Old Tom

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Jon was panting as he went through the last few thrusts of his love making to Mary. She tried hard to make it nice for him and finally he grunted and immediately subsided.

He was exhausted as usual. They only did it once a week now and the initial excitement following their wedding day was now a thing of the past. They were still very much in love, but it was just different now. More placid.

He rolled over onto his back and asked anxiously “How was it for you Love?”

Mary smiled at the same old question and gave the usual answer “It was great, Jon.” She waited for the usual next question “Who were you thinking about?”

She told him what he liked to hear “Your best friend, Brian and then Nigel your brother.”

“Did they both ravage you and say dirty things to you?”

“Yes Love. They had my Tits out and made me pull my skirt up and show them my panties and talked about your little cock.”

Jon sighed deeply. He was embarrassed but very excited. She knew it was his deepest fantasy. She also sighed. They had been married 10 years and the fantasy was wearing a bit thin now. She knew her husband loved it, but it had got very repetitious over the years. She kissed him gently on the forehead and they both drifted off to sleep.

They lived in a lovely luxury block of flats that overlooked a beautiful garden. As they were on the First Floor, they had the best access to the large garden. It was very easy for them to use the basement with all the washing and drying facilities which was such a convenient bonus. The basement also housed a very small flat to accommodate Old Tom, the Janitor who acted as a general dogsbody to fix any problems and look after the garden. He also had a large shed out in the garden area to accommodate his mowers and cutters and general work tools.

The following morning as Mary whisked around the flat sorting out breakfast, Jon started to read his newspaper. His mind wasn’t really on it. He suddenly asked his wife “Was I really OK Last night, Mary?”

She smiled. She knew he was so unsure of himself. “You were great, Love. You were probably a bit tired that’s all.”

“What about Brian and Nigel. Did they satisfy you?

She knew he liked to continue with the fantasy. “Of course, they did, Love. They pumped me right up and filled my belly.”

He nodded, but he was still worried. “Perhaps we ought to change the fantasy as it may be getting stale?”

Mary looked at him seriously “Don’t forget, John, I’m not a Teenager. I’m a 35-year-old married housewife. Men probably don’t fancy me now.”

“Don’t be silly Mary. I have seen how men look at you. You still fill your blouse wonderfully. Even old Tom looks at you closely and I can see him panting a bit.”

Mary laughed. “Yes, he is showing a bit too much interest. I have been meaning to tell you. He keeps saying suggestive things to me.”

Jon was intrigued, “What sort of things, Love?”

“When I am in the garden on my own, he always asks me to go into his shed so that he can show me his tools.”

“His tools?”

“Well its more explicit. He tells me he has a nice big tool to show me.”

Jon chuckled “Cheeky bugger, he is 67 years old.”

Mary was pleased her husband wasn’t annoyed. She felt better now that she had told him and said, “I’ve been avoiding going into the garden when he’s there.”

The conversation had Jon’s full attention now “I don’t think that is necessary Love. I’ve seen him looking at you with that special look. It seems harmless to give him a bit of a thrill from time to time.”

“It’s all very well for you to say that Jon. I know he is old, but he looks very strong.” Even as she said it, she felt guilty. The old man really did look strong and she had genuinely wondered what he looked like.

Jon nodded. He felt his breathing getting deeper. “You’re right Mary. When I have been down the pub for a pint with him, I noticed in the toilet he has quite a whopper.”

Mary giggled “Do you mean his penis?”

Jon was enjoying himself “Yes his cock is massive. It’s about 3 inches longer than mine.”

Mary giggled “That’s big, Jon.” It made her feel nice, but she didn’t want to show too much interest.

Her husband didn’t want to lose any momentum “Yes and it’s very thick. Even thicker than our fantasy about my brother, and his is real.”

He added “I think you would like his cock, Mary.”

She smiled. Although she spoke to her husband about his fantasy characters of his friend and his brother Nigel, she had her own fantasy figures and Old Tom was one of them. He was old, but he really looked powerful. Her husband had now confirmed that the Old Man had a whopper. She didn’t show any emotion but felt quite squishy.

Mary was too much of a prude to let things get too far and brought things back to earth “It’s OK for us to talk like this in fantasy Jon, but don’t forget I am a 35-year-old married housewife with a lovely husband who I adore.”

