Omelettes for Breakfast

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I’ve considered writing a one page story for some times. The time is apparently here.

Chapter 2 of Luckiest Guy I Know should be ready in the near future.

As always, all story characters engaged in sexual activities are eighteen years of age or older.

* * * * *

I was in the upstairs shower when the curtain rustled and my sister, hair pinned up, stepped in.

“Morning, sleep well?”

“Hard not to after the way you worked me over last night.”

She smiled, folded her arms around my neck, said, “Funny, I was thinking the same thing about you,” then leaned into me for a nice long kiss. By the time we were done I was hard and ready to go, but my older sister, the responsible one, said, “Now now, there is only so much hot water and Mom will want to play.”

Which is why I was sitting at one end of the breakfast table, checking sports scores on my tablet while Dad, sitting on the far end, furiously texted when my parents’ bedroom door opened and Mom emerged. Her open robe exposed her freshly shaven pubes and the inner third of her large round breasts – Mom had perfect tits. She winked at me and holding her robe together, leaned over Dad’s shoulder to kiss him and provide me an unobstructed view of her heavy tits and spectacular cleavage.

“Good morning dear, shouldn’t you be getting ready to hit the road?”

Without glancing up Dad said, “Bob’s car is in the shop. He asked me to pick him up on the way to work, but he can’t leave until 8:00, he’s got kid-duty. It will work out fine, he and I are working late on the Newhouse project tonight, so I’ll be able to drop him off on the way home.”

Mom said, “Well, the first priority should be the children. Can I refresh your coffee?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Hey Mom, I’ll join you, I can use some myself.”

In the kitchen Mom turned into me, I slid my arms around her waist, held her by her sweet rump, enjoyed the way her fat breasts flattened on my chest, and said, “Good morning.” She said, “Good morning,” and our mouths came together, her tongue gliding along my lips before invading my mouth, where our tongues danced a sexy gavotte.

By the time the kiss ended I was panting and my cock trembling.

Mom slipped her hand through the folds of my blue terry-cloth robe, stroked my dick and said, “It look like the fun and games will be delayed this morning. I hope man-thing here can handle it?”

“He’ll have to, I guess.”

“Well, we’ll see what we can squeeze in and let him know, I promise the wait will be worth it. I’m going to make omelettes. Why don’t you let your sister know what’s going on. I’m going to slip into something more comfortable before you brush my hair.”

* * * * *

I knocked on my sister’s door. “It’s me.”

“Come on in.”

Wearing only panties, she was sitting at her vanity. She’d done her hair, now she was applying make-up. The contrast with Mom was, as always, striking. Mom had pale skin, a round face, oversized emerald eyes, thick lips, and high cheekbones, her carefully applied make-up designed to blend those prominent features. My sister’s slender face was already a unity, brown almond-shaped eyes with heavy arched eyebrows, freckled with skin darker than Mom’s, darker still because of Clara’s tan. She needed and wore little make-up.

Noting my gaze she said, “You like what you see?”

“Very much.”

* * * * *

Their bodies were as different as their faces. Clara, a dancer, took after Dad. Her 117 pounds were spread over a lean muscular five foot five inch 33-29-37 frame, with “B” breasts and wavy thick red-brown hair which, at the moment, hung loose past her shoulders.

Mom was also five foot five, but weighed 125 pounds and, except for her small breasts, had always been curvy. Over the years she’d talked about augmenting her breasts to match those curves, and while Dad hadn’t been against it, he hadn’t really been for it; he’d tell Mom in a disinterested tone of voice that she should to do what she wanted. It was not what Mom needed to hear; she was seeking enthusiastic support, not microwaved apathy.

And that is what she eventually got from a source wholly unexpected. The family was at the beach and Mom, wearing a one-piece swimsuit, studied herself in a mirror, then wondered outload how’d she looked with more upstairs. Before Dad could respond Clara said she’d look fricking spectacular, it would go with the rest of her body, that as hard as Mom worked to stay in shape, as carefully as she ate, she deserved exactly the body she wanted, and she’d also look great. Clara turned to me, asked me what I thought, and I, happy to have the opportunity to openly discuss the body I’d been admiring for years, vociferously concurred. Dad pre-empted by his children, agreed, saying she should go ahead. gaziantep jigolo escort Over the next few days Mom and Clara huddled together, occasionally sought my opinion, and Mom soon announced she’d scheduled the procedure. And with her full “C” breasts, Mom finally came to appreciate her curves, even her slightly plump and wholly delightful butt which she’d spent years futilely trying to get supermodel tight and small.

