, so I agreed.

Jenny sat in the swing and I looked at her in her T-shirt and her pink shorts. I got behind her and started pushing her. As she got swinging higher I started pushing on her ass cheeks to swing her higher yet. When she screamed I knew that she was going high enough so I got in the swing next to her and started pumping as fast as I could to catch up with her. We had fun just swinging and letting the wind blow in our faces. Jenny looked up and told me that her friend Suzy was coming and that she was wearing a light summer dress. I looked up to see her. Then Jenny told me to give her a push and watch her try to keep her dress from flying up and showing off her panties. I slowed down. When Suzy got closer I jumped off and offered her my swing. I told her that I had warmed it up just for her. As Suzy backed into the seat I quickly flipped up the back of her dress with my hand and shoved the seat forward catching her off guard and forcing her to sit down in it. Then I started pushing her and pushing her. The back of her dress let me see her yellow panties. After a little while I was able to put my hands right on her panties as I pushed her. Suzy knew exactly what I was doing and giggled whenever I fondled her ass. When she was going pretty high I moved around in front of her to get a glimpse of her panties from the front. Her legs were clamped tightly together until Jenny told her to open her knees up for me. Surprisingly Suzy did and I got to see the wet spot in her panties. She was excited. For the next two hours the three of us hung out and talked about things like sex. None of us had had sex yet but we all wanted to try it. Jenny let me slip my hand down into her shorts and into her panties to finger her hole and tickle her clit. Of course Suzy felt obligated to let me feel her up too. So I slipped my hand up under her dress and into her panties. Her pussy Sincan Escort really was wet and my finger slipped in easily. She could not believe the pleasure that my finger on her clit gave her.

Jenny then told Suzy about us walking around nude the night before. That led to a whole new discussion and Suzy asking if she could join us that night. That was what Jenny had been looking for. We were to meet at her house at eleven o’clock then get naked and walk around the neighborhood. After that we would have sex. Okay!

When we split up I took a nap so that I would be alert later. Mom thought that I was sick but I assured her that I wasn’t. Anyway when she walked into my bedroom I was naked, lying on my back, and stroking my cock. Mom blushed, said that it was quite normal for boys to do, and then just as she was going to walk out Mom turned and said that I had a rather nice looking cock and that Jenny was a very lucky girl. What! Mom came back in and sat on my bed at my knees. She looked at my hard cock and told me that she had gotten up in the middle of the night and seen Jenny and I walking in the street naked. She told me that she had done the same thing when she was younger and even asked me if she could join in sometime. Then Mom’s hand moved to my hand and took its place around my cock. That gave me the courage to reach up under Mom’s dress. She parted her legs giving me better access. I got inside her panties and found her wet hairy pussy waiting for me. We stayed there and masturbated one another until Mom creamed on my fingers and I creamed on hers. What Mom did next totally shocked me. She licked her fingers clean and then sucked my cock. Of course it got hard again. Then Mom asked me if I had fucked Jenny yet. I told her that it was on the list of things to do, after we walked nude around the next block over. Again she asked me if she could go with us. I told her that I would ask Jenny. Mom kissed my cock, straightened her panties, and walked out.

I got dressed and went over to Jenny’s house. She was surprised that my mother had asked to join us but she was pleased that my mother hadn’t told her mother that she had seen us last night. I told her about Mom jerking me off and sucking my cock. Jenny thought that would be sick but if my mother had done it, it couldn’t be all that bad. Anyway Jenny said that Mom could join us as long as she was completely naked too. When I told Mom she got really excited about it.

About ten-thirty Mom woke me up and told me that Dad was sound asleep. She was naked and showed me a loose fitting summer dress that she was planning on wearing. She was going barefoot too. I got dressed as usual and then we went out on the porch to look and listen. About five of, we started over toward Jenny’s house. We saw her in the shadows and then we saw Suzy coming up the street. Jenny had warned her that my mother was joining us but it still shocked her to see us both coming at her. We went out back and undressed before starting out. Jenny told Mom and Suzy that we walked very slowly and quietly and that we all had to put some of our pussy juice on everyone’s doorknobs. Mom smiled and Jenny told her that I would get to use some of their pussy juice. Mom smiled again.

Silently we followed Jenny to the front of her house and slowly walked to the corner and across that street. We all climbed up the first porch that we came to and then Jenny fingered her pussy and put it on the doorknob. Mom and Suzy did the same thing while I fingered Jenny and used her juice.

As we walked across the street Suzy whispered that it would be wiser to just go down one side and back the other side. Jenny told her that the whole idea was to zigzag and take a risk. Mom whispered that it wasn’t fair that I got to finger them all and suggested that the girls not finger their selves either but to finger someone else’s pussy to get their fingers wet. Then I suggested that we pick one girl and all finger her then use another girl the next time. Mom whispered that maybe we could use my cum too at one of the houses.

As we crisscrossed the street going from porch to porch we enjoyed fingering one another then it was my turn. Mom jerked me off like she had in my bedroom and caught a palm full of my cum that she offered around to the other girls. When we were done coating that doorknob Mom asked Jenny if she wanted a good taste. To show her that it wasn’t all that bad Mom licked some off her hand then offered it to Jenny. She licked some and offered the rest to Suzy. They seemed to agree that it tasted okay. I had to lick Mom’s hand clean but all of the girls had to suck on the head of my cock into their mouths after Mom did. Jenny liked it and sucked me hard again.