Jon shook his head to bring himself back to reality “Yes, of course Love, but escort gaziantep bayan numaraları it doesn’t harm to think naughty things.”

Just before he left for work, Mary wanted to test the water and said casually “I have been avoiding Old Tom lately, by not going into the basement or the garden, but it is a lovely day today Jon, would you mind if I took a chance today. He is quite old, so he can’t do very much.”

Jon took a deep breath. These were the sort of exciting words he dreamt of. He knew he had to play it down. “Of course, you must be able to go into our own garden Mary. As you say, Old Tom is well past it. You could tease him a bit with a short skirt.”

She laughed. She knew most of his fantasies. “You want me to show him my panties, don’t you?”

They were both half teasing each other, not sure how serious the other was.

He egged her on “Well if you had a little skirt on, it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to pull the front up a bit to give him a little flash. He is an old man after all. It would make his day.”

She laughed. She could tease, as well “If I went that far, I may as well open my legs as well to give him a better view.”

Jon was loving this exchange and panted “If you did that you should make sure they are small panties to give him a better view.”

“Do you mean between my legs?”

Jon was panting now. She normally didn’t respond to this sort of banter. He murmured “Yes, right between your legs, especially if your panties had a little gusset.”

Mary giggled again. It had been her secret girl fantasy thing for a long time, but now her husband was half encouraging her, especially when he added “To be honest it would be interesting if you went into his shed to see what he has got to say about his Special Tool. Call his bluff.”

Mary found it all very tempting, but she had been brought up to believe that marriage was a holy sacrament and certain things should only be shared by man and wife.

She shook her head “No Jon. You will be in work so if things got out of hand, I would be on my own.”

Jon tried to appear casual “I am only going in for a couple of hours, I will be back early afternoon. Not much can happen in that time.” She shook her head doubtfully.

When Jon left in his car his mind was on fire with imagination. This was even more exciting that his other fantasies and more real. This was more immediate. This was now.

Mary made herself a cup of tea and looked out of the window. It was a beautiful day and the flower section was ablaze with bright summer colours. To be fair Old Tom did a wonderful job and he was a very nice old man. As she sipped her tea, she had a shock as she saw Old Tom himself emerging from his shed with his lawn mower. He looked as if he had a lot of work to carry out.

She was unsure, what to do but was conscious that her husband had encouraged her to ‘tease the old man with a short skirt’.

It really was a lovely day. She started to make up excuses for herself. She found herself changing her clothes in the bedroom.

After trying a few of her more daring sets of underwear she decided “This is not me,” and reverted to her usual Maidenform brassiere and full cut panties. All in her usual white.

She looked in the mirror and decided “I’m not too bad for 35.” She then looked out into the garden again and saw that Tom was still there and no one else was around. At that time of late morning, just about everyone was at work. She thought “Well it is my garden and I must have the right to go into my own garden when I choose.”

She finished her coffee, took a deep breath and walked out into the garden. She walked casually around one of the borders admiring the delicate patterns he had cut. Tom always looked rather clumsy and a bit scruffy at times, but he was really good at his work. The garden was immaculate.

Although he carried on with his tasks, she could see he was eyeing her up. She felt nervous, so she sat on one of the concrete steps and pretended to study a small magazine she had brought with her.

She felt a little nervous as she could see him making his way across the garden to her. She kept telling herself “This is my garden. I am entitled to sit and read.” The words sounded brave, but she didn’t feel it.

Old Tom, just stood in front of her and asked in his rather uncouth way “You are looking very nice this morning Girlie.”

It made her smile “I’m a bit older than Girlie, Tom. I’m a 35-year-old married woman.”

He chuckled “Well I’m in my sixties and you look like a nice Big Girlie to me, Lass.”

She was aware he was looking straight at her knees. She had closed them but sitting on the step in a short skirt she wondered if he could see her underclothes. She thought he probably could see her panties.

His next words confirmed her fears. Or was it her hopes. She felt confused. Jon must have realised what he was letting his wife in for. She wondered how long it wold be before escort gaziantep pornoları he came back.

“. . . You decided on seeing my Special Tool, Mary?” Tom quietly asked her.

“I don’t think so, Tom. You shouldn’t keep asking me – it’s not right. I’m a married woman and have my own special tools.”

“Come on, Mary I want to show it to you.”

She relented and stood up, “And if I do will you behave?”

