Nurse Me Home

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(AUTHORS NOTE: Please leave me feedback on this story and let me know if you would like it to continue. I’m also open to other names.)


It Happened One Day

He brought his hand up to his cock and laid the wet soapy rag across the top of it. His hands lay across the rag, applying just enough pressure to keep control of the rag, without having to grip it.

She watched as he moved the rag up and down across his cock, the head appearing at the corner and then disappearing into the cotton fabric. She wanted to reach out and touch it, just to feel the erection at least through the material, if she couldn’t touch the taut skin of his shaft. But she knew she shouldn’t. She knew she couldn’t.

He looked up at her, his eyes pleading for mercy as he continued the stroking motions. His cock was fully erect now, and the slit at the tip was opening up, indicating that his release was near.

She bent down to him, as if to say something. Their eyes met as he continued his pumping motion. The top of her scrub fell away from her body. Her breasts could be seen rising and falling as she held his gaze. The tops of her breasts rose up from the bra as the bending of her back brought them to a more prominent position.

He could see the dark outlines of her areolas in her thin lace bra, and he could tell that her nipples were not erect, but hard enough to partially protrude through the fabric. His hand continued to move across the tip of his cock as he could feel the pressure mounting, but he wanted to make this moment last as long as possible. He knew that a couple of more solid strokes would bring him over the edge. It had been so long since he had seen more than a quick glimpse of any female flesh.

Just the sight of her leaning closer to him, her warm breath on his belly, and his hand grasping his manhood tighter brought the buildup to a climax, and a milky white liquid soon gushed forth from his shaft as he stroked it.

She could hear the release in his groan and she looked down toward his lower body. She watched as his semen shot up onto his stomach, narrowly missing her chin. She had to resist the urge to taste, to lick the fluids that were now flattening out on his belly.

The streams of fluids that erupted were now getting shorter and shorter as the pumping motion of his hand slowed to a mere crawl. His eyes stayed on her, as he watched her while she observed his climax. He wanted to take his free hand and guide her face to his cock to lick him clean, but instead he brought the cloth up to the tip of his cock and began to wipe away what he had just brought forth.

She started to stand back upright, but as she did, some of the strands of her hair brushed against his lower abdomen, and a sharp intake of air could be heard coming from him, as the tickling feeling caused him to quickly take a breath.

Ayesha looked down at Mr. Henry, her eyes telling him that it was okay. She understood his predicament. Neither of them noticed the face that turned away from the door and headed down the hall.


Brad sat down at the table with the other department heads. It was Monday morning, time for the usual rendezvous with the administrator. Updates and gripes were usually the business of the day. Brad couldn’t keep his mind off of his other usual Monday morning rendezvous, either.

Courtney looked at Brad and noticed that he was not paying close attention to the meeting. She could tell that he was lost in thought. If the administrator noticed, nothing was said, and she hoped Brad would come back from wherever he was to the meeting at hand.

The medium tan of his face, along with the narrow set jaw line seemed to unnerve some people, but just a look from him towards her direction could make her pussy twitch. The athleticism and virility that he exuded made her want to jump his bones, or at least one of them, on a regular basis when they were together. She hoped that they could have another ‘meeting’ soon.

The administrator dismissed the meeting, and Brad approached Courtney at the end of the table.

“Hey there, I need to meet with you,” the admissions director told her as they drew near to each other.

“What’s up?” Courtney responded.

Other department heads were still milling about in the room, and Brad did not want to raise any eyebrows.

“We have an incoming patient with a feeding tube. You are aware that only RN’s can flush one and I have a question about the RN that is scheduled for that wing this morning.”

“Well, as your staffing coordinator, I guess I should be able to tell you what you need to know. How about meeting me in my office in a few minutes then?”

“Okay, I’ll see you in a few minutes,” Brad responded, as they both left the meeting room.

Brad stopped by the front desk and left word that when the new patient arrived, he was to be paged, as he would be on the floor and out of his office.

Courtney had walked straight to her office. There was a shelving unit behind her office door, and she stood between the door and the unit Escort Bayan and waited until Brad entered.

