Nurses Julia and Cindy: Semen Study

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Julia twisted her grip with a flourish, pulling the last few droplets of pearly syrup from her patient’s sputtering penis. Groaning weakly, he pulled up his pants and staggered out of the exam room.

Julia smirked and strutted back to the waiting room, hips swaying hypnotically. The door latched shut behind her with a forbidding click. “Next?”

Four men looked up, gulping, but her eyes were set on the youngest. He got up, awkwardly, a seeming jumble of knees and elbows. She appraised him, coolly, noting that his green eyes lingered over her poorly-concealed curves. Even now, they were straining her crisp nurse’s uniform to the maximum. Julia usually chose something a size down. At least.

“If you’ll just follow me back this way, Greg,” she murmured throatily, a single eyebrow arching upwards. Turning back to the exam room, she exaggerated the sashay of her hips further. Greg stared, entranced, at the impossible fullness and lushness of Julia’s butt in her scrubs. The thing defied gravity, totally. This was the nurse he’d heard about.

Julia held the door to room number three, and beckoned him in, one perfect corner of her beestung lips curling up. They locked eyes for a moment too long, and Greg hurried inside as he reddened.

When he was seated, Julia began the speech she had given every patient that day.

“You’ve volunteered to participate in a DNA fragmentation study. Thanks for supporting our research. Your participation will be more or less like a standard semen collection or deposit. There’s a monitor, here, with streaming adult video. Don’t hesitate to adjust the volume upwards. You shouldn’t be embarrassed.

“This specimen container is where you’ll collect your semen. It’s already labeled with your participant number. All you have to do is be sure to collect the entire sample, screw the cap back on, then put it through the steel cabinet door here and press the buzzer.”

Greg had already broken out in beads of sweat. He was having difficulty maintaining contact with Julia’s predatory gaze, and found his eyes dragging over her succulent breasts and mound instead. Julia noticed, and smiled.

“It’s better if you don’t use any lubricant, but there are some jars of mineral oil here if you need it. Just in case.”

To Greg’s disbelief, the scarlet-haired nurse actually tipped him a wink as he left. “Have fun. Splurt your syrup.”

Greg sat, mind reeling, and tried to get into the mood. Those intense eyes had left him feeling completely unmanned. He powered up the flatscreen monitor, and selected a Private video titled “Twerking Teens”. It sounded a bit trite, but then, it was porn.

Greg watched a leggy blonde named Blanche Bradbury shaking her ass in black cutoff shorts, but was still having difficulty getting in the mood. The soundtrack was techno music, and it seemed to be breaking his concentration instead of aiding it. He pulled and tugged ineffectually on his penis, but couldn’t seem to get much rise out of it. He rearranged the paper towels and the jar of mineral oil on the side table. He dawdled.

After about fifteen minutes, Greg’s heart leapt into his throat. The exam room door latch clacked into the unlock position, and Nurse Julia came back in.

“Are things going okay in here? The average time is about nine minutes, you know.”

Greg was horrified, and instinctually moved to cover his floppy penis. It wilted further under the nurse’s cool gaze.

“Not even erect, huh? Do you have ED or anything like that?”

“N-not usually, no—just—just feeling—”

“A little nervous? I get it. It can be challenging, ejaculating your semen on demand. A lot of guys need to be supervised to masturbate properly.”

Julia shut the door behind her, and latched it tightly again. She looked back over her shoulder.

“The thing is, Greg, clinical time is clinical money. You saw that there were several other study participants in the waiting room. They’re waiting on you, basically. The other exam rooms are being used for normal clinic functions.”

Greg felt like he was hyperventilating. Pressure was growing in his chest.

Julia went on. “I’d like to get you in and out within the next five or ten minutes, Greg. I don’t mind this part of the job, though it’s technically frowned on. I’m gonna help out. Either I’ll help you collect your sample, or, in a pinch, I’ll collect it myself. We’ve got all kinds of gizmos for these kinds of situations in the cabinets, there.”

“I don’t—I don’t think—”

“Hush, you. This project is very important to us. And if you can’t collect your sample yourself, I’ll just take it from you. Most men are long gone by this point.”

Julia sighed and stretched, accentuating her curves. Greg’s glans gave a small twitch as he looked her up and down.

“You like me? I keep pretty fit, Greg. Lots of squats and yoga. It helps me wrap guys like you around my finger.”

Julia raised her top a few inches, shimmying. Her toned, taut abdomen came into view, and Greg gasped. He could see a few tantalizing çanakkale escort auburn hairs below her navel, headed south.