“Um, yea sure,” he replied with a shocked looked that Mary had agreed.

Mary decided to call his bluff saying, “Okay, let’s go and see your ‘Special Tool’.”

She went to Tom’s shed with the old man following. Her heart beat hard in her chest. She’d noticed Tom’s surprised look when she had agreed. Maybe Jon was right after all. The old man was just full of hot air.

Mary was surprised at how big the shed was. It was quite roomy inside and much nicer than she thought. It even had a large settee in the corner. She was feeling much more confident now. It was all very neat and comfortable.

As she turned to look at him, her confidence evaporated. His trouser flies were wide open and his penis sticking out fully erected.

He dropped his hand to grip it in a fist and jerked it a few times in her direction. “What about this for a Special Tool,” he chuckled.

Mary just stared at it, mostly in disbelief. It was much longer and twice as thick as Jon’s.

He reached over, closed and fastened the door. He then took Mary’s hand and pressed it against his rock-hard cock. Her fingers automatically curled round his stiffness and she found herself squeezing it in a daze. It seemed to be almost alive.

At the same time, she was aware of Tom was pulling her skirt right up.

“Do like the feel of my special tool, Mary?” He asked his voice full of throaty lust.

Mary felt him undoing her waistband and her skirt drop down her legs revealing her panties to the old man who was now plunging her hand straight down the front of them, “Open up for Granddad, Mary.” he urged.

In a whirl of confusion and excitement, she opened her legs and her reward was the pleasant movements of his expert fingers rubbing the front of her panties.

The exquisite feelings coming from between her legs were growing fast and she gasped at the intensity of it.

“Open y’ top, Mary,” he ordered.

She was in a daze and muttered “My top?”

“Yes Mary. I want to see your Tits.”

Still in a daze, she obeyed the old man and opened her top exposing her breasts to the old man’s gaze.

This was so different from her love making with her husband. This was no fantasy. It was real.

Jon would have been asking about what his brother was doing to her. Old Tom was acting for himself.

She smiled coyly as he drooled, “. . . y’ have lovely Tits lass, better than I thought they’d be,”. and started mauling them, squeezing her young flesh and pinching the nipples.

He then leaned forward and started sucking on each in turn.

The thirty-five years old housewife gasped at the pleasure this old man was giving her. It had never been like this with Jon.

While she pulled on his cock, Tom released a nipple from his mouth with loud smacking sound, “Hasn’t y’ old man got a special tool like mine?”

“Yes,” she gasped from the sensation from her breast, “But it’s not as big as yours.” Mary replied without thinking.

Old Tom chuckled. “He looks as if he has a little one. A girlie one. He’s a Girlie.”

She murmured in dreamy agreement “Yes, he’s a Girlie.”

Mary regretted her rash words as some sort of betrayal of Jon.

“My cock can reach places hubby’s never been,” he said, taking a nipple back into his mouth nibbled on it.

Again, Mary gasped with a gentle moan escaping from her lips. His words were very true.

His hand was still inside her panties working on her clit, “I’ve been dying to get in y’ knickers for weeks!”

She found herself cooperating. She didn’t say anything, but she opened her legs without being asked.

A grunt escaped Mary’s lips as her excitement grew; she knew that if he kept this assault on her clit she would come off on his finger.

She found herself pushing down on his hand as her orgasm grew. She wanted to cum.

At this stage with Jon, she had to slow down, to give him more time. With Old Tom she felt a joyous excitement and urgency which was unrestrained.

As she moved herself rhythmically back and fore the old man muttered in her ear “”That’s right lass. Fuck my finger. Get yourself ready for the big bonanza. You’ll love it.”

She pushed herself forward and down. She was deliberately enveloping his finger. She was really following the old man’s instructions. She was fucking his finger and loving it.

Tom leaned forward and sucked on Mary’s neck, squashing her tits with his chest, “I’ve dreamt of this day for months and I’m now going to fuck you Mary and spunk you deep.”

Mary suddenly thought escort gaziantep portalı of Jon. Her conscience brought thoughts of betrayal and divorce and whether Jon, the instigator of it all had returned and was watching. Her lust very quickly quashed these thoughts. Her husband had wanted her to do it from the start.

Now, here she was standing in a garden shed with another man, a man old enough to be her grandfather with his hand in her panties pleasuring her minge while she pulled on his cock. It was obscene.