He felt the hands upon him before he saw her, as the door moved quickly to close, but silently clicked as it shut. The fingers were reaching up to trace the outline of his collar as they sought out the underside of his chin and his Adam’s apple.

Brad spun around and grabbed Courtney by the waist. He leaned his head down to hers, and brushed his lips across hers before bringing them to rest fully upon her face. His kisses on each cheek caused her to reach out with her tongue and seek his mouth.

She hungered for that mouth every time she saw him smile. The upturned corner of the right side of his mouth when he laughed displayed the pearly whites that he had been gifted with. Her tongue rubbed across his teeth, asking permission to enter the warm domain.

He opened his mouth and warmly invited her to enter. Their tongues danced together in an intertwining as they sought to explore every inch and curvature of the raw scratchy flesh.

His hands found their way upwards to her breasts. The material was firm around each, but just the sensation of his touch on her body made her quiver in anticipation.

She lowered her hand to his waistband and sought out his zipper. She pulled downward on the metal tab, and reached through his boxers to the hardening prize at hand.

She broke away from his mouth, and bent on her knees, lowering her mouth to his manhood. The now semi-erect shaft entered across her tongue where his tongue had been just moments before. She held the shaft to the side of her face so that she could lick and tease, ensuring that he would harden quickly.

Her right hand grasped the base of his cock and squeezed as he came to a rock hard fullness. She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and started a bobbing motion as her right hand continued to squeeze the base.

As more and more of his shaft disappeared between her lips, she brought her hand up his length until the two met. Then both parted in opposite directions until reversing and meeting once again.

Brad groaned in pleasure, and secretly wished that he could lay down somewhere and be able to relax while taking in the full pleasures that she was giving.

Her head descended a small bit as his knees almost started to buckle because of her actions. She smiled to herself, knowing that she could always perform Fellacio on a man in a very satisfactory manner. She was all about satisfaction being guaranteed, both on and off the job.

The swelling of his cock that caused her lips to further part told her that his release was imminent, and she increased the speed of her movements as his breathing became labored.

The salty taste now dripping into her mouth warned of the impending release. A few moments later, a blast hit the back of her throat causing her to gag for a moment before she started to swallow the fluids, which were causing her cheeks to swell from the buildup in her mouth.

Brad pushed his cock back and forth across her lips as he started cumming, as though he were fucking her vaginal lips in madness from the ecstasy that was coursing through his veins.

The beginning softness of his cock was furthered by a voice over the intercom.

“Brad, please report to the front office. Brad to the front office.”

“Damn, that was close. Otherwise they would have had to wait,” Brad commented as he tucked his now flaccid penis back into his pants.

“Yeah, just like a lot of the patients around here. They have to wait also,” Courtney responded.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Brad asked, a hint of frustration in his voice.

“Nothing honey, I’ll tell you more about it later,” Courtney answered, giving him a kiss, sharing the taste of his semen that still remained on her lips.


A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In Her Bush

Courtney had a date with Tom that same night. He picked her up at her condo, and they went to a local restaurant for dinner. After being seated and placing their orders, Tom was the first to speak.

“While we’re waiting on our order, I just wanted to tell you what I saw this morning when I came in early before the meeting.”

“What did you see Tom?” Courtney asked.

“Do you remember a patient that we’ve had for some time now? His name is Henry, and he is on the rehab floor, recovering after a motorcycle accident.”

“Yes, sweetest young man that I’ve met in some time. Always very polite when I pass him on his way to therapy.”

“Well, this morning I heard a noise as I passed his room, and the door was cracked. Just to make sure he was okay, I started to stick my head in the room and check on him, when I saw Ayesha bent over his bed. The wash tub that CNA’s use with patients was sitting near the edge of the bed, and Henry had a wet washcloth in his hand.”

“So?” Courtney asked quizzically.

Tom leaned in closer to where she was sitting.

“He was stroking his self and his eyes were glued to Ayesha’s Bayan Escort chest, which from the way she was angled, I’m sure that her assets were highlighted.”

“Oh no, we can’t have that!” Courtney exclaimed.

“No, she was still clothed. I saw her when she stood upright, and her clothing was as it should have been,” Tom added.

