On a Run Ch. 03

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I lay with my back on the bed, holding my legs spread apart, feet next to my head. I had on my usual uniform for when Will fucked me: a bra, a thong (pulled off to the side), a short skirt, and heels. Will took a bottle of lube, put it up against my ass, and squeezed, almost giving me a lube enema. Once he was satisfied that my ass was slippery enough, he put his cock at my ass and began to push. As usual, my asshole resisted for a moment or two, then gave way to his large tool. I began to moan as Will reached down and twisted my nipples as he went balls deep into my ass.

“I’ve got something special planned for you tonight,” WIll said as he started slowly fucking me.

“Uoohhh mmm yea? Like whaaat oohh?” was my moan filled response.

“Well I’m showing you off for the first time. Johnny and I have some friends coming over and you’re the main entertainment for the evening.” As he explained this to me, he grabbed my ankles, pushed them back farther and started fucking me faster, using them as handles.”You’re gonna get WELL used tonight you fucking slut. And you know what? I bet you’re going to like it. Look at you now! We’re keeping you here against your will, yet you’re on your back moaning like a god damn porn star while I ream your ass.”

“Oaahhhh, I mean I may as ooohhhhh well enjoy it, not like mmmm I have a choice,” I replied.

“Hmmm good attitude…you’re still a whore though.” Will said as he slapped my cock. “I guarantee you won’t have anybody get you off tonight, so I may as well help you out with that now.” With that, he pulled my body up so my ass was way up in the air and I was more on my shoulders than samsun escort my back. He continued to fuck me as he grabbed my cock and began to roughly jerk me off, not wanting me to think he enjoyed it.

“Mmmmm ohh yeah Will, fuck my ass. I may be a whore, but I’m a whore for you.” I definitely didn’t have any feelings for my captors, I didn’t love them or anything like that, but I did love the attention I received from them. I was digging the anal poundings that I was getting so often. It was far better than any type of sex I’d ever had before. I even enjoyed blowing them. I’d found a submissive streak that I didn’t know existed in me.

Before long I knew that I was going to cum soon. Will must have felt my ass tighten or my cock stiffen because almost immediately he said, “Time to swallow your own cum slut, open up!”

I obediently opened my mouth saying “Ahhhhh” like at the doctors while I began to shoot cum at my own face. The first spurt fell short hitting me in the chest (on the bra Will had me wearing), the second, third, and fourth spurts all fell squarely into my mouth. The rest began to dribble out of my cock onto my stomach as Will continued to fuck my ass.

“That’s a good girl,” he told me as I opened wide to show him my load, “Keep it in your mouth, I want my cum to join it.” I did as told and began swirling my cum around in my mouth, trying to avoid swallowing it. I had no clue how long it would be before Will would cum, but I would do my best not to disappoint him.

Maybe it was the site of my own cum in my mouth, or just my ass squeezing around his cock, but soon enough Will was urfa escort ready to cum. As he pulled his cock out of my ass I spread my ass cheeks so he could see my gaping asshole. As I did that his dick began to pulse, even without him jerking it, and he began to shoot huge ropes of cum straight down into my mouth. It filled my mouth rather quickly and began to spill out the sides.

“Swallow slut,” he ordered me as he finished cumming and began to slap my ass with his still hard cock. I, of course, obeyed and swallowed our combined loads in one gulp. “By the way Sammy, company’s here already, so get ready to please.”

WIthout any warning I was picked up and thrown onto the bed by another large black guy who immediately plunged his already stiff cock into my gaping asshole. The man immediately began to thrust while two others walked around in front of me stroking their cocks, clearly wanting me to blow them. I grabbed one and began to suck the other, the man behind me forcing the cock in my mouth down into my throat.

The guy in my ass must have been extremely horny because after just a minute or two he began to cum deep in my ass. As soon as he pulled out, another cock replaced his. I switched the cocks in my hand and my mouth, knowing that if I didn’t please everyone adequately there’d be hell to pay later.

I gagged on the cock in my mouth as the guy behind me forced into me harder than usual. The one I was blowing grabbed the back of my head and began to cum down my throat as the one in my ass continued to fuck me hard. Once the one in my throat had enough, he pulled his cock out. I expected to take sinop escort the one in my hand in my mouth next, but the guy in my ass grabbed me and pulled me back onto him so I was on my back.

The one in my hand pulled away and spread my legs. I realized what they were going to attempt and I was less than pleased. Sure enough, a few seconds later (long enough to lube up his cock) I felt him put his cock at my asshole. This wouldn’t have been a problem except for the fact that I already had a cock in my ass!

I felt the guy begin to try and push into my ass. Worse yet, I felt my ass begin to stretch and allow him entrance. After another minute or two he’d actually worked the head of his cock into my ass, and the rest soon followed. I was actually being DP’d!! Before I had time to get used to the DP, another cock was thrust into my mouth. I began to suck, knowing that’s what my captors would want.

The two in my ass took different rhythms at first. While one was thrusting in, the other was thrusting out. At random intervals they one would stop on the out stroke and they would both thrust in at once. The feelings that were coming from my ass were unbelievable. I’m sure I came multiple times, thing is, I really don’t know cause I was too absorbed in how my ass felt.

After a couple of minutes of this, in quite possibly the most extraordinary coincidence I’d ever been apart of, all three of the men fucking me began to cum within seconds of each other. My mouth got a fair sized load, but my ass was literally filled. I could feel cum squirting out from between the two cocks as they throbbed and shot cum into me.

As the two of them pulled out, a river of cum streamed from my ass and onto the bed. Will walked in as I got up (slowly and tenderly) and forced me to lick the cum up from the bed. “Good job sammy,” he said when I finished, “Now get ready for next time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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