Older Son and His Mom Ch. 03

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Joyce entered her bedroom with 2 cups of coffee, one for her and one for the man she had shared her bed with that night, her son Paul. He was still sleeping and she pulled away the bed covers to look at his naked body.

When he had been younger, she remembered getting glimpses of him naked as he grew up and the moist feeling it gave her seeing her own son’s cock. Now it lay there again, limp like it used to be when he was a teenager when she saw it, but things were far different now. Last night she had felt that cock in her pussy and even though today she should have felt disgusted, she just felt horny.

She knelt on the bed, bent down and started to lick his cock. He stirred and so did his penis. As he woke up, she felt his hands on her head as he held her against him. His cock twitched into life, soon growing to full erection.

She turned to face him,

“How’s my little boy this morning?”

Paul wasn’t little, he was 40 and separated from his wife and Joyce was 67, but they were like young lovers.

“Fine Mom, great way to wake up.”

“I’ve got more for you, you dirty little sod,” she said.

With that she moved up the bed and lowered her black pantie clad pussy down onto his face.

“Lick Mommy’s fanny darling.”

She writhed about thrusting her groin backwards and forwards against his face.

“Fucking hell Mom, you’ll smother me,” Paul moaned as he lay on his back beneath her.

“Shhhh. Just like my cunt, smell my panties.”

Her knickers were wet and Paul licked them dutifully, pushing the material up into his Mom’s cunt.

Joyce hoisted herself up and peeled off her panties, turned round and once again lowered herself onto her son.

“Kiss my arse, smell my bum, put your tongue right up my arsehole,” she demanded.

She thrust herself against him and Paul came face to face with his Mom’s rectum. She grabbed his cock tight as he licked her arse.

“No tongue it, put your tongue right inside my arse, taste your Mom’s bum, smell her, yes darling that’s right, deep in,” Joyce moaned.

Her arse was very sensitive and she wanted his tongue, his fingers and eventually his cock up there, but first she wanted to show who was in charge. She wanted Paul to be her sex slave son, to do everything she demanded and she wanted some dirty sex. She had never achieved that with her husband, but years of having to do it for herself with the help of a vibrator and porn had lead her with a filthy mind. Her body might be feeling its age at times, but at the moment she just wanted to be pleasured.

Paul had never done this before and couldn’t believe how horny it was. His tongue was inside his Mom’s arsehole and the smell and taste was amazing.

Joyce squeezed her son’s cock escort bayan tighter and wiggled her arse against him.

“That’s good Paul sweety, get it as far in as it will go. You like smelling Mommy’s panties, so now you can smell my arse.”

The arse licking continued for a while and then Joyce pulled herself up.

“Come with me, you naughty boy.”

Paul followed his Mom into the bathroom and she sat down on the toilet.

“Kneel in front of Mommy,” Joyce demanded.

Paul knelt down, reaching for his own cock, the excitement in his eyes was intense.

Joyce reached for herself and frigged herself for a minute which sent a stream of cum into the toilet bowl.

“Now the real treat,” she said.

She pushed herself forward and sent a long stream of thick yellow pee over her son.

“Oh yes Mom, that’s is wonderful,” Paul moaned.

“Drink Mommy’s piss,” Joyce said, “Open wide.”

Paul bent down and Joyce guided her pee into his open mouth. Paul gulped it down, moving closer to her pussy as the stream subsided. As it stopped to a few drips, he covered her cunt with his mouth, licking his mother clean.

“Oh yes baby boy, yes, take Mommy’s pee, lick my twat, suck every last drop out.”

Paul moved his hand round to his Mom’s arse and inserted a finger into her wet rectum.

The lust in Joyce was taking over now and she turned round and bent over the toilet.

“Lick my arse boy, pretend Mommy’s has just had a crap and you are licking me clean.”

Paul lapped away at his Mom’s butt, the iron taste of her urine still in his mouth, but now he too was pretending he could taste her bowels.

“That’s good panty boy, lick Mommy’s arse clean.”

Paul could feel the pressure rising in his loins and he quickly stood and thrust his cock against his mother. She leaned further over and pushed against him and the end of Paul’s cock slipped up her arsehole.

“Yes, fuck my arse boy, fuck it hard.”

Paul thrust against her, pushing his cock in as far as it would go.

Joyce moaned, partly in pain, mainly in ecstasy as her son’s cock delved further into her virgin arse.

Paul couldn’t contain himself any longer and with another quick thrust he shot his spunk up his Mom’s bum.

“Ohhhhh. Bloody hell Paul, yes……. cum darling, cum, fill Mommy’s bum with your semen,” Joyce yelled.

As Paul shuddered to a climax, there was a gush of water hitting water as his Mom had another orgasm and her juice flowed into the toilet.

When they had cleaned up and had breakfast, Joyce sat down with her son in the lounge.

She kissed him and thanked him for her first anal fuck.

“So did you like doing what I told you this morning?” she asked.

Paul tuzla genç escort reached out and grabbed his mom’s hand and squeezed it,

“Of course I did, I might be middle age, but I want to be a good son, so I am happy to do what you say.”