“So what do we do?” Courtney asked.

“I don’t think we need to do anything right now. Henry definitely wasn’t complaining, and I don’t know that we have a legitimate complaint either. It’s a gray area.”

The waiter arrived with the food, and the conversation turned to other thoughts on their minds. Courtney shelved what Tom had told her for later reference. Tonight she was going to enjoy her evening with Tom. Her earlier time with Brad had left her fire unquenched, and she focused her mind on the task at hand.

“So tell me, when you saw Ayesha’s breasts hanging over Henry’s chest, did it do anything for you?” Courtney questioned.

Tom shifted uneasily in his chair. “Well, you know how endowed she is. And I have to admit, I am kind of a T & A man, especially the T’s.”

Courtney’s knee moved closer to Tom’s leg. She slipped her slipper off and brought her foot up to the top of Tom’s shoe. She felt her hose almost catch on the laces as she rubbed it further up his foot and over his ankle.

Tom wasn’t expecting the sudden sensation of her foot, and he coughed slightly as her foot started its descent up his leg.

Once her foot was about halfway up his leg, she let it slide off and her leg slid across the top of his leg. His sharp intake of air told her that she was on the right track.

Tom looked at her with a slight grin on his face, and placed his hand on her leg and let it fall to the inside of her calve. His fingers traced the curvature of her leg as he palm crossed her knee as his hand moved closer to her private area.

Courtney looked over at Tom and the “ahhhh” that escaped her lips encouraged him to continue his journey. The moistness that she felt that was starting to build inside of her urged her to return the feelings.

Tom slid closer to Courtney on the L-shaped seat and her hand continued to rise up to his groin. The risen edge over the zipper of his trousers became more elevated as she rubbed her hand up and down the length of the flap.

Courtney noticed a slight aroma that arose when she opened her legs for Toms exploring fingers. Her dress rose up as the side of his hand pushed upward toward her panties.

The tablecloth that draped heavily over the table covered the action that was now in full swing underneath.

“Your check sir,” the waiter said as he handed Tom the ticket. His look assured the couple that although he was aware of what was transpiring, their secret was safe with him.

Tom and Courtney sat back upright and Tom retrieved his wallet from his pants pocket and paid the bill, including a handsome tip for the waiter.

Once outside the restaurant, the couple hurried to the car, and then to her condominium. As Tom pulled the car into the parking lot, Courtney caught sight of Brad standing near the pool area that she would pass as she walked to her front door.

“Tom, I really enjoyed dinner tonight, but I need to take a rain check for the evening. I think something didn’t settle on my stomach, and I don’t want someone in my home during that time, if you know what I mean.”

“I don’t mind staying with you and making sure you’re okay,” Tom replied, a hint of dejection in his voice.

“No, I’ll be okay I think. If not, I’ll call you and you can come over then.”

Tom dropped Courtney off after a quick kiss and she hurried away from the car before Brad realized whom she had come home with.

“I thought you would be home alone on a Monday night,” Brad said, as he watched her approach the gate by the pool area.

“Well, next time you’ll know you need to call,” Courtney quipped in return.

“Yeah, especially so you’ll know not to be seen with Tom by me,” Brad snapped in retort.

“Ohhhhhh, someone is jealous,” Courtney returned as she turned her head to the side with a smile that tried to hide her nervousness. “We simply had supper and talked about things that happened at work today.”

“You didn’t have to go to supper to accomplish that,” Brad said, a hint of puzzlement showing up in his tone.

“Well, I enjoyed a meal out for once. You never take me anywhere when we’re alone.”

“Do I need to remind you that we can’t be seen? Nancy would have a field day if she ever caught wind of us.”

“Did you have to mention her name?” Courtney asked.

“Well, at the moment, YES!”

Brad stepped closer to Courtney once the door closed and they were inside the privacy of her living room. The molding of their bodies for the next hour silenced any further talk about Nancy or Tom.


Let The Party Begin

“Hey Courtney, why don’t you join us for drinks tonight?” Pamela asked.

“Who is the us that you’re talking about?” Courtney Escort asked.