“Medical guidelines say the lesser the intervention, the better the patient outcome. That means I’m gonna try to get your pecker to squirt with visual stimulation alone. I want a nice, sticky, gooey gob of cream out of your weenis.”

Greg gaped at her cheeky dirty talk, stunned at how she had changed course. Julia raised her eyebrows.

“What? That sample isn’t gonna collect itself, you silly billy. A little dirty talk is usually the way to go. Dirty talk, and this.”

Julia dropped her uniform to the floor, revealing a stunning pair of midnight blue panties and stockings. She was topless, and perfect. She laughed at his reaction.

“Ooo, Mr. Penis likes me? Is he gonna dribble for nursie? Will he spew his slimey spermies at Nurse Julia? That’s what we need, you know. He’s gotta spit up an ooey, gooey mess of spunk.” Julia batted her eyelashes theatrically, then pirouetted and stuck her ass out at Greg. She swung it, hypnotically, side to side.

“Churn your little pecker, Mr. Greg. Milk your meat. Squeeze the snakey’s venom out. Make it spit. I wanna see some protein.”

Heart pounding, Greg started to massage his penis again. It showed signs of life, and the occasional twitch, but it wasn’t getting hard enough fast enough. Not for her.

Julia glared back at him, in a melodrama huff. “What, not even a trickle? I’m disappointed, Greg. Most penises don’t insult me like that. Not when I’m so good to them.”

“It’s not that, I just feel so—it’s like I—”

“Quiet, Greg. Boys should speak less and dribble more. Dribble all for mistress. Your weenie needs to spit up and spew its mayo.”

Julia padded to one of the rooms cabinets, like some great cat. She rummaged around in the lowest one, finding a pair of blue nitrile gloves. She slid her steely fingers into these, continually eyeing her prey with a mixture of disapproval and amusement.

“So that didn’t work then. Something more invasive. Bend over that exam table, right now.”

Greg wanted to protest, to flee the room, but he felt hypnotized. He watched as if in a trance as his body rose from the couch, crossed to the exam table, and leant forward on his elbows.

“Just like that, thank you. Good boy. You’re going to get milked.”

Greg gasped as he felt a slender, powerful finger wriggle into his anus. It pressed powerfully on a tight, swollen spot inside him. He moaned in ecstasy. This was something he’d never felt before.

“Wow, a prostate virgin? Huh? I can tell. You’re really tight back here. I guess a pretty girl has never fucked you, then? It’s okay, Greg. Lots of guys love being milked. Some of my patients say it’s their very favorite way to spew semen. I’ve had lots of practice. It doesn’t matter how hard your sphincter squeezes, Greg. I’m already in you, and I can juice your prostate. Your little plum is all mine. I’ll make it give up the goo.”

Greg tried to regulate his ragged breathing with no success. The rhythmic pressure on his secret spot was causing a cascade of hot impulses to throb down his penis, all the way to his meatus. The drooling sensation he felt down there was just indescribable. He didn’t want it to end.

“This is a great way to collect lots of goo in a short time-frame. I can force it out of your gland whether you’re ready to ejaculate or not. That’s what I love about it,” she confided. “I get to take your syrup before you’re ready.”

Julia was swiping her finger side-to-side, now, and clear beads were starting to gather at the end of Greg’s bell-end. She aligned his weeping slit with the sample container and kept stroking.

“Another thing boys love is when I force them to prematurely squirt. Way before they’re ready. It’s so embarrassing, gooey semen spewing from their peckers in minutes or seconds. I love to make them do it. All you have to do is grab a boy by the pecker and pull it until the buttery pecker snot slithers out. I love to watch your slut-juice creaming out of your little slut-slits. Your slutty penis slit is gonna weep and cry and spittle slutty slit-slime for me.”

There was a sharp knock at the door. Greg gasped, and his penis rhythmically throbbed, giving up more clear, pearlescent fluid. “Come in!” Julia called, to his horror.

A perky, sunny blonde girl of about twenty stuck her head and shoulders in the door. She was average height, with taut, lithe curves and perky breasts. Greg moaned as she looked in at his predicament. “Hey, Jules, it’s been about half an hour for this patient. What’s going on?” She swing the door shut behind her and crossed the room.

“You’re looking at it, Cindy, radical measures right here.” Julia snickered and gave Greg’s prostate several rapid, high-pressure passes. He groaned weakly, tiny drops continuing to fall from his glans.

Cindy tsked. “You’re never gonna get the goods that way. You have to get him fully erect and rub him. You’re just getting prostatic çeşme escort fluid doing what you’re doing. Should I help?”