Her lust was driving on caused by the movements of his fingers in between her sex lips.

She was forcing her cunt down onto his hand and she was panting from the pleasure of it.

“Are you ready, Mary? You ready to be fucked?”

In a rash moment of extreme sexual excitement, her orgasm on the verge of completion Mary groaned, “Then do it – I’m ready!”

She really was on heat with his gorgeous fingers in her panties and the excitement of being half naked in Tom’s shed made her mad with lust; a feeling she’d not had since her college days.

Tom teased her “Ready for what, Mary?”

She knew he was making her participate fully. She wanted to and gasped “I am ready to be fucked Tom.”

He spun her round to face the grubby window, “Brace yourself lass – bend over the settee,” he ordered.

Mary complied while he dropped his trousers and moved up close behind her. She felt his knees slide down between the backs her legs as he stooped; his fingers reaching around her pulling the gusset of her panties to one side. She felt him sliding up into her cunt.

“Oh Christ he’s in me!” she thought as Old Tom straightened his body driving his cock deeper inside of her.

“God, he’s right up me!” She thought, “So deep!” She’d never had a cock penetrated so high up inside her before and she braced herself as he began to fuck her cunt.

Tom’s hands came and grabbed her dangling tits and pulled back on them using them for leverage, he licked the back of her neck making shivers ripple down her back. Mary was in heaven.

She gasped – cried out, “Oh God!” Her body convulsed in orgasm her climax swarming over her body.

“That’s it, lass, come on my cock, you love it don’t you?” Tom spoke panting in her ear as he continued to fuck her hairy minge.

“You like it up you don’t you, Mary?” Tom gasped in his own lust. He could feel her cunt muscles throb on his cock. The wait was worth it, he thought. This woman’s minge is so slick, I’m going to have fun with this one.

As he lunged into her, Mary felt herself pushing back onto his cock. “Did you like cumming on my cock, Mary?”

“Huh, huh,” she whispered sheepishly. She could feel another orgasm growing, nurturing within her cunt.

He teased for a moment by delaying “Do you like it Mary?”

She wanted him to continue and muttered “I like it Tom.”

“Good girl, now I’m going to spunk you, Mary,” he grunted and leaned back slightly forcing the rest of his cock up into her cunt.

The thirty-five-year-old wife cried out, “Ah!” She felt her cervix give and the old man’s cock slip right into her womb, “Ah!” He is right up my belly, she thought. He was up so far, it felt like he was up to her breasts. The very thought of being penetrated so deeply brought on another orgasm. This had never happened with Jon.

Her body went rigid as the orgasm exploded in her minge; then convulsed in time with the intense pleasure throbbing in her cunt. She wanted to be spunked.

He made short sharp thrusts into her body, his cock so deep into her womb that she could hardly believe. Then he seemed to heave once pull back a fraction then heave again. Again, she felt her womb stretch to accommodate him – then she felt his cock expand then throb.

A guttural cry exploded from her throat as she felt the old man’s cock spurt its first shot of hot sperm into her womb, “Ah, oh yes I can feel you!” Mary pushed back against him; she felt his hands on her hips pulling her back onto his cock while it was pulsating, gushing spunk into her cervix.

Mary slumped forward onto the bench, she felt him soften. She was breathing as though she’d run the marathon. His cock slipped from her cunt and she stood up and turned to face her elderly lover.

Tom picked up her skirt and handed them to her, “You’d better get decent before hubby gets back, we don’t want him to suspect anything do we?”

She was in a daze. Nevertheless, managed to smile at him before deliberately dropping her skirt on the shed floor. Her knickers were sodden but she just stood there with her legs astride. She was asking to be fucked once more. It was obvious.

He looked sat her “You want another spunking, lass?” He asked. She nodded but kept quiet. He asked again.

She had to reply “Yes Tom. I want another spunking.”

His penis was already stiff as he smiled and stepped towards her and inserted saying “We might as well leave your panties on. Another dose of spunk won’t make much difference.”

With her dirty panties around her knees, he guided her to the settee saying “Kneel on the settee, Mary and bend over to stick your arse out. Might as well make yourself comfortable.”

She did as she was told and felt his hard penis slip up her once more. It was so lovely.

It was much more leisurely this time and he chatted casually “I have seen your husband’s cock in the toilet down the pub, it is very small.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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