“Just the social workers from some of the facilities in the area. We get together and swap stories. Not everyone always shows up every week, but we have a good crowd and a good time.”

“I don’t have anything better to do, so sure, I’ll join ya,” Courtney replied.

“Great, meet me at the new one at Ninth and Vine,” Pamela said as she turned and went down the hall.

Courtney had befriended Pamela when she started work at their facility as a social worker. It had been six months now that they worked together, and this would be their first time to meet after work.


“Welcome to Hot Scotch. How many are in your party?” the young girl asked Courtney as she felt the door shut behind her.

“I’m with a group. Some of them may already be here,” Courtney answered.

“Hey Courtney, over here,” Pamela hollered out from the elevated platform just ahead.

“There’s my crowd now, thank you,” Courtney said as she started for the table.

There was a group of about eight people gathered around a large round table. The dance floor was just beyond the table, and a band was playing a slow tune, with a few couples intertwined on the floor.

“I’m glad you could make it. We’re just talking about some of the crazy shit that has been happening this week.”

“Yeah, like the time that I was told to go to one of our male patients room for a complaint,” one of the girls said. “I knocked and went inside the room. There was the patient with his underwear around his knees and his gown around his shoulders, steadily stroking his self.”

Several girls laughed aloud at the thought of Betty being flashed by a patient. She was the uptight one of the bunch, so for her to tell this story caught the interest of everyone.

“Well, I was caught off guard for a moment, then I realized that I needed to solve the problem and leave the room so that he could finish what was at hand.”

Giggles could be heard from most of the group at the last comment.

“So I asked him if he had a complaint that he wanted to file. He said that he did, and when I asked what it was, he looked down to his thingy in his hand and smiled.”

“Oh no he didn’t,” Pamela said as she poked Betty for more information.

“I asked him to be specific, and he told me that he needed someone to take care of his problem. I told him that it wasn’t a matter for the facility to handle. He said that he was used to having a woman, and he could not take care of his problem by himself.”

“So what did you do?” Courtney asked as she leaned in to hear the answer.

“Well, there was nothing that I could do. I don’t have a call girl service available to me, and I certainly was not going to take matters into hand either,” Betty replied.

The group burst into laughter, not only at the comment, but at the thought of Betty having anything to do sexually with anyone.

“I have an idea,” Pamela said as everyone turned to listen. “We need to start a new position at our jobs. We’ll call them PNA’s, or Prostitution Nursing Assistants.”

Hoots and hollers could be heard around the club as everyone clapped their hands in approval.

“Well, I think we have some CNA’s that could probably do the job with the way that they look,” one of the other girls chimed in.

Eyebrows turned on some of the faces as the thought sank in. Talk turned once again to the happenings at work and then at home in their personal lives, before they left the bar later that night.


Ride Sally, Ride!

Elena found herself once again seated on one of the exercise bikes in the corner of the room. A TV sat in front of the row of equipment was tuned to a local channel, and a talk show host was busy talking to several of her guests. The volume had been turned down to a softer level, and the whirring sound of the bike drowned out any possible way to hear what was being said.

Elena increased the pace of her pedaling and in a matter of minutes, she was at the speed that her therapist wanted her to maintain. Everyone else was gone for the day, so her therapist was the only one in the room, and he was facing the opposite wall as he sat at his desk and typed on the computer.

Allen was very handsome, with striking features. His hands were firm but gentle as he held them on her waist when he guided her up onto the equipment. She was positive that he worked out regularly at a gym, or used the facility equipment after hours to keep his physique.

She watched him momentarily and tried to imagine what he would look like without the navy blue pullover and the khaki pants. It had been awhile since she had been with someone. Her partner died in the crash, and she was now on her third and hopefully final month of rehab.

The vibrations from the bike coursed through the vinyl that covered the narrow seat that she was perched upon. The sensations it left in her crotch only served to increase her desires as her speed kept a steady pace.

Then Allen stood up and turned to where she was sitting. His eyes locked onto hers as he looked at her as though asking for permission. He raised one of his hands above his head and brought the other one to the bottom of his shirt as he started to lift the material over his arm.

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