“Let’s see how we do. Why don’t you show him your panties? That should get it up.”

Cindy rolled her eyes, but padded around to the other side of the table. She locked eyes with Greg, hers a crystalline blue like a calm pond in the morning. “Greg, I’d like you to fixate on my undergarments for a moment as Nurse Julia stimulates and milks your prostate. It’ll all be over soon if you do as you’re directed and allow her to express your sample. When your penis engorges I in erection, she’ll begin to masturbate it and you’ll ejaculate semen presently.”

Greg was confused by how detached she sounded, but felt a thrill of delight as she lifted her uniform’s skirt and displayed a stunning triangle of crimson, lacy panties. She shifter her hips one way, then the other. Her sun-kissed thighs rubbed achingly together.

Greg moaned as he felt his glans start to spasm in irregular rhythm. His disorganized vocalization rose in timber and intensity, and then he was twitching, squirting, his organ poised above the specimen jar with no stimulation at all, ejaculating gobs and globs of viscous, stringy, buttery jam, accentuated with each aggressive, dominating swipe of Julia’s finger on his swollen butter-gland. He sobbed as he felt his masculine force leave him, humiliated in the presence of the two cool professionals witnessing his shame.

“That’s it, Greg, spew your boy goo,” Julia crowed triumphantly. “Spit it out. Spill it all out! Every drop! Oodles of boy butter. Salty ribbons of pecker snot. Feel my finger force it out of your prostate.”

After what felt like minutes, the flow of fluid stopped.

Greg raised his eyes from that haunting glimpse of panty and made eye contact with Cindy again. She was frowning. She looked over him to Julia.

“What the fuck, Jules? What did I just say? You can’t just push the prostatic fluid out. The concentration will be completely fucked. You have to stimulate the frenulum to get a normal semen sample. That’s what he would be doing if you’d never come in here in the first place.”

Julia huffed, considering, then began rubbing Greg’s tender spot again. Greg groaned, and resumed leaking his thin, clear droplets of spoo. “He’d like that, wouldn’t he? A beautiful woman squeezing his puny pecker? I don’t think so, Cindy. I think this is as far as I’m willing to go. I milked the last patient’s sample out via the penile route. You can do what you want. I won’t demean myself with his pathetic little penis.” She continued, adding fluid to the small pile of slime that had already made its way into the specimen cup.

Cindy sighed. There wasn’t really time to argue, and this patient was getting close to being 35 minutes over already. “You could’ve used a vibrator, or that Fleshlight FLight they sent us to demo, or even the Venus with a collection condom. Those all work fine. I think you’re just doing this to mess with him.”

Cindy walked over to the cabinet and snapped on an identical pair of blue, nitrile gloves. They contrasted prettily with her tanned, lightly freckled skin. She grabbed a small stack of magazines from the bottom of the cabinet, and brought them around to the exam table, setting them down under Greg’s strained, sweaty face.

“Honey, I’ve got some pretty pictures for you, ok? I want you to stare at these sweet girls in their panties until you ejaculate for me. Nurse Cindy is gonna rub your little penis until it gets nice and big and tight, and then she’s gonna keep rubbing until it feels really warm and nice and spews its butter. I’ll take good care of you. Not like this crazy bitch.”

Julia chuckled, continuing her work. “Better you than me.”

Greg’s lips trembled. “Th-thank you.”

Cindy smiled. “Don’t mention it. I’ll make it really nice for you.” She stood, then coated her left glove liberally in the mineral oil. She came around to Julia’s right side, took Greg’s mostly flaccid penis in her left hand, and flipped open a magazine under Greg’s eyes. It was entitled “Panty Wave,” and the first spread featured a brown eyed beauty in green lacy garters and a vintage girdle.

Greg moaned and groaned as Cindy started to massage his member, her delicate fingers squeezing and palpating him so gently. His breathing hitched as he felt the long-awaited sensation kick in at last. He was getting up!

“This magazines are really nice, Greg. I picked them out myself. There’s no real nudity, just the occasionally topless picture. They cast these really pretty young things. Czech, Polish, Ukrainian. It’s very respectful to women. It’s nothing raunchy. Things went downhill when we switched to monitors. I started with some DVD teases, but Dr. Lawrence signed on with a new streaming provider and there’s all sorts of awful things now. Very degrading things. Facial cumshots, and double penetrations. Triple penetrations, even. Can you imagine? Those actors just sandwich the poor girl and stuff every hole she has. Anus, diyarbakır escort vagina, mouth. And she’s got nowhere to go. Very, very degrading. Sometimes dozens of male actors ejaculate inside one girl, and all of the semen dribbles and trickles out. It’s just disgusting, how slimey and gooey they get, and how the thick ejaculate gets pumped and dumped into every hole they have.”

