Oiled Full Body Massage

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Angela White

I rub oils onto your back, massaging your shoulders, back and sides. My fingertips glazing over the sides of your breasts, then I move to you calves and feet, massaging them, moving up your thighs. Kneading your thighs in my hands, your legs instinctively spread little by little. The side of my hands gently rubs the side of you pussy lips. It seems accidental, but you know what this is leading to, so your excitement grows in your relaxed state. My hands rub harder over your pussy lips as I massage your thighs. I feel the heat coming off your moistening pussy.

I drip more oil on your ass cheeks, each hand firm on one check as I massage them, pushing them apart, exposing your asshole and opening your pussy lips. As I continue, my thumbs, slick with oil rub over your ass hole and then over your pussy lips. In a sudden movement, one thumb slides into your pussy and I hold it there. My index and middle finger slide over your clit with my thumb still in you. I start rubbing your clit hard and fuck you with my thumb. My other hand glazes over your skin from your neck down your back reaching your ass checks. My thumb still fucking you, my other hand is rubbing your ass checks and slides between them. The slick oil allows it to slide with ease between your checks and over your ass hole. I feel your hips rising up to greet my hands. I use my finger to rim the oil over your ass hole, Escort Bayan ever so slightly applying pressure at the entrance. Not waiting for a reaction, I apply more pressure. It slides with little resistance in, up to my knuckle. I hold it inside, slightly twisting it and start to pull out very slowly as I do.

After some time, I stop and have you flip over on your back. I move behind your head, applying oils on your stomach and breasts. I massage the sides of your neck, down your shoulders and arms. I move to your sides and stomach up towards your breasts. As I reach your breasts, I start massaging around them, working my hands towards your nipples. I massage them in my slick hands, your nipples pinched in between my slick fingers. I roll them in between my fingers, trying to get a firm grip on your nipples to tug and pinch. As they harden, my hands massage the sides of your breasts and my thumbs massage over your nipples

Soon I start sliding my hands down your stomach, leaning over, my hard cock pressing over your forehead. My hands reach just above your pussy. I spread my hands away from each other inside of your thighs and massage my way towards your wet pussy. I pull your lips apart as I massage them.

I move down to your leg, lifting one up and resting it on my shoulder as I massage it. I switch to the other leg, enjoying the sight of Bayan Escort your legs spread and the view of your glistening pussy. As I finish up massaging your leg, I leave it on my shoulder. I pull your lower body to the edge of the table. My hand rubs over your pussy, inserting one finger and slowly sliding it in and out, twisting it inside as I do. I add another, sliding and twisting. My thumb is pressed over your clit rubbing it. I see your relaxed body breathing harder. I slide my body down, my face between your thighs. I feel the heat on my face as my tongue touches your clit. Removing my fingers, I quickly replace them with my tongue. Licking between your lips, up and down I can feel the warm juices oozing out from your pussy. I push my tongue as deep inside you as I can while my fingers pinch and roll your clit. I feel your tightness around my tongue as I push it inside you.

I stand up take my cock out and guide it against your eager wet pussy. As I push the tip in slow, I rub your clit. I then thrust in hard and hold it deep inside you. I pull out fast and push in slow, then pull out slow and push in hard. The sudden mix of sensations causes a deep gasp as your relaxed body quickly adjusts to the sudden but pleasurable discomfort. I then start a slow pace as I fuck you. I reach up with both hands and massage your nipples as your own hand has started Escort to play with your clit. I feel my orgasm grow, and I see you breathing and moaning louder and faster.

Quickly I roll you over, your feet on the ground and body leaning on the table. I slide back in and fuck you harder and faster. My hands start massaging your ass cheeks, spreading them. I slide a finger passed you tight slick asshole, gently and twisting it as I push in deeper. My other hand smacks your ass. My finger is now sliding in an out of your ass as I fuck you hard. I give another smack on your ass as the sudden shock heightens your senses from your relaxed body.

I can start to feel your pussy convulsing around my cock as your orgasm hits you. As your pussy starts to relax from your orgasm, I start to pump my cock slowly and pick up the pace with each pump. I feel your juices drip down my cock each time I withdraw. I pull your hips up to thrust deeper and harder. The feeling of your warm hole continuously trying to milk my cock is finally too much to hold back and shot my hot cum deep inside your already soaked pussy. I hold your hips tight against me as my cock twitches inside you with each shot.

I withdraw a little and push back in. I pump in and out slowly, mixing my cum inside you. As my cock deflates in your pussy I reluctantly slide it out. Your body relaxed and exhausted, I see your eyes closed, breathing heavy while lightly biting your lower lip. Stepping back I notice the mixture of my cum and juices slowly running down your still trembling legs. I quietly walk away and leave you to enjoy your state of bliss and relaxation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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