We went back and forth across that street until we hit the end. Mom was so excited that she didn’t want to stop. Jenny told her that we had to save something for another night. Suzy wanted to know what was next, Jenny told her that I was going to fuck both of them behind her house. Mom giggled and asked if she could participate in that too. Jenny asked me if I wanted to fuck my mother and I just smiled. She took that as a yes. So we headed back to Jenny’s house and went out back.

Mom fingered Jenny’s pussy and told me that she was ready for me to fuck her and that I should get between her lags to make it easier to get into her pussy. Mom held my cock and aimed it as Jenny and I lost our virginities. I cum in her way too quickly. Mom then had the girls suck my cock hard again so that I could fuck Suzy next. That time Jenny was the one to aim my cock at Suzy’s hole so that I could push it in. After I cum in her, Mom sucked me hard and let Jenny put it in Sincan Escort Bayan her. Mom was different from the other girls, looser I think, but the fact that I was fucking my own mother was all that it took for me to cum in her too.

Mom said that she was heading home and told me not to stay up too late. We watched as Mom carried her dress back across the street to our house. Then we talked about how cool my mother was, that she had jerked me off, licked my cum, and even let me fuck her. Mostly we were impressed that Mom got naked and went with us, she even hated to stop but said that she would join us the following night. Then we lay in the grass looking at the moon and playing with one another. I fingered the two girls to another orgasm and then I fucked them both again.

When I got home, Mom came to my room and thanked me for one of the best nights of her life. She said that she hadn’t felt that alive in years. She said that she really liked fingering the two fourteen-year-old girls too. Then she said that I fucked her better than my father did. So I fucked her one more time before rolling over and going to sleep.

In the morning after Dad went to work Mom was right there sucking my cock again telling me that she couldn’t get enough of it. She had invited Jenny and Suzy to come over and help her make cookies. It was just so that I could fuck them in my bed and so we could take a little nap. Mom made the cookies and sent the girls home with some after I had fucked them again.

Once they were gone Mom told me all about how babies were made and that all of them could get pregnant from me fucking them. Mom said that she wouldn’t mind being pregnant again and that Jenny would like it too because she was in love with me, however Suzy was another story. Mom thought that she might freak out if she got pregnant. I agreed but I liked fucking Suzy just as much as I liked fucking Jenny and Mom. I figured that I should ask her about it though later that night.

Around eleven o’clock we were on our way around the corner to do a different block of houses. It was just as exciting but it was starting to get old too. Mom suggested that I fuck them all on every porch but that I didn’t have to cum in all of them. That was great until at the last house, old Doc Simpson had a dog and he knew that we were out there. The barking woke him up and he came to the door but we were a couple of houses away by then hiding in the bushes. We made our way back to Jenny’s house and to our clothes. That was when Mom explained to the girls how babies were made and that if they let me fuck them that they might get pregnant. She said that the same was true for her too but that she was willing to take the chance. Jenny said that she would take the chance too because she likes me fucking her. Suzy said that she would have to think about so Mom told her that she couldn’t get pregnant from sucking my cock or letting me fuck her ass. Then Mom had to explain anal sex to us. The girls said that they weren’t too interested in letting me stick my cock in their ass. Mom told them I could demonstrate on her in a while.

Then she explained oral sex to us as well. The girls had sucked my cock but just to get it hard. Mom told them that they could suck it until I cum and then that they should swallow that like they had the sample in her hand the other day. She said that I could lick their pussies too and give them pleasure. Then she told them that girls could go down on other girls. To prove it she did. I watched as Mom sucked on Jenny’s pussy and she gave her an orgasm doing it. She had me do the same thing to Suzy. After I got started Mom had me spin around and taught us the sixty-nine position. Suzy got her first taste of cum right from the source as I did. She actually liked it and said that she wouldn’t mind giving me more blowjobs whenever I wanted one. Mom had moved over Jenny and they had eaten one another. Jenny liked it.

For our final lesson that night I got to slip my cock in all of their mouths, then in all of their pussies, before slipping it into Mom’s asshole. She flinched but she told me to keep going. It felt completely different from her pussy and much tighter. Mom got into a nice rhythm with me after the feeling got better. She was on her hands and knees and rocking back into me as I thrust into her. The girls got pretty disgusted when I cum in Mom’s ass and then she turned right around and sucked my cock into her mouth. Mom told them that a good wife would suck her husband’s cock no matter whose hole it had been in and that that went for girlfriends too. She said that she would suck my cock if I had just taken it out of one of their asses too.

Mom and I headed home and the girls went to their homes too. Suzy was the only one of us to get dressed.

For the rest of the summer the girls came to my house so that I could fuck them. Mom let me fuck her any time that I wanted too. I had sex of all sorts, including anal sex with all three of them. We ran out of places to go nude and decided that we had better not get caught doing that.

When school started the three of us were very close even though we were in different grades. I thought of them both as my girlfriends with Jenny being just a little higher on the ladder because she would let me cum in her pussy, like Mom did. Suzy would let me cum in her but only if she was in the middle an orgasm herself at the time, otherwise she gave great blowjobs with a little anal thrown in for good measure.

That first day in school I sat in my English class and just stared at the teacher. All that went through my mind was if she slept nude, let younger boys fuck her, and if I stood a chance with her.

Right after school I fucked Jenny. I hadn’t been that excited in weeks. If she were to get pregnant, then that was the time to do it.

The End
Nude Teenager Walking Around

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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