As Cindy whispered to him, she continued dragging her fingers, feathery-softly, over his corona, stimulating the sensitive ring of tissue. He gasped, feeling another surge of blood volume, his penis hardening considerably.

“That’s a good boy, Greg. Let nurse Cindy rub, rub rub your penis and help it make its sweet spew.”

The sensation was intense, almost needling, due to the recent ruined orgasm. Greg gritted his teeth as he felt his tumescence come up another grade.

“I guess you never saw it, huh Jules?”

Julia glanced down and around, and gasped despite herself. Her arm had obstructed her view before, and she hadn’t expected what she was seeing now.

“I think he’s close to ten inches. Nine, at least. Maybe ten with the right kind of motivation.” Cindy sighed, and increased the pace of her sweet, gentle strokes.

Julia eyed the now-swollen tool greedily. It was still weeping fluid, but in its firmed-up state it was magnificent. The glans swept aggressively out at a rakish angle. It was layered with asymmetrical veins of various sizes. They gnarled it and gave it a dangerous, animalistic look. She was stunned to discover a bead of sweat on her upper lip. This had never happened to her at work before.

Fascinated now, Julia swept her finger from top to bottom over Greg’s prostate, then suddenly added another. He groaned at the additional intrusion, but she could hardly look away from that now taut, monstrous, swollen mushroom head. It was twitching and pulsating in time with his heartbeat. It was exquisite. The specimen jar read “14 mL” now.

Cindy flipped the magazine open to two pale, Czech beauties with their butts turned back to the camera. One was a curly redhead, like Julia, in purple panties. One was a curvy brunette in yellow lace. They looked over their shoulders coquettishly, obviously aware of their effect on the cameraman and on male subscribers all over the world. There was no telling how much sperm had already been spilled to these two and their glorious asses framed in gossamer silk.

“This is about as raunchy as the magazine gets, Greg. Usually the photos are more refined. Now I need you to stare at those girls, really look, while my hand tickles your penis. Just concentrate on those panties while I milk and rub and stroke your penis. It’s going to feel very, very good to squirt for Nurse Cindy. Nurse Julia is a bit of a bitch and will probably keep poking your poor prostate, but try to ignore that. Just let down your milky butter for me, that’s a good boy.”

Greg panted, breathing in the intoxicating bouquet of Cindy’s perfume. Incredibly, he was getting close to squirting again.

Julia piped up from behind him. “Show us that boy batter, Greg. Cream your buttery milk out. Spew your gooey cream. C’mon, splooge it all.”

“Just ignore her, Greg. Ignore that vulgar talk. I need you to ejaculate your semen, for me, right here in the specimen jar. I’ll catch it, don’t worry. Feel free to ejaculate your custard in front of me, it’s okay. You’re okay.” Cindy’s stroking was reaching a crescendo now, with rapid, short, excruciatingly gentle strokes. “Be a good boy.”

Greg wailed helplessly as he begin to ejaculate, his engorged mammoth penis spewing and swelling and spewing again, thick, sticky ropes of much more concentrated semen gushing and spattering into the sample pot. Cindy crooned with delight as her coy, brisk rubs and tugs pulled every rope and drop out, delicate fingers contrasting with the twisted veins they glided over. She cooed and squealed as his orgasm crested, intensified, and then began to wane.

Julia felt the orgasm coming in advance, and doubled down with her two fingers. This was it, they were finally going to get it, and she was going to be rough with this patient like he deserved. She hooked the pads of her fingers cruelly, raking them down and into Greg’s shrinking prostate, timing them with the natural spurts and sputters from his glans and forcing every microliter of prostatic fluid out of his body along with his semen. She snickered as he groaned in tandem with her work, satisfied with herself.

Greg stared blearily at the Czech panty girls in their glory, coming back to himself. Cindy was still murmuring and milking his collapsing erection, gathering enough semen at his bell end to smear it on the walls of the specimen jar. He grunted, feeling the contrast of her soft hand with the hard plastic edge. She reassured him.

“Very, very impressive ejaculation, Greg. Well done. It looks like 22 mL altogether. That makes you a real outlier, even subtracting the first sample!”

Cindy swept up the sample jar, swirling the contents and appraising them. “Very viscous and clingy, too. That’s excellent.” She screwed the cap on the pot, and crossed the room to the steel cabinet set in the wall. She deposited his deposit and rang the buzzer. Dutifully, someone rummaged on the other side and retrieved it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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