And, as my sister later observed, it was with these events that Mom began identifying her new look, her new body, not with her husband, but with her children.

* * * * *

“Dad’s not leaving for about an hour, he’s picking up Bob Peterson on the way to the office, then they’ll work late tonight. Mom’s making omelettes.”

Carla said, “Special sauce?”

She didn’t say so, but she did say she was going to slip into something more comfortable so I could brush her hair.”

“That’s always a good sign. What’s she going to wear?”

The sheepish look on my face answered her question.

“Jeez, you like it when we dress alike, but can never remember to ask. Don’t worry I’ll text her. ”

She turned and leaned over her vanity, applying lipstick with one hand, holding herself up with the other, her butt raised high in the air.

I stared at it.

“You always did like me in a thong.”

Running my hand on her rump, I said, “Yep.”

* * * * *

Mom was standing behind the love seat, holding a brush and wearing a short silk kimono emblazoned with pink flamingos, talking to Dad as he sat in his chair and turned the televison to the local news. I dragged my hand on her ass, confirmed she was not wearing underwear, and said, “Clara said she’d be right down.”

“Good, how’s she doing?”

“Ready to go, happy to improvise.”

“Good, we can always count on your sister.”

Dad said, “Shhh, they’re getting to the traffic.”

Mom turned her body into mine, dragged her braless breasts across my chest, and reached inside my robe for my dick. I slipped a hand inside her kimono, teased a small pink nipple, it felt even smaller on that vast expanse of tit-flesh. Mom moved her mouth to my ear, whispered, “I’m so fucking hot for you right now,” undid the belt of my robe, and handed me the brush saying, “Ready to do my hair?”


I sat on the love seat, situated to the left of and behind Dad’s chair, out of his sight line. Mom leaned over me, showing Dad, if he’d had the sense to look, her naked ass and shaved pubes and me her tits, opened my robe, turned, and pulling the back of her kimono up, sat between my legs, her backside pressed to my erection.

“Ready to go?”

“I think we need to shift position slightly.”

I slid down a bit, Mom leaned forward, and as she moved back into me I slipped my dick into the cleft of her ass. She was slippery back there, she’d applied lubricant.

I brushed Mom’s hair, highlighted blonde, and, our motion near undetectable, rocked my hips as Mom flexed and wiggled her ass cheeks. My cock, nestled between those soft sweet ass cheeks, throbbed and dripped pre-cum. It was a something we did often and which I loved, not quite as much as I loved fucking Mom up that ass, but we had time, Dad was working late.

“Good morning. How’s it going?”

Clara leaned over us, slipped a hand inside Mom’s kimono to her breasts, kissed her mouth, kissed mine.

“Your brother’s was just finishing my hair. Want to help with the omelettes?”

“Love to.”

* * * * *

Dad and I watched a little television, chatted a bit, I noticed his coffee cup was empty.

“Need a re-fill Dad.”

“Sure son, that’d be great.”

Mom was in the kitchen, standing in front of the cutting board, a small pile of chopped meat and vegetables to the right, a larger pile of intact meat and vegetables to the left. My sister was kneeling, licking Mom’s sex, bottom to top, with the flat of her tongue. As I watched she sank one of her perfectly manicured fingers into her sex, coating it with her cunt cream, reached between Mom’s legs, caressed her asshole, pushed it inside. Happily the hand also propped up Mom’s kimono, providing an unobstructed view.

Mom purred.

I filled Dad’s coffee cup.

Clara sawed her finger in and out of Mom’s butt.

Mom said, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.”

I added sugar.

Clara sucked Mom’s clit into her mouth, lashed it with her tongue.

Mom said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it.”

I added cream.

Bucking her hips on Clara’s face, Mom said, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, oh fuck, yesssss, I’mmmmm fucckkiiinnngggggg coommmmminggg,” as I returned to the living room

* * * * *

“Here’s gaziantep lezbiyen escort your coffee Dad.”

“Thanks son. Are the ladies a bit loud this morning?”

“Y’know how they get Dad, start yacking and laughing, start talking over each other, they’re having fun.”