“Yes Mom anything.”

“So you didn’t mind my little toilet play, drinking my pee, licking my arse, pretending to clean me up.”

Paul’s cock stirred again and the thought of it.

“No mom I loved it, I want to do that every time you go to the bathroom.”


“Whenever I can.”

“Last night you said you’d do the same for Aunt Irene, do you want to drink her piss as well, smell her old arse.”

Paul’s cocked ached as it grew with all this horny talk.

“Yes Mom I want to drink Irene’s pee and lick her cunt dry and fuck her arse like I did you this morning.”

Joyce reached out and stroked her son through his jeans.

“Good boy, you know I have lots of older ladies who would love to have a feel of this, do you fancy a whole evening of pleasing Mommy and her friends.”

Paul was gasping now, imagining a room full of women, his mothers’ age all desperate for sex.

“I’d love to Mom, if that is what you want.”

“Let’s phone Aunty Irene first and tell her,” Joyce said.

Irene was not actually Paul’s real aunt, but she had lived across the road from his mother since he was a boy and it was a term that he had just grown up using. She had been the lady his Mom had used to get him to comply with her sexual desires and less than 12 hours previous had stood in this room and wanked him off whilst he came all over his Mom. She was 69, short and plump, but Paul couldn’t wait to see her again.

Joyce picked up the phone and dialled.

“Hi Renee, Joyce………… yes we had a nice night together, he fucked me and then this morning he fucked me again up my arse………………. Yes right inside me, Oh Renee it was amazing, just to feel his hard cock and then his hot spunk up there, you’ll have to try it………………. Yes I’m sitting here just fondling him now, do you want to say Hi.”

Paul took the phone and said Hi.

“Is your Mom playing with your dick again?” Irene asked

“Yes Aunty Irene, I wish you were here to,” Paul said, “I want you to wank me like last night and I want to kiss and lick your wet pussy.”

“You naughty boy, tell your Mom I’m coming straight over.”

Joyce undressed her son and when the doorbell went sent him to the door.

Irene looked at Paul and quickly stepped into the house.

“Give Aunty Irene a kiss,” Joyce said from behind him.

Paul took Irene into his arms and started to kiss her as he had the night before. Her lips parted tuzla kendi evi olan escort as he pushed his tongue into her mouth and she reached down for his hard cock.

The kiss ended and Paul smothered Irene’s face in kisses.

“That’s enough for now, I want you to give Irene a little show,” Joyce said.

The three of them went into the lounge and Joyce asked Irene to remove her panties.

Irene slipped out of a large pair of white cotton knickers.

“Here you are panty boy, lick Aunty Irene’s panties and tell her how much you love the taste and smell of her pussy and arse.”

Paul took the panties from his Mom and started to sniff and lick the gusset whilst stroking his cock.

Irene sat down next to Joyce fascinated by the show.

“Oh yes Aunty Irene, I love your cunt, you smell wonderful, Mmmmmm..”

Paul moaned

“What about her smelly arse?”

Paul found the spot where he thought Irene’s arsehole would be and pressed it into his mouth.

“Does Aunty Irene’s arse smell good, does it taste good?” Joyce asked.

Paul was panting hungrily, “Yes I love your arse Aunty Irene, I want to lick it and fuck it.”

Irene had lifted her skirt and was rubbing her fingers into the top of her cunt as her friend’s son masturbated in front of her. She had never heard anyone talk about her arse in that way before and she found it so exciting.

“Do you want to put your tongue right up Aunty’s arse?” Joyce said.

“Yes, yes, I want to lick it, please let me lick her arse,” Paul moaned.

“Come and put your nose in first, come and smell Aunty’s bum.”

Paul knelt in front of Irene and Joyce told her what to do. She turned round and thrust her arse against Paul’s face.

Irene’s arse was hairy and was smellier than his Mom’s but Paul buried his face into it and licked away at her.

Joyce reached down and using her hands opened her friend’s butt cheeks for her son.

“That’s right get right in, you horny sod.”

For Irene the sensation was simply amazing as Paul’s tongue probed her.

Joyce opened her wider and Paul licked and kissed her arse until Irene knew that she was going to cum, for the first time in ages.

“I’m going to squirt Joycey, get him down on my slit quick.”

“You heard Aunty Irene, drink her cum, panty boy”

Paul moved down just in time to get a big squirt from Irene right in his mouth. As soon as she had stopped, Paul took the initiative, stood up and rammed his cock up Irene’s 69 year old cunt.

“Oh my goodness,” she moaned.

“That’s right fuck Aunty Irene in front of Mommy, fuck her hard,” Joyce said.

Paul thrust into his Mom’s friend from behind until his balls tightened and he came inside her.

After the fuck Irene just collapsed in a heap on Joyce’s sofa and the 2 women laughed at the situation.

“Mmm I can see we are going to have lots of fun with this one,” Irene said.

“Too right, we ned to get all we can before we dry up completely,” replied Joyce.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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