On The Town With Jane

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Stephanie had just transferred from the San Diego office and her employer suggested she go out with Jane that evening to see the sights and get familiar with the good places to hang out. What Stephanie didn’t know was that going out with Jane meant that Jane was the “sights” and “hanging out” was what Jane did with her tits every night. Apparently everyone but Stephanie knew what a hot, easy slut Jane was and that her adventures were known far and wide. Jane told Stephanie to wear something light and comfortable and really high heels. What Jane really meant was to wear something that was easy to strip off fast. But, Stephanie would learn soon enough.

It was a Wednesday evening and things were pretty quiet at the regular hot spots where Jane hung her tits out. After Jane shut the car engine off, she got out of the car and opened the trunk. She motioned for Stephanie to come around to the back of the car.

“Ok, now, strip everything off and throw them in the trunk.” With that comment, Jane slipped the straps off her shoulders and the dress fell to ground immediately. She was naked except for the stiletto heels. She looked at Stephanie just staring at her open mouthed. “Well, what’s the matter? Haven’t you ever seen a rack like these babies? They’re a size 44 EEE, all natural. I show them off every night and they get sucked and tit fucked regularly. Hey, come on, strip!”

Stephanie said she hadn’t done anything like this before. She was expressing a real desire to just get the heck coffeedonutfest.com out of there. Well, too late because a group of guys came over and said: “Hey, Jane, we knew you’d bring those big knockers and hot cunt for all of us to play with.” One of them grabbed Jane’s tits and started sucking furiously. “Oh, baby!” Jane said. “You suck my tit soooo good. Hey, what about this other tit? Joe, get over here and take care of this tit! An unsucked tit is a terrible thing to waste! Hey, George, my cunt is available. Stick your big cock in.”

A couple of the guys not occupied with Jane’s tits and cunt started squeezing Stephanie’s tits. “Come on, baby, strip like your friend, Jane. She told us she would be bringing a friend and we are supposed to break your cunt in. So, strip and let’s see what you got.” Stephanie hesitated a little too long so one of the guys reached over and ripped her blouse right off. Next came the bra, releasing some pretty nice knockers. Then both guys ripped her slacks off and her panties. “Ok, let’s see what we got here. Nice tits.” He grabbed a tit and weighed it, bouncing it a little. “Bet that’s a 40 DD, what do you say? Then he grabbed the other tit and started sucking on it. Yep, nice tits, all right. You’ll do just fine for what we have planned.”

Then they picked her up and put her in the bed of a pickup truck and spread her legs as her ass hit the bottom. “Looks like a pretty nice cunt too. Ya know you really can’t tell a cunt by just looking at it. What do you say we try it out?”

Stephanie looked over at Jane and realized that about twenty guys had appeared on the scene. Almost all were over there paying considerable attention to Jane’s massive tits and her very user friendly cunt. She saw that there were only five guys looking at her cunt and pulling their cocks out of their pants. She decided that it probably would be a very good idea not to fight these guys and in fact better act like she was enjoying herself. After all, she did enjoy fucking. Who was she kidding? If she was going to be living out here and going out “cunting” with Jane, she had better pick up some pointers from her.

Stephanie said: “Does Jane do this often?” The guys laughed. One yelled over to the other group of guys with Jane: “Hey, the bitch wants to know if the cunt you got over there does this often.” That produced even louder laughs. “Hell, yes, she does this often. Every night she parks her car here, strips and leaves her clothes in the trunk and struts over to this first bar and fucks everyone inside. When there’s not a hard cock to be found, she goes to the bar next door and does the same thing. Then it’s all the bars down the street. She has tremendous endurance to get her cunt pounded by so many cocks every night. And those hooters, whoa, they are 44EEE!!!. Women would love to have big hooters like that to swing around.”

“Back to our little cunt right here. What do you say, cunt, you gonna cooperate?” Stephanie said: “Well, if I am going to be hanging around with Jane, I’d better break in my cunt and build up my endurance. How many times can I get fucked tonight?” Stephanie spread her legs a little wider and waited. It didn’t take long. In a flash, one of the guys was on her, spreading her legs even wider and giving her a good hard fucking. “Oooooooh!!!” said Stephanie “that is soooo good!!!! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!!!” That energized the men even more. Their hard cocks gave her the fucking of her life. She had never been fucked this good before.

After the five men finished fucking her, she screamed: “MORE COCK. I WANT MORE COCK!!!!” They had to send for reinforcements from all the bars and soon about forty more guys were waiting their turn in the line forming for Stephanie’s cunt.

One of the guys fucking Jane looked over at the crowd of men waiting their turn with Stephanie said: “Hey, Jane, looks like Stephanie is going to be some competition for you now.”

“Oh, I don’t think so.” said Jane. “You know there is never enough cunt to go around. I do my part, but I can’t be everywhere! If Stephanie gets more popular than me, that’s quite all right. I’ve been the town whore for so long, maybe it’s time to let some other babe be it!”

The group of guys roared with laughter. “Tell you what, cunt, until that time that Stephanie gets more popular, you just keep coming over here with those big hooters and hot cunt and we’ll take care of you!”

They all looked once more at Stephanie enjoying the fucking she was getting. Looked like it was about 27 cocks and still counting. Stephanie was not slowing down!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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