* * * * *

The nice-to-look-at weather lady finished today’s weather, was starting on the week’s, when two hands slid inside my robe.

“Hey baby brother.”

It was my sister, cat that ate the canary grin on her face, leaning on the love seat from behind. I slid my tongue in her mouth, tasted Mom. She dragged her strong fingers up my chest, sashayed to the television, and said, “Dad, do you mind if I turn it up, I have trouble hearing it across the room.”

“Go right ahead.”

She leaned forward, turning it up the old-fashioned way, with the knob on the set, and in the process displayed her bottom, all but naked in her thong. Seeing it, Dad shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

With a face the picture of innocence she walked back to me, said, “Mom says it’s time to start working on the special sauce,” then went to sit in my lap.

Employing my best annoyed-sibling tone I said, “Sis, get off me.”

Clara said, “Daddy, tell Steven to let me sit in his lap.”

Dad, his focus on the television, just wanting us to shut up, said, “Steven, do what your sister wants.”

I opened my robe, my erection sprang free. My sister pulled her panties to the side and said, “Baby brother, as big as you are, I don’t see how you can possibly object to me sitting in your lap.”

I said, “Okay, but be sure to the sit right in the center, that way I’ll be most comfortable,” as, smile on my face, hands on her hips, I guided her down.

Clara, her hand holding my dick, said, “Don’t worry baby brother, once I’m in place you’ll be very comfortable,” as her pussy lips spread over my cock-head, enveloped it in their warm sweet soft perfection, then moved the rest of the way down me.

As I said, my sister is a dancer, spends a lot of time in the gym, a lot of time rehearsing, stretching, doing yoga. She has a very talented cunt and she worked it on my dick, hard clenches, long slow ripples.

Clara ground against me, moving in small circle and ovals barely noticeable to the eye, but fully noticed by my happy cock; wallowed in the feeling, I moved with her.

She flexed the walls of her sex; I rolled her thick dark nipples between my fingers.

Clara squeezed my cock hard; I moaned.

“What was that son?’

“I was wondering Dad, could you turn it up a bit, I’m having trouble hearing.”

“How’s that?”

“A little more.”

He did, Clara clenched, I moaned again. Dad didn’t react, instead saying, “You might want to get your hearing checked son, even an old man like me can hear it.”

“Good idea Dad.”

My hands on her thighs, I pressed Clara’s body into mine and she started jerking her hips forward, fucking me, an inch or so each time. Soon my balls were boiling, my stomach tightening, the television no longer heard, my world limited to my cock and my sister’s tight twat.

Then breasts were pressed to my back. My mother, leaning into me from behind, licked the edge of my ear and whispered, “Hey my darlings, the omelettes are almost done. How are you guys doing with the special sauce.”

Clara said, “It’s been heating up, almost ready.”

I, incapable of coherent conversation, nodded.

Mom shouted over the television, “Dear, do you want special sauce.”

Dad said, “No thanks.”

Clara stood, returned to the television, turned the sound down, displaying her now damp thong and all but naked ass, but this time Dad didn’t notice. It’s amazing how you can ignore what you don’t want to see.

Following Mom to the kitchen, I admired her butt as the hem of her tiny kimono swayed back and forth, providing glimpses of the magnificent curve of the bottom of her ass. Jello on a stick.

Clara, who’d stayed to chat with Dad during the commercial, joined us as Mom was moving omelettes from the skillet to four plates while I, arms wrapped around her waist, kissed her neck, slid my hands through her kimono to her bald sex, pushed a finger inside.

Clara said, “How can I help?”

Gasping Mom said, “You can get the special sauce ready.”

Clara smiled, said, “Sure, but first the appetizer,” and taking hold of my wrist, removed my hand from Mom’s sex and cleaned the juice from it with several lascivious licks, then slithered down my body, fished my dick from inside my robe, opened her mouth, lathered the cock-head with her tongue, and pushed her head down my dick, her tongue caressing the shaft’s sensitive underside.

I turned gaziantep masaj salonları my focus to my sister, fucking her face until Mom, the cook closely monitoring the preparation, said, “How’s the special sauce coming?”

When I squeaked, “I think it’s almost ready,” Clara let me slide between her lips, gave me a final long lick, untied my robe, and then mother and daughter, occasionally bringing their mouths together for a kiss, jerked and twisted my cock and fondled my balls. My gut son clenched, body quivered, and with a single hard grunt I ejaculated, Mom and Clara’s careful aim ensuring that two omelettes were now covered with special sauce.

Clara dragged a finger across one, brought it to her mouth, said, “Yummmm.”

Mom, running her hand the length of my dick, base to tip, pressing her thumb to the urethra, forced several drops of cum out, which she caught on a fingertip and smeared on her breast, then said, “Clara, I raised you better than that, you know never to waste special sauce.”

Clara said, “Sorry Mom, you’re right,” and opened her mouth to nurse on Mom’s nipple and areola, cheeks puckering in and out, lips pressing into the firm flesh in a steady rhythm. When the breast, wet with saliva, slipped from her mouth, she said, “Yummy,” dropped to her knees, said, “Don’t worry, not a drop,” and took my dick into her mouth, pushing forward, inch after inch, until I reached the back of her mouth, where she twisted her head, moved me to the entrance of her throat, and swallowed the rest of me. Her moan, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” set off a cascade of delightful vibration on my dick, before, lips clamped tight, she pulled off me at the same deliberate pace.

After my cock-head slid from her mouth she ran her tongue in a full circle on her lips and said, “Not a drop.”

“Breakfast ready?”

It was Dad, headed our way.

Mom tied her kimono, I my robe, and grabbing her and Mom’s plates, Clara said, “Yes Daddy,” met him at the door to the kitchen, kissed his cheek, and said, “I just snuck a taste, they’re great.”

I handed Dad his plate.

“You okay son? You look a little flushed.”

“Feeling fine Dad, but I’ll have Mom check my temperature after we eat. Perhaps I’m a little hot, but I’m sure it’s nothing she can’t handle.”

* * * * *

The two feet propped on my chair, working as a team, ensured my deflated dick was rock hard by the time we finished breakfast.

* * * * *

Dad took his final bite, said, “Golly, that was delicious honey,” then checked his watch and added, ” If you guys will excuse me, I’m running a bit late.”

Mom said, “Don’t worry about cleaning up dear, the kids and I will put everything in its place after you leave.”

* * * * *

Mom walked Dad to his car, hugged him. As her breasts pressed to his chest he noticed she was braless, which made him think of Clara’s earlier inadvertent display. He recalled her wanting to sit in Steven’s lap, realized he should have said no, but he’d been distracted, his mind on work and the drive, and Steven had been wearing that heavy robe, he couldn’t have noticed. Then he realized his wife’s kimono wasn’t much longer than his daughter’s, in fact, they appeared to be the same.

It would be best if Clara heard it from her mother.

“Honey you and Clara may want to be careful with those robes, they’re mighty short. You may accidentally flash someone.”

“I hadn’t thought about it dear, thank you. I’ll be sure to take mine and Clara’s off right away.”

Then Dad, wanting to end on a positive note, said, “Y’know, you’ve done a wonderful job with the children. Clara and Steven are such good kids and they get along so well.”

Mom thanked Dad, kissed him, watched him drive off. Then, discarding her kimono, she headed for her bedroom, where she stopped and leaned on the door frame, folding her arms over her ample chest and teasing her erect nipples. My sister was on all fours, I kneeling behind her, running my cock up and down her dripping snatch.

Unlike Mom and I, Clara hadn’t come yet and I, determined to rectify that omission, moved inside her, nice and slow, just the way she likes.

However this particular morning I was wrong. This particular morning she required a bit more action.

She said, “Oh god, give it to me, fuck me my big-dicked brother, give it to me hard, I’ve been waiting for your dick all morning. Fuck me stud, fuck me.”

I moved back out until only my cock-head was left inside her, took hold of her hips, and pulled her into me as I sank my dick hard into her, rocking the bed.


Mom smiled, thinking her husband was right, she was lucky to have two such considerate children. After all, they’d left a place just for her. She sank her index finger into herself, pushed it deep, twirled it in the depths of her sex, felt it in her toes. Licking the juice off her finger, she got on the bed, rolled onto her back, and, spreading her legs, slid towards us. Her daughter smiled, dropped her head to Mom’s swollen clit, and drove three fingers into her mother’s tight cunt.

The family fuck fest went on and on. Life was good.

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